Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Again

I'm just speechless. The outside is horrific, and the inside has water stains on the ceilings, a stick through the ceiling, water stuff leaked out the fridge, I had to catalog everything I threw away, clean out the fridge(s)/freezers, clean the hearth room of sheetrock and insulation. Bought new groceries at WM, stocked them, tallied up amount of groceries ($741-no exaggeration). I'm tired, it's now 1:42am, and I'm supposed to have a CPA appt. at 9am-yeah, right. I have the insurance adjuster at 10:30am, which is more important right now.
Did I mention I missed my hair appt. last Tuesday? I have icky roots. Also, very important right now. Must get sleep for more chaos in morning. Have to clean floors! ONly got vacuuming done. Oh, and laundry. Sleep well, electricity-bearers. : )


Gigi said...

When did you find time to do laundry? Amazing.

Holly said...

Umm, I put a load in when we got home-dark clothes since the basket/bag was full when we got here, then did ToWeLs from the clean up after those were done. I still have much more to go!