Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two Feet of Snow and Snowmen

Back towards Memphis today.  We are watching the weather closely, but there’s snow everywhere! : )  We have driven back through Tupelo, stopped at the Chick-Fil-A and played in their park.  They had televisions with VeggieTales and slideshows of kids with their cow mascot.  They were nice, but had no idea we’d ever been to a CFA before!  The manager was trying to tell me about their little stick-on placemats (Ha-I could teach him about eating at CFA and about our fantastic service from Raoul, balloons, ice cream with sprinkles and cherries, going on Tuesday nights for craft night, and trading in books for ice cream.  Dude, I have a PhD in CFA. : )

Finally we are out of rain!  It rained all night and all morning.  It’s a little after 4pm, and I’m so glad to see dry land.  I’m wondering how the people feel in deep, deep snow.  I have been bored, so I’ve checked out funny snow pictures (cars upended, snow plows turned over, front doors buried, and of course..hilarious snow people! Thank you, Calvin & Hobbes for inspiring an entire generation!)
Ok, just one for fun..
Oh what the heck..let's have a few more!
(are we too old to make snow men playing cards or snow aliens?)  Now, I just want to go home and make a funny snow scene! : )  Maybe a snow teacher and snow students looking out the window?  A snow family with crazy kids?  A giant snow insulin pump for Mary Claire (pink and all!), a life-size van full of snow people?
I saw a cute one-it was two huge feet with ankles (about 6 feet tall!), and was called Two Feet of Snow.  How appropriate:

Ahh..can't top that one. : )

Ok, we've landed in Something, Mississippi ( starts with an S!) not far from Memphis.  We all went to the movies, but split up: Ches and Clay to see Narnia (oh, how I wanted to see that one!) and I took Mary Claire and Ethan to see Yogi Bear (which Ethan had already seen).  We loaded up on popcorn, and came back way after bedtime.  I wonder how hard it'll be to get back in the go-to-bed-early and get-up-early routine?  Now the kids are asleep, and I've done two loads of laundry, worked out (while waiting), played on Facebook (more waiting for the dryer..), and now it's nearing one am.  I must get to bed. : )
Enjoy our snow-we might miss it around July! : )

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