Friday, February 20, 2009

Noise? That's the sound of me talking!

Well, this is the second one, but it magically (like Lucky the Leprechaun) appeared at the top of the post. Go figure. I'm still learning. These are my precious leprechauns before school this am. Since Ethan woke me at 6:30 yelling mama, I got everyone up early. We had play/tv/picture time before school! Clay wanted to do it every day! Umm, no.
I was snapping pictures of Clay and Mary Claire, and Ethan bounded (yes, like a lion cat) up on the loveseat, and jumped in between them. Because it's his place, no? He's learned how this works! He's the cutie, and all adore. Right?

Ok, trying something new. This is Ethan hiding in my laundry basket! One minute he was helping me load the laundry in the washer, I turned around, and he was gone! I looked behind the door, as I could hear him, and he'd squatted down, and was hiding from me! Funnier, I said, "Stay there!" and ran to get my camera. I mean, how funny! This will RoCK when he's 18!
Yes, apparently he scaled the cart and climbed in. Alone. He's quite the monkey.

Ok, fun. Will keep going.

Alrighty, that didn't work as planned, but fun. I'll just post Clay's boy scout pix at right as it takes too long to load my pix in the post.

I shall not bore you with details of the day, as I've spent all my computer time catching up on other blogs that make me laugh out loud. So, here are the bullets:

Most angry:
When I was rushing around to leave, and Ethan was playing in my bathroom (never is this a good thing). I could hear "wush, wush" noises, thinking he was squeaking something. Well, he was-it was my bathroom cleaner. He squirted it all over all the bottles under the sink, the cabinets, and the floor. I'm only fortunate that he didn't drink in/squirt it in his eyes (thereby making me later and causing blindness). I had to scrub off all the bottles (loads of fun), and all surfaces. And I was just thinking how dirty those bottles of stuff looked.
I gave him time out in the Naughty Chair for that one (I had to tell him to stay there while I ran around looking for a chair). I have to start disciplining him! He sat (and got up, and cried, and got up, then after two minutes, I made him say, "Sorry, Mama", and he did, and we were all better).

Playing with Ethan outside (while he was in jammies and shoes, ultra cute!), Helping Clay make a dancing skeleton for boy scouts while we used Real Nails and a Real Hammer! and Reading oodles of fairy tales to Mary Claire till much too late (Thumbelina, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, etc.) then realizing:

Oh Yeah:
I have to go to bed early enough, to get up early enough, to shower and be at GS Thinking Day by 10, when Saturday is the only day I get to sleep in (till 8). Maybe I'll work it out. Magically. Like after I finish blogging. : )

Ches made Philly cheesesteaks, and I made fries (mmm...homemade fried potatoes) that the kids always make over. Yeah, probably artery-clogging, but it really boosts your ego, and you sleep well, bonus!

*Did more cookie-searching for people.
*Found a couple more spring pillows, still looking for others in the maze called the Attic.
*Awesome lunch with Jenifer, didn't last long enough... : )
*Got to help Clay with many tasks to earn his wolf badge for boy scouts since he's starting late.
*Pulled into the garage (on the phone), and the van is now touching the trashcan (so I didn't hear the *maybe* noise). So, I kinda hit it, maybe? And Ches is the one who informed me. Did he hear a sound?
*Gave Ethan another naughty chair timeout: for throwing a tantrum-using his body as a kitchen rug-over a hot dog/ice pop: he says them the same. (I made a hot dog, when he wanted an ice pop). I got another nice sorry and hug afterward. This might just work!
*Got to play trains with Ethan. He's learned a new word: noise. Not sure what it means to him. He points to his ear. Is his ear drum about to rupture, are his ears popping? Do I sound like a wounded lion to him? Is all my talking background noise?


Gigi said...

Photos are so precious!

Holly said...

thank you! I think it's my cuties, not my photo skills. : ) the kids are just hilarious and love to be captured!