Friday, January 23, 2009

Post Comment Broken!

For some reason, I can't post comments back you today! The little white box is GONE! MiA!
I read the news article, and I really tried to help out their sales volume last weekend. I can't do it EVERY weekend! : ) But I can't believe that 1/3 of women are buying NO clothes. What if they get a new job, lose weight, win the lottery, etc.? I mean, who can plan to buy NO clothes? Whatever. And BTW, Gap is not closing. Old Navy is very likely to disappear, but they are referring to the Gap company, not Gap store. Gap owns Banana Republic, Piperlime, Gap, and Old Navy. We'll see what happens.

Hope you have a great day, Sandra! Remember they will party and mess your house up, so don't clean too much, you'll have to do it aGaiN after the party! : )

Thanks for the comments, Mom. Yeah, they would get hungry for dinner and come looking for me! Today is a new day, and already have dealt with puppy pee, child poop, messy breakfast-milk mess, child obsessed with messy ice cream seatbelt from last night, cleaned out van of litter, puppy who WoN't poop (therefore has to stay in my arms/lap), small child already requesting bath "get in, get in", Post Comment box not working, daughter who wanted her hair BrAiDed, and a small Yay!: Clay called, and Mrs. Gawf didn't need me to help this week. I have more vacuuming to do, gather tax stuff, get ready for parties this weekend, hang up the clothes they got in Branson (must get more hangers...), WM for hangers, clean other bathrooms, kitchen, persuade pup to poop, wash sheets, make bed, should I go on? NOOOOooo!

Ok, must go take phone away from Ethan. He's dominated my conversation with Gigi and has disappeared into another room. Hopefully she won't be dumped into bath with him!


Gigi said...

It's a funny day. Lunch on the horizon, must get busy as well.

Christine has many GS cookies sold for MC AND Ethan and I have exchanged Winnie-ther-pooh cards. But he must hear the music to make it perfect.

Have a great day....

Holly said...

I got busier. Cleaned all three kids rooms-can't decide whether to post before/after pix. If they'd done it maybe! : ) Vacuumed, washed sheets, cleaned/threw away junk...K'nex, Tinkertoys, train tracks (put all the GeoTrax up on the landing-it's a little city now!), dolls, Bend-a-roos, Barbies, tissue paper-maryclaire project, dirty clothes....ahh!
Hope you have fun at lunch!
I can't wait to get the cookie order form-I'm THriLLed she sold that many!! SHe should be an honorary GS!
We never did get the music to play, but I've now received two cards. : )

Anonymous said...

Just click to listen:

and smile!

It is the weekend~~

Anonymous said...

I don't mean click..I mean copy and paste into your browser ;o)

Holly said...

That's all folks! Yep, I'm that way around 7:30-8ish each night. : )