Saturday, February 21, 2009

Virtual Shopping may really replace Reality Shopping

Need I say The Word?

Up, make the bed, give Sissy and Ethan a bath, breakfast-quick, shower (NO hot water left as Ches gave Clay a bath after Sis), ready, make name tags, copy phone numbers for gs parents, grab snacks, crayons, fill MC's purse with meter supplies, out the door. To Young Elementary for GS Thinking Day, gather kiddos, register, girls inside, won't discuss events there (or time waiting for events, or maybe I will..), forgot gs troop checkbook (my own personal Saint brought it up to me-thanks, Ches), paid, more fun-Indian dancing, Sari fashion show, lessons, money, henna hand-painting, and girls go home with their parents.
Call Mom, make plans to run over there for lunch, stay too long, play online and fill up a virtual shopping cart at Macy's (for Clay's new clothes for his First Communion!), MC decides to spend the night, I run to WM (for 1st time today) for groceries, then home, and trade out Ethan.
Ches to church with Clay, I take Ethan to Mom's with MC's clothes for tomorrow plus various requested toys (Bella the unicorn, baby bag-disassembled by Ethan all over hearth room/kitchen floors, bendaroos box-full of other things too), grab Ethan a juice, me some OJ (to maintain energy), leave house, get text msg from Ches that Clay needs more shoes, run back home for more shoes/socks, grab corn chowder to take to Mom's, make it to her house, ask Dad to show Clay some tools to work more on the wolf badge, Ches comes, I order (pay) for the stuff in my Macy's cart, we eat dinner, Ethan keeps saying, "Bye, bye" (wants to go home), so we separate. Ches takes Ethan home to bathe and put to bed, I head back to Fayetteville. (Ches wanted Chili's and we needed more pacifiers as Ethan is biting through them, and he only likes Avent. Only available at Target. There's only one in Fayetteville right now.)
So, I took his car, headed to Fayetteville (getting tired..), ran into Target, got pb crackers (only 16 grams carbs each for the Market Pantry brand!! Ritz is 24g!), MC clothes for gymnastics plus a few other things, pacis, call from Ches about the missing kiki (blanket), ran to WM (2nd time) for pictures (they've called twice for me to get them-I don't even remember ordering them), printed pix of the gs today, ran to Chili's to get Ches' quesadilla explosion salad (sound tasty?)
and chips and salsa at Chili's, then absolutely run down, go home. Ches called and said we needed a diaper genie refill, I said I'm so sorry, too bad. I had NO more energy to run back to Target (as WM doesn't carry these either. Well, actually they have a spot for them on the shelf, they just NEVER have any. Ever.).

So, now I'm in my very cozy bed (courtesy of my very special electric blanket), ready to pass out. Ahhhh...

Ok, I sure as heck am not an event planner, so I beg forgiveness. But if I had an event, I'd have LOTS of tiny busy work activities. Little girls like to have something in their hands. I did lots of handing out tissues (one girl was cleaning the floor), handed out tic tacs four times, handed out pb crackers, danced with them. There wasn't much to look at (decor), and the girls didn't have much to do but watch girls on the stage. It was hard. I REallY don't want to organize it myself, but of course I can always offer constructive criticism. I loved the idea, loved the saris, and the sweet girls from India who were trying to teach. I feel my Daisies could've learned more if divided into very small groups, and traveled from center to center. Maybe from country to country. They could've played with musical instruments, touched the money, played games, made things, learned the language, tasted the cuisine, etc. They only got to learn about one country (partially our fault, as we couldn't stay till 3pm), and there were about 6 represented (I think, we only saw one). It was just work getting them to stay focused. A couple girls didn't want to dance when we were all up, and that made it hard-then the other girls didn't want to participate. All that to say I'd have had lots of small activities/info at all of the tables for those needed more. The girls did have a nice morning, so that's what counted. They left with henna tattoos on their hands, and smiles on their faces. : )

So anyway, I ordered Clay some clothes. All the little girls at First Communion will be dressed the the nines in white, long, very formal dresses, gloves, veils, etc. I didn't want to order Clay a white suit (as he would only wear it once, and I'm too practical). So then I picked a pinstriped suit (Calvin Klein, I think)-very handsome, then I picked a nice pair of gabardine dress pants with a cuff, and a Nautica navy blazer with brass buttons-so cute! I debated. I also picked a Nautica white button down shirt and navy/tiny green/tiny white tie. I waited till Ches could look, then deleted the suit (again I'm practical). If he had a wedding to go to, or some big event besides this one, then maybe. Big Maybe. But the khaki pants he can wear to church, and the blazer he can wear more, and even as a handsome jacket with dressy shorts (very nautical) or even jeans (Don Johnson-stylin'-heehee).
Last week, Mom ordered and got free shipping! So, I thought I would too. Not. I looked for a coupon, and none. I called (actually Mom dialed and handed me the phone!) and asked why shipping wasn't free on the day of the One-Day-Sale, and she kept saying sorry, but no luck. So, it was $18 in shipping! I thought that was a lot! I don't know if I could've bought gas to drive to the nearest Macy's for that. And then you figure in my time. So, I just ordered. And paid the shipping. Sometimes my time is more valuable than money. (Sometimes vice-versa! On those days, I use coupons and look for sales!) Anyway, now we'll have to see how the clothes fit him.
I wonder if I get free returns like Mom did?

Or if I could buy some of today's time back? Nope. See, sometimes time is more valuable than money! I really must spend less of my time with WM employees. How can I work that one out?


The Ware's said...

Ahh - Thinking Day - our's is tomorrow - I've been preparing for it all week - getting our display together, baking, etc... we had a blast last year so looking forward to it this year.. we'll see how the girls do! :o) Looking forward to Monday - are we just meeting here?

Holly said...

Yes, sorry! I will come to your house since you know where it is! : ) I will email you back-I was waiting for the opportunity...Now we are working on Mary Claire's RESEARCH on Milton Hershey-her Famous American. She has to report on him!! And he is soooo sweet! : )

Anonymous said...

Practice for tomorrow's responses.
: )