Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crisis Aversion

I always feel like saying, "What a day! Whew!"

I started early this am (5!) with Ethan and his breathing.  He was having soo much trouble-coughing like crazy and shallow breaths.  I knew he needed his inhaler, as he doesn't have a cold (or at least he DiDn'T), so I took him in the bathroom and ran the shower on hot.  It steamed up, then steamed up our room, then the kids' room, then when we could see a fog everywhere we finally turned it off!  By 5:30 he was not coughing, but his heart was racing, and his breaths were so shallow and fast, I knew he couldn't make it long.  I called into the after-hours number for our pediatrician's office (to Children's in LR), and long story short(er), we got a new inhaler called into a Walgreen's 24-hour pharmacy here in town.  By 8:30am, we picked it up (told you it was a long story!), and he was breathing again.
Crisis #1 averted.

(and I met a sweet mom in the drive thru at Walgreen's looking for a hundred dollar bill for her son's birthday, and Walgreens said they'd have to call a manager, etc. but I had one!  I NeVeR have one, but Angie (big roller!) paid me for half our room in Branson and had given me a hundred.  I don't spend them since they mark on them and act like you're trying to pass off a fake!) anyway, we traded money and she was so excited.  Really.  So her crisis was averted.)

Mary Claire was 333 when she woke up, and she was sooo mad she couldn't eat breakfast.  I gave her three options: one-have only cereal and eat it 10 minutes after your bolus, two-change your site now and eat what you want, or three-don't eat till you come down. Ha.  She's getting better at this game!  She wanted me to change it.  It is good when she makes the decisions, so I don't have to be the Meanie.  She got to eat what she wanted, and came right down, but boy, did she eat!  French toast sticks (no syrup), sausage, cereal with milk, apple juice, lemon-poppy seed muffin, and a quarter of a waffle (tiny bit of powered sugar).  Makes me full just thinking about it.  (and Clay had two tangerines, a pile of black olives, and a waffle with syrup)
Crisis #2 averted.

So we came back, and got ready to get dressed.  Guess who had missing pants today?  I guess we really did leave town fast.  I forgot the leggings to go with Mary Claire's dress!  She went ahead and wore the denim jumper/long sleeve shirt, but ummm..where's my brain?  We went upstairs and did our laundry (since we decided to stay another day), and I washed all the clothes and she wore some clean leggings (that did NOT match-from day before yesterday).  We went to the Grapevine Mills (outlets mostly) and my plan was to buy her some more appropriate leggings (matching color, maybe?) to change into.  Well, let me tell you: the whole place consists of store-food place-store-food place-store-food place, and on and on for 1.6 million square feet.  She whined about wanting to eat, wanting to drink, wanting popcorn, wanting cookies, wanting cotton candy, wanting candy, wanting a smoothie, wanting, wanting, wanting!  Do not take a child with diabetes to Grapevine Mills.  At least in Branson there are only three food locations.  There must have been 80 at GM.
Oh, and the strollers.  We went to get one of those kidcarts/smartcarte, that I hate, but entertain your child?  You know the ones? He wanted the fire truck (a two-seater-a shame I didn't get a picture).  So, we had to travel from entrance one to entrance five to get one.  Fun!  He was really happy with it until he saw the indoor train driving around-then IT looked more fun.  He lost it.  About the same time Mary Claire was losing it over the candy/smoothie/keychains! (yes, I told her she had no keys, but she said they were to hang on your backpack.  Oh.)
I guess legging crisis (#3) was averted too.  We got the heck outta dodge (no leggings, but just cookies).

So, we get in the van after accomplishing nothing, but a really long stroller ride (and exercise?) (did I forget to tell you she didn't want new leggings? she liked the ones she had just fine.), and Ethan fell asleep in the car.  We took him to the hotel, Ches and the kids went to the movie, and Ethan and I took naps.

Then we went out to eat, went and got Clay an SD card, and came back for swimming.  We met a nice family at the pool who are moving here from Pennsylvania.  Their kids were similar ages to ours, so they played while we talked.  The mom was wondering why we were at a hotel on a school night! : )  She got the long version.  heehee

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plain Ol' Busy Day, and I'm Too Tired to Think of a Name

My kids have trouble obeying.  Close your DSi.  Get your coat on.  How hard is that?  Clay continues to argue with me, “Why can’t I finish it?”  “I have to save it!”  I believe it’s true that if you are in the middle of a game, and you shut it, it’ll pause and save.  If not, prove me wrong.  I can put that thing back where it came from (or so help me)! (think Mike Wazowski’s song on Monsters, Inc.)  Argh.  Why do we buy them Christmas gifts anyway?  It’s about Jesus.

We are now at the Scouting Museum, and Ches failed to mention that it’s Boy Scouts.  Ethan fell asleep in the ten minutes it took us to get lost, recalculated, and arrive.  I’m sitting in the car with him while they learn about *boy* scouting.  It’s also a Family Research Center or something like that.  I might be interested in the research. Does it have anything to do with parents going crazy over kids not listening?  I could write the leads to reduction of privileges, time spent without the offending gadget, and does not promote warm family memories. (ps-Ches tells me there are now belt loops to be earned for computer games! and patches for travel/road trips-we cold nail those!)

Other Big News: We’ve lost Ethan’s paci.  It is in the hotel SOMEwhere, but we’ve turned it upside down, and can’t find it.  I left the lady a note telling her we lost it, and I hope she sees it and can read it.  I guess it wouldn’t be the most horrible thing in the world.  It’s about time.  He had it one minute and the next: it was gone.  I have no idea where he could’ve put it.

He brought me some leftover Zeppoli from Olive Garden (while I was in the shower) (Ches was asleep), and I told him he could have it and to come back to me (to wash his hands) when he was done.  So, I thought it might be in the refrigerator, but no.  We found a glass in the cabinet (with water in it!) the hard way (all over my arm) later this morning, so we checked all the cabinets thinking he might have been up there.  I mean, who puts away a glass with water in it?  Which leads me to the ants in our closet!!  I killed the ones I could, picked up the stuff in there, shook it all out, then scrubbed the bottom of the closet with a hot wet washcloth, hopping to smear around their squished dead bodies/wipe out the smell-path that their friends might follow.  I called down and asked that they bug spray the closet while we are gone.  No, there was no food in there, so I don’t know what they were drawn to!  Ick.

**9 hours later…
We are back at the hotel for the night.  We’ve been to Chipotle for a late lunch (and considered buying a franchise, seriously, but they only have 10 independently owned restaurants out of 832, so the chances are low that we could get one, as they are all corporate-owned, and they are buying back their stock from McDonalds currently to own everything, so not such a good chance), the Performance Bike store for Ches, then to church at St. Thomas Aquinas, then on to IKEA, then back to the hotel for swimming, cinnamon rolls, and baths.  They are all sound asleep now, and I'll be there soon.

We aren't sure what to do tomorrow.  We'd planned to come home, but it still sounds like the roads are bad and there may not be school on Monday.  Church was canceled at home today and the kids' PRE is canceled for tomorrow.  We would like it if they could call school by noon tomorrow, but it's not an ideal world.  Our goal is to be able to get home safely.  There are major hills (big bridges HIGH off the ground!) between here and there, and there's not really anywhere between here and there that we'd like to stop.  So, it's here or there.  We've gotta learn when to hold 'em, learn when to fold 'em, learn when to walk away, know when to run. . .

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.  Isaiah 58:11

Organic Road Trip

Well, besides the fact that I got to sleep at 9:30 last night! : )  Ches and I are sharing a room with Ethan (yes, Ha.), and he needs it dark, so I go to bed with him.  And he had no nap yesterday.  He did wake up at 10:30 crying like crazy, and I couldn't console him. I think he was still asleep, he couldn't tell me what was wrong or what he needed, he didn't want to get in bed with me-just CRIED!  Ches had to get him (Yes, I had to call him-he was working out)-he can take the loud unrelenting tears.  We finally calmed him down, only to put him in our bed (yes, crying again) at 3.  He stayed till almost 6, and he likes to sleep with his feet shoved in my stomach, and his head perpendicular to me and Ches.  GOod thing it's a king size bed.  We each slept on the outskirts while he took up the big fat, squishy middle.

What a day we had yesterday! : )  Long, but filled.  We started at the Museum of Natural History (well, we started with lunch there in their cafe-they had Organic Peanut Butter and Jelly: bread, Jif, and jelly from an industrial size tub-I don't know what part was organic..oh, maybe the $3) where we saw dinosaur exhibits, dug in sand/dirt for bones and fossils (I just have to post the pictures!), then saw fossils of footprints, lots of body exhibits on DNA, weight/square feet of skin per person, reproduction (with nasty liquid) of vomiting, one of mucus, a huge nose that sneezes every minute or so. Ches was playing with the DNA and finding mutations.  Then we went to the Children's Museum and played farm, planted seeds, collected eggs, played on the fire truck, played in the spider webs and ant holes, saw real snakes/turtles/BIG cockroaches (some hissing), tons more sand with little trucks/sifters, etc, a play house (Mary Claire made a friend and had to go back to say bye), Mary Claire went low and she'd left her meter in the van-Ches had to go get it (she wasn't low), then we went to the IMAX to see Dinosaur in the 3D dome theater.  It was good, not too much for Ethan (he actually made it through!!).  We got some yogurt for snack, and headed to the mall!

Just telling you about it makes me tired again!  I wanted to nap in the car for the 15 minutes or so to the mall, but I (and Mrs. GPS) had to keep Ches on track. Sometimes she tells you 20 feet too late, sometimes 20 too early.  We love it when she's "Recalculating..." then tries to get us back there.  When I'm watching, I read the streets, and I can yell louder than she can.  Then we make it.

So, then to the mall (NorthPark Center) to look for me some pants to wear.  Did I mention in my packing frenzy I forgot to pack my favorite jeans?  I even washed them, hung them to dry (if they shrunk any, I'd have to give them to MC!), and then left them in the clean laundry basket, all nicely folded and ready to wear.  Just not here.  We walked in to Macy's, and Mary Claire spied a dress she LOVED!  I let her try it, and we got it for her Easter dress, and finally found a little sweater for her First Communion.  The boys had all gone to the Lego store, so we went looking for them.  We mapped our way to PF Chang, had dinner (and Ethan loves Lo Mein-shocking!  Beige Spaghetti!)  got bum fortunes, then a tiny bit more shopping (me-jeans, remember??) and Ches went to the Apple store to get a cable to connect his new laptop (just like mine, hmm) to his extra monitor (doubles his screen size!).

So after all that fun, we came back to the hotel and swam until after 8.  What a long day!  The kids were then hungry again, and ate everything they could find.  And we brought a lot since we knew it could be a while, and we might lose everything in our freezer!

Funny: Clay wasn't being so nice (all day), and when he wasn't being nice to Ethan, Ches told him he was banished to Hades (I don't know if he heard), but guess where that was!?? With me-jeans shopping!  We went to this hip store with all young people, and the kids didn't want to go in the dressing room, so they sat in the floor with their treasures.  Clay thought I'd be a long time, so he dumped out his new Lego set-about a hundred pieces!  Then I walked out triumphant after two minutes, ready to go!  He had to scramble around to pick up all those tiny pieces!

Funnier: Yesterday morning Ethan was coughing when he got up.  When I asked him if he was okay, he said, "Yeah, I was coughing up my heart."

Funniest:  Ches was worried about our power being out and losing all our food.  So, he loaded a bunch of cold food into a cooler and a tub, and set them out on the back deck!  He figured the high was only 37, and they'd be covered and packed with snow, therefore colder than our fridge/freezer if they lost power! : )  He said I wouldn't use the ketchup, salsa, etc. if the refrigerator lost power, and our deductible is $500! (which means we'd be buying our own new ketchup...)

Note to Self: Skinny jeans only come in odd numbers (juniors sizes).  Maybe this is a clue that I should not wear them?  I could divide by two and be a teenager.

'Nother Note to Self: Don't dress kids in red, navy, or white to a museum in a big city, especially on a Friday.  There are lots of field trips, and they are mostly private schools. In red, white, and navy.

ps-Slideshow of yesterday is down below! : ) You're welcome, Mom!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Road Trip!

Update: We are now on boring old Highway 69/75 headed south to Dallas (to avoid the nasty weather headed home). We checked the kids out of school, and have been running from ice ever since. We are finally in the clear, but it was much like last year! We kept an eye on the weather, with Mom’s help (see below), as our teensy iPhones are too tiny to read. Yes, Ches is already requesting an iPad! ‘I could be working!’ ‘I could be checking the weather!’ ‘I could …’ He thinks he needs every new iToy. And he can’t wait for the second, much better version with the bugs worked out. Nope, have to have the First. When we get it, I’ll let you know all about it. If I ever get to touch it.

Well. I have been given the okay to talk about my mom now. There is a whole world of possibilities open to me! I’ll try to keep it mostly positive, and somewhat wholesome. Heh heh.

She is constantly censoring my pictorial (more this) and editorial (little less this) content. But now you can know her kinda like I know her.

We’ve been talking on the phone for four hours on and off. She slept in (because Dad didn’t wake her!), and yes, I explained she could purchase (and set) an alarm for herself if she got good and ready. Or she could use the one on her fancy little phone. She sure knows how to set her calendar alarms (even better than me!). So, I cannot let her blame Dad for her sleeping in. Anyway, she hadn’t had breakfast, and we were eating chips in the car, so she had some chips (are chips at three breakfast or lunch?). She’s been guiding us through the weather-as the iPhone isn’t helping so much. We have GPS in the van (but without weather), and we have weather on the iPhone, but without the map. If you are creative, have computer experience, I want you to merge the two and invent a GPS with weather!! Brother? That’s you!

We just crossed into Texas, so we’ve made some progress. Both physically and mentally. The kids have finally settled in (three hours in at least?), and are calmer. Ethan is asleep, Mary Claire is listening to music I just put on an SD card for her DSi (I found a new SD card reader/writer on Ebay for $3.99!! I feel like I just got the best buy of the century! I was prepared for $50!), Clay finished watching a movie and is playing DSi now. The first two hours were full of ravenous children (they ate their lunch box lunches in the car, then had McDonald’s, then were still hungry, ahhhhh!), and noise, and movie complaints. I’d forgotten all about road trips (or my Mom-mind blocked out the pain!)

I remember taking road trips when I was young. We would go to Rod Runs (yeah, maybe you can google them? They were like car shows for pre-1949 cars where we played games, ate together, had dances or bands at night, etc.), and all the way there we listened to what Dad liked: Eagles, Hall & Oates, and lots of country. I think we all learned the words to every song, and sang them at the top of our lungs (as we didn’t have a/c, so the windows were down-kinda like my first blow-out). I don’t remember taking stuff to do. We just knew it’d be hours (well, the longest trip ever was only like 4 or 5 hours) of nothing. We didn’t complain (that I remember…), and didn’t even have movies, games, or anything to entertain us besides the number of phone poles! : ) Still good memories. Wonder if they compare to all the iPhones, DSi’s, DVD players, ha!

Update to the Update: Here (Lewisville, Texas), in hotel, had dinner, and kids are swimming happily, we’ve already been locked out of our room, and lost a phone (but found it). Ah, just like home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diagnosis: Imperfection is Perfect

I love reading a good book-it broadens my horizons, makes me think about things in a new way, entertains me, and changes my writing. : )  Fun!  What more can you ask for?

A couple of things are going on here at my house.  One is laundry (did it ever not go on?), and the other is trip preparations.  How exactly do you prepare to be gone from your home during a horrible winter storm?  Last year, we had a bad ice storm (understatement), and the house had some damage-a branch came through our roof!  I also didn't realize what can happen when we aren't here to take care of it.  The ice in the freezer leaked out the front of the ice dispenser, down the front, and snaked across the floor, leaving dried ick behind.  We lost everything in our refrigerators/freezers, even though it was under 32 the whole time!  I guess the house stayed just warm enough to spoil the food?  Now I realize if I'd been here, I would have set the food outside!

So today I shopped for groceries.  Ches asked me to buy stuff for the road (although I don't want to eat in the new van!), and I bought some crackers and lots of fruit.  Don't you think you don't eat enough fruit when you are traveling?  I still can't believe it's coming, so I'm only halfway preparing.  Ches reserved a room in Lewisville, Texas for Thursday through Sunday, so he's a little more earnest.  I washed the car (so we could travel in a Shiny Car), and filled it with gas, so we make it.  I'm making an effort.  I'm also checking out the food in the cold storage and trying to decide what to eat first.  Does that count?

We had Clay's conference yesterday morning.  It went well, and I was happy to get some answers.  I'm hoping it'll help us move forward and help us have reasonable expectations for him.  He was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), combined with mathematics disorder.  I'm not disappointed, nor do I think it's a personal defect.  Nothing is wrong with him, he just needs to learn in a different way.  What I found most amazing (or he's my child), is his IQ!  It was so high in reading, language, comprehension, and the highest in perceptual/spatial understanding (which should help in math, no?).  I was glad to see the high scores, and know we didn't "mess up".  He just needs to focus to continue to learn.  I was so excited to know how to help him, I feel like campaigning for ALL kids to get such extensive testing!  They are all individuals, and we should cater education to them.  Imagine if our kids learned in their best way-we could maximize potential, minimize bad self-worth when they think they aren't measuring up.  Ahh, it's eye-opening, and I am glad.  We set off on a new road, and we are our children's best advocates.

I had my progesterone tested today, so I'm waiting to hear how it is.  I got my test results back from a couple weeks ago (the Panel of Tests), and they were normal.  (Is that Good or Bad?)  My doctor's office is so patient, or at least his nurse.  She's very sweet, and still has the patience of Job, even when confronted with Me.  I try to keep the paranoia and nervousness to myself, but I'm sure she can hear it in my voice as I apologize for being the high-maintenance patient.  I've never been on this side, the needy side. It's always been so easy for me.  I'm learning how to see from other people's shoes, and it's not bad.  I will never sit in a waiting room, calling all my friends to tell them what I'm having (as I Just Found Out!), knowing that someone in the huge waiting area may Not be pregnant, but was last week.  I won't complain about the pain/early contractions/exhaustion (ok, so don't mark my words), or the heartburn, knowing someone else might like to enjoy those things for once.  We all pray for wisdom, but say no thanks to the lessons.  I'll take lessons and find something redeeming in them.

** Update:  Doctor's office called at 3:30: My progesterone is 13.3, so it's fine this month.  We just wait a week, and see what happens. : )  **

So, I find myself even more thankful for my imperfect kids, just because they are here.  They are healthy, smiling, full of energy, eat my cooking, stay up late at night to read by flashlight, and have an almost limitless number of hugs to give out.  They are great because they are mine!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chocolate Cheerio Crack

Ok, just cleaned away a post that never needed seeing.  I was ranting about people's stupidity, and no one really wants to read about that.  We could all read that any old day.

Ok, wanna know what my new crack is?  MMmmmm.. It's Chocolate Cheerios!  It's like Cocoa Krispies for adults!  There are no pictures of little cartoon characters, so that proves it's for adults.  And it says, "With Real Cocoa", so that means it has cocoa's natural antioxidants, so I'm eating healthy.  mmmmm... it even turns my milk brown.  Wait till my kids see it in the cabinets.  It'll be a hit!  I sure hope they keep it on the shelf.  Every time I find a new favorite (well, usually my picks are healthier, but you know...), they take it off the shelves (like the Honey Nut Frosted Mini Wheats)!

Do you renew your magazine subscriptions when they tell you that "Your Subscription is About to Expire!" (in May, 2011).  I have had enough of them!  I watch them, read the small print, and try to keep tabs on all of them.  But, get this.  For all my loyalty (long, long subscriptions-years), I get the bargain basement price of $36 for a year!  But, imagine my surprise when a postcard fell out of the magazine offering me a new subscription for only $13 a year (or two for $26!), 60% off the retail price!  Ha. Ha.  I'm so valued.
So.  I planned a lapse!  Ha, the jokes on you, Southern Living!  I am mailing in the new card tomorrow.  I had to hold it until I got my February issue (so I didn't miss one..).  Let's see if it works!  I'll keep you posted.

We are getting ready to have the first anniversary of our absolutely horrible ice storm.  I think Mother Nature is throwing a party in its honor.  We are expecting low temps, ice, snow, and freezing rain: a Winter Storm.  Ches is already checking out the forecast in other, more southern, cities.  (We saw a great article on San Antonio, and one on a great indoor waterpark-hotel in Grapevine, Texas in Southern Living.  See why I need it?)  We are looking for warmer, electricity-bearing cities.  Any Ideas?

Oh no!  We have a birthday party this Saturday!  And we already got her a present.  Boo.  Ok, Ice.  This is not a good weekend, come again another day?

Friday, January 22, 2010 WAS a ruptured eardrum!

Seriously, thanks for bearing with me in my fog of run on sentences and crazyness.  It didn't get any better last night.  Ethan was up at 4, in my bed: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck on that stupid torn paci, I couldn't sleep!!  I finally took him back up to his bed at 5:10 (yes, AM!), but then Ches had to go up there.. it doesn't end. And then I slept in (or slept over, what do you call it?), woke up at 7:25, and we had to hurry to get the kids to school.  Funny enough, or thanks to God, they were ready to go at the same time as usual.  So..why can't they get around that fast every day?

We (Ethan and I) slept for 20 minutes this afternoon, and I took him to the doctor.  He did indeed have a ruptured ear drum.  The doctor couldn't even see down in it, cleaned it out twice, and decided to just check the other ear since I knew one ear still had a tube.  Well.  The one that was not leaking had a tube, so bad news.  He's back on antibiotics AgAiN, so I'm voting for more tubes a little while after this left one comes out.  (So, I remember later when I look this up, it's his right ear that ruptured, and the left one has a tube.  Just disregard...)

We went out and saw a movie (thinking of the name.. bear with me..) about a dad trying to save his kids-he was working with a scientist to raise money for research, and it really reminded me of our life.  I like to go to movies to escape my life (you know, a two-hour vacation from my every day?), but it was so real, and I could see me in it.  It was tough to watch, but good.  At least it had redeeming value-Ches said it was a Made For TV movie by CBS, but they were trying to bring in some cash. I can totally see it being on TV next year.  Ok, looked it up: Extraordinary Measures. : )  Google is Super Handy!

Do you have purse suggestions?  Seriously?  I'm looking for one a little smaller than the one I have, as it's breaking my back, and I can no longer carry a child, his blanket, AND that big suitcase around!  It's SO heavy!  I have a lot of coins in there (I will soon get rid of), a notebook, wallet, 2 phones (extra iPhone I tried to get service on..Not Happening.  You have to have internet or no service.  Can't just have phone service!  Boo.), tons of paperwork (it's my mobile office, you know), all the keys and pens (I just LoVe pens! But only colored ones), a case with gums (four kinds), tic tacs, hand sanitizers (one for each family member's preference), extra underwear, just in case (for Ethan, not me, silly!), and all those other Mom things.  It's just too much, and I want to start fresh.  Cleaning my purse is just not enough, I've tried!  I think I've had this one for a year and a half now-a personal record!  I did get a new green one last spring, but I only carried it for a couple months.  I love that this one holds so much, but it must weigh 6 or 7 pounds empty!  Ugh.  My back! (shoulder!)

Do you let your child be themselves?  How do you encourage it, and not laziness?  I need to work on this.  I don't think Mary Claire has found her strength yet, and I want to help her.  We think maybe she should take piano (she wants voice lessons, but no one will consider it until after puberty..) to learn to read music and play too, and maybe art.  She is artistic, and maybe?  I want her to conform, and like what I like.  I think I thought she'd be like I was, but she sooo isn't.  In good ways I guess too.  Parenting is this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda job!  And it changes from day to day--what worked yesterday doesn't always work today.  Mary Claire is loving me teaching her every day-I think it's the one on one attention.  Our time together is usually diabetes-related, and we don't get that read aloud time at night like we used to-she's reading alone now.  So, it's working for now, and she's stronger at some things than I thought she'd be, but weaker in areas I assumed were easy!  But she came home today excited she made E's (for Excellent) on her addition and subtraction quizzes, so she was proud.  We've been drilling those flash cards.  This is not how I planned to spend an hour and a half every night, but if it's helping her learn and shine, then it's worth it.  But, I still am looking for her special talent so she can shine on her own...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Mind's Busy!

Ches asks why I watch these shows-they just make me cry.  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice just make me cry. : (  I think I like that they are so real that I can feel what they are feeling.  That or I'm hormonal?  I cried at Bunko too-just feelings really close to the surface.

Long day today when I was home all day and had no adult contact. : )  We played on the computer a little bit, played train, I made him macaroni (and wasted the rest!), played pretend games (his latest favorite!  We play store, Wal-Mart, Chick-Fil-A, and he repairs my stuff!), and I got laundry and some cleaning done, and got a shower while Ethan was still asleep for nap.  When I went up to wake him up (since I didn't want him to sleep too long!), around 3 o'clock, he wasn't in his bed!  I looked all around, and was starting to get really worried.  I found him on the dining room floor-covered up with his blanket.  It was so sweet.  Funny, when you find them, they just seem so innocent, fragile even.

We're trying to plan a trip away maybe in March.  It's very hard to be gone from Mary Claire for very long.  It seems that five days is the maximum limit for her pump site.  We have found the cheapest airfare, but it's for seven days.  It's a hard thing to plan around-but it seems to be the most important.  I could whine about it sucking and not wanting to deal with it, but I really don't have a choice.  One day she will be able to do it herself, but not yet.  I have to let her be a little girl for a while longer.

There are so many things on my mind-and not enough time.  Here's my list:
new purse?
activity across the street-a new family should be moving in soon
I have to get Mary Claire in to see the orthodontist
I need to clean my closet
Dinner for tomorrow
Hair appointment tomorrow-so glad it's finally here!  But can't have a playdate and go to the library!

Ethan's ear
Why Ethan doesn't sleep all through the night any more
Mary Claire's grades
Clay's appointment Monday morning to see how his evaluation went
Why my friend didn't write me back when I wrote her after she asked about my pregnancy and why I hadn't mentioned it lately.
Laundry in the dryer
Clay's pinewood derby car that keeps breaking.  In different places.
Need. More. Sleep.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Has parenting always been hard?

I just love a fresh new opportunity (to tell you my garbage).  It gets it off my chest, so there.  heehee  And I can SO use some stress relieving!! : )  I am LoViNg my new Bath and Body Works line of relaxing Aromatherapy stuff (I got them in Branson-two for one!!): I got the pillow mist (seriously helps me drift right off!), the lotion pump (I use every time I wash in my bathroom, and I come get some when I'm stressed-the smell, mmmm...goood), the hand cream, and the body mist.  I already have the balm (something like that-it's for your wrists-I used it for our Disney trip last year, and I was hooked). It's the eucalyptus and spearmint scent.  It's clean, kinda like you just brushed your teeth, doesn't make me hungry-kinda smell.  And relaxing.

Although the clean smell reminds me of something...

On Monday, Clay (and Mary Claire) didn't have school.  He got creative, cut up some paper and made a volcano.  Upstairs was smelling really good (he uses Axe body spray we got tons of free at the JDRF walk last fall), and I just figured he sprayed after his bath.  Well, long story short, Ethan was screaming before long, and he was telling us that Clay sprayed his mouth, and he was gonna "Die" (seriously his words-remember he's ThRee!).  We grilled Clay, and he said Ethan breathed some in, and probably tasted it, and that's why he thought it went into his forward to later Monday morning.  We had some friends over playing, and Clay got all bragg-y, and was showing off his volcano.  He set it down, sprayed something up through the handy cut-out hole, and smokey, foggy, whitish (good-smelling) smoke was coming out of the volcano!  Yep, the Axe.  So now we know Ethan was tasting the "volcano".  Hmm.

Which reminds me of today.  After Mary Claire's bath, I was drying her hair.  She was primping in front of her mirror, and began using her various products.  She now uses (well, periodically) Secret Hannah Montana deodorant. She rubbed it on, oohed and aahed over the wonderful scent (probably her way of thanking me for buying it), then smiled at herself in the mirror (you know, the coy, shoulder up, model pose?).  I really think you are only capable of loving yourself just the way you are (and in front of a mirror) if you are 9 and under.

Which reminds me.. in the next room, was my SLeePiNg baby!  I let him stay outside ALL afternoon after Mother's Day Out!  It was SO warm and sunny.  I figured I'd try the No Nap again, and see if tonight went better (it did, btw!!).  We played train track, and I pushed him on the swing, he played doctor, drove his tractor, rode his tricycle, we played golf, catch...sharpened pencils, you know, sunny day stuff!  Anyway, he was so strung out, he went right to sleep.  Precious.  We needed an early night after all his antics for the past week!  Let's just see when he wakes up.  It's been 5:30am-ish lately.  Blech.

Which reminds me... (okay, it's getting old).

I went to the teacher store today to get stuff to teach my second grader. It seems that five days a week isn't doing the trick.  She got N's (Needs Improvement, as in Below Grade Level, as in Momma Goes Nuts) in Math and Writing.  Well.  This is totally unacceptable to me.  I don't understand how a really intelligent child isn't figuring this stuff out.  So, I got new flash cards (yes, addition AND subtraction 0-12 AND subtraction 13-18), a book on Writing (for the bargain basement teacher store price of 29.99, but Reproducible-handy only if I were teaching 25 kids!), a book on grammar and mechanics (which I really like, and she loves, btw!), and a kinda-fun book on addition and subtraction.  Today I made her a chart with her assignments (2-3 pages of each Every day!).  And get this: she loved them!  She just ate it up.  I don't know if it was the one-on-one time with me, or just the fun of coloring some math problems, circling subjects and predicates, and naming more specific topics to write about!  She says she can't wait till tomorrow.  Huh.  All I can say is how long will she love it?

I was tempted to make her miss girl scouts, and maybe stop gymnastics to do more "Home Work", but it doesn't sound like much of a punishment!  I heard a great re-broadcast on XM Radio today of a Dr. Oz show about Children Who Soar (a book by Drs. Eppler-Wolff and Davis) and how kids used to just come home from school and play till dark: play was fun, not a scheduled soccer game with performance pressure), and we didn't have the same expectations.  It was more or less that way when I was young.  I don't remember doing anything except girl scouts.  Now, my kids are double-booked some nights!  I don't like it, but I realize they have to get ahead (of what?) now, since everyone else is doing so much. I guess I'm already thinking college, and their need to be well-rounded, and I want them to experiment to see what they really enjoy.  If they don't like it, they don't have to play it next season.

What I've discovered is it's hard to be a parent these days (not that I've parented in any other decade..).  I'm sure societal pressures are different, but gosh.  Standards are high, and I want my kids to make the grade, and get the scholarship! (and be clean, and have good manners, and pray every day, and look cute, and be on time, and play well with others, and get enough exercise, and get enough sleep, and keep their rooms clean, and have good blood sugar, and not text and drive, and I could go on forever..)  It's so hard that we have to decide what's most important (ok, I'm thankful someone isn't telling me what to do), and gamble with it's right-ness or wrong-ness.  Lord, let it be right!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Kids are so funny. They have played Scary Monsters, ran around the house playing laser tag, now they've calmed down, and Clay is reading "Oh Yikes! History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments", and Mary Claire was playing doctor with Ethan. In just the time it took to type this much, she examined him, gave him a pretend shot, and he began to cry Seriously Loudly. Then when he got a tinker toy lollipop, he tripped, dropped it, and now wants it washed. Heehee (and then she really washed it in the sink) They are creative, and I'm never bored-you will never hear those words slip through my lips.

Today was chaos at church. I always hope for it to be a nice, relaxing time with God, you know, an opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to recharge for my week. But, then we don't go alone, so I set my expectations way too high! The kids were at PRE (like Sunday School), and the north parking lot was so full (and there's no outlet!), so Ches dropped me and Ethan off at the front doors. We wriggled like salmon upstream to get to Mary Claire, then had coats, purses, backpack, folder, and beautifully decorated cross (which seriously hampered my Holy-Spirit-filling later), and had to go outside to another building to get Clay. And so it began.

His classroom was AGAIN dark and empty. It is now 10:18, and the kids get out at 10:15. Earlier in the year, they would make us wait in the hall (and we're Catholic and everyone has other kids with them in line), like sardines packed in between other parents coming and going, and moving in and out of the way so they could go out the exit door of the building-pure purgatory, in advance. Anyway, my point being, that I learned to get Mary Claire first to avoid the hallway hubbub. Well, now they are gone! This is the second time it's happened. The first time I freaked out, looked ALL over the church (bathrooms, nursery, gift shop, vestibule, up in the pews by Ches, Cry Room, etc.), and found him down in another PRE hallway (far from where he was supposed to be in his other building)! So, I found him more quickly this time, but I complained. I try to be nice, especially since it's *church*, but it's crazy! He should be where I left him, especially since we have high security, and I have to "sign" him out. The director told me the teachers go to 10:30 Mass, and they didn't want to be late. I said that I was going to be late now after trekking all over campus looking for my son! I asked if he could be in a consistent place each week so I could come right to him, but she said no. (??) She said they get out at 10:15, then they bring the extra kids to Faith Hall, in the main building. I said I had two kids to pick up, and one of them can't be picked up at exactly 10:15, so one will be a couple minutes later. Long story, but it was aggravating.

So, then the glitter. We got into church, and our journey had been all about preserving the glittery cross. We dropped Ethan at the nursery, and the cross survived the clinging child (yes, he asked to go in there), the coat-rubbings, the crowds of people, etc. When we got to the pew, I hung it around a hymnal in the book rack of the pew in front of us. It kinda got in the way when we were kneeling, but there was no better spot (it was wet and glittery after all). Well, the next time we stood up, Mary Claire didn't like her legs touching it, so she laid it on the pew. You know what happened from there. Then it was all over her dress, and she turned the dress all around to the front to check out the wet purple glitter (and gave everyone a nice view of her tights). She sat on her coat to protect the pew, but then the glitter started to dry (and harden) and bugged her, so she picked at it. She raised her hands up high (so everyone could see the beauty), and began to pick at her hands, making glitter fall down like snow. I lowered her hands, and she pulled on the glue to make stretchy-like wads between them. Then they got crusty, and she kept playing. Then she whined, wanted her dress washed, wanted to go get a drink, her throat hurt, needed to go to the bathroom, and it continued. I kept telling her to be quiet and asked if her teacher told her to be quiet all the time. She said no, and I silently thought to myself what a saint she is. The teacher, not Mary Claire, btw. It continued until the end, and it was hard. I hate it when I can't focus, it's just not the same experience. I know God knows I was trying.

I tried something new today: I let Clay go get Ethan from the nursery. It was nice! I usually talk to people all the way there, and he's the last one to leave (which makes me feel guilty). Today, we got to leave pretty quickly, and Ethan fought us all the way to the car. He wanted to go the opposite way of the van! I tried to stop, kneel down to his height, and ask where he was going, but he could just tell me, "That Way!" toward the moving cars and other parking lot. Yep, a crazy morning. I am still glad we went, but sometimes we have to adjust our expectations. I totally didn't expect a missing child and sticky purple glitter.

Hopefully if you were at church with me, you were so busy, that you didn't notice my glittery, talky experience. I hope you were filled with the Holy Spirit (maybe even enough not to judge our family?). heehee

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Misunderstood Trip

A big miscommunication led to a really long road trip today. We had this wonderful Saturday opportunity-a whole day opened up for us to enjoy! I took my time, got the kids their baths, made sure they cleaned up their rooms, made beds (maybe this is what I enjoy? Odd.)...and then. Ches and I were having a good day (tell ya more later), and we chatted about what we'd like to do today. We decided we could take a trip-maybe Branson to pick up the First Communion dress I bought this week (well, called and paid for) at Strasberg, we could go to Tulsa and play at Kaleidoscope (the Children's Museum) and go to Pottery Barn Kids, and Ches thought maybe we should go to Fort Scott, Kansas and visit his dad's grave site. Well, who am I to weigh PB Kids over his dad?

We all got ready, and didn't leave here till about 1:45-way late for a day trip, and Ethan had been up since 6am! He was so tired, but we were just sure he'd nap in the van (yeah, we were proven wrong). We have been planning to go to Ft. Scott since last May when we didn't have time to fit it in around Memorial Day. And every day is filled with so much (especially those four-basketball-games-a-day Saturdays in the fall!). Anyway, I thought Ches really wanted to go somewhere in our still-new van, so we got flowers, a camera, snacks, movies, and books for the kids, and left. Long story short, we got there, found his stone, took pictures, taught the kids a little about a national cemetery (like that the veterans' wives are buried on the opposite side/back side of them with the headstone engraved on the back-no, I didn't know this-but Ches did), and learned that they are picking up all flowers on January 20th. Sad, isn't it? They'll only be there for four days, but we just couldn't pick them back up. They talked to their grandfather they've never met, and we said goodbye.

We got back in the car and headed right back home. Can you believe that? I can tell you part of the reason-there's not much up there. It is a very small town (well, they have a Pizza Hut you can eat in, which boggles our mind because our PH is gone!), and there isn't anything to do. So, we drove back to Joplin, ate dinner, and came home. That's it. The kids are in bed, and our Saturday is gone. It was okay, I wrote some thank you notes, read magazines, the kids read, played games, and watched movies. We just spent it confined in a van.

On the way back home, I asked Ches if he was glad he went, if he felt better after visiting. He said, "I thought you just wanted to get out of the house!" Ha. Ha. It was all a misunderstanding. I thought he'd wanted to go somewhere, and he's suggested Branson, and I'd thought he felt he needed to see his dad. So, we learned something today! We will talk-and be specific and honest-on our next free Saturday (like next year or whenever). We'd both wanted our free Saturday to be at home relaxing, but we thought the other one wanted a day out! Crazy. At least we learned something, so it was profitable.

On another note. We went back to the doctor yesterday. We went together, so I wouldn't forget anything. I won't go through the whole thing, but he told me not to worry about the time restrictions he gave me on having a child before I turn 37. That was probably the biggest relief for me. I was so worried, not knowing if he was going to tell me that my time was up, or if he would help us. I felt like it was a toss up. It went fine, after he got in there (an hour late, but I have to assume he was delivering some blessed family's baby). He is so personable and even funny. I feel like he'll do what he can to help, so we will stick it out. He ran a panel of tests, so I hope I hear how they went on Monday. He told me I could continue my baby aspirin every day (I learned WaY too much online: to remedy/help prevent problems with antiphospholipid antibodies), and take it until we hear a heartbeat (he is ever the optimist), and he'll check my progesterone next month 7 days after ovulation. There's a plan, and not too invasive, so I can handle it. He wants me to stress less this month, and not try too hard (ie: not check for ovulation or pregnancy), and just to come in for blood work if I have pregnancy symptoms.

Long story, but it's our life right now. We went out on a date last night (we needed to get out together!), and went to PF Chang's. We are not big believers in luck or fortunes, but we do enjoy getting our fortune cookies! Last month, we got "big surprises in your future" (which I complained that we did get a surprise, and a letdown, but Ches thinks the surprise is in the future still), and last night Ches got "Beginnings are the hardest part, don't lose faith". I think you can find God and your faith anywhere. Even in a cookie.

Thanks, God for placing Your words in our hands. We needed a vote of confidence and a ray of hope. ...It's hard making a decision that you feel God drew you toward, and then failing at it. It sure makes life confusing.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:6

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Girl Scout cookies are for sale! : ) We are officially open for business. They won't be in till Feb. 14th or 15th, but we are excited. It's our big fundraiser for the year, and the girls enjoy it. My sis-in-law is selling them at her office, and she sold so many last year (maybe more than Mary Claire??)! Mary claire set her goal at 200, so I just hope we can reach it! Every year it gets harder-especially in this economy. I think everyone knows it's for a good cause-it's not just for the cookies to eat. This year the NWA Children's Shelter was chosen for the Gifts of Sharing cookies (when people will buy some, but don't want them at their house to eat!). It's hard when the sale is right after the holidays, and everyone wants to lose weight. (Like me.) Let me know if you would like to order some! : )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lessons Learned

I forget that when I shop, it requires more work and more HaNgErS! I bought some stuff for next winter, mostly for Ethan, but now I have to store it! Mostly I got spring and summer clothes. I will have to work on putting them away now!

I am still working on the Wii Fit-and it's still telling me I've gained weight-like I don't know! It wants to know if I want fitness tips. No, thanks. Really, I know the problem. I'm working on eating less. : )

I got Mary Claire a great new book (yes, it was last week, BeFoRe the *incident*). Ches read a little, and it may be risky! He thinks he read that a girl had a crush on a guy and wanted him to kiss her. So now, I have to read it to preview it. My kids are on such high reading levels, the content is above their age levels. I can't keep up-especially with both of them! I let them read books I've read, but they new ones I can't read all of before I give them. When I was in college, I had to read ALL the Newbery and Caldecott award winners. Yes, it was a four page list. The Caldecotts (best picture book each year) were easy, it was those dog-gone Newberys (best children's text-usually, but not always, a chapter book) that were so tough!! Anyway, I have the books I read as a child, the ones I read in college and while teaching, and the ones I've read in the past few years. But as they come out, I can't always "pre-read" them. Have you read Love, Stargirl? Let me know how it is.

**Ok, did some searching, and it's not that bad. A fist fight, a kiss, a moon (which I don't look forward to describing), and some adult pipe-smoking. Could be bazillions worse. I'll have to do the searching before I buy or before I give! Lesson learned.

ps-Cookies For Sale!! Officially has started. Wanna help sell? Come get a form! Want some cookies? Let me know how many of each kind! : )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shopping, Stealing, and Sadness

Well, some tummy troubles have me momentarily delayed...I ordered food to go from Chili's-and think I grabbed a virus to go too! ugh. Can't get in the hot tub till I feel better.

We've shopped, and almost dropped! We've NeVeR stopped this early-by 6:30!-to go eat and get back to the hotel. We've been going since yesterday after lunch in Branson (with one of my old friends from junior high-Becky!). We made it till the stores closed, ate at Pizza Hut late, then closed Target-literally at 10pm. Today we started late, got some good deals-on both winter closeout stuff and early spring/summer clothes. I'm buying mainly for this spring/summer, and only for next winter if the deals are too amazing to pass up.

I found the cutest stuff for Mary Claire, but some of it is older-glittery butterflies, "skinny" pants, etc. and I'm wondering if she's too young. I've tried so hard to keep her really youthful-my baby in bows and cutesy dresses-so letting her grow up is hard, but it might be time.

Today marks a new phase in my parenthood. I'd like to erase it, but it's impossible. Mary Claire took Ches' debit card-from his wallet in the kitchen-and tried to buy *points* online to buy a Nintendo DSi game. You can only use points (I guess to keep kids from just buying directly online, and in hopes that they'd only use points their parents bought them?), so she worked at it. When Ches discovered it was missing (at the Boy Scout store), he panicked. He called the last place he'd used it, Chick-Fil-A in Rogers, and they didn't have it. He went home, looked everywhere, and remembered Mary Claire asking if he'd buy her some points. He went up, looked in her room, and found his debit card under one of her DSi game boxes. He was so mad! He told her to stay in her room, and he came downstairs and called me. We conferenced, I told him she had to write 50 sentences, extra math problems, to take her DSi away (and all equipment so she had no reason to think she'd ever get it back), and she had to stay in her room for two days, and be grounded for two weeks. I felt so bad I wasn't there!

He did, and she finished the sentences (that she even finished them was the most surprising!), and then he was frustrated that her being naughty was going to ruin everyone else's day. He wanted to go back to Chick-Fil-A to let the boys play-since it's still only 12 degrees out-wind chill of -6 degrees. I told him to just have her take a book and sit and read while they played. Maybe she'd see what she was missing out on. What a rough day. It gets harder and harder for me to leave. I feel like it's good for me mentally (it's a good workout too!), but I don't know how to make it easier. They'd even been to Jump Zone, Chick-Fil-A, and I'd told them they had each earned $4 in allowance (for chores) that they could spend (which they'd already spent by the time she did it!). I mean they'd had a good day, and she had to push for more. I'm so disappointed in her.

Ok, back to being a little sick, then maybe swim? and more shopping tomorrow! I'm all DONE shopping for Mary Claire. The boys got about four matching outfits each, and Ches got a few things. Maybe I'll be quick tomorrow? : )

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just the Best!

An absolutely great day! : ) Lunch with a friend (I hadn't seen in maybe 18 years? we were trying to remember. . ), shopping with a friend-a great time! We ate dinner late and will meet up with another friend for lunch tomorrow. Branson is turning out to be our second home. Heehee

I was so worried about the roads, but God was watching over me. They were so dry and perfect. It even snowed these big massive flakes all day-beautiful, but absolutely no accumulation. And because it was sooo cold (the high was 14 degrees), the car would get cold, we'd get back in, and you could see the perfect flakes on the windshield-awe-some. You cannot look at all the individual flakes and think there isn't a God orchestrating our world. Impossible. Just so perfect.

On another note, I've pigged out at Pizza Hut, then tried on clothes-Not a Good Idea. Makes your wobbly bits a teensy bit more noticeable!! (or tons more so) I found a beautiful white jacket (looks like softened leather, but it's not, so no animal died for me), it has zippers on the sleeves, that I am going to have hemmed, so the zips may go. I'm sure alterations will cost as much as the jacket, but it's rockin'! And I was needing a new jacket...

We are winding down, getting ready for bed-we have a long day tomorrow! We are dressing warm, and our hearts are pumping with fun, so we'll be fine. Keep your babies in, and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Parenting (mostly out of the shower)

Thanks, Mom, for letting Clay and Mary Claire come for the day! They had fun, and I needed a break. (They probably needed a break from me too!) I got a few more things cleaned up (I still had wrapping paper out from Christmas), had time to chop billions of veggies for stir-fry for dinner (8 cups!), got a nap (praise the Lord) to sleep off my headache (which is back, btw), and fit in a shower! Even though I waited until Ethan took a nap to take a shower (since I never know what he'll bring to me/carry into my bathroom...), he walked in with his blankie and his pants down! He'd had a potty in Clay's bathroom after his nap, and wanted to be wiped. I know, brings chills, doesn't it? I got out (while he just stood there sleepily watching me), dried off, and wiped him! Ahh, a precious child. I turned on the tv (sad, but it functions as babysitter when I'm not dressed), and quickly dried my hair! It surprises me how fast the days go by!

Mary Claire is having some trouble in math, mainly with double-digit subtraction with borrowing. It hasn't been formally taught at school yet, but I've been working with her. I talked with her teacher (Clay's teacher for second grade also), and she said she'd teach it earlier this year (after Christmas), and it still feels like it isn't soon enough. It's such a basic life skill that needs daily repetition to master. I worry about her. She's so smart (take yesterday's internet experience), but doesn't really WaNt to apply herself. How to motivate her...yes, Ches wants to reward goodness with internet time! Let's see how that one goes.

Almost done with the loss (not a better word to use here, I really tried to think of another). I am becoming more obsessed (at least I'm aware of it?) with getting pregnant. I have looked up all different causes of early pregnancy loss, and ways for me to be healthier. I'm pretty healthy, but there are more things I can do. I'm trying to cut caffeine (as is Ches), which may prove to be my biggest hurdle. I don't just like it; I love it. Coke, coffee, chocolate, my love. So, I'm a little moody today, and it's causing headaches (probably withdrawal). When it gets so bad I can't see, I have about a third of a can of Coke (maybe 20 grams of caffeine?), and it doesn't help. It just helps in my mind. : ) I've read that two cups of coffee a day can double the chances of miscarriage-not what I need. I can be an extremist, and don't really want to be, but there are small, simple things I can change.

I don't even know how I got to this point. A year ago, I was just sure (I think I was) I was done having kids. I had a conversation with my doctor at my last yearly appointment about any last kids (The Talk since I was Getting Older). I guess after you realize it's the end, and you do a lot of prayer time about children, you soften. Then, I was so surprised at myself at how excited I was to be pregnant last summer. You don't really know how you'll feel till you see a positive pregnancy test! I just cried. Then, losing that one, I was so disappointed. Now it feels like a quest. And, sadly, I just live for a challenge. Don't ever dare me to do something or say it can't be done. Just competition in my genes, a way of life.

It's already hard on a lot of days to have three kids. It's not three times the work of one, which some of my friends ask about. It's just more. You don't take into account the effect that each one has on the others, both good and bad. They are built-in playmates, adore each other, can't wait to see one another in the morning, help the youngest go to the bathroom or read to them, and they still get on the others' nerves, pinch each other, don't want to take turns, and want to know why the other one isn't helping unload the dishwasher! It's just More.

I've always said that I have a lot of faith, and I do. I don't think this is quite it, and I still think God has an amazing plan. He always surprises me. There must be something in the works, even as I ponder what it could be.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Computers-We have more than we realize

Moved a room of furniture, an armoire, tv and all-important Wii! It literally was the least expensive way to add a room to our house! We have a living room that we NeVeR live in, and I was up this morning wanting to Wii (without waking up Ches, or having him watch me hula hoop!), and a plan was hatched. I came in, woke him up, and laid out the idea. I love that he just goes with the flow! We moved the furniture all around (including trading out an armoire with a hutch), played with it, and voila! We were in there all day! (and Ethan could watch Ruby and Max unbothered in the hearth room, so he was happy too) Just magical.
I knew there was a way to wake that room up (besides lime green paint). A tv just draws people sometimes, as much as we try to avoid it. And I fit in 40 minutes of Wii Fit today! Woo hoo!
My toenails had forgotten what nail polish felt like...until today! I finally took some time for me, which was nice. I got a small nap (I could finally breathe after getting some antibiotics yesterday), made dinner (steak and fries!), and Mary Claire and I made banana bread for dessert. She actually did most of it since I was making dinner too. We played Apples to Apples (for the 40th time..I think they are losing interest-they were totally acting up tonight!). Oh yeah, and I got a bath (I know, hahahaha. Seriously, I only have time for showers!), washed my sheets and remade my bed (dropped the electric blanket and added the big fluffy duvet).
We just found out Mary Claire was still awake! (10:40pm!) Ches could see all the computers that have ever accessed our internet, and there was a live one! It was my little girl, yes, age 7, on the computer!! She got a DSi for Christmas, and we knew it had the word "Web", but we'd never used it, or even tried it. Well, apparently she did! She just smiled, and told Ches so excitedly how much she loved her DS (for the 82nd time!). Oh My Gosh. She'd been to several websites already, and she knew the parental password! I have to say I didn't set it up, and haven't played with it too much (besides the Picto-Chat), but it is truly a mini-computer. We really had no idea. We'll have to start collecting their cute little colored computers as they head up to bed. I didn't think we'd hit this stage for a few more years! : O

Monday, January 4, 2010

Buzz Lightyear is Singing!

Sometimes I read my old posts and think I could be my friend (you know, hypothetically, if I wasn't me). Heehee She has feelings like me! and is experiencing things I've experienced! If only it was that easy. Very few people have walked the road I'm on (or maybe they have, but haven't told me). I didn't want to be an expert at these things.
I found this tiny piece of pinkish red skin/tissue/stuff on my finger today after my shower, and I have to say (crazy as it sounds, don't think I haven't dismissed my own thoughts thirty-two times) it looks like a teensy baby. Albeit, the size of two poppy seeds squished together. I kept rolling it in my fingers thinking it would spread out or break up, but it didn't. I saved it in alcohol, and if I get up the nerve, I'll ask my doctor to send it for lab work. I'd just love to know what happened. Even if it was bad. Well, even though it was bad.
Ches did not dismiss me as totally psychotic, so that's good. He's great that way. He allows me to be creative or imaginative, or just to believe God put it in my hand.
So, today I had a horrible headache (and the receptionist did not think I was funny when she asked what was wrong and I told her about the noisy kids home from school and my splitting headache), made it through the snow-packed roads (and some cleared ones!), and got some antibiotics for my sinus infection (contributing equally with the noisy kids towards the headache). Ches drove me, and the kids watched Toy Story in the van and played with their cool new toys (that I've begun to understand!).
We went to eat at Olive Garden, and it was really nice. We sat in the big round booth (good), and the kids could see the hostesses reading a big book with the name in bold print, including the word ASS (bad) (It was The Big Ass Book of something-or-other Recipes), then giggled constantly until I asked our waitress if she could move the book. I sampled the wine (good), and got a buzz instantly from the teensy bit I had so decided not to order a glass. We played with the kids' DSi's and chatted back and forth until our salad came, and Ethan yelled out, "Awesome" when he saw the salad full of cheese and croutons! (made the waitress laugh!) Then we all loved dinner (and I turned my head as Mary Claire ate over a hundred grams of carbs). We even ordered dessert-the little pillow-looking doughnut things with the chocolate and raspberry sauces. They were amazing, really. Ethan looked at us all (as in unbelief), and shouted, "Buzz Lightyear is singing!" That was the funniest! It was totally Frank Sinatra (who I love!), and he thought it was his hero. Silly thing, he is. Anyway, after Mary Claire licked the chocolate sauce cup clean (with a knife, no less) and Clay licked the raspberry one till I shouted, we all took turns washing (all the sugary stuff off our fingers), then made a trip to Wal-Mart to get ready for our next big snowfall.
We already know there's no school tomorrow, and the snow is tomorrow night. I'm planning to go to Branson this weekend, so we got groceries for Ches this weekend too (including easy dinners).
I have debated the merits of shopping in single-degree temps at an outdoor shopping area, but the draw is just too strong. Although I'm totally considering looking up some flights out of here (LA maybe?) for the weekend. We find these great $39 each way flights, and how fun to shed a coat for a couple days?
I didn't resolve to work out this year, but I did pull out the Wii, and it was so happy to see me! He jumped up and down, and told me it'd been over 300 days since he'd seen me last. Heap on the guilt, old friend. He also told me I'd gained 4.9 pounds, but on the upside, I'd dropped my Wii Fit age! Now, I'm only 30.
After my third visit up to see Ethan (at his screaming requests), I think I'll settle down for bed. He stays in his bed, with his door open, but it's always something. I think it's just a phase. He's been doing well for the past couple months or so, but I just cleaned his room, and took out the pack-n-play that had been in there for the past month! (He loves hotels and pack-n-plays!)
What are we resolving, really? I think I'm headed towards health-less caffeine, more fruits and veggies (notice my non-use of measurable goals?), maybe (big and fat maybe) more exercise (just in case, I stopped tonight before I got tired-so I would want to come back tomorrow), and cleaning out the house (still the "dusty" goal).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Software

Ches loaded me some new software on my new mac. It is Windows (like for a pc!), but is a software program on the other operating system, on the same computer. Yes, it's as complicated as it appears! I do have my two computers combined, and can use this one to run my embroidery software (hopefully). I have to reinstall all my fonts, which will be an accomplishment all on its own.
The kids are nestled all snug in their beds, while we look for a video to watch. : ) It has begun, btw. So, I'm all crampy, my back hurts, and I guess, moody. All normal, but yuck. Maybe I can take something besides Tylenol now?