Monday, July 22, 2013

Pancreases or Pancreass?

Swimming in awesome friends!  The kids had a swim party given by their orthodontist, and it was so much fun!  Here are some of the pictures..Ethan even went off the HiGH dive!!
Love, love, love that they all have diabetes.  And check their blood together!!

Ok, so no blood sugar checks..but they definitely have something in common!

My *baby* in midair off the high dive!  (I think I was like 12 before I went off it!)

Sweet, sweet girls hanging with the little dude.  He couldn't get enough of that slide!

So thankful they could join was awesome.  Really.

On another friend note.  Mary Claire's close friend, Alyssa, had surgery on Friday.  It was a huge, long surgery removing her pancreas, spleen, appendix, gall bladder and duodenum.  See?  Huge.  You can visit her caringbridge page by clicking on her name, and leave her a message! : )  She loves reading the notes left.  Even by people she doesn't know! : )  Bless her heart, it was a big deal.  She's up and moving by little bits today (a few steps at a time), and has had a few of her wires removed.  Baby steps.

The other thing?  She had 228,152 islets transplanted from her pancreas (which was causing her trouble..chronic pancreatitis) to her LiVER!! Yes, you heard read that right.  Can you imagine?  Your own cells, transplanted.  No immune suppression drugs after.  I'm also personally praying that they take, and she doesn't end up with diabetes.  They are prepared..but it's no picnic.  I'd welcome her to our side of the park, but she doesn't really want to play over here.  Heck, I don't even want to play over here.  (I'd just miss the friends on this side ; )   But they'd have each other.

She won't be back in town for school to start, and we'll miss her.  Mary Claire is really counting on being in the same pod as her for the big jump to middle a month!
We prayed before lunch.  Yes, she heard me.  Obviously.  But we did pray!!  She loves that girl.
Please pray for her complete healing, and for the transplant to be successful.  Prayers for your family as you head into a new week!  Hugs, y'all!


laura said...

Will be praying for Alyssa. And my heart skipped a beat see that pic of your little going off the high dive!

Mike Hoskins said...

Wow, amazing to hear about that surgery! Love the great summer pics, and hearing that story about Mary Claire - will keep her in my thoughts! Thanks for writing and sharing this!

k2 said...

#dblogcheck and sending lots of love!