Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeding the Insulin

Yesterday was breakfast for six.  Us five plus some insulin to feed.  Mary Claire went off to school without finishing her breakfast (and active insulin on board!), good thing it was countable mini-wheats!  I found them on the counter (yes, soggy in milk!), counted them (the things we do!), and called Ches who was en route with the kids on the way to school.  He came back, and I gave her a fruit bar (a pair!) and two fresh mini-wheats to make up the difference in carbs.  I hate that she can't just not finish her breakfast without a talk and a warning!  And we have to pre-bolus for breakfast, since she rises so fast.  That girl scares me.  Sometimes she seems so on top of things, and sometimes she's just a kid.  I hate that I expect her to grow up so fast too.  Guilt. The monster that doesn't rest.

I am so overwhelmed by our terrific JDRF Walk, and yet, I still have more thank you notes to write, so I'm not quite done!  I got one of Sandra's thank you's today in the mail, So Cute!  I always forget about those adorable picture cards!  I'm SO going to order some of those.  She puts in pictures from the Walk, and a note of thanks at the bottom-she's one of my smart friends.  I love her! : )

And...I am still surprised every week. ; )  Still pregnant-and tomorrow marks 10 weeks.  He moved my due date back to the original date (April 26th, but I'll have a c-section at 37 weeks since I start dilating early, and they have to catch me pre-labor) since my ultrasound was right on today.  I was so stressed since I had to start antibiotics yesterday that it would do something..bad.  So, I'm super relieved now.  I even totally hydrated all day yesterday, and stayed in bed a-l-l day (except for my doctor's appointment to get meds!).  I might miss out on some life, but it's important to me.

I go back next Friday, and maybe we'll check to see if we can pick up a heartbeat on doppler.  He said he'd do it after the ultrasound, since it could really freak me out if it's too early for doppler first!

We are making an effort to slow down a little, and I've let a few things go..but there are still so many things I committed to before I knew.  The kids' fall school fundraiser is the Husky Hoedown, and it's quickly approaching.  I have to get fliers ready to go home in next Monday's folders (and every Monday till the Hoedown)!  I pulled up all my old documents from last year, and they should be pretty easy to modify.  We just need to get lots of tickets counted and bagged so they are ready for ticket sales.  Is that a job you are dying to do?  I could send some your way! : )  Just holler!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes 2011

We woke up to a temperature of 58 degrees, with a forecast high of'd switch to shorts, wouldn't you?

We'd laid out jeans thinking it'd be cold, but with a sunny day ahead, I made an executive decision for our family.  Ha!  That's the problem with being an executive..fault falls in your lap! ; )  But, might I just say..we have the best time on Walk Day, rain or shine! ; )  And let me rained the entire walk! haha!  But most of our walkers braved the rain-and most with no umbrellas.  L. O. V. E. their spirit! : )

Our shirts and matching bows..only two got stolen off our table = two very sad girls. : (

Girl Scout Girls! : )

We were told to gather for a picture for the news!

Thanks, Sandy and Betty for walking!

Aww..sweet Amy and Claire!

Fellow party organizers: Danielle, Madison, and Dottie! : )

Bless Maddox's heart-she is SO cute!

Love, love, love our pediatric dental clinic-they showed up in rain to WALK!

My fellow PRE teacher: Tiffany with her kids: Gabby, Grace, Joseph, and Ann Marie!  Love them!

I think I took about 20 pictures of Nora's hair-she's a doll, and LoVeS her a Razorback!

Aww.. friends and Razorbacks, nothing better! ; )

Yep, we're number ONE! ; )

Thanks, Taryn, for some awesome pictures!! : )

That is one long sword!

He's twirling them and dancing!

Part of the warm-up: YMCA!

Ready for the balloon release-it was bigger than her!

Maddox with a Razorback cheerleader. ; )

Let the Walk Begin!

..and the Rain Began.

One lucky little boy!

Carol and Madie, Emily, Sandra, and Nora!

..after all our shirt drama...we won third place for our shirts! : )  and a Jump Zone party for ten!  WooHoo!

Allson, Kylee, Ashley, and Caroline, Ches' sister!  Thanks for coming! : )

The only way to ride a Razorback-with him encased in bronze! ; )

after the rain..we look a little rough. ; )

Sweet cousins: Allison, Kylee, Emily, and Ashley

..and with Ches' mom!  (minus Mary Claire!)

They were so adorable-pulling Mary Claire around!

..and pushing! ; )

Her turn to pull Andalynn!
Here was a picture of my mom and dad with me.  But they requested it be pulled.  Can you imagine?  Oh, the censorship I endure.

with Angie-love you!

oh yeah...forgot that was in here!  The beginnings of our 25 bows! ; )

Candace's students from Greenland-LOVE that they came out to support us-Thank You!!

And..our team picture.  Looks a little lighter than last year, but we were still minus some people. ; )  8:30 comes really early in the morning!  Love you, walkers! : )

Christy-always brings her best friends! : )  thank you for bringing your family too!

Her kids-Katie and Courtney!

Love me some Leigh! : )  We loved seeing our friend-teams this year-I want no more competition-I love them!

Me and my girl.  We were supposed to wait by this tent till it was time for her to go on stage.

On Stage?  Not her favorite.  That's her with the yellow balloon!

Those big fat balloons could be seen so high, and made me cry.  I'm a poet and didn't know it. ; )

The BEST part about our day?  Friends!

Rain or Shine.

Emily, Mary Claire, and Nora-cutie patooties!

A surprise Flash Mob danced-and they were GOOD!

Mary Claire and Chandler-with their goodies! : )

Mary Claire with Aiden's sister, Emma!

God bless our friends.  For sharing their umbrellas, for walking in the rain without one, for donating for our girl, for praying for a CURE, for holding our hands through this.  We love you.  We can't say thank you enough.