Sunday, February 8, 2009

Three Baths, Two Games, and One Busy Week Ahead

Whew, what a day.
I can't write much, as I think I'll be going to bed very early tonight. Ethan was up at 6:10 this morning (before the sun is too early in my book), and he woke up the kids (unless it was the other way around...). He'd had two baths by 9, and then was so cranky. I laid him down at 9:20a, and he went right to sleep! He even slept through me banging around making lunch. Wow. I was sure I'd wake him up, so I made his lunch. It got gross, and he didn't even eat it.

It seemed like we had lots of time today (guess getting up early does that for you!). We played outside, I cleaned off the deck of branchy bits, leaves, swept behind and around furniture and pots (full of dead and alive plants). I called Lowe's, Barbara's Gardens, and Westwood Gardens, finally WM, and NoNe of them had pansies (well, the middle two were closed). I was so sad. My pots needed sprucing up, and I had an extra hour and a half to fill (ha!) and I couldn't get flowers. It was so nice and warm today! I'll plan to get some tomorrow.

Then I came in (in my non-planty time) and made a pump pouch for a little girl that goes to another school where Mary Claire's nurse works. She doesn't have one, and she just got a pump. She only lives with her dad, and I don't know if dads socialize about where to get a pump pouch. I hope she likes it-Mary Claire has one like it, and she picked out the fabric. I put her name on it, it has flowers on it! : )

Then gave Ethan his real wash-up-for-the-night-bath, made dinner, cleaned up, played two games of Pretty Pretty Princess with Mary Claire (we each won once), gave the kids baths, and read (Calvin & Hobbes-almost a nightly affair and The English Roses by Madonna-good story!). They are up in their beds, maybe not quite asleep. I'm so tired, did I mention that?

I feel like my desk is so clean and I'm organized! It's such a happy feeling! I feel like I will sleep well. : ) I caught up on bills, mail, my calendar (I just keep saving little bits of paper and reminders and never seem to write them in...), and now I know this is going to be a busy week!
Monday: PTA Mtg, Clay's play
Tuesday: Mother's Day Out for Ethan (maybe), Conferences for kids, Clay's First Reconciliation (Confession)! and he has a Boy Scout pack meeting (he'll probably miss for reconciliation)
Wednesday: Ethan's MDO Valentine's Party
Thursday: Ethan's ENT Dr's Appt., Kids Valentine's Parties
Friday: No School, take the kids to see Coraline, maybe Ches and I going out or maybe Saturday
Saturday: Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance (heehee)

and not to mention that I have to gather BIDS for repairs! Painting, sheetrock, deck, we found someone for the fence. Work! And I just hate to have them come when I'm alone. I'm having Mom come over one day when they can bid the jobs. It's scary when they come in, and I'm alone! Even with Ethan, it's creepy! : O

Other things are in the making, I'll see how they go, and let you know later in the week. A reason to check back in! : )

Oh, and I have to try new paint! Remember when I mentioned the Remodel mag with the green island? I'm trying their lime green (kinda apple-y). Adorable! So tomorrow is flowers and paint. and bids. and find out what I owe for roof repair. And the play. Yeah, I think I'm organized (but that makes me overwhelmed). Whew, what a day.


The Ware's said...

You mean the one week I'm finally going to make it to scrapbooking at church you won't be there! Tomorrow will be a crazy morning but I figured I could go until Nora says enough! :o) Well, if I don't see you tomorrow - maybe next week!

Holly said...

I don't know if I'm going to make it. I am making a list right now (8 things on the list so far...), so I don't know if there is time honestly. If I take him to MDO on Wednesday, I could split my errands in half, but I don't know how he'll be after Tuesday. I haven't had a day to run around-and my things are adding up. Maybe I could come for an hour?