Friday, February 6, 2009

Happiness (and a date!)

I just have to say (since I KnoW I don’t say it enough!) I just love my life. Even in all the work, craziness, chaos (same thing?), tiny mundane tasks… I just wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being home with my kids, I love cleaning and making their beds, printing new pictures for their little picture frames in their rooms, shopping for their clothes, watching them play in their bath. It’s fun, and it’s just what I wanted. Maybe I thrive in the crazy busyness. I just think of new stuff to do when life calms down to a low roar. My gears have been turning this morning!

I got to play with Ethan for a while this morning (he chose his overalls, but would have NO shirt on him!). So, I went with it since it’s pretty warm here (high of 65!) I took pictures of his cuteness. I just love being up there in the morning-the sun is bright and warm (and wards off my SAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder!), and it just makes me happy! We listened to a very old Enya cassette tape (!). It was on his battery-powered tape player, so it was very slow (maybe even more relaxing?).

I made the kids’ beds (put back on Clay’s washed quilt), took down laundry (have decided to be Nice Mom and clean their rooms and take down dirty clothes for a week-see if it frees them up to be more thankful…). Mary Claire has been so thankful and sweet-she notices everything! Clay may catch on…

Clay had a play for the school this morning, and was all sad I hadn’t made him a costume, although he didn’t need one, and had never asked me to make one (!). He was Jack (as in Jack & Jill) and all the other kids were also nursery rhyme characters. What more could he have worn? Maybe suspenders, which I could make for the play Monday night. Any ideas? You can fail at motherhood, judged by your child, and never even know it! Kinda like Freshman Biology!

Tonight, I’m excited to be going on a date (and to see He’s Just Not That Into You!) which I really want to see! Mom is coming to watch the kids (and filling my request to bbsit while I eat out instead of taking the kids-Cheaper and More Fun). Can I say again, “Excited!”?

We found very cheap airfare ($29 each way=$58 per person) to Orlando for March and April, and may go. I mean, cheap! You pay for baggage, and then we’ll have rental car, etc. We also got a Marriott card while we’ve been hotel-ing so much with Residence Inn, and for every 4 nights, you get a free night!! Yeah, cool! So, we already have one night, and with Orlando and Nashville, that’s two more! Anyway, we still each have four or five days to our Magic Your Way Disney passes. So, great! We’ll see what we decide. We’d have to take the kids out of school for a few days, and they’ll already miss a couple for Nashville. We’ll see. I mean, cheap! Nobody go booking up our plane, now-it drives up the cost! ; )

Alrighty, to the bed for a power nap. Must rest up for the big date! : ) I think I have an hour… And a new Remodel magazine with an awesome lime green island-I think it has my name all over it! Check by the house in a month to see a redesigned kitchen (at least island…)!

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