Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Trip!

Oh, I'm so busy reading what you guys are up to (and mod-podging a rocket, haha!) that I almost forgot to tell you where we are going on vacation! : )

We are leaving the end of next week: from Springdale, Arkansas, we'll drive through Missouri (and St. Louis) and spend Friday night in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Then Saturday morning, we'll go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum and spend most of the day.  That night, we'll drive to Columbus, Ohio, maybe farther?  We'll see how far we get!

The next day is up to chance too.  We don't have hotel reservations again till Monday night at Ocean City, NJ!  (well, we aren't sure..neither of us wants to get up to go check the file to see when the reservation is for!)  We always stay at a Residence Inn, so we'll just make our reservations on the iPad as we go! : )  Then, on Monday we'll drive into Ocean City, New Jersey, and stay for the week (if we aren't already there Sunday night...).  We're planning to make a little trip to Egg Harbor Township, NJ, and Cape May during the week for light houses, flea markets, and for a mall that has a good model train store. ; ) 'cause I like rockets and trains (and dishes and art)!  We'll spend the other days just playing on the beach, building sand castles (and pits!), burying each other, gathering shells, and taking beach pictures (yippee!) (got clothing ideas for us?  Remember no matchy clothes, and no black or white she says!)

Then on Friday, we'll drive to Washington, DC (and we'll see all the cars driving out of town for the weekend!), and stay till Sunday night.  We didn't get to finish the American History Museum, and we haven't seen all the memorials! : )  Then, Sunday we'll drive somewhere (yes, we hang loose like this, it's VaCaTiOn!) headed towards the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I want the kids to see it in the day, so we'll save that GORGEOUS drive for the day on Monday!  We'll do lots of pulling over to take pictures and gape with our mouths open at the Beauty that is the US!!  Then we'll drive down to Tennessee, then across interstate 40 back towards Arkansas.  We should be home on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how exhausted we are, and if we have any clean clothes left!  : )  WHew!

**There's a small chance we'll spend Thursday (7/21) and Thursday night in Branson, MO, (so I can shop for more vacation clothes?) ; ) then continue to Indianapolis!

If you are on that path, and want to meet up, let me know! : )  Wanna hang at the beach, check out the Lincoln Memorial again, eat dinner, or just eat ice cream?  Gasp..Ice cream? Check out Kelly and the Ice Cream Grinch!  'Cause we can have it you know.  And it won't be like giving an alcoholic a drink.  Haha-you have to read and comment on what an idiot this guy is!  (His stupid commentary is linked to the ice cream grinch.)

Do you get stressed/excited before a trip?  I do!  I have to pack (!), get everything ready at our house, then prepare the van (we'll be driving at least 2800 miles, so we'll need an oil change before and after!), and entertainment..we'll need entertainment for the 24 hours each way! : )  Gotta love road trips!  We sure get to bond and know each other r-e-a-l-l-y well. ; )

Sending you hugs from Arkansas! : )


Unknown said...

Wo HOOOO! for you and road trips! I think NJ may be like 8 hours or so away. WAH! I'll scope it out on my computer later. I think Hallie and Misty are close to Columbus.

Sandy said...

We live right outside of Philly. I think it is interesting that you guys come all the way up here to go to ocean city nj. It's great! That is our favorite shore spot. Great boardwalk and great town!!!!! Our family goes there every summer. Have fun!!!!!!

Jen Snow said...

Sounds wonderful!! I hope that there are not too many highs and lows for Mary Claire. Enjoy your time!! Be careful! :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Sounds like tons of fun! Hope you all have a fabulous time!!

Holly said...

I guess it's Interesting, Sandy! : ) haha! My husband has tons of family up in Philly and everyone vacations the same week in Ocean City! : )
Thanks, Jen! Girl..I do TOO! Let's pray the pump holds up! : )
Denise-thanks!! I think it'll be awesome! : )
Hugs, girls!! : )

Sandy said...

Ohh that is how you found OC!!! Lol hope you have fun!!!

Amy said...

Sounds VERY fun and I love the spontaneous theme woven through! Pictures are a must, my dear.

Misty said...

We are close to Johnson City/Bristol Tenn. LOL
Hope you all have a great
Love and prayers.