Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shakes & Thanks

Oooo..back on the braces diet.  I had my monthly orthodontist appointment Tuesday, so I'm super sore now.  It's p-a-i-n-f-u-l!  After making the fam chicken fajitas last night, I had a bowl of black beans.  and some grated cheese.  I just can't chew.  Even the grilled onions were too much. : (  So after Clay's boy scout aquanaut swim session, my SWeeT husband brought me a chocolate milkshake.    I needed more dairy, you know.  ..and tonight?  Refried beans.  Gotta switch it up! ; )

Are you getting ready for your JDRF Walk to Cure?  ME too!  : ) I know I'll need lots of thank you notes (thank the Lord!), so every year I work on a plan for thank you notes.  This year, I have a quick solution! : )  Wanna see?
I found this huge pack of 50 Hallmark note cards and envelopes (it was $9.99)

I used my embosser to imprint my monogram on the envelopes..(you can get one here!)

Can you even see it?

Then I just simply decorated the note cards with little stamped designs or faces/words, and mixed up the envelopes to match! : )
I promise, easy-peasy.  You could even buy a set of stickers or stamps, and put one on the front of the note card and a matching one on the back of each envelope!  Your sweet child with diabetes would *love* to help you! : )  (Mine got a little busy making a card for moi-so sweet!)
Here's a card I made at a Stampin' Up! open house this weekend:
Totally the same idea, only much cuter (but takes a little longer!)
I will need more, but it's a start.  I like to have Mary Claire help, since it's for her and she loves crafts.  She can do the next set!  (She even got a new stamp Saturday, and she's saving for more ink and stamps. She wants a full desk like her mama. ha!)

Speaking of writing to people...I'm also quickly filling up another prayer journal for a secret partner at Bible Study.  I love how we get to know them so well, and mine had a prayer answered this week, so I get to REJOICE with her!! : )  So thrilled to watch God answer prayers.  Especially mine for her!
Can't put the name on yet! : )
See?  Filling it up!  Love that girl. : )
ps-Can I tell you we have absolutely wonderful babysitters?  And yesterday (after my date Tuesday night!), I was thinking how they know my house (and my nooks and crannies) better than anyone.  My kids love to play hide-and-seek, and the best babysitters don't stick in a video, they PLAY!  (Hey, I could stick in a video!) : )  Anyway, they see my dusty corners, my unhemmed drapes, the toys behind the chairs, the crumbs on the pantry floor, but they still come back.  I think how they know more about us (from our my daughter's blood sugar) than anyone.  I don't know if I tell them how much they mean to us.  And we've always had wonderfully sweet, doting babysitters.  (..and they help us maintain our marriage!  What a blessing!) Yipee for Date Night! : )

Hmm..I should send them thank you notes! : )


Unknown said...

Ha!!! You are so right. It is usually out-of-town family that sees our nooks and crannies playing hide-n-seek. Too much fun for sure.

Great ideas on the Thank Yous Holly!!! And I hope your teeth feel better soon.

Hallie Addington said...

Darling thank you notes!! I love how you're thinking ahead!! And what a nice treat for a sore mouth! Ahhhhhhh!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love the idea of embellishing the premade notes...still very personalized, just less time! :)
Hope your teeth feel better soon...but not too soon so you can enjoy another milkshake!! ;)

Tracy1918 said...

You are so creative! Wow. I'm impressed.

Hope you're feeling better....

: )

Misty said...

I love Stampin Up! It has been a while since I've touched all my goodies...I think they are covered in dust. You have inspired me to pull them out and dust them off :)