Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I won!

Bunco was great and dinner (rosemary chicken, steamed green beans, and broiled Yukon potatoes, mmm...) was awesome! I won (for like the first time in a year!) one of the money prizes and learned so much... Especially about the cool Pilates machine, the Saturday night Wii skit, yummy Latte candies (did I say yum?), and Jody and Kathy's nicknames! I literally ate (along with Julie) all the chocolate in Wendy Jean's house. Really. We even asked for more. We even ate her chocolate raisins! It was great! : )

Ok, Mary Claire has a "published" piece of art! : ) Here is the site:
Just leave her a cute comment-she's up to three now. : ) It was a piece submitted by her art teacher. They learned that things in the distance are smaller. There were 3 first graders that had their art published. They were all really good! : )

Alrighty, can't wait to hit my very clean, sweet smelling sheets. I'm tired. Tomorrow is errands (maybe if Ches watches Ethan). I have an ever-growing list. Now, 9 places! (and I need to stop by the blinky light office to catch up on paperwork...).


The Ware's said...

Very cool about Mary Claire's artwork - that is so neat that they do that!

Holly said...

You can probably enter Emily's artwork! The art teacher did it, but I think maybe anyone can do it? I emailed you. I maybe (20% chance) can play on Friday, but Monday looks good! ??