Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roller Coasters need wheels (& tires?)

I seem to have a roller coaster life. I have the most happy, amazing things happen, and the most bizarre. Just yesterday:
8am-A-Tech came to repair my freezer motor/auger to make the ice come out. Yay! Only $429. That the insurance hasn't agreed to pay yet. Boo.
My kids got to go spend the night with Gigi! Yay! We took Ethan to eat fish and then to Pottery Barn (amazing deals on velvet pillow covers! Yay!), then to Borders for amazing deals in the clearance section! Yay! We got awesome pop-up books ($.75-$1.50) and Cranium games (one for $1.50 and one for $6), Disney world book (have to see it), fairy books, dinosaur books, all calendars were $1 (I got a pocket/purse one from Susan Winget), I mean NICE books! And I got thank you cards from Crane & Co. and Jack & Lulu. All of it was 75% off whatever it was marked! Fun!
8pm-got home, heard LouD hissing sound, located it: at my left front tire! Boo! It was going down so fast, there was no hope. It was dead flat in under 1 minute. We could see the offensive sharp thin rock that had perforated the tire. It took us a while to get it off, but Sam's closed at 8:30 (Boo!), so we took in the wheel/tire this morning to get a new tire put on-it was too bad to repair.

Now, the tire is fixed. I have to take the van in to get all the other tires checked to make sure the tread is equal. It snowed last night, so it's pretty, but I just want to stay in now. I bought the stuff yesterday morning to make southwestern soup, and it sounds so good! : ) Warm soup is perfect for the soul!

I found a good book last night (in the 75% off section!) that is called I Choose This Day. I'm halfway done reading it now. It's a story about a birth mom in the adoption triad, and her life her life was spent hiding in a shell until her daughter found her, and it just changed her life. It's a great book, and apparently there was a book signing, because it's signed too-and on sale! : ) It's a sweet story, and the author lives in Springfield, MO. So interesting. Sometimes we find other people's lives amazing since they are so different from our own, or maybe even the same. I think we can grow as humans the more we learn from others or even just read about them. I guess that's why we are all required to take history in school-American, World Civilization, Western Civ, etc. ..Now I get it! : ) Heehee When you are young, you just think older people are bossy, then you are an older person in a flash, and you have advice to dish. Ahh, the world.

I have three projects running: a wreath for Mary Claire's bedroom door (but I forgot to buy the actual wreath to put the stuff on...), making covers for my kitchen chair cushions (because they fall off, lose beads, etc.), and wrapping a birthday gift for a party tomorrow. I have rated the gift the highest priority, but when I came to the computer to work on an adorable card/tag, I started blogging. I lose my train of thought. Anyway, I should get back to work. Stay in and stay warm! Soup's on! : )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad Memory

Ok, just to make you laugh (or make you think I'm crazy).

Today, as I drove up to take Ethan to gymnastics (he was good, btw), I complained to Mom that I needed my phone in case the school called, and darn it! I'd forgotten it at home I guess. I couldn't find it anywhere! She said, you are talking to me, it's on your ear.
Ha. I'm losing my mind. And don't know where to find it!

Polish, Pediatric Endocrinologists, and Petit Fours

Short post, as it's late, and I'm tired. : )

I remember now why I haven't been keeping my nails done. I used to wonder about strange people who didn't keep their nails painted all the time, and now I'm one of them. Weird. I would've never thought it would happen to me. But now I see how easy it is not to do them (saves a couple hours a week), and when I pick price tags off stuff (today making wreaths) or picking the sticker off an apple (today), or scrubbing the muffin tins that didn't come clean in the dishwasher (sucky thing) on Tuesday, I was glad not to worry about my polish chipping off. That's the other thing, my nails are so brittle/weak, that when I paint them, the polish chips off the ends in a day or two. No polish can make it more than two days. Yes, I use at least three coats. Yes, I use OPI polish, a base and top coat. Used to use Nail Envy, but it didn't work either. So, I have raw nails. Sometimes I even like them and their nearly maintenance-free bareness. Except when I see an adorable new color out! I still love You're a Pisa Work and Koala Berry, yum. Can be winter or spring!

I've filled more cookie orders! Yay! The sweet little girls don't even realize how very fortunate we've been! All these people who've ordered, and all the adults busy helping them sell! If you've bought, thank you so much. It's been amazing-more than I could've imagined. I know they've already earned over $500 (and we only have five girls right now)!! They may be able to go to camp this year. It's $200/girl I think, so they'd have to earn more or something. We'll see-I don't know how that would work out with Mary Claire. She hasn't been away from us for more than an hour. I don't know if she will for a long time. She hasn't been to someone's house for more than an hour, I don't think! Let's see-Mom's overnight, Kendra and Susan's for maybe an hour...It's something. I can't imagine an overnight-well, I mean that I didn't go with her.
There's a neat camp in the summer, Camp Invention, that the kids really wanted to go to last year (8:30-3 for 5 days!), but I couldn't get a commitment for anyone to check her, and I had Ethan and couldn't stay with her all day. This year, we got the flyer again. I didn't mention it to them, but I know they'd love it. I just don't know how it'd work. She's better at identifying when she feels low. In fact, she's come to me probably four times in the past five days telling me she feels low-and she has been! Only about 68-71, so she's really getting good at identifying before she drops dangerously low. I don't think she's been much lower in a long time! Maybe a month or so? Well, at night I think she's been a little lower a couple of times.

We go back to Arkansas Children's Hospital next week, or maybe the 12th-it's a Thursday. They sent me the reminder today, and they want a month of blood sugars (good luck, since they JUST sent the reminder), three days of food/insulin logs (like, do I still have to do that?), and all prescriptions with their labels, her shot record (could they not call about that one and get it faxed?), ahh, the excitement that preceeds the majestic appointment with the highly-skilled pediatric endocrinologist. Yes, I've been waiting since August to get back in (been gone for two years seeing an endocrinologist here). Now we are considered a "new" patient, so it's back to the beginning for us there. They've moved the clinic, so I must go early to find it. Mary Claire and I will go alone (unless anyone wants to tag along?) and Mom will watch Ethan as Ches has to work. We'll be fine, I've made the drive many times.

Anyway, I really have wanted to go back there, all kidding aside. They give us such specific, guided, educated care. I usually come away from there having learned something I can really use. They always download everything from her pump, and give us great advice on what we could try or do differently. The doctor here is so sweet (if sometimes late), but always tells me to keep up the good work. I want to learn more! He has to know something more than I do-could he share? I just hope the time I spend to get her down there (and miss a day of school) will be worth it. I'm sure we'll have a great day together, if nothing else.

Today was another surprise food at school. Once someone brings in something, I feel like I have to let her have it. If she didn't know about it, I could say no (maybe?) and they could eat it while she was detained somewhere mysteriously? No, that probably wouldn't work either, as I bet someone would tell her what she missed. Today was petit fours for a birthday. I mean, how sweet! But, she just can't do that all the time. Two weeks ago, it was a cake. I have to guess (sight unseen/impossible!) how many carbs the food has and how much insulin she needs, and since they can't really do a dual/square wave bolus (insulin over longer time), I must decide how much fat is in it (how long it'll take for the sugar to hit her blood). Crazy. I wish parents of "normal" kids would appreciate the ability for their kids to eat anything at any time. It's just so hard watching every bite.

Ok, enough ranting-I do get like this late at night. Hey, at least you didn't get the rundown!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankful Even For Ashes on Wednesday

I've done pretty well today..I have resisted chocolate (not my official Give Up item) since you know, it's a day of fasting. I have now switched to the salty. Lay's chips (not low fat or baked) and French onion dip (also not made more healthy). It's one of my old flames, and I renewed my vows. Or something like that. I wasn't going to have lunch (so I grabbed some chips and dip. very bad.) Then I couldn't resist a couple in the car. (They didn't want to ride in the back with the other groceries, since they might get crushed.) Anyway...

I've decided to give up a couple things: one is telling you in far too much detail what I've done today (and every other day). For one, it is boring, and two, then I focus on how crazy busy I've been and feel even busier and more tired when I read it! For three, maybe I validate myself based on how much I've gotten done that day. (Maybe?) And I will try not to tell you everything. Only really funny things (like Ethan going into the toilet room in our bathroom, shutting the door, standing on the toilet and emptying the basket of all the cotton balls onto the floor/toilet/trashcan/rug) or make me mad things-like Clay walked on my favorite (cause they don't give me a headache from being too tight) sunglasses that I wear all day everyday (even in the dark) as a headband. I am also going to really work on eating healthier for lunch (since I hate lunch and like to skip it), and actually eating it. It'd be better for Ethan anyway.

I worked on the stick cross/wreath/door hanging. I will post a pix, but it's not exactly how I pictured it in my head. But, it'll work for now. It is a way to use all the damage that's still laying on my front yard (maybe one day they'll come pick it up...). I'll post it to the side since when I add a pix in the text, it seems to go to the top. Haven't got that one quite figured out.

I'd like to request prayers. One of our girl scout leaders has lost her son in an accident. Please just pray for their family and peace for each of them. If you have extra time in your day, always remember there's time for a quick prayer. I don't know her son, but just receiving the notice was alarming enough. I just cried. We just don't know each day that we might be living the last. It might be our child's last. I will certainly speak softer and listen closer.

Hug your kiddies tonight and thank God for the messy rooms, shoes everywhere, and cotton ball snow. I promise to be more thankful.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abstain from Meat (not your Mate!)

I've been enjoying the last pre-Lent day. Ethan and I went out to run errands, and we got stuff to make a cake (pink strawberry cake with vanilla frosting), some pastel Easter m&m's, muffin mixes (I can't possibly eat aLL of this today!), and then we came home, and he couldn't WaiT! So, we made mini cupcakes since they'd take the least amount of time to bake! He ate some batter, then two of the mini cupcakes when they came out-with no frosting. I used the rest of the batter to make regular size cupcakes. When they were cool, he saw me frosting them and putting on sprinkles and m&m's, and decided he needed more! Not. Going to happen. I gave him lunch, and finished up, then put him to bed. He'd already had m&m's for snack too. I so spoil him. (It's fat Tuesday after all..) I would have never given the kids chocolate (ever), or the things he gets. This is why we have a birth order, and it means something. Older kids have it harder, are harder workers, and are probably harder parents. Younger children have it easier, aren't the most motivated workers, and are probaly partying with their kids (jk, probably are easier on their kids though). I can see Ethan breezing through life based on his sweet, charming personality-eating cake for breakfast, girls for dessert-ohmygoodness-we shall be harder on him!!!

Speaking of, the Naughty Chair has been working for the little boy. If we even ask him if he needs to go, he stops his ranting. (Yay!) Ches also uses the bed-if he's behaving badly, he takes him to his bed, then gets him after he straightens up and pulls himself back together (aka-stops the screaming fit). It works also. The spanking we did a couple times-not so much! He wanted to hit us for fun, so we had to teach that it was naughty. So we couldn't do it anymore. As long as it works, I'll do whatever. I just don't want my kids being crazy naughty/bossy/whiny/spoiled/uncaring, etc. I mean, isn't that what we all want?

Well, mom informed me, as well as Sandra (my loyal commenters) that the posting thingie was not working. It apparently doesn't ever put in the letters you are supposed to verify (that you are a breathing human, and not a computer commenting-whatever!). Anyway, I don't know what is going on. Maybe I'll repeat the challenge another day. For the moment, I'm busy gorging myself on all things chocolate and sugary, so I can't concentrate very well. I just finished a box of Samoas, and have eaten maybe half the bag of pastel m&m's, and will work on the cupcakes after a sensible dinner involving meat. (As on Ash Wednesdays and all Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence) Don't be dirty-minded: not from physical "contact" with your mate (as I'm a pg-13 rated blog), but from meat: the other dirty four-letter word. So, back to bean burritos, spaghetti with marinara, cheese pizza, salad, soup, etc. on Fridays. You know, you only miss it if you are not supposed to eat it. So, tonight, MEAT! and Mate? heehee

Yes, Fat Tuesday since I'm gaining as the day goes on. Still don't know what I'll give up for Lent. I'll just be really good tomorrow till I figure it out.

Brainstorming more ideas:
Yummy chocolatey coffee drinks (think Starbucks Dark Mocha Latte, McD Iced Vanilla Coffee), Nestle Toll House break-and-bake cookies (raw or baked), or I could give up the fun, time-consuming habit of playing with my blog backgrounds!

Ok, forgot to mention my foraging in the stick/log pile out in the front yard for sticks!! I made a cross out of sticks, and I'm planning to put flowers/ribbon on it to use it as a wreath for my front door! As usual, if it turns out amazingly beautiful, I'll share my pix! If it fails miserably, I'll never mention it again. : ) Toodles!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bookworms are great!

This morning I learned what a little Goo Gone and an extra 30 minutes will get you! Yes, we had a little accident in the dryer. I say "we" because someone else forgot to take bubble gum out of their pocket, and I had to clean it. It was all over the sides, the bumpy bits that tumble the clothes, the vent/lint thing. Uck. I used my fancy Goo Gone (think citrus and oil in a tiny squeeze bottle) that I've had since I was teaching-oh, about 13 years ago?- to rub off the sticky mess. Someone (same person/young boy?) must have had a granola bar wrapper (because they found each other!) and it was in the pileup. Maybe I should be thankful since the wrapper adhered to most of the nasty stuff and shielded my clothes from the majority of it. There were also tiny bits of it alllll over the sides. I also learned that Goo Gone cleans off the bluish stain that jeans leave on the inside of a white washer. Now I have lots of whitish marks on a bluish background. Fun. So glad no one ever sees this. : )

On a happy note, we went to baby bookworms today at the library, and it was so fun! I'd forgotten how much little kids like to be together! : ) The teacher was absolutely wonderful-very cheerful, sweet, and patient-and didn't care if the kids were up and around or if they were in mommy's lap. She sang lots of songs and taught them fingerplays, it was great! And Ethan listened, participated (pretty much) (you know, he didn't scream and run off like at gymnastics!). I think I'm going back. It was also a workout for me. We lifted the kids in the bumpy wagon song, the popcorn song, etc. It was great-I'll have a kid who knows more songs than I can remember and I'll have hot biceps! Woohoo!

I have to say that I'm very disappointed that no one wrote in to help me figure out what to give up for Lent. Bummer. Doesn't anyone like to play games anymore? (Oh, Sandra-I forgot to give you your Hershey's Miniatures from the last Comment Challenge. I had them in my purse, but forgot for the second time. I know you are really missing them..) I guess you still have till 10pm tonight. I'm waiting...
Then I'll have to give up gs cookies or something hard. Maybe give up paying bills? heehee Or going through drive-thrus? Or reading my magazines? Or using my diaper genie? Not!
Maybe I'll do extra service at the school? send cards to long-lost friends? Buy clothes for strangers? Buy lunch for those behind me at drive-thrus? (Then I could still go!) Hmm... help here?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Challenge! What should I give up for Lent?

It's only afternoon, so I'll spare you the minute-by-minute details. Suffice it to say I've been busy since 6:20. Am.

We are currently working on Mary Claire's research on Milton Hershey. He was such a wonderful person-I never knew that, and I've been to Hershey and the factory. He left his entire fortune-$60 million- in a trust to the school for orphans (he'd founded) to help them learn a trade so they could support themselves. His legacy lives on, and is still giving. He did so much. Won't go on here.

Ok, Mary Claire is on this kick that she doesn't want to have kids because they cut you, and it hurts. On account, I guess, of me griping about baby pain when Ethan was born, and when I put medicine on my big ugly c-section gash everyday. Yeah, I think that was it. So when we talked about it yesterday, I told her there was another place (hole) where babies come out. I explained more, and she wanted to know how a baby could get out, when you use the hole (only when you are married), etc.
She says she just wants grandkids. Yes, we discussed this impossibility if she has no kids. She says she'll consider.
So today we're talking, she still wants no kids. I keep explaining how great they are, and she says she will just adopt. She wants me to take her by the Adopt Shop to just see. She said we don't have to go in. Can you imagine what adopting sounds like to a child? And who could've come up with Adop-Shop? Just my cutie.

We are now enjoying the delicious, carmel-y, crunchy gs cookies called Somoas (formerly Carmel Delights). We decided its newest name is Heavenly. They are so very good. Ok, few minutes later... the kids are hyper-absolutely crazy! It's all the sugar. I never let them have sweets, so their bodies are wack-o. I just got a hard thump-thump/pat on the chest-when I said to Mary Claire, "WHAT are you doing?" She had slapped a sticker on me that says Good.
She's trying to show her happiness. She just can't control herself. Now they've run off to play Easter egg hunt (as I began spring decorating today!) very loudly.

I got new Easter grass (now it looks like crimped paper-adorable!) and eggs to use around the house in big bowls/baskets, and my big glass apothecary jar that I've been trying to fill. I tied a cute tag on the lid that says Happy Easter and I used swirly stamps (Doodle This set) and a VersaMark pad to add glitter in swirls. It's so cute!

Ok, I've been thinking, and I feel bad about Thinking Day yesterday. Maybe they'd all had a tough week, and didn't get to do all they wanted. Meg, our girl scout helper was wonderful. She was very energetic, helpful, and sweet. We really appreciated her!

Alrighty, I think I may have to get in on the egg hunt! I'll be the Hider! : )
Maybe we could have a real hunt at our house this year. That'd be fun! Just think, if you had a child born in March or April, you could play with eggs on their birthdays every year! It's such a happy, joyous season.

Well, actually we are headed into Lent, the barren 40 days before Easter. This Tuesday is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the pigout day before Ash Wednesday-when most people give something up for the 40 days prior to Easter (not counting Sundays on which you can have your forbidden thing). You can also choose to do an extra thing/service for the 40 days if you choose (or can't give up something great). We've given up Coke, candy, done extra service/prayers, and I'm thinking about this year. Last year, I gave up yelling. Yes, really! We used to (and occasionally still do) yell up the stairs to the kids, talk very loudly over the banister upstairs, yell and ask someone to bring us a diaper or the phone, etc. It was hard the first two or three days, but by the end, I was pretty much done yelling. I would say this is why we even do this-you find out you can do without things (well, not chocolate or Coke) or that doing extra service is really rewarding. What should I give up this year? What could I do extra?

I will give $1 extra to my church, St. Raphael's, for every response given. Deadline is Monday, 10pm. Remember to click on the word Comments, choose Comment as: Name/URL, write in a Name, click Continue, type your response/comment. Then click on Post Comment. I just went thru it on yesterday's post to get the directions just right for you!

Don't be lurkers (read/no comments). Let me know the worst thing about me that I could work on to improve. (Yeah, besides slowing down)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Virtual Shopping may really replace Reality Shopping

Need I say The Word?

Up, make the bed, give Sissy and Ethan a bath, breakfast-quick, shower (NO hot water left as Ches gave Clay a bath after Sis), ready, make name tags, copy phone numbers for gs parents, grab snacks, crayons, fill MC's purse with meter supplies, out the door. To Young Elementary for GS Thinking Day, gather kiddos, register, girls inside, won't discuss events there (or time waiting for events, or maybe I will..), forgot gs troop checkbook (my own personal Saint brought it up to me-thanks, Ches), paid, more fun-Indian dancing, Sari fashion show, lessons, money, henna hand-painting, and girls go home with their parents.
Call Mom, make plans to run over there for lunch, stay too long, play online and fill up a virtual shopping cart at Macy's (for Clay's new clothes for his First Communion!), MC decides to spend the night, I run to WM (for 1st time today) for groceries, then home, and trade out Ethan.
Ches to church with Clay, I take Ethan to Mom's with MC's clothes for tomorrow plus various requested toys (Bella the unicorn, baby bag-disassembled by Ethan all over hearth room/kitchen floors, bendaroos box-full of other things too), grab Ethan a juice, me some OJ (to maintain energy), leave house, get text msg from Ches that Clay needs more shoes, run back home for more shoes/socks, grab corn chowder to take to Mom's, make it to her house, ask Dad to show Clay some tools to work more on the wolf badge, Ches comes, I order (pay) for the stuff in my Macy's cart, we eat dinner, Ethan keeps saying, "Bye, bye" (wants to go home), so we separate. Ches takes Ethan home to bathe and put to bed, I head back to Fayetteville. (Ches wanted Chili's and we needed more pacifiers as Ethan is biting through them, and he only likes Avent. Only available at Target. There's only one in Fayetteville right now.)
So, I took his car, headed to Fayetteville (getting tired..), ran into Target, got pb crackers (only 16 grams carbs each for the Market Pantry brand!! Ritz is 24g!), MC clothes for gymnastics plus a few other things, pacis, call from Ches about the missing kiki (blanket), ran to WM (2nd time) for pictures (they've called twice for me to get them-I don't even remember ordering them), printed pix of the gs today, ran to Chili's to get Ches' quesadilla explosion salad (sound tasty?)
and chips and salsa at Chili's, then absolutely run down, go home. Ches called and said we needed a diaper genie refill, I said I'm so sorry, too bad. I had NO more energy to run back to Target (as WM doesn't carry these either. Well, actually they have a spot for them on the shelf, they just NEVER have any. Ever.).

So, now I'm in my very cozy bed (courtesy of my very special electric blanket), ready to pass out. Ahhhh...

Ok, I sure as heck am not an event planner, so I beg forgiveness. But if I had an event, I'd have LOTS of tiny busy work activities. Little girls like to have something in their hands. I did lots of handing out tissues (one girl was cleaning the floor), handed out tic tacs four times, handed out pb crackers, danced with them. There wasn't much to look at (decor), and the girls didn't have much to do but watch girls on the stage. It was hard. I REallY don't want to organize it myself, but of course I can always offer constructive criticism. I loved the idea, loved the saris, and the sweet girls from India who were trying to teach. I feel my Daisies could've learned more if divided into very small groups, and traveled from center to center. Maybe from country to country. They could've played with musical instruments, touched the money, played games, made things, learned the language, tasted the cuisine, etc. They only got to learn about one country (partially our fault, as we couldn't stay till 3pm), and there were about 6 represented (I think, we only saw one). It was just work getting them to stay focused. A couple girls didn't want to dance when we were all up, and that made it hard-then the other girls didn't want to participate. All that to say I'd have had lots of small activities/info at all of the tables for those needed more. The girls did have a nice morning, so that's what counted. They left with henna tattoos on their hands, and smiles on their faces. : )

So anyway, I ordered Clay some clothes. All the little girls at First Communion will be dressed the the nines in white, long, very formal dresses, gloves, veils, etc. I didn't want to order Clay a white suit (as he would only wear it once, and I'm too practical). So then I picked a pinstriped suit (Calvin Klein, I think)-very handsome, then I picked a nice pair of gabardine dress pants with a cuff, and a Nautica navy blazer with brass buttons-so cute! I debated. I also picked a Nautica white button down shirt and navy/tiny green/tiny white tie. I waited till Ches could look, then deleted the suit (again I'm practical). If he had a wedding to go to, or some big event besides this one, then maybe. Big Maybe. But the khaki pants he can wear to church, and the blazer he can wear more, and even as a handsome jacket with dressy shorts (very nautical) or even jeans (Don Johnson-stylin'-heehee).
Last week, Mom ordered and got free shipping! So, I thought I would too. Not. I looked for a coupon, and none. I called (actually Mom dialed and handed me the phone!) and asked why shipping wasn't free on the day of the One-Day-Sale, and she kept saying sorry, but no luck. So, it was $18 in shipping! I thought that was a lot! I don't know if I could've bought gas to drive to the nearest Macy's for that. And then you figure in my time. So, I just ordered. And paid the shipping. Sometimes my time is more valuable than money. (Sometimes vice-versa! On those days, I use coupons and look for sales!) Anyway, now we'll have to see how the clothes fit him.
I wonder if I get free returns like Mom did?

Or if I could buy some of today's time back? Nope. See, sometimes time is more valuable than money! I really must spend less of my time with WM employees. How can I work that one out?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Noise? That's the sound of me talking!

Well, this is the second one, but it magically (like Lucky the Leprechaun) appeared at the top of the post. Go figure. I'm still learning. These are my precious leprechauns before school this am. Since Ethan woke me at 6:30 yelling mama, I got everyone up early. We had play/tv/picture time before school! Clay wanted to do it every day! Umm, no.
I was snapping pictures of Clay and Mary Claire, and Ethan bounded (yes, like a lion cat) up on the loveseat, and jumped in between them. Because it's his place, no? He's learned how this works! He's the cutie, and all adore. Right?

Ok, trying something new. This is Ethan hiding in my laundry basket! One minute he was helping me load the laundry in the washer, I turned around, and he was gone! I looked behind the door, as I could hear him, and he'd squatted down, and was hiding from me! Funnier, I said, "Stay there!" and ran to get my camera. I mean, how funny! This will RoCK when he's 18!
Yes, apparently he scaled the cart and climbed in. Alone. He's quite the monkey.

Ok, fun. Will keep going.

Alrighty, that didn't work as planned, but fun. I'll just post Clay's boy scout pix at right as it takes too long to load my pix in the post.

I shall not bore you with details of the day, as I've spent all my computer time catching up on other blogs that make me laugh out loud. So, here are the bullets:

Most angry:
When I was rushing around to leave, and Ethan was playing in my bathroom (never is this a good thing). I could hear "wush, wush" noises, thinking he was squeaking something. Well, he was-it was my bathroom cleaner. He squirted it all over all the bottles under the sink, the cabinets, and the floor. I'm only fortunate that he didn't drink in/squirt it in his eyes (thereby making me later and causing blindness). I had to scrub off all the bottles (loads of fun), and all surfaces. And I was just thinking how dirty those bottles of stuff looked.
I gave him time out in the Naughty Chair for that one (I had to tell him to stay there while I ran around looking for a chair). I have to start disciplining him! He sat (and got up, and cried, and got up, then after two minutes, I made him say, "Sorry, Mama", and he did, and we were all better).

Playing with Ethan outside (while he was in jammies and shoes, ultra cute!), Helping Clay make a dancing skeleton for boy scouts while we used Real Nails and a Real Hammer! and Reading oodles of fairy tales to Mary Claire till much too late (Thumbelina, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, etc.) then realizing:

Oh Yeah:
I have to go to bed early enough, to get up early enough, to shower and be at GS Thinking Day by 10, when Saturday is the only day I get to sleep in (till 8). Maybe I'll work it out. Magically. Like after I finish blogging. : )

Ches made Philly cheesesteaks, and I made fries (mmm...homemade fried potatoes) that the kids always make over. Yeah, probably artery-clogging, but it really boosts your ego, and you sleep well, bonus!

*Did more cookie-searching for people.
*Found a couple more spring pillows, still looking for others in the maze called the Attic.
*Awesome lunch with Jenifer, didn't last long enough... : )
*Got to help Clay with many tasks to earn his wolf badge for boy scouts since he's starting late.
*Pulled into the garage (on the phone), and the van is now touching the trashcan (so I didn't hear the *maybe* noise). So, I kinda hit it, maybe? And Ches is the one who informed me. Did he hear a sound?
*Gave Ethan another naughty chair timeout: for throwing a tantrum-using his body as a kitchen rug-over a hot dog/ice pop: he says them the same. (I made a hot dog, when he wanted an ice pop). I got another nice sorry and hug afterward. This might just work!
*Got to play trains with Ethan. He's learned a new word: noise. Not sure what it means to him. He points to his ear. Is his ear drum about to rupture, are his ears popping? Do I sound like a wounded lion to him? Is all my talking background noise?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gymnastics, Gigantic Green Beans, Gross TP, and GS Cookies

What an experience! I got quite a workout at Ethan's gymnastics class! He was all over the place-never really where he was supposed to be. I got more exercise restraining him (holding him where he was supposed to be) than he did! He even refused to do some of the stuff he does at home. Ugh. The baby rebel. Or rebel baby.

This morning mom was opening a gigantic can (industrial size) of green beans, or trying to open it. (She can get the big can for $2.86 when the small is 98 cents, and the big is about 7 or 8 times as big!). Anyway, it wouldn't fit under/in her electric can opener, and she doesn't have an old hand opener. She tried to raise up the can opener and support the huge can, but no luck. We were on the phone, so I just told her to use her can opener (the one with the point, for opening canned milk), and make lots of holes and pry up the lid. Well, she's hard at work on it, Dad comes in, and says he'll open it, maybe with tin snips. He disappears, and comes back with a tool-not tin snips-a hand tool. That plugs in. He starts running it, and I'm screaming, "No!" (yes, on the phone, and he can't hear me), cause I can see disaster coming. He has what seems to be called a "nibbler" and he's cutting through the lid. Well, in the process, it drops allsorts of metal shavings down into the green beans, thereby not only ruining the green beans for consumption by live beings, but also ruining her savings that she was impressed by. Ahh!! And he wanted to just throw them in the yard for the birds, but she didn't want the birds to die from the metal shavings. It was all quite comical, but real, in some surreal way. Anyway, they are looking for a dumping ground for green beans (lots of 'em), in case you have a spot. Away from people or animals.

Scratchy toilet paper has got to be the worst. I have a roll (that I've avoided for a good 6 months or so), but it's time has come. It sat under the bathtub in the open, but raw-looking space in the cabinets under the tub. (You try explaining that one without sounding stupidly redundant.) Anyway, in one of Ethan's fun bathing experiences involving splashing, he soaked the faucet area, and water leaked down under the cabinets onto my toilet paper. It soaked the roll, and I just left it to dry out. Well, now we have finally had to use it. Gross. It's all stiff on one side, so as you unroll it, you get the combination soft/crunchy. It does not feel good. On my nose or any other place. Should I just throw it away? Or live with it for a day or two? It is like torture, and you don't remember till it's too late. And Ethan has even figured it out. He doesn't like when we unroll it to blow his nose. He has even picked up on the crunchy paper. Yuck. I'll be over it soon, but keep your tp dry, as it will harden!

A little while before Clay went to boy scouts, I was frantically trying to get his patches ironed on. Failing miserably. So, girl scouts have iron on patches, smart women we are. Guess what? Boy scouts need their mamas. Their patches have to be SEWN on. What's that about? Is it cheaper? Can they not order from the same company? Who has a mama just waiting with needle and thread (in the coordinating edge color so as not to be noticed?). Yep, Clay I guess. I got ONE sewn on in forty minutes. I have three more right now. But am I working on it? No, will wait till next Thursday. I work better with a deadline.

I got all the rest of our gs cookies ready to go out. I tied each person's order with ribbon (lime with hot pink polka dots!), and added a tag (preprinted in green) with their name and the amount owed for cookies. It was fun, and I got it done during my show. Won't bore you with details, but the cookies look fab! : )

Mary Claire came home and said that Breya wanted a notebook like the one we made her (the one with the tabs for fun stuff). Apparently she saw Mary Claire with it on the bus and said she wanted one. I think Breya is so sweet, so maybe I'll make her one tomorrow. I remember being a kid and wanting things other people had. If only I could've made a wish and made them appear!
I think only when we're kids can we really say what we love and want (although the things may change daily...). Sometimes when we are older we guard our desires like they are treasure themselves, not even telling those closest to us-like we don't "need" them, so denying ourselves. We should not necessarily reward wanting or greed, but the self-confidence to compliment somebody's thing, ask for some thing, or to reward ourselves for a job well done (with something other than a gs cookie, m&m's, or a found hoarded Valentine's candy as I did today...). So I'm impressed that Breya asked for one, named what she liked, and she'll be rewarded. I'm sure someone else could come to a totally different conclusion, but she's a doll, and it's so fun to light up a face. Mary Claire was purely ecstatic when she got to make hers, so I'd imagine Breya will be too. It's great fun to have a new thing to play with and write in. I mean, aren't we trying to encourage writing as much as reading in kids?

I think I've fallen asleep two or three times while writing, so I really should go to bed. I even begin to sound crazy (I'm really only a tiny bit crazy). It helps me be creative, so I don't push it down. Then it would need to be fed chocolate also. : ) That'd be another problem. So, let your crazy show! : ) Obviously, more tired than I realize. Maybe I'll remove the craziness tomorrow.
Oh, and I found Ethan INSIDE my dark basket/bag for dirty clothes. He managed to crawl over the top of the laundry cart, and into the empty bag. He squatted down and waited on me. Yes, we've played hide and seek with the kids, but weird. Weirder-I told him to stay there while I ran to get the camera! : ) My baby, admitting he makes all that laundry. What a sweet cutie pie.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I used my cruise control! (I'll learn to use it in life one day)

Well, folks, I've learned that Busy is average any more. So, today was average. heehee. And fun.

Ok, so got a cute tag printed for Mrs. Collier's gs cookies, jammed up the printer with a sheet of labels (making cute money envelope for Mary Claire) got the kids around (normally I lay out the kids' clothes the night before, but alas, was tired last night so I had to put together clothes this am-and today was hunter/forest green day for a themed writing day and who has forest green? Lime, I'm there, but forest is Not in style. Clay found a green shirt, hunter-ish, and Mary Claire wore a kelly green dress), then cute hairstyle with matching bow for her green/pink leggings/pink polka dot shoes, then lunch note (again with the tired-last-night), kids to school, get around quickly as we decided to take Ethan to MDO late. I didn't leave home till 8:58 again, but I set my cruise control on 31 on Wagon Wheel, just in case. I mean, I had cars stacked up behind me, and they were thinking, "Get on with it, Granny!!" but I didn't get a ticket! : )

Then dropped him off (and there was much whining and gnashing of teeth! A lot of screaming, "Bye, bye!!") I was strong, sat on the floor with him, then played by the toybox with him, then moved back about 4 feet, then went with them to chapel, then left. He cried, but only for a minute. I waited. And he didn't start up the whine-cry-scream-engine again. I cried, felt bad, felt mean, felt selfish. Then Susan, the director, gave me a big hug, and said sometimes it was harder on the parents than for the kids. She's right. I was weird and quiet for over an hour. All red-faced. (I called an hour later, and he was fine.)

Then to the special place. The blinky light station. And can I just say what a circus/runaround they have going on there? I mean, if I was running the place (I'd never do such a thing, as they have bad uniforms and people might not like me even more!...) I'd have it streamlined. When you write a ticket, you turn in the *$#% thing to get it processed. You know, so the person can pay it? I had to leave the pay station, aka Police Station Records Dept., drive to the Rogers Courts Division (around corner-same big crazy building, but no hallway to connect the two for mere citizens), and get my ticket registered/filed. And they didn't really want to do it for me. I told them I'd called last week, talked to Connie, and she said she'd file it so I could pay it. So they did (I had to talk them into it. Into letting me pay it. Can we say Bizarre?) Then I had to drive back over to the Records Dept., stand in line, then pay it. Fun. Only I paid for the fun, so less fun.

Then to Hobby Lobby, then deal with GS Cookie Crisis-need more! So, twenty minutes of phone calls, then have to wait till 2pm to call Cookie Queen. On the highway south, meet Mom at Outlet Mall, and then to run errands. Two banks, four deposits, then CBO (for return, and some cards), Chili's for lunch (and delicioso Paradise Pie!! so rich, we couldn't finish it!!), then to JCPenney's for return, socks, sunglasses (so cute with rhinestones!), check out jewelry (as it's 50% off), then to WM for tubs (PB ornaments need a home till Christmas!), and then Sam's for groceries. We ran into Bozena-precious!-and got to chat about Poland, then more groceries, some more groceries, and checked out (using the big, honkin' flatbed carts for all the stuff!) then to the Boy Scout store to get all of Clay's necessary stuff (shirt, book, neckerchief, ring, belt, patches, etc.), then to Mom's car, unload groceries, and home (no sigh of relief yet). Then other GS leader comes to trade out cookies, then a GS parent to check out more cookies, then take kids to PRE (what happened to dinner?), then to Lenny's to get a sandwich to share with Ches, then to Sonic (Diet Dr. Pepper for Ches, kids' meal for Ethan), then to look at new Toyota car/SUV (no, not buying now), then to WM (some groceries with Ethan), then to church to pu kids, then baths, read books, brush teeth, more snacks... and more snacks... then all to bed! Laid out clothes, made lunches, made lunch note (MC), then laid out cookies to go to secretary tomorrow, emails, update blood sugars on medical insurance website, and Here I Am!!! Whew, that's a day. Oh, and cleaned a toilet while Ethan was in tub. Yay! Progress. One toilet at a time (no swirly needed yet, still just Clorox wiping around: tank, flusher, lid, seat, icky bottom of lid, toilet top, all outside of toilet-3 wipes, done!)

I did notice the laundry calling my name (full sorted bags, Waiting On Me), but I told them to hold their horses till tomorrow. I got stuff to do. More fun than that! I am getting Photoshop, which should help me make my own backgrounds, and a new blog header. I'm hoping I get it soon... Ches said he'd get it at work, since he can get a Small Discount. So, I'm being patient... It's been like a month or two. Maybe on Thursday? You will KNOW when I get it-I'll have a makeover! : ) Exciting!

Ok, must rest, I hear Bed calling. Ethan (and I) have gymnastics in the am. It's a Mommy & Me class. I took Mary Claire years ago. She loved it; I'm sure he will too. I've been waiting for a spot to open in the only class with boys in it, and now we're in! Yay! He is a monkey, he'll love it!

FYI: Ethan has taken to calling out to me, very loudly, in an Italian accent, "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" And it's really a sort-of demand to get my booty over there! He's got a need! Monday, he hollered, and he was Standing on the kitchen counter. I guess he was proud of himself, or wanted down? Anyway, it was the Italian accent. Same today when he was at the top of the stairs and wanted to come down. His hands were full of trains and cars, so I was needed. Heaven forbid he put down the cars and hold the rail! He needed a courier, and I would do. "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" Kinda sounds like a raven. An insistent, annoying raven. If he just wasn't so darn cute.

Alrighty, get some beauty sleep, and we'll do the run-down again tomorrow! Same bat time, same bat channel, gorgeous people!
ps-have you tried the over-the-counter chemical peel? Maybe the strong AHA's? Let me know how long it takes before you can return to public for viewing (sans red scratchy face).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I won!

Bunco was great and dinner (rosemary chicken, steamed green beans, and broiled Yukon potatoes, mmm...) was awesome! I won (for like the first time in a year!) one of the money prizes and learned so much... Especially about the cool Pilates machine, the Saturday night Wii skit, yummy Latte candies (did I say yum?), and Jody and Kathy's nicknames! I literally ate (along with Julie) all the chocolate in Wendy Jean's house. Really. We even asked for more. We even ate her chocolate raisins! It was great! : )

Ok, Mary Claire has a "published" piece of art! : ) Here is the site:
Just leave her a cute comment-she's up to three now. : ) It was a piece submitted by her art teacher. They learned that things in the distance are smaller. There were 3 first graders that had their art published. They were all really good! : )

Alrighty, can't wait to hit my very clean, sweet smelling sheets. I'm tired. Tomorrow is errands (maybe if Ches watches Ethan). I have an ever-growing list. Now, 9 places! (and I need to stop by the blinky light office to catch up on paperwork...).

Crack, Chowder, Clothes, Clean!

The crack in Mary Claire's room ceiling is healed! Thank you!! : ) We hit the ground running this am. I had to make a choice at 7:50 (kids safely at school) if I would shower or clean up before Paul and Steven came to texture the seam. I put on clothes, combed my hair, and cleaned up at Road Runner pace. Her room was a MESS from all the playing last night and company, so I cleaned it up first. Then to downstairs, stairs, kitchen, etc. Put in my sheets to wash, took towels out of the dryer..made my bed, made Sissy's bed, and generally hurried. I sent the guys home with the remainder of a case of the sugar free chocolate cookies that I had leftover for the troop to sell. (I think the people who bought some from Mary Claire will be disappointed about the box size! They only are one roll of cookies: like half the box, but the same price. Not really fair.) Anyway, the guys didn't get many cookies in the eight boxes, but I was very grateful that they came, and did such an awesome job! : )

Then, Ethan wanted soup at 9:30, so I thought he was lunching, and off to bed since he got to bed late last night. But, no. He played in his bed for a while, then I got him out. I started the soup for dinner tonight (yummy Paula Deen Corn Chowder with potatoes and chicken) and he played around me, and had some chicken, then more real lunch. I cleaned the refrigerator out (to make room for the pot till dinner), spilled a bottle of water (so cleaned the floor in the process), did another load of laundry, cleaned the bathroom (Clorox tabs are still working! I only had to do counters, around toilet/seat, floor, mirrors). Then fed sweet child while watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (ethnic African dance and instruments today). I'd rather watch Martha, but he's not as entertained by her. Wonder why?

Now, he's off to sleep, and I must catch up quickly. I already cleaned out Mary Claire's closet of old stuff (clothes she can't wear anymore or I can't bear to see again), and I'm debating on selling them on eBay. I have always given them away, but they are all such cute matchy outfits with socks and bows, sweaters, etc. I'll think about it. It's easier to give them away, but I've learned that I don't get my tubs back, and when I see the cute outfits all mismatched or stained, it makes me sad. So, now if they go away from me, I won't worry about the little lives of the clothes. Weird, I know. Hopefully they might go to another state, and I won't see them again. I always save a few of my favorites in each size, for Mary Claire when she's bigger. Maybe just for memories (if just for me). I'm still deciding. It'd be a lot of work, putting them on eBay. I don't know if I have time. Oh, and Ethan's are so nice. When Clay was little, he didn't have as many clothes or as nice. Times change. Now, I just want to save everything of his-they're just tiny and adorable. : )
Ok, to shower and get ready for Bunco. Before the kids get home! I can do this!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cookies are Here!

Today was long. I went in this morning to help unload the truck full of girl scout cookies. We worked fast and hard. I was sweating, and had to take my coat off, it was sweaty on the neck, and by then my shirt was wet. Gross. I stayed till we got all the boxes counted, divided by troop, and started loading them up. I checked out our troops' (responsible for paying for them) and brought them home.

Mom was here so the carpet cleaners could come to clean the hearth room carpet and a couple of other spots in the kids' rooms. They were fast, and very good! All the stained places are gone. The real test is to see if they come back up in the next month or so. I am hoping they won't. It just looks so nice right now! In fact, we hesitated to put the furniture back since they'd left such neat straight vacuum lines. But, we did, and all is restored.

Then Paul came back to repair the sheetrock seam crack in Mary Claire's room for the painters. He was so fast! When he left, Mom and Dad did too, and I put Ethan to bed. It was almost 2 when he went to sleep. I went in my room and debated on reading, working, cleaning, or taking a nap. I decided to spend 30 minutes resting/reading then cleaning from 2:30 on since Kelly and Kiersten were coming over to sort cookies and give them out. Well, that went bust when I fell asleep reading! I woke up about 3:15, ran to see if the kids had come home yet (they were walking across the yard), and realized I had to hurry to straighten up (I'd have lots of people coming to get their cookies!).

We sorted, Ches left for night class, and slowly the parents came. Only about 1 family an hour. Our last parent didn't come until after 8, so it was a long night! We did fine, fed the kids pizza, cookies for snack, had night-night stories, so we made it. Ethan did get to bed late: 8:20, but of course went right to sleep! The kids too. They were exhausted from running around and playing with all the different kids as they came and went! It was quite a night! : )

Now they are settled in, and I'm settling down. I'm sure there's more to do (get laundry out of dryer, load washer clothes into dryer, clean kitchen, make lunches, check Monday folders..) but I can't go any longer! I'm so tired. And I just know I'll be sore tomorrow! I worked, and twisted, and pushed, and loaded. I'll have muscles hurting tomorrow that I don't even realize I have! And then. There's tomorrow.

With Ethan sick (snotty), there'll be no MDO. So, about that ticket to pay... I'll be home with him, which makes more time to clean the kids' closets out of wintery and too-small clothes, but not so much time to run my errands. I think I have a list of about 7 things to do out. But they can wait. Maybe I could run do the drive-thru things with him. Then Mary Claire has gymnastics, and I have Bunko. I'm feeling really bad about the amount of pizza we've eaten lately (although Ethan has eaten well), so I need to make dinner tomorrow. I don't know how with me being at gymnastics, but maybe I'll make soup in the morning. They're eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies, but I just feel bad. It seems like if I put no real work into, I'm failing them (as I consider cooking part of my job description). I will work on it.

Oh, yeah! If you ordered cookies, they are ready for pickup or delivery! : ) Yum, yum! Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoil, Dulce de Leche, Sugar Free Chocolate Chip, Lemon Chalet Cremes, and Tagalongs! If you want more, or didn't get to order, we have some left over, and can order more! Woohoo!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two shoppers are not better than one!

I heard a knock on the door this morning at 8am-it was the cable guy. I'd been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Ethan and Clay, and it'd been coming and going-more going: we watched lots of snow. Anyway, he was in the neighborhood, and he wanted into the backyard. At 8am on a Sunday morning! Only Cox. I mean, who else works on Sunday mornings? Besides WM workers? Anyway, he fixed it, and we had great cable! ps-since we had it on closed captioning, it said the theme song was Hot Dog by They Might Be Giants. I'm going to try to find it to add to my Playlist. It's such a catchy tune-I'm wondering if they added Mickey Mouse to the song, or if it was originally in there!

Then I showered and went to church with Clay. I'd worn an ivory sweater that had really open weaving so I wore a thin ivory tank under it so my skin didn't show thru-you know, it being church and 30 degrees and all. Well, I guess on the way there it hiked it's way up to the smaller area-being above the belly button. I didn't feel it till we were walking in. How embarrassing. I had to stop by the doors, reach under my sweater and pull that crawling tank back down to her rightful, skin-guarding place! Ahh! And I had to keep at it thru church every time I stood up! I must have shrunk it. Or I grew. In the middle area. Hmm. Can't be me.
Well, Clay was very good and we sat by some sweet friends. I got to sing, which I love. Sometimes when we're in a crowded pew, we don't all get songbooks, but today I did. Yay! The singing made up for the rolly shirt.

We reheated the pizza and had leftovers for lunch. It was perfect-I needed hot food after freezing my belly off in the cold!
Then Mary Claire and I had a party of pretend food upstairs and we danced to Camp Rock. Ethan even danced with me! Later the kids retreated for a quiet afternoon while Ethan slept, and I got caught up on stuff and laundry-big surprise. Ethan had peed through his diaper on all his bedding this morning: sheet, mattress pad, pillowcases, blanket, jammies. So, I had lots of extra laundry (plus the throw up last night...). On the upside, my new stripey, ruffled cami-shirt and sweater came clean! All the red berry juice came out! Amazing. I think it's 'cause I soaked it and got it washed within an hour or so. Go, me! : )

Mary Claire came down when she was sure she was done being alone upstairs, and we made her a notebook with tabs for all her girly journaling. We made her tabs like, "Fancy Things", "Party Ideas", "Friends", and "Happy Things". She was tickled pink! We stapled them in, and I used up all my staples (we'll get to that). She said she was going to write her plans for her birthday party in there. Just think, if she plans it all, I won't have to do much! : )

Then I remembered girl scouts. I called the other leader, and we chatted too long. Ches was already asking for dinner (and I'd planned to make yummy corn chowder) and I had to make some reminder notes for the parents for the next few events planned-three! this week! So, by the time I got that done, it was 4:45. I had to make dinner and have it eaten by the time we had to leave at 5:30. Ugh-not enough time for corn chowder. So we pulled our latest Save Dinner Plan out. We had paninis. Again. Ok, fun the first time, intriguing the second, alright the third. Fourth time, not so cool. They are tasty-and I'm getting better at them, by the way. But Mary Claire was disappointed. She cried. Sadness at the table. Then I was sad. Was it that pathetic? It was hot. We had chips, salsa, strawberries, everything to make it attractive. But she'd rather have a spoonful of peanut butter or a yogurt. So, I failed, but it tasted pretty good. Then to GS.

We had a new girl-yay! and a speaker. The girls were pretty good. We made valentines for parents, and I made one for Mary Claire. She loved it. Some of the puffy heart stickers were glow-in-the-dark, so she had to check those out! She just loves going. It's always fun. ps-GS cookies are in tomorrow! : )

Then home, jammies, snacks, stories. Tonight was Calvin and Hobbes (Stupendous Man, Tyrannosaurus on the playground) and Ivy + Bean (back to the first book again). They just love to read, and I definitely read too long. I didn't even want to get out of bed (we read in my bed since Ches and Ethan were watching Toy Story on tv).

Ches is out buying more staples as I write. He loves WM almost as much as I do. He just loves to go. I can't let him go too much, as he buys anything and everything. In bulk. 300 new neon straws? He's bought 'em. Last week he bought TWO frozen lasagnas (I guess in case I get too busy?), two cases of drinks, two boxes of Cookie Crisp (?) (he said it was for the cool lego cars inside) (See why I don't let him go often?). He tries new things. Cereals, pizzas, chips, cookies, crackers, ice pops (always two boxes at a time), meats (usually a new variety of salami), cheeses (this week we had Provolone, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Cheddar Jack shredded), lunchables for the kids (full of sodium and they only eat the crackers), toilet brushes and toilet plungers (I hate this-he buys things for me to try-gross! I already have a toilet plan). So, it's always much to my chagrin to find out he's headed to the store. I mean, yay! we'll have more bread and bananas and staples, but what will come with them?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We should learn when to shut up

Downloading pix from today...should be done by the time I finish writing.

Mary Claire had fun at the dance. She was quite the princess. I think it's great if the first dance you go to is with your dad. Then you have great memories of your first dance, and of your dad! It's also nice if the first time you really dress up (outside of Easter) is not for a boyfriend. Today was a small rite of passage-pantyhose and all. It was the first time we got her hair to curl on a curling iron (with some Vavoom! and hair spray), first for pantyhose (she just thought the very word was hilarious), and of course, the dance. She got to wear her new little sweater, pearls, carry her white purse, and a new bow. Just pure fun. I put some lip gloss on her as they were leaving, she blew me kisses, and was just a picture of pure happiness. If all our first memories could be that grand! : )

Then Ethan woke up, sick. Hot, irritable, coughing. He continued to cough, felt hot, and wouldn't chew any medicine. I tried to put him in the bath to cool/calm him down, but he wanted none of it. Big shock. He wanted his shirt back on. We went into the kitchen and I figured out he was having an asthma attack. He only does it when he's sick, but I could hear him wheezing on the exhale. I gave him a breathing treatment, and he totally quit coughing. He sat with me for about an hour an a half.

The tree men showed up, and we watched them for a while. They were scary. One climbed about 50 feet up, and went out on a limb to trim the hanging branches. So very scary, I had to quit watching. And every time a big limb fell, it would kind of shake the ground. Some would fall like daggers, and stab the ground-and stay standing up straight. The other two guys would come and pull them out of the ground, and load them on their trailer. Scary business. Now I know why they charge $100 an hour.

Anyway, we decided to order pizza and have mom and dad go by and get it on the way over. About that time is when Ethan started throwing up. All over my new Valentine's clothes. Ick. and it was red V8 Splash Juice. Did I say red? And he began the crying that didn't stop. I ran a bath-still no luck. I just washed him off with a washcloth while he was shaking, and put some jammies on him. I cleaned off, and he just wanted me to hold him. Ches got home soon after, and we waited on Mom and Dad to come. I gave him an Acephen (sounds like ass-and it goes there too). I also gave him ibuprofen in some root beer, which he eventually drank. I really just needed the fever to come down. He was so inconsolable. He finally perked up when the pizza came, and he actually ate-amazing. I was so worried he'd throw it back up, but he didn't. I'm not sure if it was the coughing gagging him, or the throw up girl from the ENT office on Thursday (spreading her germs!), or maybe the albuterol jacking him up too much. Who knows, just wash it all away, Kill The Germs!

Later, we had some fun with the kids, and read with them. Oh, and Mom decided to tell a secret. To Ches. Yeah, guess what that one was (Uh-huh, the blinky light car). She just thought she was so funny. He didn't think so. He's requested not to know some things. For a reason. Just like if a movie looks gross and scary, I send him alone, and ask him NOT to talk about it. Same thing. He doesn't want to know about Expensive Things Which Don't Concern Him. (Like having a dog spayed which doesn't belong to us. Tomorrow. Oh, but that's another story.) Anyway, she thinks it's so very funny to tell him this. He really has no other reaction, but, "Really? Again?" My sweetie. So she's disappointed. And then owes me Big Time. So she tries to be funny again, and gets a Forgiveness Flower (cute glittery art project from VBS last summer) from the kitchen and gives it to me. Ha. Ha.

Ok, so the story has gone cold, but needs to be told. Lexi stayed with mom while we were in Houston. She was precious and cute, but had trouble minding her poop and pee. She made on the bed, loveseat, floor, and occasionally the papers or pads. Mom was just sure she could potty train her. She thought I just didn't try hard enough. Well, she did her best, and to no avail. When we got back, we discussed where Lexi would stay, as we'd had the problem a couple weeks before when I was worried about how she was being treated here. So, we decided mom would keep her at her house, and I'd pay to have her spayed, and for her food/needs. Especially since Mom wasn't planning on having another dog. Well, it got harder. And the messes continued.

So story continues...There was a sweet couple that said they'd take Lexi, if we wanted them to have her. The husband is home all day, mostly in a wheelchair (Lexi just wants to sit and be held), and it sounded perfect for her. Mom took her over there, and the woman's name was the same as mom's, and it just seemed perfect, a Godsend. Mom took over all the stuff I'd given her for Lexi, and left her. When she called me, we both lost it (me crying in WM), but it seemed like the best thing for Lexi, which is what counted. Well, since I told Mom I'd have her spayed, it got around to the lady, and she asked for me to pay for it. Let's see. $650 for the dog, $177 for supplies, $94 for vet and rabies shot. Sure, let me shell out some more. This is the back story on why Ches does NOT want to know about expensive things that he doesn't need to know about that cause him unnecessary grief. Every time he thinks about it, he gets madder. So tomorrow is the day she loses her womanhood. So the piper shall be paid. I guess it's our last gift to her (the only way I can think about it). Maybe not having a baby in that tiny 2.5 pound frame will save her life. Anyway, we've mourned the loss of Lexi (and Clay has cried himself to sleep over her), but we still think she's better off with a family that can sit with her all day and is patient and can work with her constantly to potty train. We just worked as hard as we could, and couldn't do it. Sometimes love is just not enough (as Dr. Dobson tells us).

So, seriously when Ches says he doesn't want to know stuff (like I request Not to know what was on the 10pm news), he means it. He really doesn't get mad often. Like maybe two or three times a year. But they are ugly, and don't add to his life span. So, why inflict stress? By the way, don't tell me ugly things that I don't need to know. Don't gossip to me. Don't tell me yucky things that people do to each other, or other people. I can't handle it. I like to cure the world, and I can't fix those ugly things. So they just cause me to lose sleep and wish I didn't know. I have enough to handle that I wish I didn't know about. Prayer comes hard and fast around here. Try to find an hour in the day that I'm not conversing with God (well, sometimes he just wants me to shut up and do some listening).

So, everyday we learn little lessons. When to talk, when to shut up. When to feed red juice to the baby, when not to. When to introduce pantyhose. When to call in a specialist to climb your (they-don't-look-that-high) trees. When to call it quits. And now is a good time to shut up.

Shopaholic in Pottery Barn-Fun!

I guess the ultimate Busy is not having time to blog about your business. I've been so tired.
Thursday: Ethan's ENT appt. (horrible-throw up girl in waiting area, kid playing peek-a-boo with Ethan-making him scream, Dr. taking way-too-long (45 minutes in waiting area with 2-year-old=too long), severe headache (migraine), tiny nap, make punches for Mary Claire's party (45 minutes using cute punches making hearts, scalloped circles and squares out of Valentine's paper), then lasagna dinner, Mary Claire to gymnastics (run to WM during the first part of class to get quick groceries), then home to baths, bed!
Friday: Woke up to kiddies who wake up earlier on non-school days: 6am. Got them breakfast, and got ready for worker #1: ATech Appliances. He came to diagnose the refrigerator (why the ice doesn't dispense). He determined the same thing I did: the ice melted down in the door and ruined the motor and auger. Yep, I should be a repairman. Then the first painter came-to give me a bid for all the paint work in the house: tons. Mom was here to help field all the people-it was like Grand Central Station! Then painter number two-all required the tour, rundown of ceiling stains, and all had their own questions, measurements. Then Paul, our sweet drywall man: to finally fix my hole! : ) and a few more that we had...some from kids' door locks slamming into sheetrock-Not Supposed To Happen, but Does. THen lunch with Paul (my in-progress-paninis!), another painter, then quiet. For A Moment. Then I remembered that I was taking the kids to see Coraline! We were going to the 12:40 in Rogers, but it was 12:30. So we made the 1:00 in Fayetteville. Clay asked about taking candy-No, getting popcorn-No (are you Kidding, we are Late! and I'm Not standing in line to Miss part of the movie!!), so he said he'd stay home. Huh. Ok-fine with me! So, Mary Claire and I took off, grabbed granola bars (pb and chocolate chip), and got seated with our 3-D glasses! : ) I'll just say the excitement was more fun than the movie. It was a bit long, my head was killing me-still. The 3D didn't help, and the movie was Weird. I should remember I don't like Tim Burton movies (think Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, and the weird Nightmare Before Christmas), I hated all of them. Just weird. I don't know if I realized it was by Tim Burton. The Other Mother turned into a skeletal woman, then a spider! Creepy. And the lost kids with no eyes needed her to find their eyes to find their souls-weird and too deep for kids. It ended okay-the kids get their "souls" back, and they lock away the key to the strange door/world where it won't be found again. So I lean over to Mary Claire at the end and say, "Did you like it?" and she said yes. I told her I thought it was weird! Then we went by McDonald's to get me a Coke to take medicine with (still with the headache) and we shared a happy meal, she got the toy (Hello Kitty watch). Then back home, laid on couch and talked to mom (still at our house since she was bbsitting Fri. night for us, she just stayed) about the movie, watched remodelers on tv, Mom cleaned the glass front cabinets, then Ches came in all dressed-it was almost time to go! I changed, Ches made the kids' dinner, and I gave Mary Claire her bolus for dinner (square and dual waves-long time-are my forte), made Ethan some dada (pizza-Bagel Bites) then we were off. Mom called and there was no Diet Coke at our house. So we discussed cures. I googled on Ches' iPhone, called till I found a pizza place that had Diet Coke 2 Liters (Eureka Pizza), and had pizza and 2 cokes delivered. Score! I called her, and she was happy! : ) Then we gave back our buzzy thing for PF Chang's, and went across to Fish City Grill. Ches loves it, and I didn't care. I was starting to feel much better after my medicine at home (two old pills from right after I had Ethan-yeah, bad, but Good!) so I had roast beef (which looks like a pile of meat in lots of broth with a few veggies-it's like a total roast beef). Then he headed to Choices (to get a card, no doubt!) and I went to Pottery Barn (heard they had $1 ornaments on clearance!). My gosh-they were amazing! I must have gotten about 50-and they were all precious and beautiful: metal trains, drums, glittered onion shapes, glitter striped pear shapes, red glass birds with (real) feathers, red butterflies with clips, silver snowflakes, lots of silver twig picture frames, enamel grasshoppers and a turtle, bear and penguin bushy things. Just a lot. Then, I spied a beautiful gilded (with irridescent glitter) white amaryllis wreath. It was originally $130, but said $80. So I asked if it was right, and she checked and said it was $31, so I took it. Along came a manager, and he said it was $4.99, so I said, "I'll take both!" (I gave one to mom). Then to the movies, and it was so good! Shopaholic-although it way departed from the books. I have them all and this was NOT the story line, but oh well, it was still good. Then to WM for a few groceries, home, shared all my fabulous finds with Mom, washed up, bed. Still with the headache. Even shopping didn't cure it. Hmm. Need.. Sleep.
Today, we've done Valentine exchanges : ) and I got a precious letter (as requested). Perfect. and flowers, and there was much chocolate. Happy Day. And now I must hurry out and find Ches the perfect tie to match Mary Claire's dress for the Daddy-Daughter dance this afternoon! Pink, lime, rose, will take picture and post later. They are taking a can of food to donate, 60 cents for a patch, and some great Kids Bop cd's for the dance. They'll have so much fun! Then later, church, dinner, and the evening is open. We'll see how everyone feels. Later, dude!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Improves...

On the upside, Ches booked our tickets to Orlando for May. : )
Don't tell the kids, it's a surprise!

Could the PD run my debit card, please?

Feelin' sucky? Havin' a down day? Well, I can top your story any day! Let's just talk about my day so far. At 10:07am.

So, I get up early (before the kids) to shower. Because today is Mother's Day Out, and I get to Go Out!! So, I spend time on my hair-blow drying sections, velcro-rolling them so I'll have nice body/bounce in my hair. I get the kids around (rollers in hair feeling like alien), make ponytails, coax a two-year-old into a cute red gingham button down shirt for his Valentine's party *so cute!* Then quickly put on make up, field a couple of calls, push the first load of laundry to the dryer, load the second (hopefully will be done before I leave so as not to sit wet all day), then I remembered I hadn't filled out Ethan's cards yet (Ches did it, thank you, God!), got together his party stuff/donations, grabbed some returns/receipts, jacket, umbrella, out the door. Late. I left the house about 10 till 9.

Well, I'm on the phone, and apparently Freakin' FORGOT that the Stupid Speed Limit on Wagon Wheel is STUPID 25. I must have been wearing my "I'm feelin' like a ticket" flag, cause they bit. I kept seeing all these stupid lights in my back window, like get off my tail, sucker. So
I got off the phone with, "I gotta go. A cop." We did the usual (amazingly, Ches must have pried my id out of the little window last night-how did he know?) exchange of paperwork, and he disappeared to the recesses of his blinky car. Ok, after 4-5 minutes (time to run my tag/make a judgment call), I knew we were in Ticket Territory. Another few minutes, he appeared with the stupid metal clipboard/box (where do they get those?). I rolled down my window to take the clipboard, and he stood back, so the rain could sufficiently humidify my nice bouncy hair-especially on the left side. I kept nodding, like, "I get this, gimme the clipboard so I can get my kid on to Mother's Day Out. Can't you tell I'm running late?" So, finally I sign it and he tells me to "have a nice day". Yep, you shot that one.
So, he screwed up my hair and made me later-all for a handsome price.

So Ches called, to tell me we had a problem, I said, "Yep, me too." And he said Durham's had called, and there was a spot open for Ethan on Thursday mornings-and this Thurs. he has an ENT appt. So, I said, "Remember when you told me the next time there was a big expensive thing, not to tell you, because it causes you more stress, you don't handle the money, and it was better if you didn't even know?" And, he said yes. So, I said, "So do you still feel that way?" Yes again. So then, "Have a great day today, love you!" Click. I'd saved his day of my misery. I just have to suffer alone. With bad hair.

When we got to the school, I got in the back, loaded up like a pack horse: child, backpack, lunchbox, bag of party goodies, and umbrella-and took him in thru the pouring rain. He got near his door, and started to scream and cry, "bye, bye!" He did NOT want to go to MDO today. Knowing how I feel sometimes, and how it was nice and dry and comfy at home, I could see his point. I really only had a couple of errands after my busy day yesterday, so I brought him home. No tickets on the way home if you were wondering.

Why can't they just have a slider for my debit card? They're only out there to make money, otherwise why the stupid 25 mph speed limit on a Major Road? They could just swipe my debit card, I could enter my PIN, and get back to life. So I called the Rogers Police Dept. (talked to Megan, So Sweet!) and they said they don't turn the tickets in for two weeks, so I couldn't pay it till then. But they have my court date as Feb. 23rd (7am again!), so how could I avoid a Warrant for my arrest (sounds so ominous) by paying before court date, if they won't have the ticket recorded, so I could pay. See? They are just making money. She said to bring it in, she'd process it for me, so I could pay it. How kind of her. I told you she was sweet! We decided I'd come in next week after I dropped Ethan off at MDO, since it was close to the PD. So, I'll add that to my To Do List for next Tuesday. If I get a MDO. And Ethan doesn't rebel.

So now we're home. Ethan and I are playing table tent/crawling chase under the dining room table (sans chairs), Cracker Barrel game (I'm an imbecile), barrel of monkeys, color tiles, and now he's playing legos. I'm having a Mother's Day In. Like usual-getting my laundry done! And redone, as a foreign plaid napkin made it into my Light basket (and it's not light colored). It colored about 4 other pieces of clothing, so I have to rewash and hope for the best. One of them made it thru the dryer, and it was one of her favorites: her red and white sailor shirt. Sadness.

Ok, I do get to go out later. (Small hurray! heard in distance) Ches is home and will watch Ethan while I run to Target and eat lunch out. And the rain may have stopped. It could be a better day.

Gotta go, Ches is coming, and I don't want to ruin his day. ; )

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recall spurns me to create!

I always want to write, "What a day". It's just what comes to mind.

Today, I took Ethan to Mother's Day Out. He was so excited! As soon as we pulled up, he wanted OuT of the van! : ) It makes me feel better that he really likes it. He was an angel when I dropped him off, and he never looked back.
I ran tons of errands: Christian Book Outlet (Valentines and thank you cards and a cross for Clay), Westwood Gardens (pansies for me and Mom), Gymboree (clothes for Sis-long story, maybe I'll tell later..), Wal-Mart (return, party supplies, Tide, post-its, panini grill, meat and cheese), JCPenneys (Mary Claire 2 dresses to try, sweater, me shirt), Yankee Candle (Cottage Breeze), Brighton (took in watch for repair-3rd time it's broken!), then back to get Ethan. Whew.
He was ready to go, and just hugged me! He picked a root beer dum-dum, and off we went! He watched a Strawberry Shortcake video on the way home, and didn't fall asleep, thank goodness. When we got there, he kept saying, "drink". He climbed in my front seat, took my drink, and started drinking. I started unloading the van, and he spilled the drink all over his clothes, my seat, and all over the van. Ick. I cleaned him up and just put him in comfy jammies, and got him ready for nap.

As he slept, I got stuff put away, read a magazine article, then got to work sewing! I made Mary Claire a new pair of capris to match a shirt I got at Gymboree that didn't have pants to match in her size. (I'm choosing not to tell the Long Story about the adorable plaid pants with butterflies sewn on to the bottom sides that have been recalled and couldn't be sold to me after I'd matched a shirt and socks to it and the outfits I got all matched: sweater, socks, leggings, skirt, shorts, shirts, hair ponies, etc.) Anyway, for this one shirt, I made the pants (modified Clay's old jeans...) and made matching bows tonight for her hair (assuming maybe she'll wear braids or pigtails?). It only took me ALL afternoon! Anyway, very cute. I'll try to post pix.

Tonight, more busy. Kids' conferences, paninis for dinner-yum!, Clay's first confession, baths, more jammies, bow making-3 total, little phone time, travel planning-more of the cheap flights to Orlando ($29 each way, but $11 to choose your seat, $30 for a checked bag, etc.) We are deciding...maybe in May? Mary Claire can go to the park free on her birthday!

Well, off to bed. I'm listening to the wind, storming, and bad news about the 600 people laid off from WM home office, and the 3 people already killed and 50-60 injured in Oklahoma from the storms headed this way. I might need to rest up in case we're up with scared kids later.
Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. : )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Five Phones adds up to a lot of talking

You know, when I start writing I just never know where I'm going to go. I can't write a title until I'm done! I'm a freestyle writer. Not working my way to a point... : )

Hmm. At the end of the day I had four cordless phones and my cell phone on my desk. I spent most of the day on one of them. Every time one would ring, I'd grab it and somehow meander back to my desk (my clean and happy place now!).
Phone Calls:
Mom: 5 (not counting my calls to her), Calwell Landscaping, School, Newly Diagnosed diabetes child's mom, Stephanie (so sweet!), WIC Call (my number is very close to theirs), Ches, Colliers, A&A Electric: 2, Pruden Construction, maybe that's it?
Mom is helping out our construction/repair effort. I am too busy and hate to receive bidders while alone in the house. She's planning to come Friday and Monday mornings to be here/receive paint, appliance, carpet, sheetrock people. She's made appointments with 3 painters, and people to do the other jobs! Go, Mom! I always needed one more person/assistant to make me look more efficient! and to cover more territory in less time. My fence-sharing neighbor said he wanted to repair the fence and he has time this week, so I mailed him the insurance money for that. Hopefully, he get that taken care of easily. One down, eighteen to go!

We had Clay's play tonight. So cute. All the fairy tale characters. And Clay had to be Jack (Jack and Jill) with no real costume. He did well, and remembered his lines. The ones I got to see. Ethan was having none of that sit-down-and-watch stuff. He had seen water fountains! and had to taste them. You know taller ones taste different than the lower ones. and the ones in the first hallway taste different than the second set. And there were science experiments and backboards to look at. (He liked the one with moldy bread, the banana one, and the bubble gum one.) They were very interesting! I liked the ones the kids had done themselves-and you could tell who'd had help! One was color coordinated with scrapbook paper and chipboard letters, all fancy. Yep, she had help. I learned that Alka-Seltzer dissolves almost twice as fast in hot water than room temp. water. I learned that bakery bread molds faster than packaged bread, bananas in zipocs mold faster than those not in bags, more sugar made yeast bread rise higher, and there were two egg experiments that had too many pictures, tiny writing, and it was hard to distiguish/find the conclusion. Ethan and I left early. I was seeing too many experiments, and not enough of my actor. Ethan would yell when we'd go back to the dark cafeteria. He laid on the floor once. Yeah, cool. We came home, and Ches came with the kids shortly after. He'd met us there at 6:45, so he was hungry. He asked what we'd had for dinner (laugh, laugh!), and there was nothing left. (Tyson Dino Nuggets, broccoli with cheese, and muffins from last night.) If there's not another adult here, we have whatever's fastest and easiest. No gourmet for 3 small kids! And I'd eat soup or cereal (yum!) if left alone.
So the kids are tucked away, and I'm making my list for tomorrow. Our scrapbooking group is meeting, but I don't know if I can go. I'm tallying up my list. I would LOVE to (especially since I have another trip to do: Houston!), but it's the errands eating at me. Mary Claire has a formal daddy/daughter Valentine's dance on Saturday afternoon, so I really need to get her a nice dress to wear and maybe some shoes if the dress isn't pink. She's ruined the toes of almost all her shoes (except the crocs and the pink Barbie sparkly ones). She crawls around on the concrete and ground, and grinds off the leather-they just look gross now. I would only let her play in them. In fact, I find that when I'm picking out her clothes to wear the next day, my decision rests on which shoes she should wear. I can't wait till summer and sandal and flip-flop days!
And I need to get my paint sample, my pansies, go to WM (my second home..), Gymboree (sale coupon, dress there?), Yankee Candle (to replace my bathroom candle), LIghting Emporium for a kitchen rug and maybe laundry room. I just keep putting off everything. It all gets to me. Nothing is life or death (except WM and the dress for Mary Claire). Well, not really life and death, just A priority. All others are B's.

Oh, and Ethan decided not to nap till around 2:45! It was yuck. He screamed the first time because his "didi" (pacifier) wasn't clipped to his shirt, then screamed because he pottied, then played for a while since I was on the phone (surprise!) with the sweet mom that has just had a child diagnosed. Ugh, do I remember that well. I cried for a year. It's so emotional, and you wonder why me? and fight it, and try to learn, and don't have time for other things in your life, and have guilt, and stay up late and get up early to check them, it just sucks. You finally decide this thing you didn't invite in is staying over, and you have to play nice with it. Anyway, he finally went down, then the kids came in: bang, slam, yell, slam, clank, noisy Wii, slam door, crunchy snack wrappers, slam, yell, lots of shushing, and he slept thru it all. Amazing. Then I woke him up making (faux!) dinner.

I got lunches made, Mary Claire's (carb count) note for school, filled her meter case/purse with supplies, but I haven't finished checking the kids' Monday folders. There are so many things to look at, sign, talk to the kids about, etc. They did well overall last week. One of Mary Claire's pieces of art will be on, her teacher thought it was good. They made E's on their spelling tests, and Clay didn't do so well on his "book report". (Remember the one we did late on Thursday?) He didn't write the beginning, middle, and end (it's a book full of comic strips!), he wrote his favorite part (she didn't want to know), and he wrote he felt he was a good reader (but he wasn't specific enough). I just think if you have to write about your reading all the time, it makes the reading work and not just for enjoyment. I mean he loves to read, and hates to write. I don't want him to start picking books that are short and easy to write about. He is reading fifth grade books-it takes him more than a week to finish one. I just think he's Written Out.

Ok, so I got great sleep last night, almost fell asleep several times today, so it wasn't enough. Early to bed again tonight. Maybe I'm still fighting this cold?

See, I couldn't have known what I'd write about. It's random thinking-well, my journal. You are just privileged enough to read it! heehee

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Three Baths, Two Games, and One Busy Week Ahead

Whew, what a day.
I can't write much, as I think I'll be going to bed very early tonight. Ethan was up at 6:10 this morning (before the sun is too early in my book), and he woke up the kids (unless it was the other way around...). He'd had two baths by 9, and then was so cranky. I laid him down at 9:20a, and he went right to sleep! He even slept through me banging around making lunch. Wow. I was sure I'd wake him up, so I made his lunch. It got gross, and he didn't even eat it.

It seemed like we had lots of time today (guess getting up early does that for you!). We played outside, I cleaned off the deck of branchy bits, leaves, swept behind and around furniture and pots (full of dead and alive plants). I called Lowe's, Barbara's Gardens, and Westwood Gardens, finally WM, and NoNe of them had pansies (well, the middle two were closed). I was so sad. My pots needed sprucing up, and I had an extra hour and a half to fill (ha!) and I couldn't get flowers. It was so nice and warm today! I'll plan to get some tomorrow.

Then I came in (in my non-planty time) and made a pump pouch for a little girl that goes to another school where Mary Claire's nurse works. She doesn't have one, and she just got a pump. She only lives with her dad, and I don't know if dads socialize about where to get a pump pouch. I hope she likes it-Mary Claire has one like it, and she picked out the fabric. I put her name on it, it has flowers on it! : )

Then gave Ethan his real wash-up-for-the-night-bath, made dinner, cleaned up, played two games of Pretty Pretty Princess with Mary Claire (we each won once), gave the kids baths, and read (Calvin & Hobbes-almost a nightly affair and The English Roses by Madonna-good story!). They are up in their beds, maybe not quite asleep. I'm so tired, did I mention that?

I feel like my desk is so clean and I'm organized! It's such a happy feeling! I feel like I will sleep well. : ) I caught up on bills, mail, my calendar (I just keep saving little bits of paper and reminders and never seem to write them in...), and now I know this is going to be a busy week!
Monday: PTA Mtg, Clay's play
Tuesday: Mother's Day Out for Ethan (maybe), Conferences for kids, Clay's First Reconciliation (Confession)! and he has a Boy Scout pack meeting (he'll probably miss for reconciliation)
Wednesday: Ethan's MDO Valentine's Party
Thursday: Ethan's ENT Dr's Appt., Kids Valentine's Parties
Friday: No School, take the kids to see Coraline, maybe Ches and I going out or maybe Saturday
Saturday: Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance (heehee)

and not to mention that I have to gather BIDS for repairs! Painting, sheetrock, deck, we found someone for the fence. Work! And I just hate to have them come when I'm alone. I'm having Mom come over one day when they can bid the jobs. It's scary when they come in, and I'm alone! Even with Ethan, it's creepy! : O

Other things are in the making, I'll see how they go, and let you know later in the week. A reason to check back in! : )

Oh, and I have to try new paint! Remember when I mentioned the Remodel mag with the green island? I'm trying their lime green (kinda apple-y). Adorable! So tomorrow is flowers and paint. and bids. and find out what I owe for roof repair. And the play. Yeah, I think I'm organized (but that makes me overwhelmed). Whew, what a day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Desk Got a Makeover!

I'm finding ways to compensate for not working out lately (well, wii-ing at least). I am now eating more carrots, climbing the stairs more frequently, eating (really yummy Cascadian Farm Organic granola and) yogurt, not getting popcorn at the movies, sharing a meal at a restaurant, coughing frequently to work out my back and chest muscles (and abs!), umm. maybe that's it. Yeah, I know, not much. It's a small effort. But I've been sick! And I DO have guilt, so I'll be back at it soon enough! : )

I want a panini press. I just heard another Hot Pockets commercial for their new paninis, so it made me think of it! But, I would really like one. I HaTe sandwiches, but not paninis! There's something about melty cheese on meat between buttery grilled toast. It's just good. You can put AnyThing in between the bread, and it'll be great! I order them when I go to Johnny Carinos, Mimi's Cafe, or Panera. And I like them with bacon, or red onion, turkey, pepper jack cheese...maybe that's why I'm having to do all the above! ; )

Well, the movie last night was great! We saw He's Just Not That Into You. Ches says he was in the very low 5% man-population-viewing-audience. I don't think it was really ThAt bad, but close. THere was one part in there just for men! It was hilarious! I'll let you see it. If you don't make it to the theater, you'll have to rent it! : )

Today, I got a lot done! I made my bed (woo-hoo for me!), gave the kids baths, cleaned our bathroom, cleaned out the creepy bathtub (turned on the jets for MC, and got stuff coming out!?), went to church, dinner at Chili's, cleaned/stripped my kitchen (changed up stuff, took out toaster oven, added new lime green towels), and spent all other minutes in the day cleaning my desk/office/scrapbook stuff. Whew. Three bags of trash. I'm just finishing up. I reprinted new file folder labels (and added lots of files), made cute little labeled clothespins (which I use for everything: to mark my calendar, hold together receipts, clip on To Do stuff, as chip clips, etc.), cleaned off my bulletin board and desktop, removed a computer tower I don't use anymore (filled it with scrapbook paper), cleaned out my boxes of cards (relabeled the tabs for thank you notes, blank notes, invitations, stickers, etc.), relabeled boxes, moved a bunch of books into a basket on top of my desk to free up a shelf, reorganized my stamps, etc. As I said, it's been all my spare minutes! I now have three empty tubs! What shall I fill them with.... ?

And I vacuumed and mopped downstairs. You know, I think when I mop, it either makes people drop drippy stuff on it, or it gathers stuff that is repelled by a dirty floor. I had to remop one area immediately since two people walked across it. You know, if I'd been doing laundry (yep, did that too), they hide out so they don't have to help or put their stuff away. But, mop and they feel hungry and need to keep coming in the kitchen!

Church was fun(ny). They PlaYeD a tape for the homily today. Yep, not only is that weird, they had so much trouble with it, and it took a good 5-10 minutes for them to figure out how to play it, and everyone just sat so quietly. Even Ethan-that's the weirdest. Then toward the end, Ethan dropped (!) the kneeler on the top of my foot! It hurt soooo bad! Apparently I made an awful noise since people asked me about it after church! Oops, sorry. Pain causes you to do unknown strange involuntary things (like yelping)!

I think I'm going to paint this week. I have found the most AdoRabLe pictures the kids have made. It makes me want to preserve them forever! There's one Mary Claire made of Mary with wings and it says, "I love you, Mary". There's another one where she's sliding down the slide headfirst with her friends doing the same-it's so cute! Then there's the one Clay made of our house: it's a layout of our house with us in different rooms doing stuff. It's just so sweet-and it's his perspective. I love it! I think I'd love to paint them for the kids. I've had them paint their stuff before, but I did one of Clay's last year, and it was so sweet. I just like to paint. It's therapeutic! And I could use a break after all the storm damage and estimates!

Ok, to bed-the kids will be up early in the morning!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happiness (and a date!)

I just have to say (since I KnoW I don’t say it enough!) I just love my life. Even in all the work, craziness, chaos (same thing?), tiny mundane tasks… I just wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being home with my kids, I love cleaning and making their beds, printing new pictures for their little picture frames in their rooms, shopping for their clothes, watching them play in their bath. It’s fun, and it’s just what I wanted. Maybe I thrive in the crazy busyness. I just think of new stuff to do when life calms down to a low roar. My gears have been turning this morning!

I got to play with Ethan for a while this morning (he chose his overalls, but would have NO shirt on him!). So, I went with it since it’s pretty warm here (high of 65!) I took pictures of his cuteness. I just love being up there in the morning-the sun is bright and warm (and wards off my SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder!), and it just makes me happy! We listened to a very old Enya cassette tape (!). It was on his battery-powered tape player, so it was very slow (maybe even more relaxing?).

I made the kids’ beds (put back on Clay’s washed quilt), took down laundry (have decided to be Nice Mom and clean their rooms and take down dirty clothes for a week-see if it frees them up to be more thankful…). Mary Claire has been so thankful and sweet-she notices everything! Clay may catch on…

Clay had a play for the school this morning, and was all sad I hadn’t made him a costume, although he didn’t need one, and had never asked me to make one (!). He was Jack (as in Jack & Jill) and all the other kids were also nursery rhyme characters. What more could he have worn? Maybe suspenders, which I could make for the play Monday night. Any ideas? You can fail at motherhood, judged by your child, and never even know it! Kinda like Freshman Biology!

Tonight, I’m excited to be going on a date (and to see He’s Just Not That Into You!) which I really want to see! Mom is coming to watch the kids (and filling my request to bbsit while I eat out instead of taking the kids-Cheaper and More Fun). Can I say again, “Excited!”?

We found very cheap airfare ($29 each way=$58 per person) to Orlando for March and April, and may go. I mean, cheap! You pay for baggage, and then we’ll have rental car, etc. We also got a Marriott card while we’ve been hotel-ing so much with Residence Inn, and for every 4 nights, you get a free night!! Yeah, cool! So, we already have one night, and with Orlando and Nashville, that’s two more! Anyway, we still each have four or five days to our Magic Your Way Disney passes. So, great! We’ll see what we decide. We’d have to take the kids out of school for a few days, and they’ll already miss a couple for Nashville. We’ll see. I mean, cheap! Nobody go booking up our plane, now-it drives up the cost! ; )

Alrighty, to the bed for a power nap. Must rest up for the big date! : ) I think I have an hour… And a new Remodel magazine with an awesome lime green island-I think it has my name all over it! Check by the house in a month to see a redesigned kitchen (at least island…)!