Sunday, February 22, 2009

Challenge! What should I give up for Lent?

It's only afternoon, so I'll spare you the minute-by-minute details. Suffice it to say I've been busy since 6:20. Am.

We are currently working on Mary Claire's research on Milton Hershey. He was such a wonderful person-I never knew that, and I've been to Hershey and the factory. He left his entire fortune-$60 million- in a trust to the school for orphans (he'd founded) to help them learn a trade so they could support themselves. His legacy lives on, and is still giving. He did so much. Won't go on here.

Ok, Mary Claire is on this kick that she doesn't want to have kids because they cut you, and it hurts. On account, I guess, of me griping about baby pain when Ethan was born, and when I put medicine on my big ugly c-section gash everyday. Yeah, I think that was it. So when we talked about it yesterday, I told her there was another place (hole) where babies come out. I explained more, and she wanted to know how a baby could get out, when you use the hole (only when you are married), etc.
She says she just wants grandkids. Yes, we discussed this impossibility if she has no kids. She says she'll consider.
So today we're talking, she still wants no kids. I keep explaining how great they are, and she says she will just adopt. She wants me to take her by the Adopt Shop to just see. She said we don't have to go in. Can you imagine what adopting sounds like to a child? And who could've come up with Adop-Shop? Just my cutie.

We are now enjoying the delicious, carmel-y, crunchy gs cookies called Somoas (formerly Carmel Delights). We decided its newest name is Heavenly. They are so very good. Ok, few minutes later... the kids are hyper-absolutely crazy! It's all the sugar. I never let them have sweets, so their bodies are wack-o. I just got a hard thump-thump/pat on the chest-when I said to Mary Claire, "WHAT are you doing?" She had slapped a sticker on me that says Good.
She's trying to show her happiness. She just can't control herself. Now they've run off to play Easter egg hunt (as I began spring decorating today!) very loudly.

I got new Easter grass (now it looks like crimped paper-adorable!) and eggs to use around the house in big bowls/baskets, and my big glass apothecary jar that I've been trying to fill. I tied a cute tag on the lid that says Happy Easter and I used swirly stamps (Doodle This set) and a VersaMark pad to add glitter in swirls. It's so cute!

Ok, I've been thinking, and I feel bad about Thinking Day yesterday. Maybe they'd all had a tough week, and didn't get to do all they wanted. Meg, our girl scout helper was wonderful. She was very energetic, helpful, and sweet. We really appreciated her!

Alrighty, I think I may have to get in on the egg hunt! I'll be the Hider! : )
Maybe we could have a real hunt at our house this year. That'd be fun! Just think, if you had a child born in March or April, you could play with eggs on their birthdays every year! It's such a happy, joyous season.

Well, actually we are headed into Lent, the barren 40 days before Easter. This Tuesday is Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the pigout day before Ash Wednesday-when most people give something up for the 40 days prior to Easter (not counting Sundays on which you can have your forbidden thing). You can also choose to do an extra thing/service for the 40 days if you choose (or can't give up something great). We've given up Coke, candy, done extra service/prayers, and I'm thinking about this year. Last year, I gave up yelling. Yes, really! We used to (and occasionally still do) yell up the stairs to the kids, talk very loudly over the banister upstairs, yell and ask someone to bring us a diaper or the phone, etc. It was hard the first two or three days, but by the end, I was pretty much done yelling. I would say this is why we even do this-you find out you can do without things (well, not chocolate or Coke) or that doing extra service is really rewarding. What should I give up this year? What could I do extra?

I will give $1 extra to my church, St. Raphael's, for every response given. Deadline is Monday, 10pm. Remember to click on the word Comments, choose Comment as: Name/URL, write in a Name, click Continue, type your response/comment. Then click on Post Comment. I just went thru it on yesterday's post to get the directions just right for you!

Don't be lurkers (read/no comments). Let me know the worst thing about me that I could work on to improve. (Yeah, besides slowing down)

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