Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doctors and Experiments!

Well, it has left Mary Claire and migrated to Ethan. : ( I took him to the doctor early yesterday morning, and now he's on Tamiflu also (well, kinda. He won't exactly take it. We're working on him swallowing his $70 medicine, ugh.).

He finally peaked yesterday with a 102 degree fever. He was up again in the night last night (well, both in body and in temp!). He's just not sleeping well lately. We had it figured out, but now he's up a couple times a night, every night. It makes for some pretty sleepless nights (in Springdale!).

I took Clay for a doctor's appointment yesterday for screening for ADD. He was fine, and realizes it is not because he's not smart or good. He has to see a child psychologist next Wednesday to see what they think about him. I'll talk alone to her, and then Clay will visit with her. I just want to help him focus on his work and maintain his self confidence. When he gets papers home with big writing on them, he doesn't feel so good. He tries, and he's never had so much trouble before. Here's hoping it'll go well, and we'll figure something out.

I have been busy planning a Halloween party for Clay's class. I'm a little ADD myself, so I'm jumping from one thing to the next. I have water bottles to label/wrap for Mary Claire's class, paper plates to paint/hole punch/and cut for Frankenstein's head (I'll show you a picture later!), and silver cording to cut and bag in the kids' little kits. It should be fun! Tomorrow you'll get the low-down on the party. They will have a Use Your Brain! theme, and it's all candy-experiments and learning (well, they don't know they're "learning"!). I guess it's the teacher coming out in me? And my massive love of candy/chocolate?? Heehee One of my friends from high school is supplying the brainy cupcakes (just adorable!!), and we are getting ready! I hope Mary Claire's party is great too (I'll only be at the end of hers!).

If you want to join in the antics, gather the following by Saturday, and I'll have your candy science experiments posted!
Skittles (divided into two groups)
M&M's (divided into two groups)
Sweet Tarts, at least a couple packs of three
some type of vinegar
Wint-o-Green mints (Lifesavers brand, they are white with green flakes)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is IT just outside your door?

H1N1 has come knocking, and someone let it in!

We took Mary Claire yesterday to the doctor, and she tested positive for the h1n1 flue virus. It was like my biggest fear of the fall had come to fruition. We were taking precautions, avoiding taking the kids anywhere, and knock, knock, it came in the back door. We found out that there is a lot of it in the second grade at her school! We didn't stand a chance. We've been hunting down the vaccine, but we just didn't reach it in time. I guess we should be thankful that she has antibodies for it now, but I didn't want them to come THIS way. I'm trying to keep the rest of us rested and fed well, so that maybe it doesn't spread.

Mary Claire is quarantined in her room (with a tv/dvd player, toys, drinks/food, etc. so as not to make her feel Too Bad), but we can't have her sneezing and breathing all over our house! She sneezed yesterday morning on her nightgown sleeve, and got it all wet (iccckkk). I just took it off, and threw it in the washer. That was before I even knew what she had.

I think the first sign was the high blood sugars that have been coming over the past five days. She always runs high, then something shows up. Well, it's here! Monday morning when I checked her blood with our new head-scanning thermometer it read 104.1. I thought it was wrong, and rechecked under her arm. It was only 101.9-what a difference!

She seems to be fine as long as I have her on ibuprofen. There is some runny nose, achiness, sore throat, fever, and of course high blood sugars. That's been the hardest to conquer. She was over 300 from last night until this morning. We checked her until midnight last night, I got up and checked her at 4am, and then at 7. I told her is was dangerous, and that if I couldn't get her down, we'd have to go to the doctor or hospital. She was begging to eat, but I just can't feed her over 240, it makes it so much worse when she's over ketone level. I made her a big plate of scrambled eggs, and she ate half of them. I gave her tons of insulin, then gave her more, just for good measure, then reset her basal to 200% (at Ches' recommendation-it seemed too scary for me, but 160% was cutting it).

Finally, right before lunch, she came down to 57. Isn't that how it always is, too high or too low. (but at least she could eat!) I could finally give her the Tamiflu dose (long story, you can see below), since I had to mix it with pudding (which has carbs...). This would be the big fat reason that people at risk need the vaccine!!

Tamiflu: Apparently it is rationed right now (just see if you get it if you are sick-lots of people aren't getting it!). Anyway, we got it (just for her, not for us!). When we went to pick it up, the liquid ($100) wasn't covered by our pharmacy insurance (did I tell you last week's story?), so we had to choose the $35 capsules (and my daughter does NOT take pills-even with bribing!). We had to break them open and mix the powder with a teaspoon of "chocolate syrup" (um..remember diabetes, Pharmacist?) or pudding (ditto, but maybe when her blood sugar comes down). We did do this yesterday, but she hated it! Even after the whole pudding cup, she said she still had that taste in her mouth! And we do this twice daily for five days. If it lessens her pain, it'll be worth it.

So, if the opportunity presents itself for you to be vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, you should yell, "Yes!" all the way there! Especially if you have other health complications that make it difficult for you to take the medicine and maintain your health. I can't believe that some people are treating it as optional! It is HERE, is HIGHLY contagious, and can cause cerebral seizures and lung collapse (I learned from the person at our insurance company! and yes, comfirmed at

Thursday, October 22, 2009

He gets it from his mother

Making it through Tuesday was a huge relief. It was the busiest day, and we lived to tell about it. : ) Baby steps. : ) Having both big kids (are they big now?) in basketball for the fall is going to be hard, especially in addition to the other stuff they are already involved in.

Clay had gotten a good update last Thursday about his behavior in class, so we told his boy scout den leader that he could go camping this weekend. He had a mandatory meeting on Tuesday night (which it took me and Ches to sit through a little bit each to fulfill the requirement since we had other obligations also). Ches finished up the meeting with three kids, so he deserves some kind words! : ) But then yesterday, I got an email from his teacher that he's not been so great this week. He's having trouble listening/paying attention again in his class, and in his reading teacher's class.

I was aware that he has trouble listening, and I was just convinced it was his hearing. This summer we got all of that corrected after his ear drum was the consistency of "wet toilet paper" and severely retracted, and now his hearing is much improved. Well, it may not have been the problem, but I'm glad it was resolved. I've now made an appointment for him to see our pediatrician next week to see about testing him for attention deficit disorder. He had trouble concentrating and staying on task, not to mention listening to his teacher.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Insurance and Powder: Big Messes

Where do I start? . . .I guess with the beginning. I remember why now why I started to blogging-to get it all out. Which was first, the chicken or the egg? That's how I feel today.

Mary Claire woke up with a blood sugar of 441 this morning (remember 100 is normal), I rechecked right away, and got 386. She'd gone to bed at 92, and at her last check (11:30 last night) she was 189. A little high, she got a correction, and we thought she'd be fine. We were so wrong, and we are often wrong. You don't get a whole lot of encouragement with a horrible havoc-wreaking disease like diabetes. It's so hard.

We gave her more insulin and checked to see when her last site was (to judge site "life" and insulin life), and it was just Saturday at 11am! It hadn't even been 48 hours (they are supposed to last 3 days). She really didn't want me to change it, and was begging me (and after all the tears on Saturday, I didn't want to either). We checked her again at 7:45, and she was still 411, so I gave her more insulin. Her body becomes so resistant to the insulin when she's that high. She was starving, and it makes me hurt. I didn't eat breakfast (partly not to eat in front of her, partly out of sympathy). I finally talked her into some scrambled eggs (no carbs), and she ate them. We worked on some math she had to correct, and she cleaned her room. I took a shower, and painted her fingernails, all in the name of wasting time, right?

She was finally down to 118 (an exciting number!), and ate some mini-wheats hoping the fiber would hold her over. Well, since it was close to nine, her bolus ratio change, we were nervous about how much insulin to give her. Before 9am she would get a 2.6 (2 units and 6 tenths), and after 9, she'd get 1.3, BiG difference! Well, right before I left to take her to school, she was 52! Ahh, does it ever end? I gave her some fruit snacks, and she had a little root beer. When we got to school, she said she still felt low. She was 72. I gave her two peanut butter crackers, and went with her to class.

She had a substitute! On a day like today. I almost took her back home, but she needs to be there. I did lots of talking to the sub and back to the nurse (worried for her!). I haven't heard from them, so she must be okay.

My next hurdle was the pharmacy (there should be a limit on what I can handle in one day!). I called in two refill on Saturday, they called back and said they only had one box of each. I told them I'd wait till Monday so they could fill them (otherwise I'd have been back on Monday anyway) to avoid two trips to Fayetteville. Well. I got there, and they wanted over $300. Ha! Our pharmacy insurance changed, and they were denying the claim. Mike, the pharmacist, called them, I waited for too long, and told them I would be back later. I ran over to Sam's to get a couple things, then back. No more luck. He hung up on them after a 10 minute hold, so he gave me one box of each and told me to call them. I was grateful for the box of each (but now I have to deal with them? what do I say? what do they want? what's the problem?), but not looking forward to the second trip I was trying to avoid.

I called Ches (as I was not so well by this point), and he called. They didn't believe we could be checking her blood this often (10-12x day), so they wanted to fax the doctor a form to fill out before they'd fill her prescriptions. Then they told us it would take 24-48 hours, so I'm really glad we got those tiny boxes now! I'll make it two days on those. I also had to call the doctor's office (in Little Rock) to forwarn them and to let them know I need them to fill it out asap so I can fill my prescriptions!

What a day, and all before lunch. I'm tired. I put Ethan to bed, and he's getting into his drawers now (and spreading wipes, powder, Lansinoh lanolin, lotions, etc. all over his room!). I've been back in once, but last night was a doozy! He powdered his dresser, bed, carpet, and self. Ches vacuumed it up (he was feeling generous!), and now we're watching so it doesn't happen again. I was going to move all the stuff to their bathroom, but there's not room. She has all the drawers full: hair stuff, bows, washcloths, hand towels, etc. I'll have to think of another place and meanwhile, keep an eye on him!

Pray for our insurance to do it's job! And for them to understand it's so very hard to keep an eye on a small child with diabetes, and harder if our hands are tied with limited supplies.

: : And my God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19
: :

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miniskirts, Bandanas, and Boots

I can only say Busy. We've had play dates, emails, dinners, practices, boy scouts, baseball games (including a dads vs. kids game!), the Husky Hoedown, and we've split up today also. Ches is with Clay at his morning baseball game, and I'm home with Mary Claire who's high (250's, but too high to eat), and Ethan who seems to have developed a runny nose since last night. We are going to meet at Sam's to shop and pick up our Christmas cards after Clay's first game!

I have to say, I was beginning to wonder if we were invincible, but of course, we aren't. I thought maybe it was because I was keeping the bathrooms so clean, remembering their vitamins, alcohol-gelling their hands so often, making their dinners with lots of fruits and vegetables, etc. It seemed everyone I talked to had sick kids-or they were sick! We took a few days of rest after our flu shots, hoping we wouldn't catch all the h1n1 going around. But, we've now been infiltrated with our first runny nose of the season. Boo! I'll probably keep him home this week just so he doesn't catch something else while his immune system is busy fighting this off!

The Husky Hoedown (our school's fall carnival-western style!) was really fun-we went a little late since Clay had a game right before it. He didn't even get to change clothes, but Mary Claire and I got dressed up! We had our boots on, and bandanas, and our miniskirts on-what fun! My hair was in pigtails (low, I promise), but she wanted hers down (under her cowboy hat of course). Ethan went with us, and the plan had been for Ches to drop Clay and take Ethan, but they all stayed, and it went well! Ethan played all the games with the kids, and it was fun-he's finally old enough to learn to stand in line, wait his turn, and then give his ticket to play. I've always had to help with the games, so it was nice to just play with the kids this year!

Alrighty, just a teensy update. I have to go change Mary Claire's site as she's not coming down and she's hungry!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christmas Cards in October!

The Christmas planning has begun. We have bought the kids some Christmas presents (and we aren't buying very many things this year as they complain about cleaning their rooms, Mary Claire wants a smaller room and she wants me to throw her stuff away-yes, really). We got them each a Nintendo DSi game (did I already tell you that?) or system thingie, and one game. Last night Ches and I went out and we got them laser tag things (4 of them), so we could all play. These will probably be from Santa, unless we have The Discussion before then! We are still working on Ethan's gifts. What to get an almost three year old?? That he doesn't already have?

I have a letter I wrote to myself after Christmas of 2005 (it went poorly), and I put it in my calendar and reread and edit it every year. It was a letter to the me of the future, to not make the same mistakes again. Don't you want to write to yourself and remind yourself of the important things? And don't you love to get a letter from someone who truly cares about you (and your sanity)? I do! So, I'm taking notes and getting ready.

I have to remember to start my Christmas notebook early.
Tabs/sections for. . .
Church: MUST go to Children's Mass, or Ches is really unhappy, so plan pizza if you have to on Christmas Eve
Clothes: party outfits and matching outfits for the kids for pictures, parties, Christmas Eve Mass
Food: Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner menus and plan, cookies, desserts, gifts of food for neighbors, buy wine early
Decorations: plan for decorating and list of dates to have stuff done by (outside lights or not-we blew a light outlet last year!, Christmas trees, stuff to buy, list of stuff to use that we already have, what to not do this year
Christmas Card List/Address List: I've never done a picture card before, but I am this year!! And get this. I've already ordered them, they'll be in next Saturday!!! I'm going to have it so easy this year!! (I hope!)
Picture Schedule: We usually do this for our cards, but hahahaha, don't have to this year! Well, we'll probably take one to keep, but not to mail out. So, much less stress. We usually get our pictures made the day after Halloween, no joke. It's not busy at all, and the kids don't change that much. : )
Gifts: get the lists and shopping done by Thanksgiving, buy extra gift cards for surprises or game prizes on Christmas, get stocking stuffers early too!
Sanity: schedule a day out alone after everyone is home for break: last minute things, grocery shopping, nails done, etc. Plan babysitter for this day by December first!
and finally, Kids: stop every day in December to play with the kids: read/write/game/cocoa/cookies-it's great for de-stressing, and keeps kids from feeling my stress and acting up!
Ps: who do you know that was alone on Christmas last year? They should come hang out this year! : ) If they'll come...

So, I've already told you, but I really did order my Christmas cards. It took me most of the day (yeah, little obsessive), but it's done. I did a collage picture card with five pictures (two family pix and three individual close-ups of the kids), and it's just adorable. I edited each one: sepia (fade out, so little color), and did a vignette around all the edges so they fade to black around the outsides, then ordered them online. It was easy, just time consuming. I'm now looking for some cute stamps to add to the envelopes so they are colorful. I found a "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas", and it's awful cute! There used to be one with "Sandy Claws" and "Jingle Shells" (since I put in our beach picture), but I haven't found it yet. Maybe I'll check online.

Useless Info #1: I think that the big, huge, new cheaper by the pounds (8.3 to be exact) bag of M&M's is gaining on me. I've eaten almost half the bag (or maybe more? only judging by how it feels when I stick my hand down into it..), and I gained a pound already in the last week. I think it's stress. But, what kind of husband comes home with 8 pounds of M&M's?? Apparently the same one who bought 4 pound of fish sticks (115 sticks!), you know, just in case we have thirty kids over for dinner. And they like fish sticks. And we already had two bags in the freezer. We did have a conversation, and he thinks maybe it's from childhood. He always wants plenty of food in the house! I'm okay with his explanation, we just need ANOTHER refrigerator for more backups.

Useless Info #2: Oh, and I'm almost done decorating for the fall. : ) Leaves, pumpkins, etc. are almost all done. I only lack my wreath and my dining room table. I'll get it done this week while the kids are at school. This weekend was just too busy!

Useless Info #3: (seemed silly to only have two!) I got my hair done Friday-Yay!! It's better, still growing out, but good. I got lowlights and highlights, but I'm going to have to only do highlights next time as it's darker or something. Just different. Can't quite put my finger on it. . .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bed Hopper

He had no nap again today. : ( Tonight we meant to get him to bed earlier, but it's just almost impossible! (with dinner late after girl scouts, bath/showers, spelling words, cupcakes for dessert, books..) We set up gates at both of his doors, so maybe that will help the little bed-hopper stay in his own room! He went into both kids rooms early this morning, and never went back to sleep. It annoys Mary Claire, but Clay just lets him climb in! I think it's sweet. They just aren't getting their rest, and it all comes down to Ethan sleeping. I'm not get to rest or nap either, so it's affecting me too! : P Of course he pretty much went right to sleep tonight after not having a nap! That's the good news.

When it was time to go up and read his bedtime stories, I wasn't sure if I should sit on his bed: he'd used the back of my jeans (my pockets) to wipe his cupcake remainders on! He'd walked right up and wiped his face on me! Silly boy.

What do you dream of? Lately I'm dreaming of two dishwashers. More and more frequently (not EvErY night yet), I have to wash dishes while the dishwasher is running. There just isn't room in the dishwasher. We run it every night, but it seems to fill up as I finish making dinner (measuring cups, cutting boards, mixing bowls, etc. added to breakfast/lunch/snack dishes and cups/glasses). I just can't imagine running it right after lunch, since it's not quite full yet (and that seems wasteful I think). Oh, what to do since another dishwasher just isn't fitting on my To-Do list? : )

I'm having ambivalent feelings about a baby again. It's still hard. I still want one more baby, that last time to be pregnant, one more chance to buy baby clothes, smell a new baby, watch them sleep, learn to crawl, and watch the kids adore them. But. Sometimes I wonder if we got another chance to not have a baby. Ethan is almost in preschool, and there is a day coming soon that he'll be in school, and I'll be busy with projects and time will fly while the kids are in school. I just wonder both ways a lot lately. I might be preparing myself for the chance it won't happen, who knows. I just can't get my hopes up again. What if it was a chance to want one even more than last time? I just have to lay it at God's feet, and not worry about it.

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's Top Ten

Top 10 Things to be Thankful for on Tuesday:

1. People to dirty laundry in my house
2. Sticky soap to clean off the bathroom counter (at least they are
washing!) (with soap!)
3. New groceries to put away and to plan meals with
4. A baby to put back in bed 4 times today
5. That he pottied in the toilet before nap
6. That I'm connected to my friends : )
7. For my kids' precious friends and their pleasure at play
8. Ches, and his patient way of listening to all my irrational concerns
over flu shots vs. flumist and h1n1 vaccines.
9. an insulin pump that keeps Mary Claire with us
10. God's gifts: creativity, excitement, organization

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Opportunity Knocking

Is any day easy?

Ethan has been in a rebel-mood. He has rebelled from his big boy bed, and we've all shed some tears. He began Thursday or Friday screaming that his room was "scary", and when asked, finally pointed to the curtains, then the blinds, then the neighbor's house (like I can change the Party House). It's scary to all of us (especially on Saturday night with the flood lights and music blaring). So, unchangable things not withstanding, we rallied on. We added a lamp on at night (with new 15 watt bulbs from Lowe's-yes, they exist and fit your existing lamps!), then added a daddy sleeping with him, then let him sleep in Clay's bottom bunk, then he crawled up and slept with Clay on Saturday, then he pushed Mary Claire out of her bed last night, and I found her on the floor this morning!

We've now set back up the crib, in high hopes that at least one of us will get some decent sleep. He has yet to sleep in it, but we're trying. He didn't have a nap today-he kept going through his bathroom to Mary Claire's room, then he locked himself in Clay's room. Yes, horrible. Did I fear? No, I stood thinking and saw Opportunity Knocking. Let's see. What is nap time for? Two things. One: to give Mommies a break and time to get some things done (or nap if they've had too many hours on their feet outside pulling the wagon and chasing a toddler down a hill!). And two: to help the little angel get some rest so he makes it through the rest of the day in a good mood. So, it's to help us all get in a better mood. Well. If I got some stuff done while he was locked in there (self-inflicted, of course, since the lock is on the inside), who am I to barge in and ruin his good time? I let him stay (and he MiGhT have slept), and I got some work done and phone calls made! So, one bird with one stone is not too shabby.

It was not a horrible decision as now he's sleeping like a baby in his bed (since he's so darn exhausted!). I can't say it was an easy bedtime, but he's asleep. We did the same routine as nap: three stories/books, prayers, five songs worth of backrubbing, and then I told him I had to go night-night (in my own bed). He screamed at this earlier today, but tonight went back to lay down (small cheer for No Screaming!). But then. I went downstairs, and Mary Claire came right down: he was in her bedroom! Then it was Clay! I went back up, told him to get in bed and lay down, stood by his door, and kept looking in and standing guard. Every time I saw him sitting up, I told him to lay down. Eventually, he fell asleep (9pm). This is better than last night, or even nap, so I am thankful. It's progress, and any is good.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you get your hair cut or your hairs?

Well, we are minus 5 flu shots/mists, and minus some hair! We did not get flu shots and/or mists as planned. Our pediatric clinic wouldn't make us appointments for them. They said we cold leave a message for a nurse, and we did. The nurse told us the same thing, and said we could make an appointment and plead our case with a doctor (for Mary Claire's health). We've always been in the first round (for her). So, it does feel weird to be on the outside. I did call Target (and they have flu shots) and Collier's (and they won't have any till mid October). I can't believe we can't go to our doctors! Ches did find some flumist at the student health center, but he's scared to go there since he could catch something while he's there! Lucky duck, they have the flumist there! I asked him to see if I could go as a spouse, but he doesn't think so.

And we are minus some hair as the kids got their hair (hairs?) cut on Thursday. Clay is just shorter, but Mary Claire decided to really cut her hair! It is at her shoulders, where she requested, and so cute. I didn't even put a bow in it today (shock, shock!!). It looks very nice down or in a headband (which we've only invested in three, maybe?). I don't truly think I can resist, but we'll see.

Clay's practice was practically rained out, but he still had batting practice yesterday!

Today the kids didn't have school for inservice, so it was a nice day off, with no games! This morning I got all the sheets changed, worked on laundry and changing out the new dishes I got a couple weeks ago! I'm still not finshed, but there were so many to wash, and I just couldn't eat off of dusty-looking dishes! And then I had to clean out the cabinets, rearrange the cups, throw away the ones, move dishes around since the bowls were different... heehee, a good problem! : ) Then I had a late (after 1!) lunch with Jenifer since Ches had a conference call with the CDC (that kept getting moved later and later...). He had me bring him home some spaghetti and lasagna to eat to get ready for tomorrow! Then we had a playdate at Kendra's house. She's painting a cute cabinet all different colors-her "funky" cabinet. AdOrAbLe! She wanted my advice, although she already has a great start! I'm sure it'll be awesome when she'd done!

Then we ran out for a quick dinner and picked up Ches' number for the Tour de Cure. He got a great goody bag that was passed around the van-and totally got skimmed on the way around! I got a new thin Sharpie pen in orange, and the kids picked out the little goodies. He's ready. He laid out some jerseys trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. It's going to be around 48 degrees in the morning, but up in the 70's by the time he finishes! He decided on a short sleeve jersey with some "arm-warmers" he can strip off halfway. We crafted this lovely invention out of some baseball socks that Clay doesn't like. They go up to Clay's thighs, and he can't stand them, but they were perfect for Ches! We cut out the toes, and his elbows fit in the knee bends. I think they'll help. He is wearing short pants since his legs will be generating so much heat! He said he was going to bed early tonight, but it has yet to happen. Eleven will be early for him!

I will be getting everyone ready alone tomorrow. We need to be at the ball field by 10 (if we skip the soccer game-which I just can't add to my list tomorrow). Clay has two baseball games: a 10:45 game and a 1:45 game. I think Ches will be finishing up between 1 and 1:45, so I'm not sure how we'll work out seeing him at the finish! We'll meet up with him afterwards, but it might be after he's cooled off and eaten. I feel bad when I can't be in more than one place at a time. God's hardest job calling: a mom. You have to accept Good Enough when you want to be so much more! There just aren't enough hours in a day. : P Sometimes I think if I go-go-go all day, I can get more in, but then I'm just T-I-R-E-D!

Oh, and the latest, is Ethan, and his Non-Sleeping. And his fear of his room. He screams and says he's scared. Or, "Scary!!" We are coping, but we are trying hard not to set up impossible standards and problems to get out of later. Ches laid in bed with him last night until he fell asleep, but we can't get into a habit. He never took a nap today, so he went to sleep pretty quickly tonight, but we bought 15 watt bulbs, and put one in his lamp on his nightstand and left it on. He has already woken once, but I went right up (and he was shaking!), and he fell asleep within a minute or two. It'll be a long night.

And Mary Claire is running low. Since Ches is "going to bed early", I'll need to stay up to check her. Lows are scarier than highs. Tomorrow night is our Silent Auction, and the kids will be with a babysitter. I just pray it all goes well. I'll be in close contact, but it seems like things haven't been so predictable lately. I'm sure the biggest is Ethan's bed change!

I'm remembering. . .
Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don't forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ. Philippians 4:6-7