Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thankful Even For Ashes on Wednesday

I've done pretty well today..I have resisted chocolate (not my official Give Up item) since you know, it's a day of fasting. I have now switched to the salty. Lay's chips (not low fat or baked) and French onion dip (also not made more healthy). It's one of my old flames, and I renewed my vows. Or something like that. I wasn't going to have lunch (so I grabbed some chips and dip. very bad.) Then I couldn't resist a couple in the car. (They didn't want to ride in the back with the other groceries, since they might get crushed.) Anyway...

I've decided to give up a couple things: one is telling you in far too much detail what I've done today (and every other day). For one, it is boring, and two, then I focus on how crazy busy I've been and feel even busier and more tired when I read it! For three, maybe I validate myself based on how much I've gotten done that day. (Maybe?) And I will try not to tell you everything. Only really funny things (like Ethan going into the toilet room in our bathroom, shutting the door, standing on the toilet and emptying the basket of all the cotton balls onto the floor/toilet/trashcan/rug) or make me mad things-like Clay walked on my favorite (cause they don't give me a headache from being too tight) sunglasses that I wear all day everyday (even in the dark) as a headband. I am also going to really work on eating healthier for lunch (since I hate lunch and like to skip it), and actually eating it. It'd be better for Ethan anyway.

I worked on the stick cross/wreath/door hanging. I will post a pix, but it's not exactly how I pictured it in my head. But, it'll work for now. It is a way to use all the damage that's still laying on my front yard (maybe one day they'll come pick it up...). I'll post it to the side since when I add a pix in the text, it seems to go to the top. Haven't got that one quite figured out.

I'd like to request prayers. One of our girl scout leaders has lost her son in an accident. Please just pray for their family and peace for each of them. If you have extra time in your day, always remember there's time for a quick prayer. I don't know her son, but just receiving the notice was alarming enough. I just cried. We just don't know each day that we might be living the last. It might be our child's last. I will certainly speak softer and listen closer.

Hug your kiddies tonight and thank God for the messy rooms, shoes everywhere, and cotton ball snow. I promise to be more thankful.


Gigi said...

What? You don't like Tatiana? Well, maybe you will like Sophie?

Prayer request granted. My heart goes out to the parents whose lives are forever changed, but the love for their son will never be changed. He will always live in their hearts...

And thank you for the yummy BK Mocha delight..

Love and hugs~~~

Gigi said...
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Holly said...

You are welcome, thought you needed it!

I'm still praying for them. Can't imagine-really.

Tatiana was having an off-day I think. I'll try Sophie if I can remember on Sat. I have a bad memory, as you know!