Prayer List

If you have time (and even if your spiritual gift is not intercessory prayer!) please lift these people up in prayer.  They are sweet friends, and they have either asked for prayer, or I am praying for them. : )

Prayer Requests:
Susan, please lift up her family-she's such a sweet woman of God, doing the best she can daily, pray for her strength and for her to know she's enough. 6/17
Jennifer, for her fostering family, that God will greatly bless and build them up, and for her health!! 6/17
MaryLou, as she moves forward after losing her only daughter.  Still praying 6/17
Baxden, age 6, Carter's classmate year before last, stage 4 glioblastoma, finished radiation and chemo, praying for its success! Still on the prayer list..complete healing! 6/17
Our youth group as it grows, and as we are all targets currently.  We lost the son of our precious youth director.  We won't quit, however.  6/17
Clay and Mary Claire, a CURE for type 1 diabetes and no more insulin.  Daily.

Answered Prayers : )
Veronica, as she had a very heathy baby girl, Viviana!  Pray as they are building a house, preparing to move! Moved and Viviana is soo healthy and precious! 6/17
Mary Claire, in Haas Hall, doing very well, thank you!! Still loving school, already ordered next year's uniforms!! 6/17
Debbie, in chemotherapy for metastasized colon cancer, our prayers for healing were not answered the way we asked, but she is in Heaven now..healed completely.  
Veronica, MRI on Sunday, rapid vision deterioration 1/16, her brain is healthy : )
Daphnee, after IV IG treatment for CIDP (milder version of Guillian-Barre), PRAY for full recovery and lifetime remission!  She's headed home now, but waiting on it to work.  It's her fourth auto-immune disorder.  She's good!!
Hawley, getting ready to have surgery, but chemo is done, thankfully!  Prayers for her confidence and her family through recovery.  She's healed!  12/15
Sweet Heidi and her pancreatic and liver cancer (small cell carcinoma).  Love that girl, lifting her UP!!  I'm filled with sadness as I report that she's in Heaven.  Not answered the way we would have liked, but she's out of pain.  Missing her sooo much.  8/2015
Mom, diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma, getting a port 4/27, just completed round 4 of chemotherapy.  She is fully cured and healed! 12/15
Deb, Julie's mom, is now in Heaven, 7/16/15  Not answered the way we wanted, but with with Jesus.
Ches' mom-successful surgery, thank goodness! : ) 7/14
Veronica to have a successful far so good!!  Due 12/8  Delivered a healthy baby GIRL, Madeleena!!! 12/10/14!!
Courtney to have a successful pregnancy..she's doing great!  Due 11/13 : )
Delivered a healthy baby BOY, Cole!!!  10/29/14!! : )
Matthew lost his mom : ( prayers for his peace 5/4
Jen and her dad, Larry (diagnosed with ALS), now in the veteran's home..he's now passed into eternal life, 4/7/15

Prayer Request?
Please send me an email at if you have a prayer request you would like added!  I'd be glad to pray for you or a loved one.  Even if it's an unspoken request, God knows exactly what you need.  He made you and crafted you in your mother's womb-He knows you inside and out.