Friday, July 24, 2020

Carter Moved Upstairs!

Hey friends!  Just an update! : )

I have been decorating, painting, and had disc surgery on some big deal, haha!  I painted a house (whole inside), and got to stage it (soo fun!!), got to decorate for friends, and since my kids figured out I was well enough to paint..they all wanted room updates.  We decided to spend some of our vacation money on their rooms! (..since we aren't going anywhere any time soon..)

Here is the guest room before (all light Woodlawn Blue walls and ceiling):
Benjamin Moore HC-147

And here it is in progress..all moved out but a few pieces of furniture for me to set my paint can on, haha!

A whole new look!  Blue walls, white ceiling..I LOVE it!  And if he changes his mind again (or I do!), I won't have to repaint the ceiling again.  This is something I have NO desire to do again for the next 5-10 years.

Navy Madras Quilt, Ikea Pillow Cover & Desk

Pottery Barn Cameron Bookshelf, Wood Message Board

This is the most beautiful shade of blue (I've now used three shades of this paint deck strip!  This is Sherwin Williams Denim, SW 6523 (I've also used Honest Blue in Clay's room at the last house, and Sporty Blue in Clay's old room here!). It's the most perfect blue to decorate.

This is our original baby room furniture.  We bought the best quality since we planned to have lots of kids.  It is still in excellent condition!  It's nice to mix and match it with other furniture so it's not so "all one set" looking.  It has SO saved the budget in the long run.  I'm sure I'll still be using it in 20 years, haha! (We still have college to pay for..)

I recovered the guest room bulletin board with new fabric and trim.  I stapled it into the cork board, then hot glued the trim on!  I just pulled off the old pink and pompoms, so easy!

He just needs to fill it with his drawings now!
I found the MOST adorable little red and blue cars on Etsy!  I was able to send them to FedEx to print immediately (their color prints are such better quality than I can do!)  And these frames were perfect.  I got Ethan some black ones too! : )

I am still in the process of making Carter's bedroom drapes.  I have navy gingham Pottery Barn Kids drapes that are 84", and I'm adding a navy dot duck cloth to the tops with a trim (this, in blue/natural) that covers the seam.  I'm halfway done..but hungry people keep needing food, ha!

Hope you are having a sweet summer at home with your family.  I've decorated for a couple families this spring, and now I'm focusing inward on my own-trying to fulfill a Proverbs 31 ideal woman's role.  I'll never be perfect, but I can have fun trying! : )