Friday, December 30, 2011

You stuck that branch where?

Two days in a row, peeps!  This is HUGE! ; )

I just had a busy, productive day, and had to share. : )
Big, older chair
We moved out the older chair and a half (that took up so much room!)-it now has a beautiful new home.  It was a great chair, and gave us great years-but I had to make room for my new BFF, my rocker-glider.  LoVe that thing!  : )  Oh, did you need a picture?  to make you fall in love too?  K, let me grab my camera...
New, smaller chair-with linen slipcover that rocks!  *Love*
Now you can share my love. haha! ; )  So, then we had to c-l-e-a-n the 50" x 40" dirty spot on the floor that it left behind!  Gosh, I think it's been at least a year or more.  There was a Nilla wafer, some beads, and some general dust. : )  Fun stuff I'm doing over here.  I can say the room smells super-clean (kinda like Pledge!) now.  I even added a wallflower to scent it nicely (non-Pledge).

And..wanna see my latest idea?  I decided I needed an au-naturale mobile.  I asked Ches to find me a huge branch (preferably birch or sycamore-beautiful bark!).  He found a couple-one was gorgeous-but WAY too big.  Then we got it just right.  Here is the branch:

And then..I decided to put the bed in the other corner (he loves this part of me ; )..and then we hung the branch with cup hooks (you know the ones that screw into the ceiling?), and used clear fishing line to hang the branch.  We (meaning I helped direct the paint brush where he should paint) then painted over the cup hooks to match the wall/ceiling color, and voila!  Hanging Branch.  ; )
Amazingly, this was the same location where it was growing-headed straight for the house.  (Kinda reminds me of the winter we DiD have a branch through our roof-after the ice storm!)
My plan (but I'm tired for today..) is to hang little cute things from the branches over the bed with more fishing line.  I am not sure what..but I'll get there.  I am thinking bird houses, silver crowns, birds, glittery stars..something.  I want it to be babyish, but boyish.  I'm finding it's a hard decision!  My theme so far is spa blue, chocolate/cocoa brown, white/ivory, toile, and kinda french.  Do you have any ideas for the mobile-hanging things? check in on that other baby, Diabetes..we've had to adjust things lately.  Today, I finally committed to upping (is that a word?) Mary Claire's basal rates-almost all day!  I also slightly changed her correction ratios-I was catching myself adding at least a .1 almost every time she was high.  I am horribly conservative in changing things permanently!  Worries me that she'll go low. : (  So we are back to record-keeping.  I printed new charts, and had to write every time we checked her and she put something in her mouth (and it reminded me how hungry she is all the time!).  I have to keep that girl busy, or she is obsessed with food!  Any food.  (well, not cheese so much.)

So, tonight we'll be up extra checking our girl, making sure she's okay.  Guess it gets us used to a baby?  Gosh, I really do love my sleep.  Almost as much as my chair. ; )
Hope you sleep well tonight!  Maybe you could gaze up at a branch growing from your wall? ; )

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Furniture, Frosting, and a big FiVE!

Oh gosh-I'm so out of the habit of writing! : (  I have to get better.  So many things happen in a day!
My sweet boy is FiVE!
..and Jump Zone is the best for birthdays! ; )
We had Ethan's FiFtH birthday-he's growing so fast!  He chose Jump Zone, and requested boys are fishy-eaters.  ; )  He also still has an aversion to cake after throwing up this summer after my dad's birthday-he's just SURE it was the cake.  So..we got a big cookie
(all covered in same thing!)

make a great wish! : )
He had two bites of the big green train frosting engine, and declared he was going to throw up.  He went out to the car, and held the trash can to his face all the way home.  ( throw up!)

And..I've finally been getting to work on the baby room!  We have partially cleaned out the room..and ta-daWe put the baby bed together.  : )  When we had Clay we bought nice furniture, and we've used it for every child.  But now?  They don't sell the baby beds with the sides that come down anymore (..they are DaNgErOuS!).  I know they are dangerous, but I hate to buy a new one for the last baby..I mean our kids never got out (ok, well, not until they were old enough to crawl over the side and run down to see us!).  Is it worth a new bed?  I do like that they are lower to the ground, and easier for shorter moms to reach over the sides. ; )  But for now, I am happy with our bed.  (Counts, right?)

It's starting to feel like a real baby room-but we are still calling it the office.  I'm sure when it's all ready, we'll start to call it a baby room-just not yet.  We also had to order some new furniture for Ethan's room since we need the baby furniture he's still got!  : )  Since I've been stalking Pottery Barn's website, they've been sending me reminders about stuff I've looked at, and they sent a 15% off my entire web purchase!  (So..I had to order since the furniture was already marked down a little!) ; )  Can't wait to get furniture and get Ethan's traded out!

I also shopped a little..since my computer was all warmed up with all those after-Christmas sales. ; )  I only got some baby bedding (since I'm not feeling like I have time and energy to make baby bedding this time!) and I found bedding with the fabrics I was going to order anyway! (Central Park toile in HorizonBonus! : )  I went and bought some coordinating fabrics today.  I'll need to make an extra blanket, a pad for the changing table..cover a lampshade, etc. ; )  Love extra fabric!

And...we think we might be close to a NaMe.  Yesterday, Ches asked if I was considering any other name (other than Carter), and I said not really. ; )  I feel like it's supposed to be his name.  He told me Merry Christmas, and said he could be Carter, heehee. :o)  Now he gets to pick the middle name (and he's torn between Nicholas, Maximilian, and Xavier), since I'm happy over just having Carter.  We'd decided together on John Carter, but there's a stupid movie coming out this spring (around his due date, no less!) by the name of JOHN CARTER!  Can you believe that?  We were all into the double boy names (love Jean Luc-say it with a French accent! but it doesn't fit us, and Jean Marc, and Ben Luca, and Finn Niclas, ahhh..they are all so lovely and romantic, but alas, not us.)  But, John Carter was different. (American, that is.)  And John Ryan (reminded me of Jake Ryan though!) (Bonus ten points if you can name the movie!!).

ps-We have this really cool Snoopy ap (Snoopy's Fair!), and you can click on the photo booth and take pictures (only Mary Claire can find the photo booth..I've yet to find it myself!), so here are a few of our fun shots:

Such fun..even for a little iPhone ap-turns dinner into a party! : )

Sweet little Ethan-we are so happy you are in our family.  You bring us joy, tons of laughs with your big personality, love with your bear hugs (and Angry Bird attacks!), and even your big mistakes are so forgiven with those precious "I'm sorry's" that come so easy now.  You are precious, and we are thankful for the gift of you!
and as Mary Claire likes to pray..we hope you have another 100 happy, healthy birthdays!  Love you, baby!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and FiRE!

Hey ya'll!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.  We've had a great week (busy!), and have totally been getting in the spirit.  We started with a choir field trip to Shiloh Health and Rehab on Monday:
Even the facility was beautiful!  Aren't the wreaths in those big windows pretty?  Yes, Mary Claire is the one in white.  I'd like to think she did it to stand out..but she had to go check her blood right before the field trip, and forgot to go back to put on her blue choir shirt!

Still sings just as well without it. ; )

The kids were drawn to their big gingerbread house!  I think I'll build one like this next year.  I'll add it to my To-Do List. ; )  (it was made from cardboard and foil, but covered in Nilla Wafers and candy)

Choir is huge this year!  Love these sweet singers.
And then on Monday afternoon, we had the kids' Christmas parties.  For Mary Claire's party, we spent some time thinking of our furry friends!  We made doggie treats, tied edges on fleece blankets for the animals, and crafted little Shrinky Dink bone (collar) ornaments.  It was fun, and great to focus on others-what Christmas is all about!  We had to bake the puppy treats at home Monday night, but then we took them all to donate them on Tuesday..we even had donations from the kids' families for the shelter-BiG bags of dog food, more snacks, toys, and blankets! : )  I wish the entire class could have all gone with us to donate everything.  I hope the kids know they are appreciated. : )

Wednesday we stayed home to clean, do laundry, and got ready for another busy day: Thursday!  We took a family trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Ches' birthday.  We saw the new movie, Tin Tin, at the Imax in 3D!  It was a great movie..millions times better than Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked. ; )  Then we shopped at Babies R Us (still looking for a stroller/car seat!), had dinner...and picked up my new khaki linen swivel glider at Pottery Barn Kids!

I'd had a discount for 20% off anything IN the I called to see if they had a rocker.  Long story..they did, but I couldn't use the discount on it..but it WAS 20% off since it was a floor model. : )  I bought it!  And then couldn't wait to get it. ; )  (and it's perfect!)

We saw Santa on Friday, and the kids each opened a gift early. ; )  Then we had Christmas Eve Mass together-love the church all decorated for Christmas!
Ethan opened a new Angry Birds game!  (Ches' and the kids' newest love!)
Fast forward to yesterday..I made a coconut cream pie, and needed to toast some coconut for the top (to make it prettier!).  I put it in a new cookie sheet, and put it under the broiler.  I got it too dark on the first try, so I kept the lighter brown bits, and trashed the rest.  Then, I tried again.  This time I set the timer for two minutes, and checked it at one minute (still white).  I started to eat some breakfast, and the next thing I oven was on FIRE!  I opened it up, and flames came out!  I guess the sweetened coconut had ignited?  (Is that possible?)  I started screaming for Ches to get in there (he was asleep!), and grabbed the fire extinguisher.  (I've never actually used one!)  I pulled the pin, aimed, and (wow!) put the fire out.

It was quite dramatic.  And then the smoke alarms went off, the kids were just sure fire trucks were coming, and then Ches came around. ; )  I had him take the burned coconut/pan out to the deck.  (It was so stinky and smokey!)  We opened the doors and windows, turned off the heat, and tried not to breathe in!

Then I had to google how to clean up after a fire in your oven (and how to clean up the fire extinguisher mess most of all!).  Come to find can't use your self-clean oven feature.  You have to have the foam, and hand-scrub it.  I posted on Facebook that I needed oven cleaner..and a friend brought me some!  I know..Awesome! : )  She happened to be at Walgreen's right then (the ONLY place open!), and then brought it by since she lives pretty close.  What a blessing! : )

It totally threw off our plans for an on-time lunch, but we persevered.  After cleaning it up, we made some cinnamon toast (to absorb any odors and make it smell better!) and threw it away.  Then, on to our spiral-cut ham and sweet potato casserole! : )

Just thankful for good food, a working oven, friends (and Facebook?), joyful kids, and for babies.  Especially Jesus, the reason for our special season. 

I've never complained about a boring life.  Never will..ha!  We live quite an adventure here!

Hope your Christmas was especially merry.  Sending hugs and peace for a blessed new year.  : ) 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bad. Site. : (

I think she thinks it's my fault sometimes.  I got ready to change Mary Claire's pump site last night, and the first site (needle) I put in...slid right out.  They never do that. : (  Of bled.  And she cried.  Then, I opened another (really expensive) package (wasting the set of tubing that comes with), and tried again.  This time, the needle bent straight down-I'm guessing she squeezed her bottom in anticipation, and when you hit muscle...forget it.  I couldn't get the needle out of the tubing to save my we pulled the site again.

This time, I had to hold a tissue over the blood, and comfort her.  Bless her heart.  This is when the sadness comes out.  She asks the barrage of questions (the same ones I ask God about): Why does she have to have diabetes?  Why does she have to wear a pump?  Why does she have to change her site?  Why her?
Our medical waste.  For one site change.
We had to wait a while to try for the third time.  I had to convince her it would work, and we'd try something different (as opposed to the last 864 times I've changed her site).  She psyched herself up, and we opened another set, and got another site ready (had an IV Prep emergency: whoever stocked our last Medtronic shipment mixed up the new IV Prep pads with the old-and recalled-alcohol pads!!  Stress. and Guessing.).  Finally...we got a good site.  I also had to set her temporary basal UP after that awful drama, since adrenaline drives her blood sugar skyward.

Then she laid on the bed with me listening and feeling the baby move.  I knew she just needed some time and attention before bed-what we all need.  But today?  Most especially

I hate that those bad moments can overshadow our good ones.  We've had some sweet memory making despite all our bad lately (we won't even go there-I don't need the stress!).  She had her fourth grade musical (and I made her a shiny "M" shirt last minute to match her Eastside High cheer skirt-that's no longer so cool):
Right in the middle, looking at me! ; )
We made her an ornament to trade at Girl Scouts:
It was only about 2 inches after this Shrinky dink shrank!  LOVE these things!
And..she had a patch ceremony and got new patches for her uniform!
Thank you, God, for the good things we get to experience.  ..and Thank you for a pump to better control blood sugars, the supplies we need, a beautiful 88 this morning, and a daughter who'll let me try it-even a third time.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hairs Cut for Choir

I had time to get some sewing done!  I had a $5 gift limit set before me...and I had to max it out! ; )  It was for Ethan's Mother's Day Out program..and he got a girl's name, Abigail.  (I cheered!)
So..I made her a string backpack, and we got her a silver/purple fluff/feather tiara to put inside.  Fun.  Here is a picture:
It's a Fancy Nancy fabric, and the inside is lined with lavender toile.  So cute!

..and I finally got Mary Claire a wintery pump pouch made-she wanted the snowmen. : )  I still have candy cane, gingerbread men, blue snowmen, green/ornament Susan Winget fabric, and red snowflake fabric..will I ever get those made too?
And then, today?  Haircuts, Toys R Us, and a Christmas choral concert! : )  The kids love the new haircut place: Pigtails and Crewcuts.  They had a train table, a separate room (that was quieter) for big kids or for little kids.  There were televisions/videos/Playstations at each salon station, and three cars for the little kids to sit in for their haircuts!  And since we took all three kids, at one point..they were ALL getting their hairs cut. ; )  

And here are my darlings ready for the concert.  (Doesn't Clay look different?!  I love that hair off his ears!):
Ethan was so cute!  He wanted a tie like his big brother ; )

Even Ches went to change into a blue shirt. ; )  (My picture with them is bad..I now have a pregnant face.)

Here is what Ethan did during the wait time...Angry Birds!  And he has gotten good.

The kids in choir.  Clay and Mary Claire are the second and third from the right.

The very impressive adult choir.
I thought I had a picture of the brass ensemble that performed..but maybe I was too busy watching?  They all did a wonderful job-the music was beautiful! : )  I hope they kids continue in the spring choir.  (I mean they have the uniforms now..) ; )

And I'm still doing fine.  The baby is kicking my bladder really effectively now, so I'm assuming he's getting pretty of calcium (legs are stronger), and his muscles are well-developed. ; )  Obviously I'm looking pretty pregnant since new people know I'm pregnant-you can really see it now.  I had a lady comment to me today after I told her that it's a boy that she is really partial to girls.  Umm..what do you say?  Especially when I would've loved a girl?  I said nothing.  (Didn't know what to say, so I said nothing..Isn't that what momma teaches?)

Before church today, I was setting up a room in the back to teach Children's Liturgy during church, and Clay was back with the altar servers.  He came and asked me to be a server since there were only four kids there (have to have 1, 3, or 5..don't know why).  I was so surprised he wanted to serve.  Are we making a breakthrough? : )  I mean he likes it, or he wouldn't be on the schedule, but he's never asked to do it when not scheduled.  And he knew by looking there weren't enough?  Hark, was he observant?  HeeHee, I'm so happy for him.  (Of course, I agreed.)

I think hungry tummies are calling..It's dinner time!  I better go.  Have a great week, peeps!  We only have two weeks till Christmas!  : )

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Baby!

Oh gosh.  Did I have a little girl crying like a baby yesterday.  Everyone else took it well, but my sweet little girl, who didn't get the sister of her dreams?  Not so well.  It did not go as planned. : (

I had picked up Ethan and his friend from preschool, and after I dropped off Andrew, I told Ethan about our Boy News.  He still thought it was a girl, so I had to explain that it was indeed a boy!  He was all excited, and I drove home.  Right before we got home, Andrew's mom called to tell me Andrew's bag was still in my car...and then we pulled in the driveway.  There were the big kids off the bus.  And what did Ethan do?

He rolled down his window, leaned out his head, and yelled, "It's a Boy Baby!"  Of course, I had to get off the phone to field the disaster I'd started. : (  Mary Claire ran in the house crying, and Clay plugged his ears.  He'd told me that he wanted Me to tell him after school, and Mary Claire?  Mad.  Sad.  Annoyed.  Extremely disappointed. : (

I knew I should've waited to tell them all at once.  I was mad at myself.  I ran in-and Clay was fine.  He just wanted to hear it from me.  But Mary Claire was on the loveseat crying her eyes out.  I had to sit and love on her for a while.  She just doesn't understand why she can't have a sister.  I told her that she kept praying for a sweet girl just like her, and that God can't make two girls just alike-she's an individual!  She'll be special, and still be my only little girl.  Nothing seemed to help, but then she asked in a wee voice if she could have some baby blue ice cream.  (This would be Braum's birthday cake ice cream with chunks of real birthday cake and blue frosting.)  Umm..could I say no?

We had to take some girl clothes back anyway, and sooner was better than later, so we all went for ice cream, then back to Carters.  We did some exchanging (and the boys did some chasing in the store..), a restroom visit, and we were on our way.  Here are some of the outfits we got:
Clay picked this one out. ; )

Mary Claire chose this one...she has a thing for tigers!  I can't imagine the bright orange, but she REALLY wanted it, and gave me the sad puppy dog eyes.  Guilt bought this one.

Obviously we have a thing for the little pictures on the bottoms.  I guess they are either on their tummies, or all hunched over your shoulder when you burp them, so you have something cute to look at. : )

We asked Mary Claire if this was offensive before we bought it, but she said no. : )
Today is a new day, and I think the dust has cleared.  Now the big dilemma is the baby's name (the boys voted Zachary, and Mary Claire insists on Maximilian).  I can't decide.  I prefer Carter, but Ches doesn't like it.  (could it be Carters having an impact on my pregnant brain?)

Here are a couple of bad pictures from my ultrasound (If you use a flash, there is a glare.  If you don't, it's blurry!):
This is our undebatable boy picture.  No Doubt.  (It's a picture looking from below, and his legs are pointing to the left, and up to the right, with his boy parts in the middle.)

This is a profile-with his hand by his face, and the white by his chin is the left elbow kind of at a distance.  He kept moving, so we couldn't get a perfect one!!
Life does move on, and now Mary Claire is already thinking about her next birthday (and showing her new brother to her friends!).  I think the ice cream/shopping combo works really well!  (I've always had great success with it myself.)  ; )

And..I got Denise's towels done! : )  Here is a picture:
I did the white with pale colors first, but then..needed some lime and red (and it photographs so much better!) ; )
Today I'm just thankful.  Thankful for floors to clean, crumbs to clean up, carpets to vacuum, and laundry to wash.  Thankful for more movement today.  Thankful for our friends' and families' prayers.  Thankful for another pregnant day.  God bless you where you are today. : )

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a...


Oh gosh-was I surprised.  I totally thought the ultrasound doctor was wrong at 13 weeks..seemed impossible.  But, maybe he was better than we give him credit?  Hahaha!  Or he was preparing us?  Totally.

We are excited, and soooo thankful that our sweet baby boy is healthy.  Everything looked great today.  The placenta is low's on my cervix, but it should move up.  I'll have a c-section anyway, so I think it'll be fine. : )

I have already separated out the girl clothes I got on Black Friday with the kids.  I'll take those back in the next couple of days, and get some more boy clothes.  I have to say, I did cry for the first time today separating them, but I'm okay.  I'm so thankful to HAVE a baby, to have a HEALTHY baby, and that we're still making it!

We talked about names..since Ethan feels it is ├╝ber important to have a name!  We have a few: Maximilian Nicholas, Maximilian Xavier, Zachary Nicholas, Carter Nicholas (Ches doesn't like so much), and William Xavier.  He loves Cole and Chase (because they play for the Phillies!!), but I'm not crazy about them.  I think Maximilian Xavier or Nicholas is in the top spot...we'll ask the kids for a vote too. : )  

..and we have to tell them!  I was going to call the nurse to tell Mary Claire on her 12:00 blood check, but there is a substitute nurse, and I didn't know how Boy would go over.  I'll tell them all after school. ; )  Praying for happy responses and good attitudes from all!  God chose what we needed, and He knows our long term plans.

Just thankful for today, and to be here in this spot right now!  Thank you SO much for all your prayers for our family, we can feel them.  We have J-O-Y on this happy day! : )

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Joy, Joy..Winner, Winner! : )

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! : )
...And the winner of the monogrammed towel goes to:
Denise! : )  Congratulations, Denise!  I just need to know which design you liked better (ornament or wreath!), and the letter you want inside it! : )

We've already had a busy day, so I apologize for not posting earlier!  We saw Arthur Christmas last night (Very good!), and got to bed late. Today the kids had their first ACO (Art Center of the Ozarks) concert for Breakfast With Santa at the ACO.  They did a wonderful job, it made me cry! : )  Sweet, sweet voices singing songs of Jesus' birth and cheerful sing-a-longs.

Here are a few pictures:
Before they sang ; )

They put on Santa hats to sing carols..and they got to use song sheets!  (They have to have their concert music memorized!)


Mary Claire (you can see shy she wants songs memorized..they never look up!)

Aren't they getting big?
And the day continues..  Now we are all heading off to ride the Christmas Train!  Mary Claire is singing beforehand with her school choir.  We have to get going! : )  Merry Christmas!