Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Decorating, Serving, and Pumping!

Finished Natalie's room redo..a few weeks ago!  Such a sweet room for a growing young lady.  

Here are the highlights:
Natalie's Bed-soft pink shabby ruffles, white fur, gray velvet, and a current tapestry from Target.  We used her mom's beautiful white pearl painted iron bed.  A custom chalkboard from @inthepinesco topped it off!
Target wood lamp, brass nailhead linen shade, moss ball, and mirrored frame with a note from her mom.  And a cutesy brass rhino to oversee drinks on the nightstand!

Cleaned off bulletin board to start fresh, a mirror to check before she leaves in the morning, and some fun art.

PomPoms in the corner
Cleaned and calmed her desk.  A new brass lamp, clear chair with faux fur, and storage for pens, books, and folders.

In the opposite corner are her television, art, frame, and wood tray for jewelry and change..and new drapes!

And..the perfect gray chair with velvet pillow.  And of course, she's a Daughter of the King, so I hung it to remind her..when she's dressing for her day.
Here are the before pictures:

She had a great room, she was just growing out of brights.  So..I calmed, cleaned and cleared for her.  Her original budget was $500 for expenses, and I gave her some options-and we ended up at $599 for bedding, drapes, lamps, chair, and decor.  Labor was ten hours (shopping/installation).  It was an honor to create a new space!

Hope you are enjoying your spaces.  I've had a couple more opportunities to decorate..I can share them next time. : )  Here is some of what we've been doing:
Balloon Arch for HarBer's Winter Homecoming!  It only took us about 2 hours..we're getting soo much better, ha!  Wait till you see the one we're working on for a walk..we made an arch so we don't have to use helium!
Clay and Mary Claire have new pumps (Medtronic 670G) with sensors.  This KT Pro tape keeps them on for a WEEK!  (washable, breathable, flexible, and helps move the interstitial fluid around underneath for amazing blood sugar readings!)

Monogrammed treat jars for the priests for Valentine's Day <3 td="">

Ethan earned his Arrow of Light and bridged to Boy Scouts!

We packed meals for Feed My Starving Children sponsored by Tacos4Life-I think our group packed around 30 boxes of 36 meals each!)  We were racing the entire time (and measuring and quality checking!).  Good stuff.

Hope you've had an adventure-filled year, and you're ready for SPRiNG!  Happy Holy Week, we're almost there, friends.  Hugs!