Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Up a Tree!

Yesterday was Clay's birthday, so he pretty much got to do what he wanted.  I can't imagine telling my child no on their special day! : )  He'd already eaten out (PF Changs) on Sunday, but he'd told me he wanted breakfast dinner (specifically: eggs, toast, bacon, and pancakes), and some pomegranates for his after-school snack.  I'd shopped and gotten all of the above, and after school he'd asked to go to Jacob's house (his best friend's).  Gigi and Papa stopped by-and we called Clay to come home-just in time to see the other two up a tree!

I have to tell you, I didn't realize we had a tree that was climbable.  We have some trees on our lot (that have survived the ice storms), but their low limbs are all cut.  They just aren't climbers.  We've planted about a hundred trees on our lot since we moved here (I think our count is around 96, but 4 have been replanted after they've died, and two just fell last week).  So, really over a hundred planted.  Anyway, all this to say that in the five+ years since we've lived here, I can't believe we have a tree large enough to climb (and support my kids!).  But.  Leave it to a sycamore to grow like no one's business!  We learned this early, so now we have a few.  They are awesome fast growers, they have H-U-G-E leaves (great for shade so plant them on the south/west sides!), beautiful peel-y bark, and a great shape-especially if you get one with multiple trunks.  Once you have one, sometimes you get new baby trees, and we plant them in other places.  Even oaks don't always make it through a transplant, but by-golly, a sycamore does!  So..my kids have been climbing one of them.  Not the biggest one, and it's only been there for four years (and began as a stick-seriously)!  Anyway, the kids need a little help getting started, but then, watch out!

I just kept telling him, "No Higher!!"

A farther-away view (the fence is 6 foot high)!

She has really gotten better at pictures!  Love this one.

Sweet kids.  I have the best memories of a great climber at my grandma's house.  We would practically live there! (and pick crab apples, and drop flowers down, and we had a cousins' club..)

..and Clay finally got back!

Sweet girl.
We stayed out in the amazing decent weather till my eyes were getting dizzy from staring straight up in the sky watching for falling kids, then inside to check Monday folders!  They both got good grades, but Mary Claire had some not-very-good papers from this past week. : (  She had to work on them, then we started that yummy dinner!

I'm still reading that book (my one hundred adventures) with the kids, so we read till I fell asleep!  Clay wanted to keep going, so we read for over an hour-it was his birthday.

I can't believe ten years ago, I hadn't even gotten to see him yet.  I had gone into the hospital on the Monday after Thanksgiving with preeclampsia, Tuesday I was induced, and I had him on Wednesday, November 29th.  He was only four pounds since he was five weeks early, so he immediately went to the NICU.  He had a blue spell (stopped breathing), so he couldn't leave to come see me.  My heart stopped twice since I was on so much magnesium sulfate to keep me from having seizures or a stroke, so I couldn't leave my room or my monitors.  I remember I finally had them bring me a polaroid picture of him just so I could see him.  I was getting super anxious, as I'd hoped to nurse him.
Ches got a pump for me, but I was getting nowhere.  They'd told me Clay would be fine without eating for the first 24 hours, but I thought that was totally unacceptable!  I kept asking to see him, and finally I had a compassionate nurse that said he was more stable than I was, and she snuck him to me about three in the morning, on the 30th.  It'd been 12 hours, and I finally got to see him!  What precious joy.  I got to nurse him one more time (secretly) that night, and the next morning, my doctor said I could either have a shower or go see my baby (since I couldn't take the stress). I chose to go see him.  He thought he was giving me my first look, and I couldn't tell him. : )
It was a long road, and they released me before him, so we drove to the hospital to feed him for an hour, then we'd leave, and have two hours before we'd come back-for days.  We were losing it, but finally we got the call that he could come home-on a biliblanket.  He had jaundice by then, but we would've done anything at that point to bring him home!  It was late at night, and getting icy, but we were so thankful.  We've told him parts of the story, but it was so scary, to tell him all of it is too much. (maybe for us)
I'm just so thankful for my sweet little boy-I've had ten blessed years with him.  He's given us so much joy, taught us compassion and patience (waiting while in surgeries, and as he learns his boundaries), and taught us to look at the world with curious eyes (I'm just sure he'll never stop learning).  Thank you, God, for the blessing of his precious life!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas card!  If you are on our Christmas list, you'll get one-if not, you can send me your address! : )

I use this software all the time (my Digital Studio-and it's unbelievably priced at $40 right now-like less than half!!), and since I was going to make a photo picture/card, I started working on this, then just printed it as pictures at Wal-Mart!  I totally didn't plan to make my own card, but by the time I found all the cute words and pulled the pictures I was thinking about using (I was even going to sepia all of them-but liked the color!), I was done.
I actually got it finished on Thursday night!  I put the order in, but they won't be done till December 2 or so.  I'll get a text when they are ready.  I need to work on the envelopes for now!

But decorating? Nope, haven't started.  I can only do one thing at a time! : )  Be impressed with my cards! heehee

Don't forget to shop Cyber Monday!  Sales are crazy-even lots of free shipping! : )  100 items on the American Girl website are on sale, up to 50% off-that's somewhere I can't shop locally!  Except she keeps changing her Christmas List...  I'll have to have them write letters to Santa, that way they're mailed and gone-No more changes!

I hope you shop, shop, shop and help our economy! (but don't hurt yours!)  and could the housing market please pick up?  I need my house value to go back up near what I paid. : )

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Branson, Books, and a Birthday

I did indeed shop till I dropped on Friday!  My friend called me at 5am to see if I was leaving yet (ha!), and I told her I wasn't leaving till 7!  Once we talked for a while, I was awake, got around, and left town!  I was in Branson meeting her by 7:40.  It was the Best Sunrise and a great drive-there were no other cars, it was so peaceful.  I wanted to stop to take pictures of the sunrise, but I didn't want to take the time-Shopping was waiting!

We started at the sales that ended at 8, then 10, then 12.  That pretty much determined our path-they should get together and decided when to end based on location-it's total work to shlep from one side of the outlet mall to the other!  We did really well (40% off the entire Tommy Hilfiger store, plus an extra 25% off before 10am! and 50% off all of Banana Republic, got big jar Yankee Candles for $11 each, Bass shoes were buy 1, get 2 free and $20 off before 12, etc.).  I just love outlets.  I feel like I get more for my money-this is why I don't shop at the mall.  And it's nice to have the time-I Really Appreciate my husband understanding this need to hunt and gather!  I feel like it's my job to spend my husband's hard-earned money wisely. ; )

Saturday was a HUGE catch-up day: including no make-up and some deep (room) cleaning!  We worked on Mary Claire's room (to some pureNRG music!)-it was SO messy.  I only clean it for her 2-3 times a year, then she has to maintain it-very hard for her.  She loves to read and play, and it just gets out of hand.  She had dirty clothes in all kinds of places!  In her doll tub, dress-up basket, under her desk and bed, everywhere!  So that's where all her fall clothes had disappeared to.  We straightened up her desk, her dresser, closet, book shelves..I pulled about 2-3 bookshelves worth of picture books from her shelves and moved them to Ethan's room.  He hasn't read a lot of them, and it's his turn.  He inherited the twenty-something Arthur books, and all my old teaching picture books.  She'd even smuggled a few of his Curious George books into her room!
This meant I had to find room in his room for all the new books.  I had to clean out his armoire-So Hard.  I cleaned out baby blankets, onesies, old jammies, socks, crib sheets, waterproof liners, shoes, etc.  I allowed one tub of memories to pack, and the rest will go to someone else's house.  Ethan got to pick two blankets to keep, but there were so many!  I will say, it looks awful nice in there now.  I need to take pictures, because it won't last long!

Ahh..time for my first baby to turn the big 1-0.  I can't believe it's gone this fast-I always hear that, but it's true.  We had his birthday party a couple weeks ago for the new movie, Megamind, but tomorrow is the Real Thing.  He got to pick a restaurant for his birthday dinner, and he picked PF Changs.  He wanted to go today, since he has basketball practice tomorrow night (and he's going!), and didn't want to have to rush.  He's so grown up. : )  He was so cute-he kept asking about dessert-they like to get the little mini desserts-all chocolate!  I like that they don't have to share, and they all get the same amount! : )

Mary Claire wanted me to take her picture so she could use the Megamind app: it puts your face on Megamind's body, then it changes your look-hilarious!

Happy 10th Birthday, Clay!

And the wiggle worm!  He kept playing with the little boy behind us! (the Best reason to get a booth!) : )

Mmmm...dessert.  Chocolate Mousse.
Ches also ran into William-Sonoma to get me a set of pans that were (Very Much) on sale for me for Christmas.  No, I haven't looked at them, I just made a short Christmas list including pans, gloves, new tires, and some new curved-tip embroidery scissors.  I'm not real picky.  Sometimes I can be high-maintenance, but there's not that much I need! : )  I can't see buying junk for gifting purposes, it seems wasteful!  Especially when there are things I'd like to have, and I'd use!

Then we went to Target-I'm feeling lazy.  I got a gift card for Mary Claire's teacher, in case I don't get her anything made.  I'm not feeling crafty, even though I have so many new things to applique!  I think I'm still tired from Friday.  I went to bed last night after I read to Clay (a really good new book: My One Hundred Adventures by Polly Horvath), at about 8pm!  And today, I got a nap!  Such a good one, I was asleep when the crazy decision was made to let Mary Claire skip Girl Scouts for playing in her (clean) room!  She's decided she really likes it in there, so she didn't want to go, and Ches being so nice, said ok!  When I got up to go get her, I discovered she'd never left. : (  I guess we all need a break now and then, so I'll let it go.

We read more of the book tonight-and that girl (Jane) is positively adorable!  I like that she prays, and that she's a normal little girl, watching for signs that God is listening to her.  She does have adventures, and sometimes the chapters end with a surprise!  (most times, they do!)  Sometimes I know books for my kids are going to be good, or I've read them before, but this was a happy accident.  Such a joy!

Great weekend, and time with family.  We are blessed.
And now for Clay's real birthday tomorrow!  He's requested a breakfast birthday dinner since we did his eating-out birthday dinner today.  I'll try to make him happy! : )

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shine On

I found the cutest ornament for our Bunco Christmas ornament exchange!  I usually get something beautiful that I'd love to have on my tree.  But this year, this sweet little 60's frog totally caught my eye!  I'd love to have him on my tree too, but there was only one.  He has real velvet flowers (stuck) on his shiny glass shirt.  And those shoes?  Stylin'!

See those adorable flowers?  (I think he's dancing) 

I caught him sitting down in all the trunks/branches of the birch tree-so cute!  He was using his golf club from his perch : )
I have a few pictures built up on my desktop from the past couple of days!  I'll share them with you.  The one of Ethan (up above) is from Monday afternoon-just playing outside since it was so warm here (69 degrees, a true Indian Summer)!

Mary Claire and her class had a Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday: beef stew, grilled cheese, and a snack mix (Cheerios, raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows!).  Ethan made fast friends with Brice and Lucas (they shared their food!):

Mary Claire and Marissa
Today, we went out!  We didn't want our break to be too stressful, so we took the afternoon off.  First we went to the movies to see Tangled (very good!), and then we went to Lowe's to get some insulation since the ceiling of Clay's hideout (attic space off his closet with blown-in insulation) is falling down!  Next, we went to the Fayetteville Square to see the Lights of the Ozarks. We got there right before dark, since I'd forgotten my real camera!  You can tell in the first few pictures, it's daylight, then it's slowly dark...
I had to play with the exposure/brightness/contrast to get this one even visible!  I had no flash, so I had to brighten it up a lot.  You can tell it wasn't that great.  Mary Claire had just had a crying spell over (almost) losing the stylus to her DSi, and they just wanted to run around.  Darn it, Mom and her pictures.

Always a good Razorback amid the beautiful horses on the carousel. : )

She was taking pictures with her DSi, so I took a picture of her!  I wonder who she gets that from? ; )

We love the lights too, Ethan! : )

Clay loved the blue ones!

Of course, he only likes the green lights.

I had to put in all four of these.  The first one is the best, but it's blurry.  The rest are just stereo-typical of our photo shoots. : )

The Growl and Peek.

Movement with Growl.  More Peek.

Here is the Mean Growl, and the Big Cheese.  Clay obviously, is the Pro at this.  He realizes that if you get a good picture, you are done faster.  He gets this.

I love this tree.  It's the only one that has been totally wrapped along its branches-beautiful!  I had to move away to fit it all in!  And check out that amazing sunset with color!
Then we went to US Pizza on Dickson to eat pizza (do I smell a tradition brewing? -we did that last year!), and to Wal-Mart for a few more things for tomorrow (and found the cutest sequined bow shoes for Mary Claire-for $10!), and to Jo-Ann Fabrics to look at scissors.  I want some stronger curved-tip scissors for cutting fabric around the applique lines.  I found some really nice ones by Gingher.  They were $29.99 (and 30% off), but I didn't get them.  I know they'll have a pretty good sale coming out for Friday, so I'll bide my time! : )  I did get some envelopes for our Christmas cards...which I'm working on.. :)

Precious friends and family, I'm so thankful for you.  I pray for God's blessing on you!
Happy Thanksgiving! : )
May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.  Numbers 6: 24-26

Monday, November 22, 2010

Green Amour

Hey ya'll!  Little busy 'round here! : )  My tiny boy thought he'd help his daddy jump in rake leaves, and try out those leaf bags for size! heehee

While they were having fun, I had some work to do.  I debated on fabrics, and got some towels-Clay's teacher has a birthday on Wednesday, and we are going to have a party tomorrow!
Mrs. Lee likes green, polka dots, and stripes!

This is the first one: Love, Joy, & Peace (I switched them around this time!)

Then I tried a new applique font for her last name!
Here are the two together-I coordinated them, just in case she's ever using both at the same time. : )
Then, when it only took me two hours, I decided to keep going!  I made a few cards to add to her little package. : )  I knew I wanted them to kinda match the towels, so I got out some green ink, and pondered over cards.  I picked ecru, so I knew my theme: jute string, french stamps, an *L* for Lee, and a little green ribbon:

I added little crown stamps to the backs of the envelopes-I was very impressed with the stamps-they inked beautifully!  (I hadn't used all of them before)
I inked the backs too: Eiffel Towers, keys, and some Amour!
Yes, I've done plenty more in the past couple days, but do you really want to hear about it? No! : ) hahaha
I've just been up late shopping for applique designs online (got some free too!), helped my sweet Ethan recover from his tummy bug, and discovered laundry mating and multiplying behind my back!

We're going to go ahead and have another Real Thanksgiving this week, and make another turkey.  Not going to be a huge deal, but we do enjoy good food! : )  I usually make a yummy pumpkin pie with a crunchy pecan topping, but not this year-I bought a frozen pie!  (shhh-don't tell anyone!)  I guess there won't be any pictures of that one.
We can't wait for the kids to get out!  Tuesday is their last day, and Ethan's last day was today.  Tuesday afternoon Ches is planning to take Clay to see the new Harry Potter movie (I'm grossed out by it-so the rest of us will stay home), and Wednesday we are going to see the newest Disney movie, Tangled!  It looks so good, so I can't wait.  I'd love to shop on Friday-this will be a fun week! : )  What are you thankful for?

Friday, November 19, 2010


I finally finished my new work of art: applique and all!  This one goes to The Mom, our contest winner! : )

Here's how you do it:
First, it stitches a line where the letter will go.

Next, you lay spray adhesive and lay fabric over the line.

Then it stitches the line again, and you cut around it.

Finally, it makes pretty "vintage" stitches all around the letter! (Repeat for each letter!)

It's done! : )  I meant to put joy & peace, but I think it comes across the same. : )

Bless my Friends

My baby is still sick, but getting better.  He hasn't thrown up today, so Yay! (progress)  He's held down lots of liquids, and now toast and fruit snacks.  He's sleeping now, and I hope he's healing.  Lots of prayers going up!

I haven't gotten to shop since he got sick, so I don't have a kitchen towel to monogram.  I'm so bummed!  I even have new stuff to work on, but it's hard to sew and hold my baby, and rub his tummy.  We've pushed the pause button for the week!

I had a meeting with Mary Claire's teacher this morning.  She hasn't been doing her best work, and she's too smart to not.  We are going to find a cool homework folder this weekend, and whatever she doesn't finish in the day will go in there.  She can be messy (surprise!), so things get lost, and sometimes she totally redoes them, then finds them.  She also hadn't turned in some spelling sentences, and one of them was in her folder finished.  The others we couldn't find, so she'll be working on those this weekend!  She's in the high reading group, but if she doesn't pull her weight, she'll have to move down.  I think it'd be letting her off easy!  We'll see how she does.  She likes to put forth the minimum effort required, unless it's something she's chosen to do (not unlike lots of us!).  I get it, but this is school, and she'll have to do better.

We have two teacher birthdays coming up in the next week, so we are hustling.  One is on Wednesday when the kids are out of school, and we have cupcakes, a picture of the kids with the mat signed by them, and then the kids are all going to bring little things.  The other is next Monday (after break), and we don't have a for-sure plan, but another mom and I are going to watch her class in the afternoon so she can leave early-I hope she does something fun! (not get groceries!)  She's so sweet, so we just asked her what we could do.  She couldn't think of anything, but another teacher said we should give her a nap-time, so it got us thinking! : )  We'll just watch the kids, and she can run away. : )  I'm thinking I'll make one teacher some stationery maybe.  She is super-thankful and sends lots of thank you cards, so she could use them! : )

We had requested a babysitter for tonight, but she never told us for sure, so I have a feeling it's No now.  She was trying to get tickets to see Harry Potter (I think Ches is going to take Clay next Tuesday after school!).  Anyway, Ethan is sick, so it's not the best night.  It is nice to go out and reconnect, but maybe we'll talk next week. heehee : )

Ok, Thanksgiving is in less than a week!  Hmm..what am I thankful for?  My friends.  My childhood friends who shared playdates, backyards, and dolls with me.  My junior high friends who shared secrets, notes, and sleepovers with me.  My high school friends who shared shoes, boyfriends, and car rides with me.  My college friends who shared more notes (class this time!), decorating ideas, and lesson plans with me.  My teacher friends who shared books, time, and copy paper with me.  My baby momma friends who shared potty training, shopping, and maternity clothes with me.  And my big-kid momma friends who share party ideas, school help, and their kids with me.  I love you all dearly.  I'm so thankful I got the chance to know you and adore you even if we are miles apart now! xoxox

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sick Day

Today was just me playing nursemaid to Ethan.  He just wanted to be held, touched, kissed, and wanted his tummy rubbed!  He is doing almost the same thing Mary Claire did for over a week (oh no!).  He whines about his tummy hurting, and after a teensy bit of breakfast (applesauce and toast), he threw up a little again (not all his food).  Then after I talked to the doctor, we switched him to only a liquid diet (she told me to stop Gatorade-the sugar makes the diarrhea worse-but he's not having any poop after all the throwup!).  Anyway, she said water is enough.

After taking Mary Claire to dance tonight and talking to a friend, I found out her son had the same thing, and he was in the hospital to get rehydrated!  I'm hoping we keep Ethan hydrated and in control.  I'd hate to have him on an iv and in the hospital-he'd hate it!

He requested dumplings for dinner (and I had turkey from yesterday to put in it!), but then he never ate any.  Maybe he knows what he needs better than I do. : )  He's sleeping well, I just really hope he sleeps all night-last night was a rough night again!  I thought he was all better-it's like he got it again or something.

He's not going to school again tomorrow, but Ches is going to stay home a little in the morning so I can go copy and go by the church.  I was going to help a friend set up her booth at the NWA Boutique Show, but Ches has to go to work.  She's doing neat stuff, and she's been so busy (and her son's been in the hospital this week!), and I thought it'd be fun to help, but sometimes God has other plans for us.  I have to be a mommy.

Say prayers that Ethan gets better-sick sucks (for both of us).  : (

Contest Winner

Sorry, I didn't post last night!  It got kinda yucky, with the come-back of the throw-up.  Blech.
So, anyway!  Our winner is The Mom! : )
She will get a sweet kitchen towel with this embroidered: Love, Joy, & Peace, Galations 5:22.  I'll post a picture as soon as I'm done! : )  I have a new Love applique I'd like to try anyway.  Should be fun...Congratulations! : )

It's done!!! Yay! : )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Little Things in Life

I'm so excited!  It's totally the little things in life. : )
I have been searching for an applique font for about two weeks.  I wanted to make a towel for that Springdale High auction, and I thought an appliqued SHS would be adorable, but I totally didn't want to do it the old-fashioned way (printing the enlarged letters off of the computer, tracing/cutting them out, tracing/cutting them out on fabric, cutting out the fusible web to go between your fabrics, ironing, and finally zigzaging all around the letters-even the rounded corners!)  So.  There's this new way that I just learned about.  It requires an embroidery machine (I have one!), and a design (had to get one!).  Ok, I may be losing you, but it's soo cool!  Anyway, they have applique alphabets for sale online (really hard to find-but I did!) You hoop your fabric, load and start the design, and it sews this little skinny line around the design.  Next, you take it off the machine, cut the fabric around the line, then put it back, and it sews the zigzags around-SO Cool! : )

I think I'm going to start with Mary Claire a pair of pants.  Clay just busted the knee out of a NEW pair of jeans (they were even still a little big around the waist and length!), so I'll patch over them, put her name on them, and add some ruffles!  It'll take a while to do all those letters though.  Hmm..maybe I'll do an "M" and put her name across it.  Or do an "H" for Hunt Huskies and write that over the H...Thinking!  Wish someone had just had a baby to make a burp cloth with a monogram!!

Speaking of..I looked at websites for adoptions-they are SO expensive!  I like the Chinese adoptions, but it can take 9-10 months to get your child after you've been approved-and they have to WAIT for you there. : (  Those days of waiting would kill me.  Does anyone have a baby they don't need?  I don't understand why it's so hard to adopt-it seems like there should be plenty of babies to go around.  Please share.

I'm sure you guessed, but I'm done working super-hard to get pregnant again.  It's been a rough year (and a little bit) of pregnancies, miscarriages, bloodwork, doctors and specialists, surgeries, medicines, and I can't keep it up.  If God wants me pregnant, He'll find a way, otherwise, I have to let it go.
You can still pray for our family: that we be content with what we get, that we not lose faith in God's will for us, and that our family might be blessed in other ways.  We are thankful for the three sweet blessings we have, and explaining to them why they don't have their prayers for a baby answered may be the hardest of all.  I don't exactly know what to tell them.  (Mommy's getting too old?  God gets to choose?  Let's cry together? or D. all of the above.)

I'm back on 5mg Lexapro, and I'm content.  I knew it'd be hard to transition, and so it's more preventative.  I don't want to deal with the whole sad and disappointed part.  And I'm sure I'll get questions (totally okay), but I don't want to break down.  I like being in control of my feelings (doesn't everyone?).

Ok, yes, I'm fine.  Anyway, I'll be diving into some other things-like applique.  I never can decide whether I love fabric or paper better-such a hard decision.  God will keep me busy, I am so thankful for all the precious blogs and websites I've found in the last week with fun, crafty things-and sweet, sweet families!  There is plenty that I can do for other people-I can totally take the focus off me and my health for a while. : )

Sorry about not writing yesterday-I was so tired!  Ethan was up in the night on Sunday night throwing up, and he was home (of course!) yesterday, sooo..I didn't get much done, and when I wanted a nap, he sat on the bed, crawled under the covers to play hide-and-seek, begged for some water (who can refuse a three-year-old water??), so I just got up and gave up on a nap!  Then, last night I actually did my Matthew homework so I could go to Bible study today!  I have missed my girls, and fall is always so busy, but it was good.  Ethan was actually the only child there today, so I think he enjoyed the attention!  He played with everything, enjoyed snack, and loved on the Jesus statue-it was soo cute!  He held his hand, and we talked with Jesus.  Then, he told me how beautiful His eyes were, and told me about His boo-boos on his hands, and then he hugged Jesus and told him he loved him!  It was so precious.  And I was proud of him for knowing how much Jesus loves him!  I'm so thankful I went, if just for that!

Then we grocery shopped, changed his sheets, and amazingly--he took a nap, and let me take a nap!  It was only about an hour-but an hour can change your attitude and totally your outlook!  Sweet, sweet sleep.  Then we practiced Mary Claire's multiplication facts, I got lunches ready for tomorrow (they all go tomorrow!), and made dinner.  Tonight was Bunco, so I had to plan ahead for our morning. : )  I needed a great night out (and some amazing chocolate!!), and I did laugh a lot!  Those ladies are great, and I'm thankful for them too!  Ahh..so much fun.

Alrighty, Jimmy Kimmel has entertained me for long enough (tomorrow is National Unfriend Day-and he's hilarious!), I'd better get to bed, or I'll be tired again tomorrow.  G'Night, Friends!
Oh!! and don't forget to enter the contest!  See the *rules* here.  Leave a comment with your favorite scripture and verse or something cute to put on a kitchen towel..Contest ends tomorrow!! : )

Sunday, November 14, 2010

She Can Do Anything

Woo-this has been a l-o-n-g weekend!  We've partied, slept over, received food at the food pantry, picked up a Boy Scout popcorn order, had basketball practice, slept in the van, went to Missouri, saw Morning Glory (wonderful!), went to the Kappa Delta International Girls Day, fit in church, a bazaar, PRE and BSI, ahhh..we need Monday to come! : )  Usually we are looking forward to the weekend, but I need to do laundry.  It seems like it's been so long-and I have PILES!  ugh.  They are not good for my feng shui.

We have some beautiful pictures of the kids that we got when we went to Missouri to see Ches' mom-they played on the old truck that his step-dad built-the kids love *driving* it!  Then Ethan located the tractor, ran and jumped on.  Next was the miniature donkeys they have right now-they really are cute.  They eat feed with molasses on it, so the dogs try to eat their food-ahh, the things we learn!  On the way in as the sun was setting, they spotted the huge bell, and had to R-I-N-G it...oh my-it's soo loud!  I was trying so hard to tell Clay to ring it more gently, I didn't even get a picture of him ringing the bell!

Here are a few of the kids from Saturday evening:

And then Mary Claire had the International Girls' Day at the Kappa Delta house today at the University.  She got all nervous and wanted me to stay with her!  I did, but I so wished I'd brought my camera!  Here are a few pictures from my phone:
It was pretty bright!

First stop: Face Painting!  (Our friend Cayce was painting too!)

Next up: Friendship Bracelets in the living room

My girl can smell cake a mile away!

Their adorable sign: "She can do anything!" and Mary Claire's little pink paper is to the right of the "She": she wrote that she wants to be a music teacher when she grows up!

Last picture on the way out (with her leopard legs)!
Oh, yeah!  One more thing-here are some pictures of the treats for the bazaar:

And Don't Forget!!
Comment and give me a short verse and scripture reference (or something cute!) to put on a kitchen towel, and you can win the monogrammed towel!  See *official* rules here!

Don't you need one!?