Monday, February 28, 2011

Candyland and the Trip

We had a deliciously fun party this weekend!  Mary Claire's friend had a sweet ninth "Candyland" party-and she loved it! (of course!)  When the guests got there, they got the most adorable little hot pink gumball necklaces on hot pink ribbon!  (I had to look closely-they really looked like beads!)  She had a chocolate fountain, and lots of games and candy-perfect for all those cutie girls!  We couldn't decide what to get her, so we went with a little bucket of candy (Starburst jelly beans, a big movie box of rainbow Nerds, some chocolate, and a gift card to Target (don't you love to get the gift of shopping?!).  We got the bucket at Target, and decorated it!  We added stickers, colored ribbons (when you think you've added enough, add more!), and a gift tag with a gumball machine on it. (and when I picked her up, they had little gumball machines as favors-precious!)  (Her mom is super creative-she was a set designer!)  Here's our little bucket:
I like how it turned out, but I would have loved a pink pail!

..and here's the back-a little sticker that says, "A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17
We also went to Borders going-out-of-business sale this weekend (twice!), and got another friend a book!  We asked for help from a salesperson, but they said they weren't helping people (maybe that's why their going out of business?).  I googled the book on my phone, then searched high and low-and found it!  When we were there Saturday morning, there was a LONG line, but after 7pm, it was fast!  We got some other books (and the sale was only 20% off), and all sales are final.  Not my favorite words.  I only got the ones I loved, but I took pictures of the ones I didn't get (to find them for less on!)

Now Mary Claire's getting more and more excited for her birthday (May 15th-the big 9!).  She chose to not have a party last year, but this year? not a chance!  She wanted a movie/pool/slumber party, but I'm not that cool.  I said slumber or pool, or swim late and spend the night.  And we'll have to limit it.  Girls are still girls. ; )

I'm excited and tired.  Ches and I are flying to Florida tomorrow for a little vacation, and I've been getting ready.  I always wait till the last couple of days to pack and plan!  We are flying into Orlando, and we'll stay closer to Tampa.  We have tickets (and box seats!) to see the Phillies (baseball team) play during their spring training.  It is a great time to see them play, get autographs and see the players up close-it's so much calmer and relaxed!  For one of our games last year, we sat in the outfield on the grass (and it was my favorite-sitting out getting sun-talking with other fans), but Ches didn't like it!  I'm not baseball-crazy, so anywhere is fine with me.

Busy getting ready..I've packed Ethan and Mary Claire's lunches (Clay prefers to eat at school!) and written Mary Claire's little school notes with her carbohydrate counts, totals, and insulin bolus amounts.  I've started (but not quite finished!) the meal plan with carb counts and insulin boluses for breakfasts/snacks/dinners.  I got the groceries today, so I waited to finish the chart so I could read the carb counts on the sides.  There are so many foods, I can't remember them all!  I also laid out their clothes (and tomorrow is class picture day!) for each day.

This trip is a little bittersweet.  It brings back memories of last year's trip, what we thought would be our last trip alone for a long time..who knew we'd be back only a year later.  We were planning for the twins, and we got a new set of baby monitors while we were there-and they are still in my closet.  I'm debating on taking them back.  I know we could take them back here (maybe), but I just want them to go back to Florida.  (to undo what was done, I guess?).  I've learned not to plan too far in advance, and to just be thankful for what is today.  My doctor told me last year that the only real way to heal after a lost baby (or babies, in our case) is to have a healthy baby.  That is proving harder than expected.  I remember being young and fertile-the time goes so fast.  I so wish I could turn back time. (oh, the places times I'd go..)

The kids are excited that Gigi is coming to stay with them, and I got them some special treats/snack foods.  They may just have more fun that us!  I'll leave them a camera..Mom, take some pictures! : )

Please pray for safe travels for us, and let me know how to pray for you! : )

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye + Sk + ate + ing = FUN!

The cold air was just perfect-by the time we used all our energy to get up and down on the ice, we were appreciating the cool temps (there were lots of ambitious young kids with sweaty heads!).  Mary Claire even took her mittens, scarf, and coat off.

Here are some sweet (and funny!) pictures:
getting ready to skate!
Sweet boy.  This was his first time!

She is so excited : )

Angie never ran out of patience with them : )

Almost...but she stayed up!

Aren't they adorable?

..and then Clay skated up!

I thought a picture was a good idea..until I saw it.  (braces)

still working on learning how to smile (besides big cheesy grin)

I got tons of these-Ches bending over helping Ethan ; )

Adorable skaters!

We were getting hot and tired..but this boy?  He could have skated all night!
Precious kids and time with friends-we had so much fun!  I don't know why we don't go more often.  It is only $2 to rent skates at the Jones Center for Families, and you don't have to have tickets anymore.  We really enjoyed our time!

Oil and perfume rejoice the heart; so does the sweetness of a friend's counsel that comes from the heart. Proverbs 27: 9

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brush Your Teeth

So I learned something new today.  A mirror is my new best friend.  Ugly piece of green spinach-stuff in my braces (it's only getting worse).  That's what I saw in the mirror when I came out after Mary Claire's dance class.  After seeing a friend, and talking all through dance with another person..ugh.  Could someone have helped a girl out?  Just tell me! (please!?)

Do you need another laugh?  'Cause I can just keep going.  As soon as we got home, I couldn't wait to brush my teeth (see above).  I changed into jammies, pulled my hair back in some clips, and put toothpaste on my brush.  I set it down to put my headband on (and stopped for a minute to wash Mary Claire's hair), went back...and my toothbrush was naked.  No paste.  Where on earth did it go?  I looked all over the counter, sink, floor, even in the drawer...where could it have gone?  I got more (thought I was crazy), and brushed.  Mary Claire looked at me and said, "What's in your hair?"  I told her clips, then looked in the mirror.  A big hunk of (what about Mary) blue up there!  Good grief-how did that happen?
Yes, toothpaste in my hair, I tried to pull it all out, but now I have stiff hair.  What a charming day.  I just keep feeling more and more beautiful.

ps-We have finished the preliminary application for adoption with Bethany.  I had to email them since every time I log on to my "portal" lately, it says, :no documents found:.
But we found them, got them completed, and they have been received.  Now we get to see if we get to go to the informational meeting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Important Relevant Information

He told me there were rocks in his jacket pockets.  Why didn't I file that away under Important Relevant Information rather than That's Nice Info?  My washer was nice and clunky (and not good when your washer is only five years old!), so I checked it out to find quite a variety of clean rocks in it.  And then, thinking they were all washed out, I loaded the dryer.  To be fair, I checked a jacket pocket (after the misfiling recollection) to find it snapped, so I just finished loading the dryer assuming they were all out.
If you were me, you'd be wrong again.
I was having a nice tuck-in-the-kids-night, when I heard some really loud clanking coming from the dryer.  There were some dark things (jeans, snaps, buttons), so it didn't seem so odd. But then, I remembered the new rock collection.  I went down to find more colorful rocks (I thought his school playground had pea gravel?  These were sharp, and dark red to gray-pretty, and clearly these were scavenged for!)  (I'm hoping Mrs. Courtney isn't missing rocks from a collection.)

In the braces department...I am now the proud owner of a debriding agent.  Wanna just take a guess?  Nope, I don't file divorces.  I made a wimpy text to my orthodontist wanting to know if it was too late to switch to Invisalign, and he texted back, "Who is this?"  Hilarious (if you are me!)  I responded, and he told me it's not too late, and he's going on vacation till Monday, and then I'll be gone till Friday, so we'll talk the Monday after that...which leaves me in braces till then.
So.  I looked through my braces bag for help.  (I like that thing!)  I read all the coupons and advice.  There were three coupons and a printed picture of some new thing.  After I picked up the kids from school, I drove to the store.  I bought everything they recommended, and ordered the one thing, based on the picture!  Let's favorite is Colgate's Orabase (think baby's Oragel) (totally numbed my gums in about 1 minute! It only lasted about an hour though.  But..I was making froth around my mouth and could feel buildup of...something.)  Will totally use till it's gone!  My second favorite is the debrining stuff: Colgate's Peroxyl.  It is like using salt water (which I'm using a few times a day, and feels most soothing when it's warm) without the salt (at least it says its debrining, but doesn't list sodium).  My third new thing is the Phos-Fluor, which is a fluoride rinse to use after brushing to keep your teeth from getting white spots.  The ordered thingie is this brush that you rub on your gums to numb them.  It's called the Kank-A soft brush.  (I can't wait to get it!  Is that super-weird?  Don't answer.)  That Colgate rep is going to be so excited that I got braces!

So my bedtime routine now: I rinse with warm salt water, then brush, then floss, then use the Peroxyl, then the fluoride rinse, then put new wax over my brackets, then rub some Orabase into my gums.  All day it's the same except minus the fluoride! ; )

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Braces Diet

I think I've discovered a new bullet-proof weight-loss technique.  It's called Braces.  Not only are your teeth too sore to eat anything but oatmeal and yogurt (and you have to eat super slow to relearn eating carefully), you also lose your self-confidence and you want everything else to be going for you.

I'm not sure I can stay committed.  I do realize they are already on (p.s. I got braces yesterday), but I'm wavering.  I thought I wanted to straighten my "premenopausal teeth" (teeth that start to move towards the front of your mouth as you approach menopause).  No, I'm not proud to talk about it, but I have noticed my previous braces (near-)perfect mouth getting more and more crooked.

I bought another complete braces package this past fall at our church's annual dinner and silent auction, and it included any kind of braces, but I thought I was being honest with myself when I turned down the Invisalign.  But now.. I'm really regretting not choosing something I could take out.  I mean, you could keep eating, and brush with no obstruction!  You could brush without catching your bristles.  I had totally forgotten what braces were like, and I have a new appreciation (also for Mary Claire who still has them).

yes, so no jokes.  I do feel like I'm in pain.
I also think one of my front brackets is on crooked.  They use this new technique (Mary Claire didn't even use it when she got braces last June!).  They mount the brackets on the models of your teeth, then dip them in rubber trays.  Then the trays are pulled off, and they contain your brackets.  After your super dry teeth are cleaned and prepared, they put on the trays with your brackets, activate the glue with the blue light, pull off the rubber trays, and voila!  Braces.  Except my tray was crooked, and I think the bracket is crooked.  Boohoo.

I also had this problem where my upper canine teeth were bumping into my bottom brackets, so they built up my middle molars with this blue stuff.  Now my back molars don't touch, so I can't chew very well.  I'm kinda gumming stuff.  I had some banana bread from Arsaga's at the library, and I'll just wait till dinner.  It hardly seems worth the effort.
(See that top left front tooth bracket?  Doesn't it look like it's on crooked?)  I know it's creepy-just scroll down, and say a prayer for me. ; )
Ok, I'm going to quit whining, and see if I can add more pictures for you! : )  I think it's been over 24 hours since I bought more memory... Hooray, it worked! : )
My sweet webelo (notice the hair cut??)

There was a contest for the best table decor-didn't our troop do a great job? (I was no help!)  They had the path the boys have taken, and they are all "driving" their pinewood derby cars!

Here's Clay and his yellow Corvette!

The boys loved reading all the road signs and seeing each other.

A group picture with Grant DuCote, their fearless leader : )  Notice Clay is still in navy?  I didn't know they could bump up to the khaki till Saturday!  Ches said he thought it made my life easier to not buy a new shirt and put on all new patches, umm..I like khaki better! : )

Ethan didn't want to let go of his big brother.  He wants to be a boy scout too.
Ok, now for the scruptious-worth-five-extra-pounds-if-you-eat-them cookies:  Doubletree's (as in the hotel) Cookies.  These are what you get warm when you check-in and each evening thereafter.  (Yes, I'm an expert at cookies) (and hot donuts).  I'll give you the recipe in a moment..let me give you some advice.  Mine started spreading like crazy on a pan (you use 1/4 cup scoopfuls-and only about 7 or 8 fit on a cookie sheet) and looked like eggs! (big lumps in the middle, thin all the way around)  So, I pulled them out, sprayed two muffin tins with Pam, and then baked.  Much Better.  You could also refrigerate the dough till chilled, then try to bake on a cookie sheet.  I remember them as looking like they had been cut with a biscuit cutter (with sides), so I preferred the muffin tins.  I'd also use half as much batter per cookie and cut the baking time-these are huge! : )

Is your mouth watering? (I mean, if you don't have braces?)

Doubletree Hotel's Cookies

2 cups all-purpose flour (I used half wheat, half white)
1 cup old-fashioned (rolled) oats, uncooked
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup butter (I used half butter, half margarine)
3/4 cups granulated sugar
3/4 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon lemon juice
12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 cups walnuts (you can chop them if you like smaller chunks, but they are super-yummy to bite into if you don't!)
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F .
  2. In a medium bowl, combine flour, oats, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Set aside.
  3. With an electric mixer, cream butter in large bowl. Add both sugars and beat on medium for 2 minutes. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add lemon juice and vanilla; mix well. Stir in flour mixture, mixing well. Add chocolate chips and nuts and stir until just combined.
  4. (Here is where I'd refrigerate the dough :covered: overnight or use a muffin tin.) 
  5. Drop by 1/4 cupfuls on non-stick baking pans, 2 to 3 inches apart. Bake for 13 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned around the edges. Cool; transfer to wire racks and cool completely. Store in tightly sealed container. 
  6. Let me know how absolutely indulgent they are! : ) (and they kinda tasted like Chili's Paradise Pie cookie/brownie if you added some coconut!)
I've covered my brackets in wax, I'm trying not to eat often (cause then I have to brush again, and rewax), but I'm trying to focus on the positive-the possible calories I'm missing out on.  Do you need some of the baked cookies?  :o)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Selling Bindis

What a scouting weekend!  Do we ever coordinate between the girls and boys?  Nahh.  But maybe we could consider it?

I have been able to upload only girl scout pictures, so boy scouts and my amazing-melt-in-your-mouth-surprise recipe have to wait till tomorrow. : )  Thanks, Sandra, for taking awesome pictures!! : )  Your camera rocks ; )

Today was World Thinking Day 2011 at the Fayetteville Town Center!

Listening-aren't they growing up?

In front of their "country" of India-they did a great job on the backboard!

Working the India booth, selling bindis > : )

Stamping passports for travelers-I love "traveling" to other countries! : )

Visiting the Netherlands

I can't remember the country..Switzerland, I think?  Her little dolls are upstairs, and I'm feeling lazy...

They look beautiful with their bindis on!
She had a great day, and brought home so many little treasures.  We stopped last night at McDonald's and asked for our change in dimes (I had to convince the girl I wasn't crazy for getting $3 in dimes!).  Each troop learns about and represents a country at Thinking Day (a celebration for Juliette Low's birthday, founder of Girl Scouting).  They make little foods, pins, flags, or dolls, something about the country to sell-all proceeds go back to the Juliette Low fund for the girls.  The past two years with the Fayetteville Thinking Day have been wonderful-the year before was not so good, so we know to be thankful!!  The presentations are awesome, and there are plenty of countries to visit.  Mary Claire even came home with her name in Arabic-so beautiful.

We had some trouble after a sleepover last night (her not wanting to check her blood) and then this morning not wanting to come home for our church-I wasn't happy.  She is definitely growing up (I'm trying to respect that) and it means more responsibility.  If she can't handle checking herself (and checking in with me!), we'll have to slow down the freedom.  I was so worried about her last night!  I didn't want to call and bug her, but she just doesn't realize what can happen.  She's been low several times since Friday-really good insulin, I think (she was 46 at school on Friday, 59 after girl scouts yesterday, 58 at church today..), but scary-roller-coaster isn't fun!

I'm nervous about tomorrow-it's Braces day.  The appointment is for 90 minutes, but it can't take that long, can it?  Now it's even more advanced than when Mary Claire got hers-the braces are set up on my "fake teeth" (positive of my impressions), and then moved to my mouth.  They also don't use bands around back teeth, so I didn't have to endure the week of spacers-hooray!  Still nervous.  I'm going to be in braces with my daughter.  Weird?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny with a chance of flowers (and chalk)

I am stealing a few minutes to write! : )  Ches took Clay and Mary Claire to get their hairs cut (heehee), and Ethan went along for the ride.  He doesn't like for a vehicle to leave our house, and him not be IN it! : )

Yesterday, the kids had school, and I finally got my hair done!!  I feel human again.  Ahhh... Mary Claire had a sweet friend over to play (and I never even heard them!), then Ches called asking if I had dinner plans (why, no, I don't...why do you ask?) and said we were going out.  Yay!  Love when he has a long, hard day. ; )  We went to Chili's, played us some cards, then went to Krispy Kreme for a Hot Now!  When our carpool group for Bunco went (to KK) on Tuesday night, they gave us all books of 12 Valentine's cards (each for a free donut!)  So, we went to the drive thru and asked if we could get them from the car.  They were so nice, and let the kids get chocolate sprinkly ones!  I thought they were only glazed, but yum!  (I have about 50 more free donut cards if you'd like one or a few!)  (They have to be used by March 15, so you must eat fast!)
Then we went to Lowe's to get me some flowers (now, with our 60 degree temps, the dead flower pots are no longer acceptable).  We also stayed in their book section till we closed the store!  We are notorious for this now.  We got a house plan book (heehee), and a book on staging.  Guess my future.

Today we've been out since morning: planting the new pansies I got last night at Lowe's.

I didn't take pictures of the other 6 pots..didn't want to bore you. ; )
 We also got some new flags to change out my Razorback one (and flip flop one out by the pool) that are getting beat up in the wind.

I would have inserted a picture here, but it seems I'm out of picture space.  Huh?  All that garbage I stick out there everyday has taken up real space it seems.  I have to purchase more, then I'll post more pictures.  Nothing is free in this world. Oh, and it takes up to 24 hours to become available.  Then it is only good for a year.  You might notice me sharing fewer pictures...maybe.

We planted, the boys (and an adopted neighbor child) played ball, and we got so much done!  Ches even uncovered the pool!  We have someone coming to "open" it this week, but it was starting to get algae growth, so you have to get to it fast, or it takes over!  We'll just shock it daily till they get here.  They have to hook the pipes to the pump back up, and unscrew the plugs out of the jets.  We also need our pool light bulb changed, and I won't let Ches near it.  He thinks you just reach down there...Ha!  He'd get the shock of his life!  I think you have to drain the water.  I mean, it's been...four years now.  So, you don't have to drain it down often.  But, it's the safest way, I think.  Any ideas?

Then, we rode bikes and scooters and played sidewalk chalk!  We even planned a tree house.  I've had a book on tree houses for a couple years, but I kept getting pregnant, and I wouldn't work on it...for fear.  Now, maybe we can build time to move?  If we get the lot we are thinking, it has no big trees.  I can't see a buyer hating a tree house, could you?  Does it signal danger?  (Ha! -not like changing a pool bulb!)

Tonight Mary Claire has a girl scout meeting to get ready for Thinking Day tomorrow, and Clay has a blue and gold banquet (boy scout awards ceremony).  We'll be busy, and you can be assured of lots of pictures tomorrow! : )  Hope you have a great weekend!

New solution (for today)-a slideshow! : )  Click on the link below to view:
Flickr Photo Album of our day : )

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four Bags

Four bags of trash-that's what I hauled out of Clay's room today.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of him not cleaning his room.  It was okay on the surface, but I pulled back the curtain on the side of his bed to walk down along the wall to make the bed, and wrappers.  I saw trash, valentines, candy, just junk, and dirty socks.  Awful.  I sat down and cried in his room.  There were literally hundreds of food wrappers stuffed under the bed, desk, corners, everywhere.  I was so stressed that they'd draw mice.  I had to get it together and eliminate the offensive.  I didn't have time to worry and be upset-time is too valuable.

I got started around 9:30 and cleaned until 2.  It is like eating an elephant--one bite at a time.  I picked up all the stuff in one corner (even dead, not spiders or creepy things, but his icky bug-crumble collection.  June bugs, cricket legs, huge Japanese beetles, a massive moth minus a wing.  Gross stuff.)  I figure if they were really important to him, he wouldn't let their body parts get ground into the carpet (and be buried by trashy wrappers)Anyway, I cleaned, vacuumed, and organized, until it was clean again.

If I'd have realized how far I'd go, I would have taken before and after pictures. I even washed his bedding this afternoon, and he ended up getting the last two pieces of his Lionel train track (I had him pay for it out of his stock money-E*Trade returned our $115 last week.  You have to have at least $500 in your account, or they close it.  So much for a young, first-time investor.) so we put the track into a figure-eight.  He was even unhappy about that.  He was frustrated that I wanted to plug the big (heavy!) control box away from the walkway, so I don't bump into it each and every day.  He was upset I threw away some valentines, but I didn't get ruffled.  I think I should be thankful I'm too tired to get worked up!

We did fine, the kids played outside, had dinner, and we played more cards, had baths, read books.  A great evening.  I only realized we'd missed dance at seven-too late. : (  And she just got the okay to go back to dance!

I'll leave you with a list I found in Clay's room.  I'm really hoping that it's old (based on the spelling and the 15 minutes of FiRE!) (Number two:)

Keep your room clean...or I just might have to come visit! : )

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sparkly and Self-Confident

Hey ya'll!  Let's just look at pictures. ; )

I am having trouble getting caught up this week.  (Do you ever feel behind in your life?) (maybe it's all the pictures I like to take? heehee)  Sometimes trying to get it all done means I don’t get to sleep until after midnight most nights.  This morning, Clay had a doctor’s appointment in Fayetteville, so I checked him out of school.  I have been working on getting an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to have Mary Claire’s third and (hopefully) final set of xrays!  We are going at 3:10, which means I’ll have to check her out of school, so I’m working on logistics now.  I hate to get Ethan and Clay out early too!
Can you see the rhinestones on her sling? : )  (and the button on her jacket?  They don't make you take anything off for the xray!)
(ps-we went, and her arm is better!  She can stop wearing her sling-my girl is thrilled to say bye-bye to it.  You can see a more opaque area where it's still healing, but it seems to be fine.  No heavy pressure on it, but she can go back to dance now!)  And yes, I had to get all three out of school early to make it.  We'll live.

..and when I uploaded the xray picture...Guess what I found?  More pictures on my phone! : )
In line at the car wash on Monday...this precious boy got too many kisses at school! ; )

They posed with Rango : )  He's the new sheriff in town (March 4th)! heehee
..and with Gnomeo and Juliet, of course.  (that's Benny upside down!)

I found more pictures from my Branson trip too. : )  Here’s why I like Justice (girls' clothes), and don’t fight its older-girl clothes anymore.  They are supportive of girls (my girl) and their individuality:
Just Be Yourself

Love Who You Are

Love One Another (and check out that pretty flower!)

This is the one I got her: Hope, Dream, Inspire (and we're hopin' for a CURE!)

I like it when companies help me do my job-especially encouraging my daughter to be herself.  Sometimes our role as Mom involves more than birth, love, and potty-training.  It is so much more.  We feed and nourish them (and our goal is healthy food), clothe them (with thoughtful *clean* matching clothes), kiss their boo-boos (and find them specialized medical care when kisses aren’t enough), coordinate their social lives (and lessons, practices, meetings), teach them to love reading, prepare them for math, science, and manners (and social I’m sorrys), oh gosh, I could go on and on. . . (the driving to all the events, help with homework right before bed, volunteering to benefit the school and great teachers, laundry for those sweet clothes, grocery shopping to keep healthy snacks in stock, building their self-confidence so they can go out into the world alone, long-term planning for their futures, and I really could go on. .) Ahh..

Think of something that would make your life better.
Now go do it (or find it!), and I’ll be here when you get back. : )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts and Puppies

This one is for you, Mom! : )  I am seriously so tired from partying, but here are some pix! : )  Yesterday, for Valentine's Day, we had treasure hunts! : )  That's all Mary Claire had requested. : )  So I typed, printed, and cut them.  I did different hunts for the kids (since I knew Clay would get there first!!)  Then I taped them in all the right places.  The bottom is the letter for their lunch (and their musical Valentine's cards!):

and their sweet daddy made them special heart sandwiches : )
We finished our sweetheart day with dinner at Chick-Fil-A!  They had a nice plan (tablecloths, candles, stuffed cows, valentine foam frame crafts, live music), but it didn't go well.  I'm just positive they were over the fire code limit!  The kids played while I stood in the very long line(s), and Ches circled in the parking lot.  There was NO way we were going to get a table!  We got our food, left, and ate in the van.  So Romantic.
Then we went to our movie: Gnomeo and Juliet!  It was very sweet, went really fast, and we enjoyed it.  A sweet movie about loving someone who is outside your "group".  I thought it was very good, and the kids enjoyed it too!  I don't even think Ethan ever got up! : )  We sure got to bed late, but I think it made their day special : )  (this would be why I didn't post last night!)
And then today...equally busy!  I had babysitting today at church, so I got there early, had very bad hair (wore that shiny hat again!), and had fun. : )  I took an extra, Trevor, and they all played well-when they are young, they kinda split up, play alone, and are really easy! : )  I even had time to take sweet pictures of them.
Then Ethan and I had lunch with Gigi, and he went home with her!  I had a play to get to! : )

She was a puppy! : )

Mary Claire and her friend, Faith : )

A super sweet pix of the girls! : )

Ahh..she added dots on her face : )

Mary Claire and Alyssa in the hallway!

We couldn't get enough-they are all so cute! : )

Precious!! (we have to lose that sling!)

Can you see those dotted ears?  Love you, sweet puppy!
Great day, followed with playing at Gigi's, and then Bunco!  I even won $10 tonight, and I haven't won in about a year! : ) ready for my warm bed.  Sleep well, and we'll talk tomorrow! : )  Hugs!