Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can you make Splenda fly?

Long night with Mary Claire. She was high, so high. We had cake at Gigi's last night, and I am definitely not a pro at figuring desserts. She was over 400 for a while, then when I checked her at 3:20am, she was still 355. I gave her another big bolus, and she was 193 at 6:30am. Ah, rough night. I think I've got a cold now after lowering my immune system! After two nights of not sleeping so well (or being able to breathe), I don't feel so great. I'll have to try to get a nap today while Ethan is sleeping.

We were supposed to have someone fixing the roof hole ("stick"), "first thing in the morning". Well, where I come from (humble here), that means early. It's 12:12pm, and no sign of a worker. Tut, Tut, It looks like rain (on Friday). I hope my hole is closed off by then.

I had a guy (Caldwell Tree Service out of Atlanta) come to give us an estimate for removing tree limbs/branches, cleaning up, and trimming the massive hanging branches and broken ones. Long story short (rare with me), it was $800 for removal of trees from house, deck, and fence (insurance portion), and $2000 for my portion (trimming trees, removing hanging branches, clean up). Well, that's not something you plan on. I'll be interested to see what the insurance allotted for the tree mess.

The kids had class pictures today, and I forgot. I mean they looked cute enough (not over the top, but average cute), but I forgot to send the money in the little envelope so they could buy a class picture too. Ches didn't want me to run up to the school, and said they'd have everyone's pictures in the yearbook. There's just something about a class picture full of cute kids that you will remember when you are older. I just love looking at my preschool and kindergarten class pictures. I even went to high school with lots of those kids! : ) I guess we won't have one from this year. I feel bad, but not too bad.

I just can't do it all. I was focused this morning on just being very calm with the kids. I think Clay is acting up maybe because I can be loud and hyper and busy, and it's rubbing off on him! So I really focused on starting his day well. We'll see how he did. He had a rough day yesterday: no one wanted to play with him for indoor recess. Well, he was looking for someone to play tic-tac-toe with, and they were all playing games and blocks. Then he asked some kids if he could play blocks with them, and they said no. He was sad. I talked with him about it. I think the kids thought he might yell, be generally loud, and knock over their buildings (as he normally is). So we talked about how you act, and that you have to take responsibility for your behavior all the time, not just at recess. He's going to work on it today.

I've always been happy that he was so confident and happy, and he'd never be picked on, but now I can see it backfired, and maybe he's too confident (bossy?) and now he's odd man out. God does tell us to be like little children (faithful), but I think it applies in other ways too. If none of the kids want to play with you, maybe you're not being nice (or you are too loud!). He has to learn to play well with others.

Ok, load of laundry number 8 is almost complete. Did I say I missed it? Ok, I'll do it with a smile (and chocolate in my mouth). I vacuumed again, cleaned my bedroom (dusted!), and mopped. I had to do some by hand in the kitchen where the leak had run around the grout line. Yuck. I use my handy-dandy Clorox Ready mop-thing, but it doesn't get the cracks so well. I don't mind buying the absorbent pads since it's cheaper than paying someone else to mop my floor, and I don't really mind doing it (and I like my cleaning better than anyone else's). I got all the mirrors cleaned, and bathrooms aren't quite done. Dusting around all the stair rails/banister are next on the list.

Oh, and all the big ceilings are going to be repainted due to the stains. What color should I paint them? It seems like an opportunity to be creative, and maybe change it up a little. I could never paint those ceilings myself, and I've been wanting to paint my kitchen! Hmmm..I'll check out my Sherwin Williams paint fan...

I've Learned:
If you display toys inside glass cabinets, they become More Cool.

What Ethan's Learned:
If you are very careful, you can fit your Fruit Loops onto your pretzel sticks, and have tiny skewers or flat lollipops. It works best when all food items are spread out on the couch, so you can see the fruit loop hole sizes better (not all Fruit Loops have the same size hole!). If you pull off the fruit loop with your teeth, you can re-use the pretzel!

Funny: Made me Laugh!
Ethan was having some blueberries for lunch and saw me putting Splenda in my tea. He asked for some, and I put a tiny bit my his blueberries thinking he'd dip them. He was bending over and basically eating like a dog. When he exhaled, the fluffy (baking) Splenda went up in a puff on his face and settled back on the plate. So he did it again and again, clenching his eyes shut each time (having learned why), and every time he'd laugh out loud. He kept blowing out his nose on it making it fly up. Then he kept asking for more! (The part that made me laugh.)
And then, he dumped his plate. On the floor I'd just mopped. Now one spot is Extra Clean. (Not so much laughing now.) Nap time!

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