Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two-a-Day Vitamins better than one?

Ok, when my nose looks young, and the rest of my face doesn't, you can tell people behind my back why... I've been so sick, and had to blow my nose so many times, that my nose is raw and chapped. And I'm using (slimy) lotion tissues. So, too much "drainage" to use a more polite word. So, I'm using my regular liquid moisturizer on my face (with a tiny bit of self tanner), and mucho strong, thick anti-aging creme on my nose, under it, lips, etc. Then I follow up with by Blistex chapstick, sometimes Mentholatum under my cocktail changes each night depending on whether I have more pain or more snot/congestion. Yep, fun stuff. Advil Cold & Sinus is good for drying it up (for about 2-3 hours), and Mucinex makes it drip out-not good for mixed company. ; )

So, I got my hair done! Yay! : ) (You think I'd miss an appt. for my Nose? Heck, no! I can self-medicate like the best of 'em!) It's so much better now, and I went a little shorter. It grew so much in the past month. I think it's the vitamins I've switched to: One-a-Day Energy. They have more B6 and B12 for energy. I think they really help! I mean this morning (sick and all), I got the kids' rooms cleaned, two toilets cleaned, two loads of laundry, my bed made, got together a little more paperwork for the CPA, called State Farm (and boohoo'd a little) about my estimate of costs and the check they sent-not nearly enough. Anyway, got lots done. And my hair! : )

Got Mary Claire new insulin at Collier's, got more bobbins at the Sewing Center, dropped off the paperwork I'd gathered, mailed the letters/pump pouch (for real this time), ahhh... back home, kids home, Mom still watching Ethan, Ches working hard in the back yard! Mom convinced me he needed a chainsaw, so I ran to Lowe's (and got Mary Claire her new swing!) to get one, and ran back home. By the time I got home, Ches was done with ALL the wood-he'd cut it all by hand! : O

Ok, and the funny, not-so-funny thing: When I left, I could see Clay and his two friends over by one of the wood piles in the front yard (from the street down below). Well, apparently Mom saw them from the house about the same time. One of his friends was PeeING on the wood! Ohmygosh! Not at my house! She got onto them, and told them never again, and if they needed to go, they should go home to the bathroom. Well, one of them said Clay'd done it too, but he swears he didn't (when questioned seriously this evening). Who to believe? (right answer should be my son) I really didn't want to tattle to the other mom (second time of not tattling in about a month-ahh-keeping it inside is yuck.), but I told Clay that I'd call and ask the boys if he did it too (why did I care so much?). He said he told them it was okay, and that was his part in it. He seemed to feel bad about that, and promised he didn't pee in the front yard. I can't imagine him out there-he will barely get undressed to take a bath in his own house! I guess parents with only boys wouldn't freak out, but girls would never in a million years even consider something like that.

Then, made dinner, took MC to gymnastics (took Ethan too, he loves to go bye-bye!), came home, gave boys baths, took Ethan to go pick up Mary Claire, Ches took Clay to cub scouts, back home, Mary Claire bath (and Ethan bath #2), then snacks, changed Mary Claire's pump site, Mary Claire to bed (cried about no book because: see following), Ethan threw up/gagged on snack all over his jammies and blankie (!) while I was trying to help Clay with his homework (writing a book report on his favorite book he read this week). Ethan continued to cry about the (now being washed) blankie. We gave him substitute blankies to no avail. Finally, I went up, took him with me to Clay's room to get Clay's blankie and rocked him for a while. He calmed down, and finally went to sleep. His "kiki" is in the dryer (maybe done now?), and he'll have it soon.

And, Grey's Anatomy (and they said it'd be a crossover show-Liars. It is so to-be-continued since there's been no crossing over yet!) (and why didn't he propose to Meredith already?!) and blogging in the commercials. And now I'm tired!

Now I remember why I started taking those energy vitamins!

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Cutie guy in his overalls!

He is so darling!