Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crack, Chowder, Clothes, Clean!

The crack in Mary Claire's room ceiling is healed! Thank you!! : ) We hit the ground running this am. I had to make a choice at 7:50 (kids safely at school) if I would shower or clean up before Paul and Steven came to texture the seam. I put on clothes, combed my hair, and cleaned up at Road Runner pace. Her room was a MESS from all the playing last night and company, so I cleaned it up first. Then to downstairs, stairs, kitchen, etc. Put in my sheets to wash, took towels out of the dryer..made my bed, made Sissy's bed, and generally hurried. I sent the guys home with the remainder of a case of the sugar free chocolate cookies that I had leftover for the troop to sell. (I think the people who bought some from Mary Claire will be disappointed about the box size! They only are one roll of cookies: like half the box, but the same price. Not really fair.) Anyway, the guys didn't get many cookies in the eight boxes, but I was very grateful that they came, and did such an awesome job! : )

Then, Ethan wanted soup at 9:30, so I thought he was lunching, and off to bed since he got to bed late last night. But, no. He played in his bed for a while, then I got him out. I started the soup for dinner tonight (yummy Paula Deen Corn Chowder with potatoes and chicken) and he played around me, and had some chicken, then more real lunch. I cleaned the refrigerator out (to make room for the pot till dinner), spilled a bottle of water (so cleaned the floor in the process), did another load of laundry, cleaned the bathroom (Clorox tabs are still working! I only had to do counters, around toilet/seat, floor, mirrors). Then fed sweet child while watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (ethnic African dance and instruments today). I'd rather watch Martha, but he's not as entertained by her. Wonder why?

Now, he's off to sleep, and I must catch up quickly. I already cleaned out Mary Claire's closet of old stuff (clothes she can't wear anymore or I can't bear to see again), and I'm debating on selling them on eBay. I have always given them away, but they are all such cute matchy outfits with socks and bows, sweaters, etc. I'll think about it. It's easier to give them away, but I've learned that I don't get my tubs back, and when I see the cute outfits all mismatched or stained, it makes me sad. So, now if they go away from me, I won't worry about the little lives of the clothes. Weird, I know. Hopefully they might go to another state, and I won't see them again. I always save a few of my favorites in each size, for Mary Claire when she's bigger. Maybe just for memories (if just for me). I'm still deciding. It'd be a lot of work, putting them on eBay. I don't know if I have time. Oh, and Ethan's are so nice. When Clay was little, he didn't have as many clothes or as nice. Times change. Now, I just want to save everything of his-they're just tiny and adorable. : )
Ok, to shower and get ready for Bunco. Before the kids get home! I can do this!

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