Saturday, February 28, 2009

Roller Coasters need wheels (& tires?)

I seem to have a roller coaster life. I have the most happy, amazing things happen, and the most bizarre. Just yesterday:
8am-A-Tech came to repair my freezer motor/auger to make the ice come out. Yay! Only $429. That the insurance hasn't agreed to pay yet. Boo.
My kids got to go spend the night with Gigi! Yay! We took Ethan to eat fish and then to Pottery Barn (amazing deals on velvet pillow covers! Yay!), then to Borders for amazing deals in the clearance section! Yay! We got awesome pop-up books ($.75-$1.50) and Cranium games (one for $1.50 and one for $6), Disney world book (have to see it), fairy books, dinosaur books, all calendars were $1 (I got a pocket/purse one from Susan Winget), I mean NICE books! And I got thank you cards from Crane & Co. and Jack & Lulu. All of it was 75% off whatever it was marked! Fun!
8pm-got home, heard LouD hissing sound, located it: at my left front tire! Boo! It was going down so fast, there was no hope. It was dead flat in under 1 minute. We could see the offensive sharp thin rock that had perforated the tire. It took us a while to get it off, but Sam's closed at 8:30 (Boo!), so we took in the wheel/tire this morning to get a new tire put on-it was too bad to repair.

Now, the tire is fixed. I have to take the van in to get all the other tires checked to make sure the tread is equal. It snowed last night, so it's pretty, but I just want to stay in now. I bought the stuff yesterday morning to make southwestern soup, and it sounds so good! : ) Warm soup is perfect for the soul!

I found a good book last night (in the 75% off section!) that is called I Choose This Day. I'm halfway done reading it now. It's a story about a birth mom in the adoption triad, and her life her life was spent hiding in a shell until her daughter found her, and it just changed her life. It's a great book, and apparently there was a book signing, because it's signed too-and on sale! : ) It's a sweet story, and the author lives in Springfield, MO. So interesting. Sometimes we find other people's lives amazing since they are so different from our own, or maybe even the same. I think we can grow as humans the more we learn from others or even just read about them. I guess that's why we are all required to take history in school-American, World Civilization, Western Civ, etc. ..Now I get it! : ) Heehee When you are young, you just think older people are bossy, then you are an older person in a flash, and you have advice to dish. Ahh, the world.

I have three projects running: a wreath for Mary Claire's bedroom door (but I forgot to buy the actual wreath to put the stuff on...), making covers for my kitchen chair cushions (because they fall off, lose beads, etc.), and wrapping a birthday gift for a party tomorrow. I have rated the gift the highest priority, but when I came to the computer to work on an adorable card/tag, I started blogging. I lose my train of thought. Anyway, I should get back to work. Stay in and stay warm! Soup's on! : )


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