Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What a Dish!

Whew!  Today was great.  We had our JDRF photo shoot for our gala.  Our theme is Run for the Roses, and it's a Kentucky Derby theme!  All the little (and big) kids were decked out in their derby best.  I mean adorable little boys in seersucker and girls in flowers, flowy dresses, and HATS!
Group Picture outside!

Upstairs inside the Barn

Inside one of the horse stalls : )
Mary Claire went in a mint dress with an ivory cotton lace overlay.  It had a little mint leather bow belt..so cute!  We really looked for an ivory or mint fascinator (since she won't wear a hat!!), and we got a cute ivory one at Dillard's with a tiny bit of pink on it.  I thought she looked darling darby prep in the pink sweater with the mint..but she said no.  And then her daddy backed her up, hmph!  My fashion gurus.
I told her if she kept that sassy face up, I'd use these pictures.  So..I told you so, Sissy!

Pretty. : )  She got her hair highlighted on Monday.  A big girl first.  *Tear*

Happy now that pictures are all done!  And she got the sweetest coke float Friend necklace from Ashley!  Love  her and her sisters!! : )
Anyway, they were all adorable.  They seemed to loosen up a little after the big group shots. I think they all felt Sunday-stiff at first and a little awkward around each other. ; )  We were at Pratt Place Inn and Barn (so beautiful!) (except the horse poop), and did the group shots out by a fence..I totally would've gotten the huge red barn in the shots (but they didn't ask me).  We also did some inside at the end of the barn where there are a couple staircases converging and turning.  Then we did individual shots.  We stayed until some friends got their turn..last.  It was fun, we went to get some lunch while we waited on their turn. ; )  The girls were SO sweet!!  I only wish I'd gotten pictures of them at Chick-Fil-A!

I'm making slow progress on the house.  I'm happy with it, and it is starting to feel like home.  Thank Goodness! : )  We have a lawn!  And landscaping now after several shopping trips to local nurseries, deliveries, and lots and lots and lots of plants.  The first three days were a total of 89 plants and trees.  Talk about a lot of dirt-digging.

The pool is all filled and sparkly.  The fence is finally up! (and the trampoline, hooray!)  We are waiting on the city to come and do our final inspection for the pool, so we can take down the permit and signs out front.  I think that's our last hurdle.  Well..we need to get our seasonal meter hooked up for the irrigation so they can make sure it all works..but that'll be after our last hard freeze.  Which could be a while!  We just had another 2" of snow yesterday!!  Good grief.  We have THE weirdest weather.  Especially for the South.

We went with a four foot fence, and iron.  Ches wanted to see the (scrubby) trees and the view behind us.  Clay got a gate to walk over to the creek way back behind us.  He is keeping it busy!
But all those flowers I planted?  Gorgeous!!  The daffodils are waning, the hyacynths are amazing (albeit strong-smelling), and the tulips are budding.  Love!  (..except when I need to open my front door.  The smell kinda hits, and I get all sneezy.  I have to even tell the Collier's Pharmacy delivery man to step inside since I have to hurry and shut the door!)  (Sorry Fed Ex!!) 

I have been working on the drapes in the dining room.  I think I showed you my fabric a long time ago.  (December, maybe?)  I finally have three of them hanging up.  I then jumped to another little project..plates!  I have been really wanting some plates to hang in there.  I thought the navy would just sing with some white or blue and white plates.  I have been scouring flea markets and even Craigslist!  (and can I say that I'm seeing navy EVERYwhere now?  Magazines, catalogs, and online!  Just got my Traditional Home in the mail yesterday..and yep, you guessed, navy blue!)
This is the layout I decided on..I still have four more to hang!

The white collection : )
First, I planned one huge grouping..but then realized I didn't have a wall big enough!  So..I broke them down into an all-white grouping and a blue/white grouping.  I am using these really cool plate hangers this flea market lady (ok, that sounds bad.  She doesn't have fleas..she works/owns it) told me about!  They stick to the back of the plate (after a good wash, wetting and sticking them, and then letting them shrink-dry all night!)..and they don't chip the plates or show from the front!  Only thing is..they are $4 each.  I think it's kinda steep for a hidden sticky pad.  But that's me.  I guess if the plates don't fall off the wall..and my Johnson Brothers plates don't bust that's worth it!  (ok, I have no knowledge of plates, but this lady kept telling how valuable and important they were!)

And I finally got that beautiful gray rug out of its packaging.  It's open, in place, and I really love it.  I feel like it's finally starting to come together.  I also got a call yesterday, and the furniture I ordered is on a truck headed this way.  (Yippee!!)  It'll be delivered on Wednesday morning.  I hope I'm all ready.  I need to move some stuff out of the way..and decide where things will go!  Green chairs upstairs!  Upstairs chairs gone!  Kitchen table-find a new spot!  Kitchen Chairs-need a new home!  Etc.!)
Did I tell you my barstools finally came too?!  I *love* them!!  But a little too much.  They have white slipcovers..and I don't really want anyone to sit in them.  Except I did once..but I was very careful..and didn't eat.  (Tiny problem for my roudy fam of six.  Maybe I just need a break-in period.)  (As of 3/17, Ethan has now christened them.  With fruit punch.)

Oh..and I should mention that the Apple iPhone 5S is super breakable.  I got a new one last week (thank goodness I bought the insurance!).  And..Friday the new one shattered.  I know..Suck City.  I called them all weepy again.  And/But..get this.  First, I can have it replaced four times in my two year agreement (yay!).  Second.  I can't open a new claim until they receive the phone I returned via Fed Ex and close the last claim.  So..I'm razor slicing my finger.  Again.  I even added *fancy* scotch tape over the broken glass so I don't cut my finger..it seems to be a sucker for shards.  I tell you, I'm stylin' with my tape and chippy case.

And I DiD already order a new case (so this might not happen again).  I know this cutesy one I have obviously isn't doing the trick.  I ordered the new one from Lipstick Shades, which is where I got the last good monogrammed Otter Box.  And that old iPhone 4 is still kickin'.  No shatters or anything.  Here is my new design:
I know, cute, right?!  It's sweet, Southern, and ready for SUMMER!!!
I can't wait to see it.  And hold it!  And put it on my newest (third!) iPhone 5s, haha!!!  Let's pray it's my LAST one.  Seriously.  At $49 a claim..I don't want to waste another penny.  I could be buying FABRIC! ; )
Just cause you might want to see what I really like for my entryway..but it's still too much for this piece (IMHO).  And I'm not sure I like the hanging down wood in the middle.  I'd really like to be able to put a little bench/stool underneath.
..because no post is complete without my littlest handsomest man!
Hope you are keeping your fingers un-bloody (unless you are checking blood sugar of course..) and your phone in one piece, ha.  (If not..just use Scotch tape..I've heard great things about it!)

Have a great weekend, hugs!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grubby Hands

Some people drink, some take a hot bath, some people shove their mouths with chocolate, and some just write.  I do a few of those.  When I have had it up to here, and I just can't handle much more.  God is trying to hand me some grace, and I'm trying my best to receive (with grubby little hands).

Today is not quite halfway over, and I just need a time out.  For me.  And apparently some airing of my complaints!  Today we'll not use any more mechanical thingies with glass screens.  We've broken two already.  Today.  Fortunately, thank you, Jesus, I purchased the warranty for my new iPhone, so for the deductible of only $49, a new one will be here tomorrow (thank you, Square Trade)(and Lord help me transfer all my stuff over, since I don't have a clue how!)   Unfortunately, I don't have a warranty on the iPad.  Another trip to the fixer for $100 will do.  (Crap, says my husband.  Or what he'll say when I break the news.)

We've also lost a sensor again to crazy blood sugars.  Last week I called to find out when the bad ones would be replaced, and they did come immediately, but I also have $1500 in new charges on my credit card.  They are just too expensive.  When I told the girl that Medtronic agreed to replace them, she said since we are using them "off-label" (under 16 years of age), they don't replace them for free.  So..that's the charge?  I didn't get a bill or ANYthing.  Frustrated.

We're on like the 14th snow day this year.  The kids are loud, riding Carter's toys around, and they are generally bored with the Apples to Apples we've been playing.  I can't let them go wild, since ambulances and fire trucks happen when I'm not looking.  (Yes, had both here on Sunday when oldest hit youngest accidentally with the swing.)  (Try explaining that one to the 911 operator.  And then to the paramedics.)

My husband has been teaching online only this semester (but he still goes in for office hours Tuesday through Thursday, so don't be all sorry for me), but this week he's a ghost.  He was out till almost 10 last night, and out the door before the kids were up today.  So..they never saw him.  (Of course I didn't tell them there was no school today! ..so they bathed and were in bed by 8:30.  This momma's got s-k-i-l-l-s.)  He's out all day, but said he'd be home by six, and not to make dinner. (No need to tell me twice.)  We're going out!  (Ok, with kids.)

Anyway, my days continue..and I did sheets today.  After my bed was nice, fresh, and scrumptious (don't you *love* sheet day?!), my baby wallowed all in the big pillows up at the top.  All 11 of them.  They were all squished in, messed up, and flattened, and he was laying right in the big middle, almost passed out from the intoxicating Downy softness and comfort all around him.  Ok, I've always wanted to jump into them too, but you just don't.  'Specially when you're the one making the bed. 

And the floor.  I swear I dust mop at least 7 times a day.  And I've already met my quota today.  Sucks.  I try to think of meals that don't require crumbs.  Lasagna (if you don't allow extra parmesan).  Broccoli, chicken, rice casserole (ditto).  Spaghetti (if you don't let them cut up any noodles) (and no bread).  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans.  Chicken and dumplings.  Beef stew, no crackers.  Potato corn chowder, only shredded melty cheese on top.  Ok, that list took me a while.

And I got this beautiful new Pottery Barn gray rug (took six weeks to get back into stock!), and it's in my entry way floor.  Rolled up in plastic. (I'd snap you a picture.  You know, if I had a camera that didn't cut my fingers when I *slide*.)  There hasn't been 30 minutes to get help to cut it to freedom, and put it in the middle of the living room floor.  (again, probably need help, and not from kids!)

My baby doesn't stay in bed anymore.  He's not quite ready for a big boy bed, but he scales the sides and plays around before he goes to sleep.  And when I ask him to "Look at Mommy", and say "Don't Get Out of Bed. (!)"  He laughs.  Like throw your head back, and find your unshowered mommy hilarious.  She just wishes.  Silly old thing, wanting a shower.

So, there's the lack of shower.  I had a bath last night, but hate to wash my hair at night, 'cause then I have bed head.  So, I still need a shower.  I mean, hey, I'm going OUT tonight!  (remember, for dinner?)

And also, the (girl scout) Cookie Invasion of '14.  They need to be delivered, yo.  And they don't drive themselves.  I had a flat last week (long story short: nail too close to the edge of my tire, didn't want to replace just one or two tires, so I got four new ones).  Then Ches had a flat on Saturday (long 4" screw).  So, let's just say we are being extra cautious now that we have wheels again.  And there's ice on the ground hiding the nails and screws just waiting to nail us.

My laundry is making babies faster than me, and I'm just trying to stay in the clean.  They wear them and dirty them faster than I can say, Stop Wearing Clean Clothes!  So, there's the constant music of my washer and dryer (no way to silence the machines' sing-songy happiness).  And then, I have to vacuum the floor/rug to fold them, and then the actual folding, and then the putting away, and repeat.

And the ice (again).  We are this Arkie family that creates stupid solutions.  We actually put our electric blanket out over the pool pump and equipment to keep it from freezing up in our 6 degree temps.  Yes, we covered it with a waterproof air mattress.  And six just-washed quilts and blankets and comforters for insulation.  (I told him they'd just been washed! and he asked if I wanted to buy a new pump after it busts or wash the quilts again.  Duh.)  At least they're in the back of the house.  (No, those dinosaurs and denim and stripes hanging out there are not for sale.  We're using them.)

K, I'm feeling all aired out.  Thanks for that!  No need for me to continue.. with the baby carrying around the toilet brush (touching only God knows what-seriously, He knows!), or the snotty noses around here.  Or the prescriptions that need filling.  And missed conferences and appointments due to snow and no babysitters.  Like my missed mammogram today.  (I better not have cancer, or I'll be ticked I didn't find it sooner.) (My make up date is in APRIL!).

It's a good thing I have good color on my hair.  And my heat is working.  And we have food to eat.  And faces to kiss.  And you know, the clean sheets.  And dinner out. ; )  God is giving to me, let me just open my hands.

Praying you are feeling the blessings, and you open your little hands too. : )
Hugs, y'all.  Stay warm.