Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recall spurns me to create!

I always want to write, "What a day". It's just what comes to mind.

Today, I took Ethan to Mother's Day Out. He was so excited! As soon as we pulled up, he wanted OuT of the van! : ) It makes me feel better that he really likes it. He was an angel when I dropped him off, and he never looked back.
I ran tons of errands: Christian Book Outlet (Valentines and thank you cards and a cross for Clay), Westwood Gardens (pansies for me and Mom), Gymboree (clothes for Sis-long story, maybe I'll tell later..), Wal-Mart (return, party supplies, Tide, post-its, panini grill, meat and cheese), JCPenneys (Mary Claire 2 dresses to try, sweater, me shirt), Yankee Candle (Cottage Breeze), Brighton (took in watch for repair-3rd time it's broken!), then back to get Ethan. Whew.
He was ready to go, and just hugged me! He picked a root beer dum-dum, and off we went! He watched a Strawberry Shortcake video on the way home, and didn't fall asleep, thank goodness. When we got there, he kept saying, "drink". He climbed in my front seat, took my drink, and started drinking. I started unloading the van, and he spilled the drink all over his clothes, my seat, and all over the van. Ick. I cleaned him up and just put him in comfy jammies, and got him ready for nap.

As he slept, I got stuff put away, read a magazine article, then got to work sewing! I made Mary Claire a new pair of capris to match a shirt I got at Gymboree that didn't have pants to match in her size. (I'm choosing not to tell the Long Story about the adorable plaid pants with butterflies sewn on to the bottom sides that have been recalled and couldn't be sold to me after I'd matched a shirt and socks to it and the outfits I got all matched: sweater, socks, leggings, skirt, shorts, shirts, hair ponies, etc.) Anyway, for this one shirt, I made the pants (modified Clay's old jeans...) and made matching bows tonight for her hair (assuming maybe she'll wear braids or pigtails?). It only took me ALL afternoon! Anyway, very cute. I'll try to post pix.

Tonight, more busy. Kids' conferences, paninis for dinner-yum!, Clay's first confession, baths, more jammies, bow making-3 total, little phone time, travel planning-more of the cheap flights to Orlando ($29 each way, but $11 to choose your seat, $30 for a checked bag, etc.) We are deciding...maybe in May? Mary Claire can go to the park free on her birthday!

Well, off to bed. I'm listening to the wind, storming, and bad news about the 600 people laid off from WM home office, and the 3 people already killed and 50-60 injured in Oklahoma from the storms headed this way. I might need to rest up in case we're up with scared kids later.
Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. : )

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