Saturday, July 26, 2014

Diabetes Notebook and a MATH Lesson on Corrections supplies are showing up on shelves.  I'm getting New-Crayon-Crazy already!  Yippeeee, I *heart* new crayons!!  New notebooks, folders, paper, pencils, scissors, glue, colored pencils..and all things Diabetes are getting ready for that first bell.

I have a Diabetes Notebook (actually called a Care Guide : ) that I made Mary Claire's first year of preschool (at three years old, gah!), and I just keep updating every year.  Now, Clay needs one too.  Boo.  And they'll be at two schools, TWO NEW nurses this year.  Eeek!!

I took some pictures of the table of contents and the pages in the book (yes, she was into peace signs last year..):
First is the Table of Contents, and then there are tabs for each section.  I just printed this on cardstock, then added stickers.  Cause I like to p-a-r-t-y on paper.

Second is our Emergency and Doctor Contacts.  All our numbers, doctors' phone numbers, hospital numbers, family members, Minimed help line, pharmacy..goes on down the line.  Hopefully, they can find SOMEONE to help them, ha!  No, I resisted adding 9-1-1.  And no..I didn't take a picture.  I already have enough crazy people calling..I don't need any more!  Well, I didn't mean you, of course. ; )
Symptoms to Watch is important..especially for substitute teachers AND nurses.  Just in case.
These are 4x6 cards I print (and tape a current photo onto) for specialty teachers (PE, Music, Library, Counselor, etc.) and the office.  Just in case there is a substitute in there too.  (The card even goes outside with the recess teacher on duty, just in case there is a sub for another grade level teacher.)  They usually tape them above their desks or put in their substitute notebooks.  Weird things only happen when the teacher is gone.  Trust me.  All our contact numbers are on the back of each card also.  I'd rather 18 people call my cell phone about her acting weird at lunch than them try desperately to find a nurse on duty.  Seriously.  My caption is almost as big as my
And then..printed instructions for administering Glucagon.  'Cause have you ever tried to unfold and read the teensy, wrinkly, tissue paper instructions that come in that little red box?  When your child is passed out?

Page 2.  Notice Call Mom.  So I can freak the heck out with you too.
Section Three is Quick Reference.  This is the Morning Blood Sugar Check chart (like for Dummies.)  If her blood sugar is that.  Makes it hard to mess up.

Chart 2: Lunch Blood Sugar Check for Dummies.  You'd think someone could use a regular font or something.  I boring though! 

Afternoon Blood Sugar Check.  Ditto.
Last Chart: Correction Ratios for a high.  Find the time of day, then the BG, and use the correction required. 
**Note: you can also do the reverse if needed.  If your child is under their blood sugar goal, you can reduce their basal to bring them back up to range.  Example: if Mary Claire's bg is 90 at her lunch check, she's 10 BELOW her target range.  I can reduce her basal to 90% (since she gets a 1.05 units/hour during lunch time) for an hour, and it'll reduce what she receives by a .1 unit.  So..she'll rise in bg about 9.5 points over an hour, since her sensitivity (how she reacts to 1 unit of unit brings her bg down 95 points) is 95.  Make sense?  

*Math Lovers:  Just use their sensitivity rate to figure.  If she was 80, I'd reduce to 80% for an hour, if she was 75, I'd reduce to 75% for an hour..etc. It works if she's getting around a unit per hour.  If not..keep reading.

*More Math Fun:  If your child's sensitivity is 200, they get a .1 correction for every 20 they are over their goal (usually 100).  If their bg is 140, they get a .2 correction, if they are 220, they get a .6 correction.
IF they are LOW, and their bg is 80 (20 under goal), you could reduce their basal by .1 unit/hour to raise them without food (so take their basal rate per hour, subtract .1, and figure the percent you need to adjust to.. If their basal is .65/hr, you'd reduce to 85% for an hour since 55/65 equals .85).
*Feel like eighth grade algebra?  I know..FUN!!  Ask if you have questions of if it's plain as mud.
Then I have a section (you know..just in case) on checking blood.  Assuming she's passed out?  Acting hyper and won't obey?  Substitute when she was four?
Informing case they didn't use the Quick Reference Chart.
What the heck..I added pictures for how to check her blood too!  It's a big fold-out poster of instructions.  Pin the blood on the finger! : ) to give boluses on her pump.  These were in here from when she couldn't do it herself.  I just leave them in..for posterity's sake. : ) I used to have huge picture pages of the pump and the functions..but she doesn't need them since she boluses herself..and it made the notebook much thinner to take them out.  And didn't pop open my 3 rings.  I hate it when that happens.  And then your paper comes out the cracks. : P
Last section: Snacks and Carbs.  I always have teachers ask me what kind of snacks she can have.  Should they buy *special* things?  (NO!)  Just give her what everyone else has, and she gets insulin for it.  Here is a handy guide.  I adjust the bolus columns (for before and after 10 am) every year.  As she grows..and becomes more insulin resistant.
This is what I print, cut into fourths, and send in her lunch box. (and yes, Clay's too)  EVERY. DAY.  I write in her lunch foods, the carb counts of each food plus the total carbs, and figure the insulin/bolus.  If she's high or low, she writes in the correction.  (Like +.3 or -.1) 
I felt like I needed to cover all the bases in their care guides, even if the nurse at the school had known my child for five years...I had to be prepared for a substitute at all times.  Better an ounce of prevention than a pound of cure.  (ok..a pound of driving up to the school to pick up my child because someone didn't have a clue what to do with their blood sugar!)  And believe me, the notebook came in HANDY a LOT!! : )

I will say there are some times that a phone call to mom is the only solution, so I tell them to call for ANY LiTTLE THiNG.  Sometimes I need the school nurse to know that my child has a new site and new insulin (be gentle with them!) or that they are stressed (be aggressive with the insulin!)..or that they might be coming down with illness (ditto..aggressive!  Raise the basal rate by 160%!).  Sometimes I just have insight from home that they need to form an action plan for the day.  

I'm not a doctor.  I just pretend to be a pancreas..and try to mimic it's every move.  And pin those moves into charts.  Because control (and a chart!) makes me happy.  And everyone knows if Momma's happy..

Are you still awake?  Did you get Math Brain Fog?  WooHoo!  Class dismissed!  Go forth and color with new crayons!! : )
Or run around in your robe with a naked chest!

Or eat Cheerios on my new chair!
I love y'all.  Or I wouldn't have taken all those crazy pictures of charts.  And allowed you into my control-y, chart-y world.  For's Friday night!  Hugs!
Make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.
2 Peter 1:5-7

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Almost Home, Hooray!

Just completed my sixth pump site change!  The beach was kind to us this year. : )  Clay swam in the hotel pool tonight (which always waterlogs his stickers!), so it pulled off when he was changing into his jammies.  Oops.

We traveled all day back toward home..we are in downtown St. Louis, Missouri tonight.  The plan was for Ches to take the boys to the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers at 7:05.  It was televised on ESPN, and he thought they'd love it (Clayton Kershaw was pitching, and they think he is the best in the league!).  Problem is..we were in Wheeling, West Virginia this morning..and it takes some skill to plan an almost 9 hour drive!  with stops and meals!  We did make it to the hotel by eight, but he was tired.  They all were.

I got Carter a bath (had to have the fix-it-guy come repair the drain so it'd hold water!) and got him to sleep.  Ches took the big boys down to swim for a little while.  Then I traded Ches after the baby was sleeping well.  It was small and splashy down at the pool!  Mary Claire just hung with me.  She wasn't wanting to get into the small football game going in the tiny pool. ; )

My entire family is just sooo excited about being back home!  It's been a good trip, and as usual, they've all adjusted to traveling, driving long distances, and all sleeping together.  I'm thankful it's possible honestly.  It makes for good memories.

We played football in an empty church parking lot today next to a gas station.  I think it was in Illinois.  It'll be a good memory for us.  I loved watching Clay and his daddy throw the many awesome throws and catches!

We've watched nearly all the dvd's we loaded into my little (old CD) notebook!  Is that even possible?  Mary Claire has watched almost all of season one (6 discs!) of Little House on the Prairie!  We've seen lots of Bubble Guppies, Curious George, Veggie Tales, and I'm so thankful the big kids haven't complained!  (I'm actually surprised they lay back and watch it, ha!)

We are still deciding about going to the City Museum tomorrow with the kids before we leave town.  It's awesome, but we all really want to just get home (and they've already been a handful of times).  They are dying to play outside at our house! : )  We don't know whether to let them in on the vote.  Hmm..six people make it a harder deliberation!

Either way, we'll sleep in our own beds, water our own flowers, and eat at our own HOUSE!!!  Exciting stuff.  Nothing like being away to make you long for home!  I'm so glad the kids miss it and finally feel like it's home.  We've kinda felt like nomads for a while. ; )

Hope you are sleeping in your own warm bed!

You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.  Deuteronomy 28:6

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Getting it Together in Philly

There’s this mom I know who doesn’t have it all together.  She sometimes tries to (gather it all into buckets)..but it doesn’t always go her way.  Sometimes she makes time to iron her shorts on a trip so she’s all that, but then she loses her favorite flower bracelet and has to put makeup on in the car since she lost time.

She has the *best* plans.  She had wanted to read her book on raising (almost) perfect kids (which is pretty awesome!) while laying out on the sandy beach while her kiddos played.  She wanted to try to get a tan little color.

But then she decided to just run around (in her body that she’d used to have all these kids) (around bodies that haven't had kids) (ok, ok..some have) and build sandcastles and sand bathtubs and sand pits and take pictures (and take the big chance that she’d ruin her phone in the waves) trying to catch all these happy people ride waves, play around the lifeguards’ boat, and just throw sand in the air.

It was so worth those precious words at the end of the day.. “This was the best day EVER!”  Twice.

She had wanted to give her kids all the rides they wanted down on the boardwalk, but she felt pretty stretched when her husband dropped her off with six kids all different ages, wanting to go in four directions.  She let them all take turns picking rides, and sometimes the kids breathed heavy with impatience.  Sometimes her kids fussed that they wanted MORE tickets, and she just didn’t buy them any more (what was wrong with her?).  Five dollars per person per ride just seemed so steep to her.  And in two minutes each ride was o-v-e-r.

Was it worth it?  Their smiles and laughing made it worth it.  She had kinda thought maybe she’d get to ride one or two with her kids since she’d wanted to make memories with them.  But maybe next year.  Everyone got tired and hungry.  (And then she got her daughter fried Snickers.  The girl with DiABeTeS!)  (She’s clearly doesn’t use her brain much.)

This once she had a suitcase full of wet swimsuits since her fam went swimming on their very last day at the beach.  And she stressed that they’d mildew before she made it to the next hotel to air them out to dry.

She tries to organize suitcases, so the family only has to take two inside for a night (instead of six), but she ends up forgetting to pack everyone’s underwears and her daughter’s shorts for the next day.

But then there’s a total win at the Springhill Suites when they have tiny (easier to control herself?) Nutella individual packets for "everyone". (EEEeeeee!!!!)  (Is it inappropriate to squeal?)  (To take four?)  (and hide them for later?)  Then there’s a dilemma over how many are actually appropriate.  Daughter says all.  She says no.  (She's trying desperately to use her brain in the light of day.)   

Then she plans this day where they learn all about their national history.  First, they make a trip to the US Mint (since the kids have grown since they’ve seen the Denver Mint, and well, now there are two more kids) to see how coins are made.  They go through security, and the kids have to be wanded since they both have on pumps.  She kinda tears up that they are Special.

The baby runs around during the long walk/self-guided tour (but thankfully they don’t lose him), all the workers are out to lunch and the machines are stopped..but they get to see dies, rolls of metals, mistake coins, waffled coins for recycling (so the coins don’t have to be escorted), firey machines, and learn that it takes the power of (something like) sixteen sharks’ bites (she couldn’t take pictures her memory was foggy!) to stamp the metal.  Cool stuff.  Her kids spent some trip money on big, thick coins to remember their tour and trip.

Then it all begins to go awry when the sweet daughter goes l-o-w.  And the momma doesn’t have anything to give her.  The kids are all cute in their red, white, and blue (ok, except for the rebel girl in her hot pink tank under the red) for their patriotic visit..but no quick sugar.  Why can’t she remember EVERYthing?

A quick trip across the street to a couple of food trucks and a visit to the Bourse and they call it lunch.  They accidentally drop the huge cherry water ice on the pavement.  Oops.  They go through the Burial Grounds, see Benjamin (and his wife Deborah) Franklin’s grave.   

They go through security again to see Independence Hall.  The momma yells for Sissy to come here, and the security lady says, that's MY name!  They meet her and learn about what her daddy used to call her when she was little.  (She thinks about how the world is full of people who have an entire childhood that no one ever asks about.  Huh.)  Then they see George Washington's bronze statue and try really hard to take a selfie with him (fail miserably, but hilariously!), then work on getting water, and finding an exit.  The baby was falling apart.

The long, long, l-o-n-g line to (go through yet another security screening just to) see the Liberty Bell again was just not quite worth it.  They'd seen it twice, so the momma decided to let it all go.  The history lessons, the Constitution Center, the Liberty Bell, the art museum..and all that sweet information.  She decided sometimes they are just tired, maxed out, and ready to rest. (and numbly watch Curious George)  (and did you realize Will Ferrell is the Man with the Yellow Hat?  He's very entertaining.) 
That momma I know just gave up, like she didn't have a plan.  She seemed to have it all together: suitcases organized, jewelry sorted, all the kids bathed, clothes laid out, her makeup on before nine.  But it seemed that wasn't the point at all.  She wasn't even sure what the point was: to be the towel carrier?  To be the ticket holder/connection point?  To be the swimsuit dryer?  To gather Nutella?  To to feed them when they were low?  Get them through security without frying a pump?  To teach them about their national history?
Maybe it was all just to teach her it wasn't about her at all.

It was just about sharing.  Sharing your toothbrush with someone else.  Even if they just wanted to tickle their legs with it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sandcastles, Beach Diamonds, and Bones!

This is our sand castle.  So much less sophisticated than we'd envisioned.  And it took us a super long time!  But there are five seaweed flags (we tied seaweed around sticks we found), a shell drawbridge over the moat up to the door, and a swimming pool on the top floor.  Fancy!

Every day we gather up and walk up onto the boardwalk for lunch the nearest clean bathroom.  It's worth the $20-30 every day.  Seriously.  And a big fat slice of cheese pizza is only $2.50!  We must eat a lot.

My sweet girl.

These boys stayed out long after the lifeguards went home.  They just love the sand.  They were building/digging a pit this day.

This baby LOVES the sand!!  He digs, rolls around, pushes it..throws it in the air and his hair..loves it all.  Doesn't complain either.  It's really sticky it's HARD to get off.  Just water doesn't wash it off.  He still has it in his ears and hair after a bath!

Caroline has had a great time playing with Carter, she's so patient!  He says, "Bulldozer!" and pushes sand around with his hands and whole body!

Will's been really good with him too!  He's so gentle.  And Carter laughs so hard when he does something funny.

So..after we went to the bathroom Tuesday, we went into the shops on the way back to the beach.  We found this cute sign, but there's only one..which boy to give it to?  hahaha!

The girls chose matching rhinestone anchor earrings while we were shopping!

That night we played Headbanz..the kids are hilarious!  And the game goes soooo much better if Eric doesn't tell us what we are!! : )

My baby was EXHAUSTED.  He either doesn't get a nap, or it's a very short one.  He sleeps WELL at night!  Obviously the flash didn't even wake him up. : )

The boys kept yelling for me to come see the crab they had trapped under their big bucket!  When I got over there, I was freaking out about where Ethan was.  They said he'd gone back to swim.  In the Ocean.  Alone.  Before I could run to find him, they uncovered his head and laughed like hyenas!  It's a good thing, I was near freakout.

The sand is hot without your shoes on.  So Carter runs on the shady sand!

Waiting for movie night to start.  The boys are all watching a train app on Clay's ipad.  So cute and cuddly!

On Sunset Beach at Cape May!  They are looking at Delaware in the very far distance.  (You can kinda see it the the right of the left viewer.)

So..this is a concrete ship.  That sunk.  Imagine that!

Information on the SS Atlantus.  Proof that yes, they did indeed think a concrete ship could be a great idea.

Boys out on the rocks.  On the edge of the Cape.

My sorting buddy.  We sat to find the prettiest Beach Diamonds.  (Clear stones, most likely tiny bits of quartz or glass that have been beaten on the shore and rounded and smoothed.)  She kinda likes the pink and rosy bits of quartz.

Our sorting field.  Reminds me of beans!

Ches is keeping an eye on Carter..he got down IN the big rocks a couple times!  Like up to his head.

There's a pretty rose quartz!

We visited the Cape May lighthouse, and this is the only way to see them and the lighthouse at the same time!

The boys chose to buy fossilized whale teeth for their souvenirs! : )

Whale Jaw Bone that washed up on shore.  There's a live frog living inside!

Most of the cousins there!  Minus Carter, Christopher, and Eric!  But we got to meet Kayla, Erin, and Thomas in person for the first time! : )

These girls looks so much alike to me! : )  Beautiful.
We've got to get back to the beach to have more fun!  And it's already eleven am! : )  Hope you are sorting through your rocks to find tiny diamonds too.  Hugs!

How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God.  How vast is the sum of them!  I try to count them—they are more than the sand; I come to the end—I am still with you.  Psalm 139:17-18