Monday, February 23, 2009

Bookworms are great!

This morning I learned what a little Goo Gone and an extra 30 minutes will get you! Yes, we had a little accident in the dryer. I say "we" because someone else forgot to take bubble gum out of their pocket, and I had to clean it. It was all over the sides, the bumpy bits that tumble the clothes, the vent/lint thing. Uck. I used my fancy Goo Gone (think citrus and oil in a tiny squeeze bottle) that I've had since I was teaching-oh, about 13 years ago?- to rub off the sticky mess. Someone (same person/young boy?) must have had a granola bar wrapper (because they found each other!) and it was in the pileup. Maybe I should be thankful since the wrapper adhered to most of the nasty stuff and shielded my clothes from the majority of it. There were also tiny bits of it alllll over the sides. I also learned that Goo Gone cleans off the bluish stain that jeans leave on the inside of a white washer. Now I have lots of whitish marks on a bluish background. Fun. So glad no one ever sees this. : )

On a happy note, we went to baby bookworms today at the library, and it was so fun! I'd forgotten how much little kids like to be together! : ) The teacher was absolutely wonderful-very cheerful, sweet, and patient-and didn't care if the kids were up and around or if they were in mommy's lap. She sang lots of songs and taught them fingerplays, it was great! And Ethan listened, participated (pretty much) (you know, he didn't scream and run off like at gymnastics!). I think I'm going back. It was also a workout for me. We lifted the kids in the bumpy wagon song, the popcorn song, etc. It was great-I'll have a kid who knows more songs than I can remember and I'll have hot biceps! Woohoo!

I have to say that I'm very disappointed that no one wrote in to help me figure out what to give up for Lent. Bummer. Doesn't anyone like to play games anymore? (Oh, Sandra-I forgot to give you your Hershey's Miniatures from the last Comment Challenge. I had them in my purse, but forgot for the second time. I know you are really missing them..) I guess you still have till 10pm tonight. I'm waiting...
Then I'll have to give up gs cookies or something hard. Maybe give up paying bills? heehee Or going through drive-thrus? Or reading my magazines? Or using my diaper genie? Not!
Maybe I'll do extra service at the school? send cards to long-lost friends? Buy clothes for strangers? Buy lunch for those behind me at drive-thrus? (Then I could still go!) Hmm... help here?

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Anonymous said...

Just testing to see what the hullabaloo is all about! : )
Wouldn't work for anyone else!