Thursday, July 30, 2015

Philadelphia Museum of Art and Cathedral Basilica!

Today is a long, picture-y post!  We had such a wonderful time in Philadelphia, and I can tell you this is only maybe 15-20% of my pictures..just my favorites. : )

If it wasn’t for diabetes, we could have walked longer.  Both kids were low.  Car traveling can make them go high (sitting for long periods of time) (and a temp basal of 180% during driving seems to work for both of them!), but city walking makes them go LOW.

soo..we've yet to master a family picture.  Maybe next year.
We stopped for coffee, chocolate pretzels in the park, and drinks.  Both Clay and Mary Claire were low in church, and we had to drop to 0% for all of Mass!  It definitely throws a wrench in your plans.

In my head, they are contemplating life.  In reality probably something much different, haha!

I was soo excited at this point!  A museum yet to explore, and I've wanted to go for SO every year we come here!!

Reminds me of my little kids on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial.  Precious.

Seriously, so excited.

Looking out..Ches and Carter were on the bench straight ahead under the trees.

I like when I catch them not looking. : )

Jesus, the first painting I saw. : )

Frauenbildnis (Portrait of a Woman) by Gustav Klimt.  Just saw the movie (Woman in Gold) about a Klimt painting, it was amazing.
Peaches by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Mary Cassatt's brother and nephew : )

Homage to Maillol by Pierre Bonnard

Mont Sainte-Victoire by Paul Cezanne

Water Lilies, Japanese Footbridge by Claude Monet

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

Women Walking Along a Train Track by Carroll Sargent Tyson, Jr.

The Japanese Footbridge and the Water Lily Pond, Giverny by Claude Monet

The Canal at Saint-Mammes by Alfred Sisley

Port of Le Havre by Claude Monet

Just loved getting a picture of him looking..he was avoiding camera exposure. ; )

The Grands Boulevards by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Zuiderkerk (South Church), Amsterdam: Looking up the Groenburgwal by Claude Monet

The Angel of Purity (Maria Mitchell Memorial) by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
(Her parents had it commissioned after their grief at losing her; she was 59.)

Rachel Weeping by Charles Willson Peale (His wife with his daughter they lost to smallpox), the story with it definitely touched my heart.

We were moved by the sheer amazement at the size of the silver collection housed at the Museum!!  It was endless!

The middle ones is for McDonald's, and the circle says, "Pry Off"

This was made for the "Legacy" of Jenkin Jones, I guess it was made for his family.  Absolutely beautiful.

This was presented to John M. Scott, Esqr. for his service to the city of Philadelphia.  Talk about family heirlooms.  This is gorgeous!  Wish we still did such amazing keepsakes.  The silversmith quality was impeccable.  January 1815, and the script was flawless.

I walked right by this.  Mary Claire pointed it out!  The door frame and worn wooden step are the frame!  Staircase Group (Portrait of Raphaelle Peale and Titian Ramsay Poole) by Charles Willson Peale

These would sell like hotcakes in the south NOW!  Beautiful scrolled, cut silver over glass, and MONGRAMMED.  It's a flask, and one I'd carry!

Modern Art

Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

I was having this moment in Mass, and tried to capture it.  Everyone was praying together all lined up.  Didn't work, and I got chastised by my children. OoO

We went to light candles after church for our friends and family.  Beautiful veneration of Mary.  We ask her to pray to Jesus for us. : )

We are still out, but absolutely ready to head home.  We all miss our beds immensely.  And normal days and blood sugars, ha!  Hope you are having a great summer and staying cool!  Hugs! 

Bittersweet at the Boardwalk

The last beach day is always bittersweet.  We have fun, lots of sun (and we appreciate it), have our last pizza and fries at Angelo's, take our last bit of sand (and ironically take showers to wash it all off), return the rented bike, have our last dinner with family, go down to the boardwalk for rides with cousins, and then..we say goodbye.

Ches said it was hard returning the bike this year.  He rode Carter back to the beach house for me to bathe, then he took the bike back.  He said the empty seat was hard.  He'll be four and a half next year..and may not want to take up beach time for bike riding. : (

He took his only nap on the last day.  He actually said he wanted to go back to take a nap. (!!)  Sissy rested with him. : )

Just beginning our evening at the boardwalk! : )

Ethan on his favorite-bumper cars!  I think he likes running into people.  I have to remember this in eight years!

Boys.  Making faces at me.

Ches took one (or three!) for the team and rode the train again..and again..and again. : )

Love them.

They smiled!!!!

So..I was going to post all of was kinda hilarious.  We tried about 8 times, and no one would stop walking long enough for us to get ONE family shot!  On our last night there!  We had Ethan making faces, Carter reaching down Ches' shirt, and these people kept totally photobombing us.  Like their heads in the picture as they walked right through.  So.. this is all we have. ; )  I guess it's kinda like life. could be worse.  I mean, just think if Igor hadn't been facing the right way.

Hope you are having a great summer, and your kids are finding cool stuff to write about on the first day back to school, ha!  ..Uh-oh.  We want them to say good things.  You still have a couple weeks!  ..Hugs!