Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tweet, Tweet!

I must tell you, I have NO idea what I'm doing, but they let me in the Club.  Ha!  I'm now on "the Twitter"!  My login/name/ID/cutesy hashtag thing/whatchamacalit is (do I have to use the @ sign?) @1blessedholly

I have thus figured out how to:
1.)  Post thoughts, a.k.a. Tweet (but only on my computer).  (good start, huh?)
2.)  Find people I don't know, a.k.a. Famous People
3.)  Add a photo of me.
4.)  Add a dorky bio.
5.)  Add the Twitter app on my phone!

I have not figured out how to do these things (and may need that Twitter For Dummies book):
1.)  Find people I know IRL (Mom, it means In Real Life)
2.)  Figure out what all the # and @'s mean.
3.)  Figure out how to talk to people.
4.)  Tweet from my phone.
5.)  Pretend like I know what I'm doing, ya'll.

Let's just say you are my friend.  You should totally give me a tutorial (of the briefy type), and tell me why we tweet.  I'm not selling anything, I don't need you to buy the book, I have no real wisdom/news to impart (besides don't drink the kool-aid and a-l-w-a-y-s carry extra diapers and maxi pads), but if the Pope can do it, by golly, I can too! : )

So, seriously.  Help me out here.

Oh...and guess what I made last night? (preTwitter, when I still felt intelligent and knowledgeable)  A totally cute, beach towel!  I found this super cute (I promise to think of more creative, scholarly words tomorrow) robot applique, and added Ethan's name!

I can bet you know what grabbed me.  The heart...I *heart* this robot!
I just love it.  I let him pick out his fabric and thread color.  He would've chosen green on green with green thread (but I convinced him the robot would be camoflauged!)  Ches went to get two more towels (for the other two kids), so they can have Special Towels too.  Mary Claire has requested a unicorn, and Clay could care less (not official, I didn't actually ask..but he'd prefer a magnifying glass to sun-zap his water droplets I think).

I don't take the time to make my kids things that often (hmm..aside from Mary Claire I guess!), so it's been fun to see them all excited.  It's why I bought the machine after all.

Now...I've found my next toy.  If you hear all about it, you'll want one too! : )  It's a Silhouette SD, and it cuts anything (fabric, vinyl, paper, etc.)  It attaches to your computer (think...printer), you can use pictures or fonts on your computer, and it CUTS THEM OUT! : )  I want it to cut sticky vinyl (that can go through the dishwasher) to put on glasses, dishes, windows, walls, notebooks, you name it!  How cool is that?

I'm petitioning my sweet husband. : )  But, I'm also asking for an ice cream maker (I dream of chocolate Reese's ice cream), so we'll see what happens.  My birthday isn't for awhile, so I'll have to dream up a holiday. ; )

Monday, June 27, 2011

Clean Hair Wasted

It has been too long..I miss my friends! ; )  I promise to come by and visit, I have to know how everyone is doing!

We've been the usual busy-we saw Cars 2 (loved it!) (and Midnight in Paris on a date Saturday night!) and I've been sewing and swimming and planting flowers (I think some already died-boo.) and playing with friends and we figured out how to run tv cable out by the pool!  We took the kitchen tv out there (we never use it since we don't have cable in there!), and voila-tv Outside!  We kinda feel like inventors/rockstars even though People have been doing it for years.  It just felt so fun!  We are wild & crazy watching the news and House Hunters on Vacation (they were actually picking out rental houses for vacation-so cool!) out by the pool! hahaha! : )

We had family pictures for our new church directory on Saturday-it's been ten years since the last one-Clay was three months old, and boy-have we changed! : )  I took precious time to find us matchy-matchy clothes (Kelly's Kids is still having a super, 30% off sale with free shipping! and now we'll be their new poster children), I got up early to get everyone freshly washed and shampooed (aren't dirty fingernails the bane of Good Family Pictures?), and worked my hardest to get my hair to calm down (it's Humid Summer after all), and Then.

Welcome to Clean Hair Land. : )
We had a decent photo shoot.  Decent, as in not everyone smiled at once.  The pictures were astronomical (as in price), and they just weren't good.  I was so disappointed.  We had to choose one that was on the boring gray/bluish background for the directory, and they were all bad.  Clay wanted to wear his glasses, but in one, they cut right through his eyeballs, Ethan wasn't looking, Mary Claire smirked, so I had to choose the one where everyone (I) looked pretty good.  Ches looked good in all of them-he doesn't mess up a picture, so there's that. : )  We left-and I wanted some better pictures.  We called up our Picture People-they can deliver!-and get This.  They closed.  I was so sad.  They were my back up since we were all dressed for pictures (mustn't waste clean hair!), but no.  So.. home to swim, and everyone had pool hair again. : (

The good news?  I booked us some beach photography! : )  We are headed back to Ocean City, NJ, the end of July/first of August, so we'll be shooting some fun.  But..her website said no all black or all white, and no prints. What's a Matchy-Match to do? : /  (Seriously?)

Umm...have you ever virtually shopped, and your shopping cart is full, and you get to checkout, and Reality hits, and you freeze up-in indecision over whether or not you really need those furniture slipcovers and are they the right color?  ..and did you choose too quickly or should you wait?  And you know it means you'll have to paint the room and get new drapes and pillows...  and then redo the rooms that touch it.  Then you keep the window open for eternity, then they send you reminders that your cart is full, then they'll save it for 30 days, then they send you another reminder for another 30 days?  And you are kinda waiting for them to go on sale, but they never do?  So do you just buy them already?  Do you ever?  Nah, me neither.

Go love on some Pottery Barn for me.  Since I haven't seen them in sooo long. ; )

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diabetes Requires Sugar...Sometimes.

What a blood sugar roller coaster we've had.  Mary Claire had another low tonight while Ches and I were out on a date.  She was 47, and didn't even feel it.  Thank goodness we'd scheduled a check or they'd have never known.  That's what's scary-after they've had two or three lows in a week-they don't feel them. : (  At least when she normally has a crash-she feels it-even a 65 or even a 70 alerts her to a drop.  But not in the past three days.

She was back up to 141 by bedtime after a couple glucose tabs and peanut butter with crackers.  But, when we aren't home-it's scary to convey to our babysitter how crucial it is to get her some sugar (asap!), and keep an eye on her.  I hate the lows, but even more when I'm not here.  I feel powerless!

I remember her lowest blood sugar ever was when she was in four-year-old preschool, and her teacher, Ms. Lisa, had checked her, and called me with a 24 (t-w-e-n-t-y-f-o-u-r, Freaking Out = Appropriate Response).  I was at Target (doing some meaningless shopping), and felt useless. There was no way I could speed there and make it in time to help my baby.  I had to talk her through it, and I kept telling her over and over to sit with her, hold her, and not to let go.  Ms. Lisa had to guide the juice box straw into her mouth, and coach her.  Oh, so scary-I still can't forget how it felt.

We are farther along now, but it can still take us by surprise.  I swear it's the swimming.  She is getting exercise (pump off = raised blood sugar vs. exercise = lowered blood sugar), but when she puts her pump back it's a huge guess how much insulin is still in the tubing under her skin, and how much basal she missed while it was off (although I try to keep the time x basal rate!).  I think having her ear infections back under control dropped her too.  Frustrating keeping my girl going in the summer.

It is SO hard being a doctor/nurse in my not-so-spare addition to a nutritionist, mathematician, pharmacist, chauffeur, delivery driver, and product stocker.  But having my girl here with me?  SO worth it.  : )

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Sphinx

Beware.  Graphic nature ahead.  If bikini lines make you nervous, you should come back tomorrow. : )  Ps. Girls only.  I love you boys, but go away, and come again another day.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Holy White Lightning (and not the Grease kind)!  That's what I saw today.  I think it was behind my eyes as I closed them, I'm not even sure.  Just searing pain.  I'll start back at the beginning.

About a month ago, I was shaving down there, and I just kept was all new (the bare/bald thing), super sensitive, but nice to not worry about, especially in swimsuit season.  Daily.  I discovered quickly (within 36 hours), that it grows back lightning fast!  Then you have to shave again, experience razor burn (even with exfoliation before, and moisturizing after..I really studied this!), then do it all again.  (Not to mention that I don't have the time to sit and razor-shave an area I can barely reach, much less see!)

So.  Enter my new waxing decision.  I had asked around about a nice place in town that waxes, since I didn't want my business (literally!) out there just anywhere.  (This place offers wine before a service to take the edge kinda place!)  Anyway, I called last week when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of shaving so often (somehow shaving my legs is perfectly acceptable).  They said you had to have 1/4" of growth to wax!  Umm..that's quite a lot of waiting if you ask me.  You have to go through the scratchy, pokey, grow out stage.  (especially after you are used to bald.)  Ewwww! : (

I made my appointment for this Thursday, since I had to make it before my monthly visitor came-and this was the meeting of the last-possible-date coinciding with least-grow-out time period.  (hahaha-the irony).

So, fast forward to today, day Finally Here.  Me?  Nervous.  But I had a secret plan.  (Besides p-r-a-y-e-r that I wouldn't start my period..thus ruining least-possible-grow-out-time-period!)  Remember my surgery back in August of last year?  I still had some pain medicine (yes, I rock.)  (Some suffering then = some relief now.)

I took one at nine am, having waxing appointment at ten.  By 9:55, I'm feeling nothing except anxiety (and still prayer over that monthly visitor!), so I took another one.  Why, of course I brought the whole bottle, thanks for asking.  If I'm not going to look out for me, who is?

I get inside, and Rhonda is waiting on me.  We go back to the Most Peaceful Area (signs with "Silence Your Cell Phones" and "Shh...Silence Please" are along the walls), complete with peaceful Chinese music, and I'm seated to watch a grassy garden (in the middle of town!) with a small water fountain bubbling.  I even video'd it since it was so calming.  But, still no med-effect.  More nerves as I have no shelter from the coming pain. (!!)

We talk, discuss, and she leaves me to change--meaning undress and lay under a pretty darkly colored paisley sheet in a darkened calm room full of calm music.  When she comes back she tells me to close my eyes since she has to "work" with the big, bright white light on (think fluorescent) (the kind I don't look at my own hooha under!)

Ok, I'll skip all the details except that I opted for the Sphinx, which is Everything (off).  I haven't been waxed in those places, and it caused some realization.  Realization that childbirth isn't the worst pain in the world.  Silly me.  Proclaiming that I'd given birth to three-both with and without surgery.  Without epidurals.  Ha.  Silly me, I say.

I like the whole "press-on-it-really-hard-after-you-pull-off-the-strip" to ease/calm the pain.  And I liked the "I'll-just-let-you-breathe-for-a-minute" parts.  Oh, and the "get-dressed-and-I'll-meet-you-outside" part.

And I should tell you the funniest part.  After she was finished with the "back" I was laughing.  She asked me if I was okay.  I said I had to laugh or cry, and it was better to laugh-I actually think I was giddy that it was over.  And I lived.  Oh, and the pain meds were finally starting to kick in.

(And do you really want the worst part?  I knew you would.  When she'd waxed over an area two times, and the hair held on...she had to tweeze it.  Seriously.  In the bright, white light.)

I checked out, and I swear, I have never felt it again. It's totally fine.  (It may get "red and swollen tomorrow"-ha!  Super Sexy!), but it's fine.  And No More Razors down there! : )

I tell you.  I've made it through a mammogram, killed a cottonmouth on my own, and had a full wax, all this year.  I think I can say I'm now a grown woman.  I wondered when I'd be there, but I've arrived.  It only took 37.817 years.

And Ps.  I started this afternoon.  Thank you, God, for sparing my embarrassment and perfect timing.

Fabric Flowers

Hey ya'll! : )  I had some time to work on fabric flowers!  Wanna make some?

First, click and download the template (and it has instructions on it too!).  Cut out the flower shape.

Second, iron wonder-under (two-sided interfacing/webbing) between two coordinating fabrics.  Make a large rectangle, so you don't get any of the webbing (sticky on a hot iron) on your iron!  (It's a beast to clean..I speak from experience.) (I now have a craft iron, and a clothes iron.)
This is the paper + fusible web ironed onto one fabric. Then you pull off the paper (exposing the other side), and iron on the second fabric.

 See how it makes a reversible fabric?

Third, trace the flower shape onto it multiple times (at least four) lightly with a pencil.

Fourth, cut out your flowers.
Big paisley on one side, small print on the other.
Fifth, you fold your flower in half through the middle of a petal, and sew a line to divide the flower into three petals and five petals:
Be sure and backstitch at the beginning and end to keep it from coming unsewn! : )
Sixth, now watch the video, it's hard to explain! : )  If it doesn't load, I loaded it to Youtube too, so try here.  Please disregard the bad voice-I'm videoing in the mirror (had to find somewhere to balance my camera so I could focus on my hands!), AND I only did it once, so it's not perfect.  Sorry in advance.

(You put your scissors into the small set of three petals, and turn the five-petal-side over the three-petal-side.)

You are done! : )  You can make a few of these, sew the little things together, and make something!
All sewn together to a felt and fabric oval ; )

Here is the back : )
I'll probably just pin it to her dress or hot glue (and sew) it to a french clip barrette-I'll let her decide. (and she's thankfully finally asleep-it's after eleven!) (swimming minus a pump every day totally blows her blood sugar...but we've figured out if it's been at least an hour since she took off her pump, we go ahead and give her .7 of a unit to fill her cannula (plastic tubing under her skin) before we give her a bolus.)

And guess what I learned.

How does salt water affect plants? (in case I water my flowers with pool water...):
On normal plants, salt water would result in reverse-osmosis in the soil, drawing the nutrients from the plant (instead of allowing them to be drawn into the plant). This would result in water not being able to be absorbed, the plant wilting, yellowing and eventually dying.

Sooo..using a water soaker to pull up pool water and shoot it into flowers is not so effective.  Just FYI.  ; )

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To camp...or not to Camp

Hey peeps!  Guess who didn't make a flower today? ; )

It's been busy.  I will spare you all the gory details, since I love you. ; )  And I vomited words yesterday over my pillowcase dress!  haha : )

Someone didn't want to go back to girl scout camp today.  She was out there from 8-5 in the heat, and she said she was hot.  Heaven forbid she be hot.  in the Arkansas humidity.  in the summer.

I was okay with her skipping today.  I don't push her-I have to push her on so many other things.  I also found out last night why she was running a little low after lunch yesterday (79-on an active day).  She'd dropped her lunch (chicken salad wrap) on the ground, and asked for another one.  At first she said they said no, but then gave her another half a wrap (not equal to the part she'd dropped-and she'd already gotten insulin for the whole thing).

She doesn't know how to speak up for herself.  My prayer for her is that she will have confidence.  Confidence to teach others about diabetes, and confidence to say what she needs to maintain her health.  She so wants to help others (that's a blessing), but will keep quiet and sacrifice herself.  (and, oh golly...her health).  She didn't even tell me till after she got home.  We'd talked on the phone three times yesterday.  (having a phone and talking does not insure communication, BTW)

The good news?  She actually met a new girl with diabetes! : )  Her name is Madison, and she's going into fifth grade, so they are a year apart.  She was diagnosed when she was 8, so she's still fairly new at it (so says Mary Claire-who'd have thought that we'd ever be the "experts"? ..maybe I should say the non-newbies. ; )  ha!)

I really want her to go back and find out more about Madison. (and she is going tomorrow!)  She also has a pink Medtronic pump, no pump pouch (but of course..she needs one!), and they have the same meter apparently.  She was super-excited to find another girl scout in her group (thanks, Springdale Unit!) with diabetes, checking herself, and depending on insulin.  It was like finding an instant friend.  She wants to find out more... whether they'll walk in our Walk to Cure this fall and how to get in touch with her.

I'm just so proud of her for speaking up.  She's started hiding her pump when she gets a bolus at church or when we are out..and it worries me.  I don't try to hide it, and I'm not embarrassed.  She hasn't done anything wrong, and it's our life.  But..all kids have to go through this age-the "embarrassing parents" stage or "bashful about my body" stage.  I guess diabetes is equally uncool?  ('Don't mind me..just keeping myself alive') 

That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.  2 Timothy 1:12

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

Let's start at the beginning.  Pillowcase dresses got their name from making an easy little girl's dress out of a...pillowcase!  All you do is cut the end seam off, cut scoops out for arm holes, fold down, sew, and add ribbon for the top.  These have been a big hit for a while..then they morphed into shirts (we've done that too-with two bandannas!):
and I still like them for summer.  Cool, easy to wash-and-wear, and even easy to make.

**How in the world am I getting this done today? daughter is at girl scout day camp!! She's called every two hours with blood sugars, and I've helped her along.  She is doing so well-I'm very impressed!**

Did you get some fabric?  I got enough for two dresses, but I'll show you how to make the first.  I chose a darkish fabric with a light back, so you can tell the front of my fabric from the back.  I also got a coordinating fabric to sew a band around the bottom, but it's totally optional for when you feel like embellishing! : )  Hobby Lobby also had the ribbon that coordinated too (!!), so we chose it.  I usually like to choose a polka dot ribbon with gingham fabric or solid ribbon with floral, etc.  Not so matchy.

(You can always opt to actually use a pillowcase if you want!  They are sold in pairs, or you can find a beautiful vintage pillowcase at a flea market.  Shabby Chic sells some gorgeous ones (at Target!) : )  A standard size pillowcase is about 21" x 32", a queen size is 21" x 36" and a king size is 21" x 42".  The originals are all good up to about a girl's size 6x.  Above that, I like fabric to go a little bit fuller around.

First.  Measure your daughter (or the lucky girl!) from her neck to where you want the dress to hit on her legs (usually somewhere between under their knees and their calves).  Add three inches.  (*the little extra at the neck gives you a seam allowance for the top, and the three inches is seam allowance for the bottom)  This is the length of the fabric you'll need.

Second.  Measure around their widest part (bottom or chest), and add 16" (14" for room and 2" for seam allowances).  This is the width of the fabric you'll need.

Third.  Cut your fabric into a big rectangle (length x width).  Remember to make your shortest dimension (top to bottom) with the fabric print right-side up.  (You don't want your damask going sideways or anything crazy!)
Top >
Fourth.  Hem the bottom.    First, turn one inch under all along the bottom hem, iron, then turn it under two inches, iron, and stitch.
Ironing adds a step, but makes it super easy to keep it straight! : )
You can do this three ways.  One: blind stitch the bottom by hand.  Two: do a straight stitch on the edge of the seam.  Three: use a blind stitch on your sewing machine.  Use a presser foot that has a guide, and look for this setting and picture (if you have one from 1994 like me):
See the fourth presser foot and stitch?  That's the blind stitch! : )

on my machine, I have to dial to the stitch ; )

You fold it back so there are lots of stitches in your folded seam allowance, but only a teensy stitch every third stitch on the outside.

Finished it looks like this on the inside.

On the outside, you can only see the little stitches every inch or so.
Fifth. Close the dress.  Turn the dress inside out, and stitch along the open side.  Serge or zig-zag stitch the seam allowance to prevent unraveling.

Sixth.  Cut out "arm holes"-think scoops.  You can't really mess up, so no stress.  Lay out your dress (still inside out).  Turn your seam to one side, so it will be under an armhole.

On one side: make a mark at 7.5" from the top in pencil.  Then, on the same side of the dress, make a mark along the top at 3.5".  Now use those marks to draw a sweeping scoop with pencil until you are happy.  Then cut.  Next, fold the dress in half, and copy that cut in pencil on the other side of the dress, so the scoops will be the same!  Now, cut the second armhole.  
Ignore the upside down ruler!  Just check out the scoop. ; )  7.5" x 3.5"

The left mirrored on the right to keep them the same.  Also notice, the seam allowance is not included. : )
*You are only going to roll the seams and stitch, so you don't need a very wide seam allowance (under 3/8"), and this is included.  A picture is worth a thousand words:

Seventh.  Roll the arm cutout seams (or use a special presser foot!) toward the inside of the dress, and stitch down.  This keeps the edges covered so they won't fray.
Here they are after rolling and sewing.
Eighth.  (Optional!)  I add an extra "pleat" at the top of the dress so that the neckline will lay flat.  It is about a 5/8" deep pleat in the very center of the front and back.

Ninth.  (You've made it this far, and you are almost done!  Yay!)  Similar to the bottom hem: turn under an inch, iron, turn under another inch, iron, then stitch along the bottom of the folded edge to create a "tunnel" for the ribbon to go through!  Do this with the top of both the front and back.

Tenth.  Now, thread your ribbon through that little 1" tunnel you just made, gather the front and back on the ribbon and tie!  You can pull it all the way through and tie on one shoulder, or cut into two pieces and tie on both shoulders.  (I use about 38" of ribbon in the front, and 38" in the back)'s done!  It took me all day..and I pulled out four sets (meaning l-o-n-g rows of stitches.  I think sewing is God's way of teaching patience.)

*For Extra Credit: 
One.  Heat-seal the ends of your ribbon: run them above an aim-a-flame (not touching the fire!)'ll see them slightly seal-can't explain it..kinda melt?) then they won't fray on the edges.  
Two.  You can fold the center 5" section of your ribbon into thirds, and sew to hold it neatly inside the dress.
Now, pin an extra three inches on both sides, making sure all pins are going the SAME way.  (This is so you can pull out the ribbon a little, to remove the pins!)
Now, pin and sew the edges of the foldover with the folded ribbon inside (so it doesn't get caught in the stitching!)
Pull ribbon out gently (and remove pins), then center it again.  I stitched a tiny line in the middle over the fabric and ribbon, so the ribbon will always stay centered, and can't pull out.
And tomorrow?  We're making waffles!  Oops..that just came out.  I mean, we are making a matching flower (to pin on the dress, make a hair bow/headband, or make two and make flower flip flops!)  ; )

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chocolate Scripture..Mmmmm..

Hey ya'll! ...I'm running behind on the pillowcase dress! Sorry-we had company all day yesterday, and Father's Day was Today, so we did what the father wanted! ; ) heehee  I'll have to make it tonight or tomorrow!

I did however get some stuff made over the past two days...I finished Mary Claire's nightgown (and Megan's) finally-I was waiting to measure her shoulder straps.  It was super easy: I just measured around her body, added about 3.5" (31 inches, including seam allowance), then made a big long rectangle a little over twice the length (I think it was about 72")
then used my ruffler to add the long rectangle to the strip (and it ruffles-ALL in one step!), sewed the ends together, and finally covered the edges and added braided fabric shoulder straps:
Megan wears an undershirt all the time, and she just got a new one from Andalynn today! : )
And then...I had a new crafty project.  I was telling the ladies in Bible Study last Tuesday how I used to (ha! Still do.) go in my closet and stuff my mouth with chocolate to control my mouth.  It killed three birds with one stone: filled my mouth so I couldn't say anything really angry to my kids in the heat of the moment and hurt their self-esteem, gave us both a time-out and gave me a rush of endorphins chocolate!  It works really well, you should try it. : )

I digress.  Anyway, we were talking about how someone should make chocolates with Bible verses inside (kinda like the Testamints?) so we'd get our wisdom and chocolate at the same time.  I told them Dove kinda already does that, but they are just kind words!  Tiffany texted me later saying that Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit-and maybe that was their intention all the time! : )  Wow, God moments.

Anyway, I decided to make them some chocolate scripture. ; )  I had seen some candy wrapper stamps in the Stampin' Up Idea Book, so it all came together...

First I laid out all the candy, so they all got the same ones.  I also didn't want anyone to get two of the same wrappers. ; )

Then I gathered some of my favorite Bible verses (and lots on controlling your tongue!) and sized them to fit inside wrappers.  I made two columns, 1" margins, and sized all the cutesy fonts pretty small-all at between 9-11 points!

I cut the scriptures tiny, and spread them out so no one would get the same two scriptures.  I did accidentally have two on the sheet of twenty that were the same, but I made sure they were not together.

Then I wrapped the scrapbook paper wrapper and Bible verse around the candy, and taped.

They are finished!  And ready to be bagged...I'm thinking about packaging. : )  Any ideas?
I've added the Bible verse page as a .pdf (click here) so you can download and print it if you feel like you need some Bible Chocolate stuffed in your mouth! ; )  (or someone else's mouth? hahaha!)

Hope the fathers (and the men that made your babies possible!) in your life had a great day!  If not...maybe you could make them some chocolate?

I leave you with this one:

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.  Ephesians 4:29

Friday, June 17, 2011


We had some run-around time for the past two days!  We found these cute little shoes at Wal-Mart on clearance (for $5!), and just couldn't resist getting them, and adding some funkification (funk-i-fi-cation: n. to decorate and make funky, to individualize) to them!  Here they are before:

And AFTER!  We added some marker-drawn designs (only with Sharpies since she'll be playing in the water on Friday!), and a little ribbon:
It started with her name, then I added a rainbow, some words, and finally filled in with swirls!
We love a good monogram. ; )
Peace . . . Love . . . CURE!
Today we had to take Mary Claire and Ethan back to their doctor-they both have double ear infections...AGAIN!  It's only been two weeks, so they probably never healed.  Their ears suck.  I also found out that Ethan has had EiGhT ear infections this year (and yes, he still has one p.e. tube!).  Ugh.  I just knew when Mary Claire's blood sugar numbers were going up that there was something playing with them.  I never know if it's something she's been exposed to and she's fighting it, OR if it's something that's already materialized (did that make any sense?  I can tell that I'm going to see a cold or virus a couple days before I really see symptoms-she fights it before it shows itself!)

Then we went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins (it's only like the book in that there is a man, he has two kids, and some penguins living with him), (and fought off a nasty 400 and delayed her popcorn-gratification for as long as possible!) and to eat at Shogun (Japanese steak house).  It was good, and Ethan was quite entertained-I guess it's been a while since we last went!  I don't plan to go back really soon though since now for every birthday (there were six while we were there!), they turn off the lights, turn on the strobe lights, and play really loud music.  The music was good, but the lights seriously would cause older people strokes or seizures!  I knew my headache from earlier in the day was ready to rear its ugly head again! (yes, I must be older people!)

Mmmmm....noodles! : )

I finished the American Girl nightgown, but I have to wait till morning to measure the shoulder straps for Mary Claire's!  I'll be glad to have it done..she's asked me a million times!  And she finally came down..a few minutes ago she was site.  It never ends.  I'm really sick of diabetes today, I am just tired of it.  It really seemed to be in our face today. : (

Have extra prayer time tonight?  These precious women of God could use some of our prayer time:
E-for her husband to find a job, for her kids to use self-control
J-for God's grace right now to accept God's will, and for a healthy pregnancy
A-for her baby to hang on, for God's favor, and safe travel

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
Matthew 18:20 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beachy Wreath

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date! : ) (I had a contest end last night, and am just now posting)  SORRY!!

It got busy-I made a wreath...finally!  My front door has been wreathless since January (or February..whenever I finally took down Christmas).  So..I made a crafting trip yesterday, and got stocked up.  I have this huge roll of burlap "ribbon" I got in Joplin + starfish + hydrangeas + little flowers = New Beachy Wreath!
The starfish hanging were an afterthought-but they move around in the wind (we have storms and huge wind gusts today!)
I also got some fabric...Mary Claire wants a nightgown for herself and her American Girl doll that match.  I'm attempting to make them today.  (Ha!)  We also got fabric for a new pillowcase dress for them-soo easy for them to make! : )  Do you want to make one with us?  Let's see...get a couple yards of fabric (even 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 if you have a little girl) of thin (not decor) fabric and some matching ribbon (about 8 feet or 2 2/3 yards, at least an inch wide for the ties), and meet me back here Saturday! : )  (if you want a matching hairbow, buy more ribbon, and you should have enough fabric to make a flower for the front!)

Now, CONTEST! : )
According to, the winner is....Meri!!
Meri, you've won the monogrammed and appliqued white kitchen towel! : )  I'll get with you to see what you want on it! : )  (ps-I just added you as a friend on FB...heehee (you were friends with Heidi and Leigh and Reyna and Brian and JDRF Tulsa..are you that close??)  It's a small world! :)

Thanks for playing friends! : )  It's been so fun for me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Abby!

Dearest Abby,

I have this friend.  She has the worst neighbors.

Example A:  One set of neighbors blasts music most days, and into the night.  It ranges from good to bad.  They also play in their hot tub with other adults into the morning hours (after midnight) every Saturday night.  They also have bright lights they shine into my friend's little boy's room.  Until after midnight.

Example B:  Another set of neighbors by them party all night too.  They have their kids out dancing and doing gymnastics on the lawn at 11pm with lights and music going.  They also dirty (nasty) dance (an adult!) in their driveway to raunchy rap music (think naughty words) in the daylight.

Example C:  The third set of neighbors near them have a dog that is little with a very-high pitched bark.  It is out every time they are out, and it Never.  Stops.  Barking.  They started grilling extra meat to have on hand to feed the dog (and cheese works too!), partially to get it to be quiet for five seconds to think up a Plan B, partially to make the owners keep it inside (maybe it would poop funny?)

Now, my friend wants to know what to do.  She's incredibly non-confrontational (includes aforementioned meat and cheese) (includes blinds, drapes, and beach towels over the kids' windows at night plus stereo going with peaceful music to drown out Bad Medicine) (and includes hunting at Wal-Mart after ten pm looking for the dog-be-quiet remote control As Seen On TV).  What's a girl to do?

Friend Needs Help

ps-They have one set of nice neighbors.  They're not all bad.  Just sayin'.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Milk Carton

I know you won't cry if you never see another milk carton again...they usually mean school lunch.  Maybe if you are a super nice parent, you don't mind going back to your child's school to eat with them..but I only liked milk cartons when we made candles out of them (cut off the top, poured melted crayons in, and added a wick...l-o-v-e-l-y Mother's Day gift) or little gingerbread houses (perfect size for gluing icing on graham crackers)!

But I got the new Stampin Up! idea book for 2011-2012...and it is wonderful! : ) I went through the entire book circling and *hearting* my favorites, dog-earing pages, and taking notes about great ideas. One of the ideas I love is a little card stock milk carton to use as a little treat box-or anything! : )
bottom left-little orange cutie! : )
I decided I had to make one.  There is a Big Shot Die Cut Machine (and the little die cutter for the mini milk carton) that you need, but I decided to measure one out myself.  It only took three tries till I was happy! : )

Here is the finished product:
the circle stamp says, "hugs & kisses", and the tags are "love" and "4 you"
(Do you want to try it too?  Scroll down to the bottom for the directions!!)

The entire time I was tinkering and crafting last night, I was wondering what drives me to be crafty.  I mean, really.  I think it's an Escape.  I get to not think about diabetes or blood sugars or groceries or my laundry for a while.  I get to just be me, and be creative, and inventive ..and use math ; ) and when I give it away, someone is happy, and the focus isn't me.  I certainly don't keep what I make, but I don't need to.  I never did.  I just got to make it, and Escape.  Ending point reached.

Yesterday did get totally better, BTW.  I had a great nap (sleep makes mommas better), and then we had fun at the Walk Kick-Off and Naturals game (the Naturals are the farm team for the KC Royals).
first trip to the balloon design man: pirate sword!

They have a little baseball diamond for the kids to play on, with a Naturals employee pitching and running the game-it's awesome!  Clay was playing second base.  Hard to see, I only had my phone!

enjoying dinner at the ballpark : )

We sat in the Bullpen Cafe in the outfield-and he's just waiting for a ball. (Hopefully a Naturals homer!)

The Evans playing a game (throwing cheese on burgers!) along the third baseline during a break...and they won!

Mary Claire and Emma swinging-I really wish I'd had Mary Claire change into shorts!

and Aiden and Ethan swinging too: )

Trip two to balloon man!  Emma got a flower, and...

Mary Claire got a pony!  I didn't get one good picture of the girls together-they either blinked or weren't looking.  I'll try again next time!

*****Making a Mini-Milk Carton*****
You'll need a piece of heavy card stock, a ruler, and a bone folder (something with a pointy rounded a dull pencil or the top side of a butter or plastic knife would work also).  Your milk carton will be about 4.5" tall when finished.

1.  Use a 6 x 11" piece of card stock (8.5 x 11" with 2.5" cut off)
2.  Use your ruler to mark at 1.25" from left (bottom of milk carton), and .5" and 2.25" from right (top of milk carton).  Fold on those lines, using the mark as your crease.
3.  Turn it with the two lines to the top (top of milk carton farthest away from you).  Measure and draw lines at 2.5", 5", 7.5", and 10" from the left.  (These are the corners of the milk carton, and the extra 1" is for gluing.) Fold on all lines.
4.  Now, at the top along the first fold, mark the center point of each 2.5" section.  Then draw/make a line down to the outside corners of the sections on fold two and crease.  This will fold the top angles of the milk carton, so you can open it.
5.  Above each center point (that you marked on #4), make a line up to the top of the paper and crease.  This is so they can fold nicely.
6.  It's ready to put together.  Make a "tube", and staple, tape, or glue (if you are mighty patient) the sides together.  I like the staple method!  Then, fold the bottom flaps down, and tape together to seal the bottom of your carton.
7.  Now...the top.  You will figure it out super easily.  This is where all the creasing and pre-folding comes in handy.  I closed up one side of my carton, and stapled.  I knew I only wanted one side to open.  You can use a fancy clip on the fixed side, like in Stampin' Up's picture.  Open and close the other side (like a school milk carton!) a few times to get it really working. : )

8.  Wrap in paper or ribbon and decorate! : )  You could also decorate it pre-folding, but it would take some planning.  You could even print things on it before cutting/folding, but I used some stamps and scrapbook paper.  I also added bows over my staples up on the top.

9.  Fill with a fun treat.  I used mini Twix bars, but I tried crayons first.  If you only add a few, it'll close.  Other options?  Jelly beans, granola, goldfish, paper clips, hair elastics, soup or cocoa mix, etc.  Enjoy! : )