Monday, March 26, 2012

Invisible Pants

Pants overrated.
I've decided that comfy ones don't exist.  Not at this point.  I tried some new ones on this weekend, but none were just right. (or better than the ones I already had at home!)  So...lately, I'm just staying home and comfy. ; )  My kids laugh when I open the door to them sans pants.  But, they just can't see my newest invisible pants.  They can just call me the Emperor.

I'm also having shirt issues.  I got a few more shirts..but I had to get larges to get them long enough!  Apparently it is incredibly en vogue to wear short shirts?  They aren't much longer than my regular shirts, so they don't cover a-l-l of my tummy.  I'm not down with that.  (because?  I'm not 23, teensy, little-bellied, or a catalog model.)  And when a certain little boy sees a sliver of skin (since it's the perfect height), he sees the need to lift my shirt and expose my belly button spot.  See?  Need Longer Shirts.  Oh, and they help cover my invisible pants.

I have to admit..I have only a couple of pictures of me pregnant-ever.  One of them is on my Sam's card (and totally haunts me every time I pull it out..especially in that flowery maternity shirt!), one pregnant with Clay and one of me with Ethan.  I'm guessing this is it for me, so I'm up to three pictures with this sweet baby!  (and yes, self-tanner is my new BFF!)  (but don't notice the brownish spots around the un-exfoliated areas..I can't reach my ankles!)

Tomorrow marks a full 36 weeks pregnant!  No, I can't believe it, and yes-still pinching myself!  Yep, officially nine months.  I can complain now, yes?  I went to the doctor last Friday, and no progress.  I was so disappointed.  I just knew I'd see a centimeter or something.  Of course, my hopes for this week are back up again.  I am still hoping for next week..

We have seen our April busting at the seams, and I don't know where else to fit in a birth and hospital stay!  The kids have standardized testing the week of April 9-13, and I want to be able to feed them, send healthy snacks to school, and tuck them into bed (early!).  Clay has baseball practice five days in a row, starting Friday (I mean, in addition to the practices he's already having!), he's camping out this weekend, soccer games start Saturday, and It all begins. Ches came in exasperated this evening to tell me the line up, and how busy it was going to be!  (and..kindergarten registration is April first!)

I did, however, manage to get Easter baskets made!  I got them all new liners from Pottery Barn, and monogrammed them last week to match:
Ethan picked his out, green of course! ; )

Clay and Mary Claire picked theirs out too-MC picked pink with flowers, but they are on the back and sides!
I forgot to take pictures of them all loaded up before I covered and hid them in my closet..I was in a hurry to get them done!  If something happens between now and Easter, I still want that bunny to come visit ; )  Although, the big kids keep asking if I can tell The Bunny something they'd like to have..ha!  Mary Claire even asked today for something to help her in math..she's getting good at this.
Clay's basket was all camouflage eggs and tan shreds and new boy scout stuff, Mary Claire's is mostly coupons for American Girl and Kindle stuff (and nail polish and lip gloss!), and Ethan's is still toys (cars, airplanes, and a DSi game).  We are pretty scanty on the candy due to the big D, but there are a few eggs with chocolate. ; )  It gives me a good excuse to buy the bags of candy, and then there is so much left.  Oh..what to do with it all? ; )

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I'd Like to See

Oh gosh-35 weeks, and SO ready! : )  Not ready as in..packed for the hospital, but can't wait to see him!  (and see my feet again!) (although wearing sandals every day has been uber nice. and the perfect excuse for new ones! heehee)

Let's see..on that note..there are a few more things I want to see.  There was an ingrown hair under my tummy, but there was no way on Earth for me to see I had to request help.  Then I had a bump (think skin tag) on the inside of my thigh, and ditto-had to get help.  Then when we covered it up (after scratching at it) with a waterproof bandaid (red/blue Spiderman was handy and seemed appropriate), and the next morning, I thought it'd be a good idea to wear white leggings...and we had to WORK on that bandaid to get it off!!  Yep..tweezers, scratching, and really red skin.  Those things are designed not to come off.  Well, for at least a week or so!

I'd love to see my belly button again (I might be kinda flappy and crepe-y by the time I see it again!).  It's not just an outie, it's completely flat now.  You can kinda see a circle in it's place, but it's tight.  Do I need a vestige reminding me that I was once a child?  Maybe.  Ethan finds great pleasure in pulling up my shirt (sometimes pulling down my granny pants, and finding my belly button spot.  Then he laughs like a hyena.  And I thought I was teaching tolerance and kindness.  I think he likes that I get all miffed.  And he's started saying I look like Big Anthony, which is a daily read right now.  (for those of you non-teachers..that's Strega Nona's helper that doesn't listen very well..and has to eat lots of spaghetti-and looks prego!) 

Oh, and my favorite jeans.  I'd love to see them on my body (as opposed to the hanger), and feel that skinny, long-legs feel.  Haven't felt that way for a while.  (not that they actually look that way..they just fit so well, are long and require heels)  : ) dreamy..just thinking about it.  And my favorite jammies.  With a waist. ('cause I don't have one!)

And I'd love to see my old seat position in the van.  I used to sit up pretty straight, and I looked tall/old enough to be driving.  Now, I lean back, and barely see over the wheel.  I doubt I'll get pulled over though since I'm driving like a granny to avoid bumps and sharp turns though.  I feel like it shakes my bowl full of jelly, so I creep over those speed bump things.  I'm surely thoroughly annoying to other drivers! 

And..I might like to see the scale just a tad lower.  I know I have almost 4 pounds of blood, 4 pounds of fluid, 3.5 pounds of uterus and placenta...etc.  It'll drop soon enough.  Just don't ask me about my weight until you see Christmas trees for sale.  Or maybe Valentine's candy.

Most of all, I just want to see Carter here, safe and sound.  I just have all these fears about adhesions regrowing and causing him problems, or something happening between now and the next couple weeks.  I just want to see my doctor again (every Friday now!), see my cervix start to change, and then see my date on the calendar circled.
Still waiting.. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barefoot and Pregnant

Hey ya'll! ...what busy days we've had!  Ethan got his adorable glasses on Monday:
and I finally got my braces off ; )  It's wonderful (if not kinda slimy feeling..), but now I have a little chain mounted behind my bottom teeth to keep them straight.  When I asked how high it was (wanting to know if I could floss!), she said right across the middle, and I'd need floss threaders.  Um..that was what I was so excited about when my braces were coming off!  (You seriously don't appreciate being able to floss uninhibited until you have lots of brackets, wires, and rubber bands inside your mouth) I couldn't wait.  But, now they are making me a new thingie to go in there that is scalloped, so I can floss.  It requires a bracket on the back of all those bottom teeth, so I'm not really ahead...but I'll be able to floss.

And my top retainer still hasn't come I'm wearing this invisalign-looking clear tray that is SUPER tight, and I can't get it out.  I finally called Ches at 1:20 on Monday to ask what I should do (since I was STARVING!!).  I went through my purse and the van, and finally used a wooden clothespin to pry it off my teeth (and yes, that's still what I'm using to get it off). Fun, I tell you.  But I have now eaten nuts, whole chicken nuggets, and a sandwich.  It's nice to not have bread or chunks in your teeth. ; )  Now..I just really want to whiten them.  But I read today, that I should wait till after I have the baby!  Oxidation apparently can kill cells and stuff?

We've had a (5-year-old) well-visit for Ethan (he's starting kindergarten this fall), and he got FOUR shots!  He freaked out, and a nurse had to hold him while two others gave him the shots..he was seriously going to injure me.  Then he developed a fever and headache..long story leading to today (and no school since then..) we went back to the doctor, and he has a "cold" and leakage from his ear (which I thought was ruptured..but it's just leaking from the tube that miraculously is still there?  They told me in December it was out.)  Crazy stuff.

Then we've had the most amazing weather (have you too?)!  It's been in the 80's and upper 70's, so WARM!  We pulled out shorts and sandals and flip flops and played outside.  Both boys have started baseball practices, and Clay is practicing for soccer too.  Warm weather brings spring and ball games. ; )
Love those play-outside-barefoot days.  Totally safe on a scooter.  Not!  Thank goodness for no boo-boos!

She was totally posing for me the entire time.  I thought it was cute anyway! visits.  I'm going tomorrow for my doctor, and I start weekly now.  I'm really anxious to see if anything is going on with all these contractions.  And Mary Claire has her 3 month endocrinology appointment tomorrow.  I am (super) hoping for a great a1c with all her improved nighttime blood sugars.

Ethan's preschool conference was today, and...he's smart! ; )  He knew everything they tested for, so I was thankful.  You never know if it's all sinking in.  I can't wait for him to learn to read, and he is really excited about going to school this fall.  I hope it's a great experience for him..I'm praying for a great teacher.  He just needs to work on sitting still in circle time when it's not something interesting to him.  Hmm..I think I need to work on that too.

And Ches had his last official day at work today.  He's taking some leave to help here more, and we met him for lunch for the last time.  Next fall, it'll just be me and Carter meeting him.  Exciting, but we are ready for the next stage. ; )

I'm thankful for a peaceful (if not slightly warm..) house.  Clay is exhausted after soccer and baseball practices tonight, Mary Claire is preparing to be a judge at the Poetry Slam tomorrow (and edited her last poem-a quatrain) tonight, and Ethan's finally on antibiotics and sleeping soundly..even if it's right beside me. ; ) He's been up the last two nights with fever, headache, and ear pain.  I hope I get some sleep now too!   Praying for a peaceful night at your house too : )

ps-here are some more pix I found on my phone when I finally plugged it back in : )
Ethan in Carter's room, in Carter's chair, with Carter's new book. ; )  But, could you refuse such a cutie?

Mary Claire at her patch ceremony on Sunday at girl scouts...this is the best smile I could get..there were cupcakes waiting on her! ; )

How cute is this?  Sandra made frames for the girls' artwork-I love them!  I need to make some for my refrigerator! : )

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunnies, Braces, and Boy Scouts

I can't write about me till I tell you about Meri and Ryan.  This sweet family is battling Ryan's newly diagnosed cancer (6 brain tumors and additional ones in his lungs and abdomen).  I will not do them justice, but they are an amazing family-with four sweet boys (three of them with type 1 diabetes!), and they need our prayers desperately.  Ryan has already started radiation, and they are beginning to fill with h.o.p.e.-thanks to everyone's prayers!  Please keep them in mind, and you are welcome to send them thoughts, prayers, and even donate if you feel called!  Here is their facebook page and their Give Forward page where you can send them hugs or donate!  Just say hi and encourage's been hard to accept the love..they are such givers.  I'm so thankful to have gotten to know Meri-she's such a blessing! : )

And we have still been Energizer bunnies.  I guess in more ways than one. ; )  I'm still making it-not so far to go now, thank goodness.  34 weeks on Tuesday!  Tons of contractions, little back pain today, but hanging in there.  I need him to get a little bigger so he can come right home. : )

Mary Claire had a JDRF Awards Ceremony for the walk we had in the fall, and Clay has finally moved up to BOY scouts, and earned his Arrow of Light (a BiG deal!):
A super fun awards ceremony: awards, go carts, games, and prizes!
Isn't he good to pose for Mama?  This was graduating to Boy Scouts (from cub scouts).

He was one of three boys who was a "Webelos Super Achievers": earning all 20 activity pins! (Totally thanks to his daddy!!)

Here's the special patch (that doesn't go on his uniform!)
Then he got ready to cross over: they removed the navy tabs on his shoulders, his handkerchief, and the little clip.  Then..
His new pack was on the other side to give him new tabs and a new handkerchief!  Look how big they are.  Oh gosh.

He's so excited! ('Cause they camp out at least once a month and a week in the summer!)  Can you see his sweet smiling face in the center?
And after we'd been up front presenting our sweetie with his arrow of light badge and his arrow!
Ok, seriously-Daddy was SO responsible for keeping Clay on track for his Arrow of Light and for all his pins-way to go, both of you! ; )

..and I just get to smile with my boys. ; )  (Ethan had already jammied up for bed!)
Ethan is doing well-we found out after a preschool eye exam that he has astigmatism, and after a real eye exam..he really does have a football-shaped eye (just one, so..), he is getting glasses.  My little boy.  He gets them this week, I think he'll be adorable.  He is so excited!  Now we know why he seems so :clumsy: bumping into the door frames, walls, countertop, even the water fountains at school!  Walls appear to bend when you have astigmatism, and you don't perceive surfaces/dimensions well.  Our friend, Dina, seems to think he'll grow out of it possibly.  We'll go back this August to check again before school starts.  If he doesn't get glasses the other eye will do all the work, and the right one will get weaker.  Can't have that.

And we are going for his kindergarten well-visit tomorrow..he goes this fall, believe it or not (I don't.).  He will surely get vaccines updated, which I've conveniently forgotten to mention to him.  I think I'll spring it on him with a treat/bribe.  And me?..I'm getting my braces off tomorrow-finally!  (well, I hope.)  I was supposed to get them off last Monday, but the lab was really busy-so tomorrow is the plan.  I've been begging/demanding to have them off before I deliver..and hopefully everything will happen in order. ; ) As long as these contractions hold off. ; )

Busy week coming with lots of appointments, Bible study, Bunco, hair, doctors, and Endocrinologist on Friday!! Hoping for a good a1c, we'll see what we get. ; )  Love to be busy right now, it makes the days go so fast..and the next week is Spring Break!  Ches is so excited.  He's taking FMLA (sick hours) after that for the remainder of the spring semester.  I need him, but he's getting to teach from home-a much needed rest/break after years teaching.  We are so ready. ; )