Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost Home, Hooray!

Just completed my sixth pump site change!  The beach was kind to us this year. : )  Clay swam in the hotel pool tonight (which always waterlogs his stickers!), so it pulled off when he was changing into his jammies.  Oops.

We traveled all day back toward home..we are in downtown St. Louis, Missouri tonight.  The plan was for Ches to take the boys to the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers at 7:05.  It was televised on ESPN, and he thought they'd love it (Clayton Kershaw was pitching, and they think he is the best in the league!).  Problem is..we were in Wheeling, West Virginia this morning..and it takes some skill to plan an almost 9 hour drive!  with stops and meals!  We did make it to the hotel by eight, but he was tired.  They all were.

I got Carter a bath (had to have the fix-it-guy come repair the drain so it'd hold water!) and got him to sleep.  Ches took the big boys down to swim for a little while.  Then I traded Ches after the baby was sleeping well.  It was small and splashy down at the pool!  Mary Claire just hung with me.  She wasn't wanting to get into the small football game going in the tiny pool. ; )

My entire family is just sooo excited about being back home!  It's been a good trip, and as usual, they've all adjusted to traveling, driving long distances, and all sleeping together.  I'm thankful it's possible honestly.  It makes for good memories.

We played football in an empty church parking lot today next to a gas station.  I think it was in Illinois.  It'll be a good memory for us.  I loved watching Clay and his daddy throw the many awesome throws and catches!

We've watched nearly all the dvd's we loaded into my little (old CD) notebook!  Is that even possible?  Mary Claire has watched almost all of season one (6 discs!) of Little House on the Prairie!  We've seen lots of Bubble Guppies, Curious George, Veggie Tales, and I'm so thankful the big kids haven't complained!  (I'm actually surprised they lay back and watch it, ha!)

We are still deciding about going to the City Museum tomorrow with the kids before we leave town.  It's awesome, but we all really want to just get home (and they've already been a handful of times).  They are dying to play outside at our house! : )  We don't know whether to let them in on the vote.  Hmm..six people make it a harder deliberation!

Either way, we'll sleep in our own beds, water our own flowers, and eat at our own HOUSE!!!  Exciting stuff.  Nothing like being away to make you long for home!  I'm so glad the kids miss it and finally feel like it's home.  We've kinda felt like nomads for a while. ; )

Hope you are sleeping in your own warm bed!

You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.  Deuteronomy 28:6


Unknown said...


Are always worth the memories...but it feels so good to sleep in your own familiar bed.

Welcome Home :)

Holly said...

Thank you so much, Wendy! We were SO happy to be home!!
Ches even took the big boys on another l-o-n-g road trip this week, and I just couldn't go-I'm happy in my OWN BED!! : )
Hugs, girl!