Saturday, July 30, 2011

American Girl + Vera Bradley = Awesome Girls Day!

We made it safely to Washington, D.C. today!  We didn’t however make it to the National Mall to finish the museums. : (

But...we DiD make it to Tyson Corner (and American Girl and Vera Bradley and Lego and Pottery Barn Kids)!  Clay had to take Hercules into the mall so he didn’t bake again.  I think he’s learning all about responsibility..  Then we checked into our hotel (to drop Hercules and our luggage) and went to Leesburg! kind of day.

Get This.  When we were in Vera Bradley at Tyson Corner (salivating all over the lovely luggage and pencils and notebooks and purses), this sweet employee suggested we check out the outlet.  WHAT??  (double-take!)  There’s an outlet?  (Change of plans!)  Umm..we had to find this place.  So..that resulted in an extra trip! : )

We drove out to Leesburg (about 45 minutes northwest of here) and split up so I could shop a tiny bit.  Ches took the kids to see the new Smurf movie in a brand new theater (personally, gag.  I did Smurfs in the 80's and didn't see the need for them to come back), the Cobb 12 (it was only 8 days old!) (and did I mention the American Girl DC Store has only been open one month?).  I headed over to the outlets, which were only a couple minutes away, and lo and behold.  Vera Bradley.  They were so stocked!  (and they had 500 boxes of stock in the back, and couldn't even open their doors!)  I was looking for this, but it's been discontinued, and the outlets said they can't keep them in stock.  I found Mini-Hipsters for $31, a Hipster for $35, and a Tiny Traveler in Blue Lagoon (hold on to your hats..) for $9.99.  Seriously! I also put my name on a list for a Tiny Traveler in Boysenberry.  They'll ship for free, since they couldn't get to their stock-it was PaCKeD in there!
My sweet girl and her girl, Megan, at the Washington, DC American Girl Store!

All three of us girls (that does NOT make me a grandma)

They had a great book selection!

Clay with Hercules..Herc is now a shopper. ; )  And doesn't Clay look positively thrilled to be here?

With Kanani, of Hawaii!  (I have called this girl Kalani since she came out.  Mary Claire politely told me today that there is no L in Kanani.)

She loves the Tiki set with the drinks

We loved this, but I will just make one.  And it won't be $34.  ; )

And they had CRAFTS!  We made scrunchies-we tied ribbons onto little fluffy rubber bands!  Super easy.  Do try this at home.

In the hotel with her new Very Berry Paisley Mini-Hipster!  It was to replace the meter purse I'd made-this one is already organized and ...wonderful! : ) (I even got the new attache in Very we match!) heehee
Since I was so excited about Vera's Outlet...I decided to do a little give-away! : )  I picked up a little extra fun thing: a Clip Zip ID in Imperial Toile.  I got two: one for me, and one for YOU!  I thought I could clip it to my keychain, and it would hold an ID, debit card, some cash, and maybe my library card!  It would be perfect for a fast trip..or it would have been great for the water park or.. even tomorrow at the Smithsonian museums! : )

Would you like to win one for your very own?  I can't mail it till I get let's take entries till Wednesday night at midnight.  I'll pick the winner on Thursday (after I get a good night's sleep!).  Enter by leaving a comment with your first name (and email if you don't have a blog where I can find you!).  You can FB, Tweet, or blog about it to earn extra entries.  Just leave your name with where you shared in an extra comment. : )

Hope you had a great day! (Today was my 20th reunion..but as you can see-I didn't make it!  Whew-time does fly.  Frankly, I'm totally happier now than I was back then-life does get better.  I couldn't have imagined that back then though!)  Where were you twenty years ago?


Unknown said...

You are right...things are WAY better now than 20 years ago for sure. I am so much more sure of who I am.

Ah...seriously??? The crab is now shopping? You guys are NUTS!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

We used to live over in that part of DC. But, they didn't have an American Girl store then. I'm sure my daughter would be jealous. Enter me, btw, please...

Holly said...

Reyna-totally NuTS! : )

Amy-it's so nice here! It just opened a month ago-and it's the nicest one we've been to! : )

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

I'm afraid I'd go broke at a Vera Bradley outlet. And my DD would love an American Girl store. Sounds like our kind of day!

Jules said...

oooh just look at all those rows of dollies !!! obviously, we dont HAVE those dolls here, but id go nuts over them prob a good thing we dont.
glad im not where i was 20 yrs ago, for starters i was pretty young and dumb...

Leigh said...

Me, Me, Me!! I want to win! :) And if I do, I will drop off your insulated mug! Ha!! No pressure though. I won't hold it for ransom! I was really behind and I just read all of your history and geology lessons too! I LOVED them! Thank you!! Have a fun last few days!!

Terry said...

Whew, just under the wire. Terry Louderback--you can just facebook me.

Holly said...

It all counts! I'm entering names at'll post in just a minute! : ) thanks ladies!! Hugs!