Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We traveled through the human body!

Well, we are all winding down after another long day. Ethan has climbed out of the Pack-n-Play twice, and is still not sleeping. Mary Claire has been moved to the couch to keep her and Clay from giggling and playing footsie (spelling looks weird!). Hopefully I'll get to bed earlier tonight!

Ches made the trip back to Cracker Barrel to pick up the backpack while I took a shower this morning. He took Ethan with him which helped me! Clay and Mary Claire goofed off, got dressed, and generally had a ball. I had them make the bed and brush their teeth, but I can't say they really did either well. Anyway, we went to the Adventure Science Center-their children's museum. I'll say that upon walking in, I was sorely disappointed, seeing all the same things we see at every children's museum, only smaller. The balls, angles, mirrors, crawly things..but upon closer examination, I give it an 8! There were more floors of things that you couldn't see at the entrance. You had to crawl through this thing in the middle-about 5 stories in all-of body parts-heart (crawl thru the ventricles, etc.) we climbed up the spine to get there, then around in the femur, thru a tube to feel different skin/textures, then up to the next level with sounds-climb in a guitar to strum it, play a pipe (wind) organ-you hook up a vacuum-type hose (only it blows) to the pipes and they play, a lifesize-piano, then up to the next level-more crawling, to planetarium stuff-and we were so high!! We were looking out over the city from a pyramid of glass windows up at the top of the museum. In other floors, we played in their version of water-the blood/circulatory system with floating red & white blood cells, oxygen, etc. and you could stop the flow with a wall called smoking, and one called cholesterol. One big paddle wheel that sped it up was called exercise-it was so cute and original! : ) We went to the excretory system (bathrooms!) and traveled through the digestive system that ended in a slide under which there was a huge rug of a whoopie cushion with all the names for gas!! It was hilarious! Ches and the kids also played a game of shoot the pathogens (can't remember the real name), with laser guns-they shot cavities, germs, cuts on toes, etc. It reminded me of the Toy Story Pizza Planet shoot-em game at Disney. THen we went downstairs to let Clay climb the walls-about 3 stories up-to work on the outside of a space shuttle. He did well, but since he was at the weight minimum-60 lbs-he was having trouble getting higher. There is a counter balance weight on the back of his rope, so he had trouble. He really didn't know it though, and loved it! I'll post a few pictures down below. I've had to cut down on the number of pictures I load, because they take so long!

Then we dropped Ches off at the Opry Convention Center again, came back and took naps. We made chocolate cookies, did fraction work together since that's what they are missing at school!, then picked Ches back up. We went back to the mall-third time?-and shopped a little-I got some kids' clothes at Carters (my coupon was expiring today! 25% off my whole sale-those are rare!), and got the kids shoes at Nike. Ches has spoiled the kids-multiple balls at Nike-again, and more toys. He did keep them occupied while I was shopping, so it worked out okay-I can't complain too much!

He did tell me he went back to the movies today! He said his presentation was boring-and it was stuff he already knew, smarty-pants)-so he went back to the mall and saw Monsters vs. Aliens (again, only in its' entirity) in IMAX 3D. He said a show was JUST starting when he got over there, so he said he had to see how it ended (although I told him yesterday!). So, he learned alot about safety-a little about a broken highway...

Then we walked in, ordered pizza, paid, and asked them to deliver it. We were tired. We came home (hotel), gave everyone a bath, then ate. They pigged out on all our food that has to be eaten by tomorrow anyway, and are now in bed. Maybe (big, fat Maybe) they are finally asleep. I haven't heard sounds. Until just now. Mary Claire just came in-she doesn't like their water. She wants her Propel-it's upstairs, just two creaky stairs away. Not.

Okay, must check her blood again, and give them a sleeping potion. Got any good recipes?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Piles of Cheese!

Today we went down to get breakfast, brought it back, then took Ches to one of the a presentation (we dropped him off so we could have the van!). We got directions and went to the nearby (about 10-15 minutes away) Target. I could not go back into the mothball-smelling Kmart that was so very close. It’s just awful. Anyway, we got what we needed (q-tips, gum, tissues, yogurts, more soup (for Ches’ late night eating sessions), band-aids and headed back to the hotel room. I had planned to fit in some laundry before meeting Ches, but.. Whatever! We got in, they wanted yogurts they’d picked out, Ethan ate about three piles of grated cheese, they played outside, then it was time to go to meet Ches at the Opry Mills Mall (in fact, we were late).

I ran into Gymboree (which was *luckily* right by the train stop in the mall)! Ches and the kids went around the whole mall (it’s a battery-operated train with tires-no track-which the kids didn’t notice) then when I still wasn’t done (surprised?) Ches and Ethan went around again. Clay and Mary Claire watched the tv in the store-one of the best perks there! We only spent $30 on the train-they should’ve just went to the toy store to get new toys! But, Ethan did have lots of fun. I took pictures, but I didn’t catch when they left the first time-they were all blowing me kisses-they were so excited! : ) It would’ve been an awesome pictures, but then I wouldn’t have experienced it I guess.

Then we ate lunch at Chili’s-and Ethan ate almost nothing (maybe due to the piles of cheese?). Then we headed out to the zoo! As expected, Ethan fell asleep on the way there. Clay, Mary Claire and I went on in to get started! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the Jungle Zone, and taking in all the animals-both indoors and out! About 2/3 of the way through, Ches called and Ethan was awake. They met us at the massive porcupines, then we went to the children’s petting zoo, petted and brushed the animals (mostly goats), the goats tried to chew Ches’ belt and my purse, then we cleaned our hands, and had ice cream! We’d walked so much! We sat and ate-I had to eat most of Ethan’s since he lost interest and wanted to climb around! Poor me. Two chocolate ice cream cones! Teehee. Then back to the Jungle Zone kids’ play area to spend the rest of the afternoon! Ches and I took turns playing with the kids (well, mostly chaperoning Ethan). As we’d get totally tired out from climbing the massive rope spiderwebs, or crawling through the swinging tunnels, or sliding down the DaRk tunnels, we’d trade out with him and take turns. We took Ethan into this large, padded play area where he just bounced, jumped, did crash landings (that I’d swear would hurt!) and made friends! We had one little girl, Eloise, checking on Ethan and Mary Claire (“How do you know him?" and “Why is she sitting with you?”). There was another little boy who was chasing Ethan, then Ethan would chase him, and they’d copy each other on the big mats: rolling around, crawling, jumping off the benches, or bouncing down on their bottoms. I had to pull him out when we’d been there long enough. It was almost 5:30,and they closed at 6. I was exhausted-I couldn’t believe they weren’t ready to go! Whew, they’d better sleep well tonight (I know I will)!

We ate dinner/breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then came back to the hotel for baths (too tired and too late to swim!), then more Junie B. One-Man Band. We finished it tonight. : ) She’s so funny!

Ok, on another subject…Laundry! I just went down, loaded two washers, got them started and left. There was another nice man down there sitting with his computer in the steamy laundry room. I guess when he figured out that no one would “get” his silly laundry, he left. When I went back to move my stuff to the dryer, I found his stuff sitting in one of the dryers. Like I wanted his gray socks! : P So guess what I forgot to take down? My quarters! I had to come back, get them, and go back in there to start the dryers. Heehee : ) I bet nice man didn’t forget his quarters! So then Ches wanted me to get him a pass to use the Marriott’s gym (since I was out)-nicer than ours even though we are at a Marriott-I guess they figure if you’re at the Residence Inn, you are with the fam, and there’s no time to workout! And it’s already 10pm. It’s gonna be another late night! : )

I’ll try to post zoo pix (and train!) maybe in another set down below?

Ps-Just got a call from Cracker Barrel-we left Ethan’s backpack there. I told her the kids were already in bed, and it’d be tomorrow before I could get it. Get this-she wanted to know if it should be locked up for the night in the manager’s office! Yeah, right-if you count diapers, wipes, books and cars as valuables!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carousel, Cookies, and Swimming-Quite a Vacation!

Today we fit in a movie: Aliens vs. Monsters! It was good, but gave me a headache. It was so loud! We sat about the third row from the back, but maybe we were closer to the speakers? Anyway, Ethan did very well for the first hour or so. He didn’t even know that we had popcorn! He just sat so still in my lap. I was just sure he was going to fall asleep on me-we even took his blanket (kiki) in to help him get a nap! But, alas. He discovered the popcorn, age his weight in it, then decided to get some exercise: feet on my lap, hands on the chair in front of me, then just leaning over the chair, then crawled through the crack in between the chairs… Ahh, and then Ches took him out. We have an agreement. I don’t think he’s ready for movies-which I’ve been proven right at the last 8 or so movies. He just can’t take it. Every month or so, Ches says he thinks Ethan’s ready. So…if we take him, Ches has to be willing to take him out. I don’t want it ruined for everyone else too! So, I met Ches outside, and began to debrief him on what he missed (what I’d want if it was me), and he told me no! He liked it so much, he’s going to go back alone one afternoon or night after work, and see it again! Ok, it was pretty good, but not that good. Ok, if you are going to see it, cover your eyes. The monsters win! Yay! In the story, it’s a good thing. It’s a good story with the main character learning to trust herself, and that she can do more than she every believed she could. And she makes odd friends. It’s Disney, but different-a little less cutesy and musical. It’s probably not one I’ll purchase as they said several things I wish I’d known about: one-said the girl had boobies (why was this necessary?), the president said to call a code brown, he was going to change his pants (not as bad, but again, why?), and we can’t remember any more right now… I’ve quizzed Ches, but he forgot we even went! We’ve done so much!

We took naps today-we were so tired after our late night last night. We came back in about two, put the kids down to read, darkened the room, and I put Ethan in bed with me. Well, yeah..that didn’t work! I put him upstairs by Ches and Clay, and he finally went to sleep. I was awakened repeatedly by Mary Claire requesting to go to the bathroom (why, I don’t know. It’s just something she does-maybe since she asks at school?), but fortunately I fall right back to sleep-being a mom maybe? Or sleep-deprived?? Anyway, I woke up feeling better. I called down to request a cookie sheet, since we didn’t have one (they can’t think of EvErYtHinG!) and I was feeling a little chocolate-chipy. I’d bought some frozen break-n-bake, knowing I need chocolate when I’m on vacation. Well, you know-all the time, but I needed supplies. Anyway, we went down to the front desk and got one, then came back and the kids were helping me. I introduced them to the dough (yum!!), then they helped me make them (heehee, we broke them up, and put them on a pan!), then they wondered out to play on the tennis court while they baked. I had requested a pancake turner/spatula, and they banged on the door with it. At some point, they also rang the phone to ask if we wanted housekeeping (they didn’t come in all the time we were gone!), and I got more towels! Keep me in towels and Cascade (since there are only four of each thing: bowls, spoons, glasses, etc!) and I’ll be happy. I also handed off my trash since Ethan finally had his vacation poop. Since he doesn’t eat that well on the first day (or maybe enough liquids or maybe exercise enough..) he doesn’t potty. When it comes, it’s big, and it usually takes two to clean him out. I sure didn’t want that sitting around here another day! : )

Then we took Ches to the Grand Ole Opry Convention Center for his presentation, got dinner at the mall, back to the hotel, played ball outside, met some new kids, changed into our swimsuits and went swimming! It was so warm! (Inside I mean.) We haven’t taken Ethan swimming since last summer, so it was fun to see how he loved the water! He had his swimsuit on, then we put his body suit with the floaty bits (he looked like a ninja turtle!) on, and he loved the water! I was in the hot tub (perfect, not too hot, and big with a shelf for him to walk all around the edges), and Ches was in the pool. He’d play with me (jump in, jump off the shelf into the middle-so brave!) then he would climb out, walk to the pool, jump in with Ches, play around (also heated, but not like bath water), and then come back to me. He had quite a game going! At one point, he would walk past Ches, around to the back, and Ches would have to swim to catch up with him till he decided to jump in-quite the leader! I was surprised at how well he did. I think the outfit fit him better this year than last, and he loves to jump with his face (or at least his mouth open) into the water, and get a big drink (yes, gross).

We are all tired. Ches is gone to work out, Mary Claire was low, ate, and I think is sleeping now. Ethan is asleep, Clay can’t sleep and is reading beside me. Hopefully we’ll get back into a routine, and get some rest! It’s funny how you need a vacation when you get back to rest! I guess we work hard and play hard.

It’s been fun-cookies, playing ball, swimming, just plain stuff, but better if it’s a game to find a pan, or a friend, or a towel… can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! : ) We’re off to the zoo! Pray for warm, dry weather! : )

Ps-I’ll load the newest pictures down below-I’ll have to use Photobucket this time I think. It’s so easy to max out on Flickr every month! It only allows 1gb a month I think. Huh-that’s less than two days’ worth for me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alarm should be in the "off" position on vacation.

**I put up a new slideshow from today down below!**

Well. I’ve learned another lesson. When you get to your hotel room, you must find the alarm clocks. And make sure the alarm is turned OFF. Yes, I learned the hard way. All too early this morning. After a long night last night-in bed at midnight. I had to catch up with my peeps on FB. : ) heehee It’s just fun to say it.

It’s always hard on the first night in a hotel. We have to acquaint ourselves, get ice, feed everyone, find jammies, make up the sofa bed if that’s where the kids are sleeping, set up the pack-n-play for Ethan (and get the sheet on), find a tv channel that kids can watch (hard at night), then take turns in the bathroom, set up Ches’ computer (as he’s still teaching online) and now my new to-do: check the alarm. Hahahahahaha. Seems funny doesn’t it? Until the alarm wakes up the baby, and you’re screaming at the one nearest the alarm, “Hit it! Hit the snooze! Unplug it! Make it stop!!” After which the baby is up, and therefore everyone is up.

So now we’ve traveled through Arkansas, stopped in for lunch at a questionable restaurant in West Memphis for lunch, went over the Mississippi River, and into Memphis, and straight to the Children’s Museum of Memphis (CMOM-Cute, huh? “C, Mom!”).

It only cost $45 for the five of us! Ches swore it was a “good one” and would be worth it. It was okay. Equal to Denver, a little bigger. Still doesn’t rival Indianapolis. Anyway, I took lots of pictures: surprise, surprise! I’ll post some later. There was a police car and motorcycle, fire truck, big hamster-cage looking thing, a dentist office with a cool tooth puzzle (you could pull all the teeth out-just a little creepy), architect’s office, and of course the water stream you could block off or fish in, an airplane to climb in/on, the general post office, store/restaurant, etc. There was also a house to climb in/through where you could see the insulation, plumbing, wiring, etc. and then you could play with pipes and tools. While we were there, a little girl(Laiken) got lost, and since we were in the right place at the right time, we helped them look for her. I told the guy at the front desk, so he could watch the exit doors. They paged her, put out a a.p.b. to the employees, etc. We looked everywhere!! It seemed she’d just vanished. There were only two exits to the house, and we were right there. The kids had been playing with her, and went back in to see what’d happened. Finally, they found her! Talk about relief! I had to back to the front desk to see her and talk with her grandmother. She’d been sooo worried! Get this. Laiken was griping her mom and grandma out for putting her name on the loud speaker (she’s only 7)! She was saying how embarrassing it was. They were worried she’d been kidnapped, disappeared, and she was mad! I think we’d have had a good ol’-fashioned talkin’-to. You know, if she was my daughter. I quickly exited the scene-girl found, game over.

So next we made our side trip to Pottery Barn Outlet in Memphis (which is just great!). It’s really changed over the last few years. It used to be a true junky outlet, but now it’s nicer, and there is a lot more stock. Mary Claire went in with me while Ches and Ethan slept, and Clay continued to play the Wii-his eyes are getting red! So we found tons of cute girly things! She got a new duvet cover (I got an extra to use for fabric since they were only $10 each!!!), drapes, pillow sham, a pink gingham bust with pins to put jewelry on or use to pin up pictures (so cute!), a jewelry box for her birthday (and not until then!), some washcloths for me, some towels for her bathroom (and Ethan’s)… lots of fun! : ) We will be doing some minor redecorating when we get back! : )

Now we are on the Interstate 40 headed East to Nashville. I’ve gotten everyone (except Sleepyhead) snacks, and we should be in Jackson for dinner in the next 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll have dinner there, then drive into Nashville tonight.

We told the kids we’d probably get to swim this evening (does that count as baths??), and then do our “settle in” routine again, as it’s a new hotel (and check the alarm!).

Ps-New Discovery About Myself:
Last night, after the kids were asleep, I began my “get ready for tomorrow” routine (yes, there are routines for everything). I got all the kids clothes out for today (yes, their outfits are coordinated, if not matching, and yes, I’d written them down. OCD again.). So, I actually felt like setting up the iron and ironing the boys’s shirts and Mary Claire’s pants. Funny enough, I kept going. I ironed my pants for today, and my shirt for another day, and Mary Claire’s shirt for another day. It’s like I was looking for stuff to iron. Weird. I actually had to push this little button after it timed out at 15 minutes, so it would stay on! I’ve discovered maybe I like to iron? Iron out the little wrinkles in life? I like smoothness I guess. Why do I discover these things out on the road? Probably since there’s not a floor to mop, a bathroom to clean, dishes to put away, and crafty things calling my name! It was just weird, is all I’m sayin’.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Count Your Blessings (even on the worst day)

You get the ending first. To save you from turning to the last page. We are successfully in Little Rock, after a very rocky start. Horrible, maybe?

Here's how it started...
I got up, got the kids bathed, packed all the bags (requires 5 now!!), showered, and found out that Ethan had stuck CoiNs in our van's dvd player (new warning to be printed on front: Not to be used as piggy bank). Sooooo, let's just say Ches came unglued. And he's normally so calm. Ok, it wasn't just that it was in need of repair, it was that we were headed to Nashville. Today. And needed entertainment. For the small bored ones!!! What were we to do?? Well, not cancel the trip quite yet. Jenifer, caring about our sanity, brought us her dvd player with two screens. Thinking our day was saved, Ches began getting them set up, asap, so we could get out of town.

Well...Ethan began to scream, "Bye-bye!!", and I could tell it was going to take a while. I went ahead and put him to bed. He was asleep in an instant (first blessing). Back to Ches: the screen that was working suddenly went blank. I told him to start the car, (this all happened so fast!) then we couldn't shut the doors, then none of the lights worked, then the engine wouldn't turn over. Just, "uh, uh, uh, uh," like grinding metal kind-of. We hooked it up to the battery charger (dvd crisis temporarily on hold..), tried to start it (nope), tried to jump it (nope), then let it charge for a good long while (while I FB'd the agony..). It finally started! (second blessing!) and Ches let it run awhile to recharge. He drove it to get the battery and alternator checked before we left town, then ran to Collier's to pick up Mary Claire's strips for her meter (we were on the last vial!!), then to Stereo One to see if they could fish out the coins (yes, for $65 next Thursday, takes one hour), then to Target to get Jenifer new dvd player(s) (now you get two dvd players & 2 screens! and they are bigger!).

He got home, we got the players to work (it was the cord that wasn't working, not the dvd player/screens!)(third blessing!). Then, decided to load up and go. We borrowed a dvd remote from Susan to get the van screen to play what was on the portable dvd player (you can do that!), then got the heck outta dodge!

We made it with almost no weather trouble to Clarksville to a not-so-nice Wendy's (MC loves their frosties!!). Ches didn't eat, and told me later he thought he'd get food poisoning. Seriously. He said he got a vibe (could say two things here, trying to refrain). So he ordered OUR food, and watched us eat. Yeah, so we could all get sick. Umm, refraining again.

Then more, "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer??" till we made it into Little Rock to our hotel (same one we stayed at almost five years ago when we had to do training to learn to use Mary Claire's pump) (and she stayed up till midnight, stripped off her shirt, and opened the drapes to watch cars go by-yes, midnight. Oh, the memories.).

So, we ordered a pizza, Ethan examined the new tub (from inside the water), played with all the kithen utensils from the bath, jammied, brushed teeth, more stories (Gems and Junie B, One Man Band, chapters 1-4 *cause I like her sooo much!).

Now all is quiet. Precious babies sleeping so soundly. Resting up for tomorrow! We are Nashville-bound in the morning. We'll get ourselves together, make the drive, and hopefully have time to make the children's museum tomorrow evening. If it doesn't happen, we have time.

I just know God had a plan, and He was working it out today!! We were not supposed to be on the road early for some reason. It was too weird. After things started coming together, we felt it was okay to resume our plans. What were we spared from? We may never know. Maybe we were to be here at the right time. Only God knows. I'm just thankful for the unknown tonight. And it was still so much better than a kiddie haircut. Seriously.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I hate haircuts. (Well, not mine.)

Again, I found this unposted! ?? You get two tonight! : )

Ok, I may gripe about laundry a lot, but haircuts have to be my least favorite part of parenting. I mean throw-up is gross, but I handle it. Getting my kids' boogers out is nasty, but I do it. Changing diapers, being spit up on, looking for the swallowed penny....I've decided not to go on-but there are many disgusting jobs I do on a daily basis, but choose not to embarrass anyone. But going to get Ethan a haircut is the thing I hate most. We even tried out the new place in Farmington that had an airplane for him to sit in while he got his hair cut! Nothing works. He screams, sweats, tears and snots up (which just makes the hair more sticky!) It's just plain awful. I'm draped, he's in my lap with a cape and some toys, and it begins. He's crawling up my body, trying to pretty much climb over me (where's he going?), clawing at my hair and face. He's screaming and crying (scaring off other customers) and it doesn't stop the entire time (unless Daryl stops cutting hair!). We would stop now and then to take a breather, calm down, and regroup. We did go outside, thinking he'd like the fresh air (since we were sweating!!) and could watch the cars. It was just as bad. He is just sooo strong. And the "Mama", "Mama" was really getting to me. He kept pleading with me to make it stop. I hate it. It has to be done. He was so shaggy and mullet-looking-and spring pictures are around the corner. : ) All I'm sayin' is next time it's Ches. Maybe Ethan's just playing me like all other times! Oh, how frazzled my nerves are.

This afternoon I took the older kids for haircuts (and they were wonderful), and then we went back to the library for art. They had fun painting pots and using wire and foam, clay and stickers, etc. to make flowers for the pots. Guess what? They gave me their pots, plus all the books/videos/doll Mary Claire left there Monday/etc. and I was overwhelmed. I placed the pots on the shelf while I figured out how we were going to get all the books checked out and to the car (with only 2 bags). Well...long story getting too long: I guess I left the pots there, right in the nonfiction by dinosaurs! I called, and they couldn't find the pots. They sent out an email to all the workers and will look for them. Is there a point at which all lost things find you? Or do they find someone else? I can only hope they bring joy to someone.

I think one day I will be a complete person again, with a fully-functioning brain, a full night of sleep (with which to function), I will know everyone's names (even close family members), I will be capable of getting my library materials to the car (and one day will choose a fiction book just for fun), one day... For now I will be scattered me enjoying my job as mom: the last person they hug at night, the first person they see in the morning, the one they want to take them to the bathroom (or change their pants...), the one they tell when they are sad about their day, and the one that reads hilarious books to them, the one that makes sure they have food around the clock, then one that saves no time for her nails... For now, I'm happy. Later is another kind of happy. Life is lots of stages. I think we have to pass thru one to appreciate the next. More examples, but that's another night. : )

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jammies, Gum, and Snacks!

Ok, a Scheduled Outage is coming...It says 4pm PDT, but I don't know what that means!! Pacific time?? So, if you miss me, I'll catch ya later! : )

We had a stay-home-in-your-jammies day alllll day yesterday! They took baths last night and got into new jammies! : ) It was nice and relaxing. Especially with all the rainy, stormy weather we had yesterday!

Well, it may have been partly due to the GUM in my dryer! I spent a good hour with half my body inside my HOT dryer (since I discovered the gum at the END of the cycle!!!). I used GooGone to rub it till I rubbed the bluish-ness off the inside of the dryer! Then, I added a Pampered Chef scraper to the mix (meant to scrap a baking stone, but my broke, *yes, I ordered a new one* and it needed a new job!!). In the midst of the hot rubbing (not cute), my kids were adamant that They Didn't Do It..Maybe daddy did! Yeah, they learn early to lay blame. Elsewhere!! They nicely made me a Coke, with ice, in a glass, with a straw to appease the laborer. Then, they were hungry, and I made the mistake of saying, "Go get creative and make whatever you want. Show me when you're done!" (thinking it'd occupy a good 30 minutes for me to finish the hot scrubbing!!) Well, when you tell a kid to get creative, you don't have to tell them twice! They piled graham crackers with vanilla frosting, yogurt, cool-whip, fruit snacks, strawberry bits (that Mary Claire washed and cut herself!!), raisins, Cars graham cookie-looking things, and Teddy Grahams. Yes, sounds too gross and sweet to eat, but they did. I decided (after laundry was back on track) to make a game of it. I printed some sheets about fractions (since their missing three days next week and both classes are going to be working on fractions!), and they chose a cracker and did math with it. Then they ate it all-try estimating carbs on a pile of squish with sugary toppings! Whew! But did they enjoy it, and I got my dryer cleaned!!! We'll jsut see who does or does not check pants pockets from now on!!

Then today, was back to business! I got around early, and we were out by 8:45! We ran errands and looked for Clay some new dress shoes for 1st Communion. His brown ones are looking kinda ragged. Not really nice enough compared to the new clothes!! : ) We had no luck, but I'm counting on Nashville to have some good stuff. We'll have more time together then.

We are actually thinking we'll leave on Friday now. It's supposed to *snow* on Saturday, so we are thinking we may need to get out of town early or risk missing out! : ) Oh no!

Well, Ethan is still fine, so no worries. Still haven't figured out really what happened on Monday! But he doesn't seem affected.

Ok, I just found this sitting all night-either I forgot to post it, or...it was the outage!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Peepee Pain, and then the Peepee came!

I just never know when I get up how my day shall progress! I was running late this am (when am I not?) and had to grab my sure-thing-easy black shirt, khaki capris, and black (cute) flower sandals (As I'd already changed a couple of times!), and I'm glad I did, cause there was lots of day to come, and who knew I'd end with toothpaste on my pants and pee on my shirt?

Today we went to Baby Bookworms, had a great time, but almost at the end, Ethan started holding his peepee, and crying really hard. I thought maybe a hair, fuzz, hard absorbent pellet thingies, etc. I changed his diaper, and tried to make him more comfortable (as they didn't have a changing table fold-out thingie), but he almost touched the toilet seat-freaked me out! Then as we started to leave, it flushed, and splashed my hand!! Also freaked me out. I had to walk out, manage to keep him beside me and WASH MY HANDS!! It was awful. He continued to scream/cry for while the kids got the last books, then we checked out (with Sandra's help!). The kids had picked their own stuff (consisting of 6 Junie B. Jones books and about 12 videos, and two dinosaur books) and had gotten too many videos! They had to hold them till next time we go (Thursday). Then we decided to go to CFA, not thinking this peepee thing would last! Well, it did. He screamed, and cried, and screamed, and I was not doing well. No one even got to eat their food! I went in the bathroom (to check him again), and called the dr. I wanted in NOW! Long story short, they told me to come in, and they fit me in. We packed up the food, Clay and Mary Claire ate on the way there, and we got to see Dr. Swindle again (long time, no see!).
He said he was glad to see us again, and wanted to call this weekend to see how we were doing. He checked Ethan out, and said he was fine physically. He ordered and xray of his neck since he was still worried about him (and he was holding his neck yesterday), and wanted a urine sample. The nurse came in and bagged his privates-not cool-and then sent us to the Diagnostic Clinic for the xray. I called Ches in for backup about now, as I didn't know how on earth I could continue to deal! He came in right before the actual xray, so it got calmer. I read to Mary Claire out of her cute Junie B. Jones' Top Secret Personal Beeswax! It was so funny, Clay got into it! : ) Anyway, then we went by CFA, got Ches some lunch, and Mary Claire and Ethan and I ran into Barnes and Noble (to look for the Personal Beeswax book for her to fill out-like a journal!). We were still waiting for the pee, so I wanted him to walk around.

Well, the pee came. He walked off to the center aisle (away from the children's books!), so I scooped him up, and squeezed the pee bag! It went on my shirt, and all over his shorts (and it was a one-piece). Ahhhh!! We ran to the bathroom as he told everyone, "wet!" and I took off the bag, and put it into the pee cup. We met Ches outside, and drove the pee back to the clinic. It tested fine, no bacteria. And the dr. had the xray and it looked fine. He said he'd only call if the radiologist found anything wrong. (And I haven't heard from him yet...).

So, then back home and put him to bed. He only slept from 2ish till 3:30. The kids were playing legos so loudly, that they woke him up. He was grumpy!! He didn't get a good nap, and maybe was still hurting?

We still don't know what was wrong with him. The dr. said maybe his urine was concentrated, and sometimes it hurts in boys. He said maybe it was a virus that causes the lining of the urethra to hurt/burn/be extra sensitive ?? We'll take him back if it continues, but sometimes it's worse to not know. You always think that the doctor will know the answer, but not always. I'll be glad if the xray is clear though. Then I can rule out trauma from last Thursday!

So, then I called Mom and asked her to make dinner. It was feeling a little Monday-o'clock, and Ches is back to teaching on Monday nights -booo!!! So, we ran over there, and the kids played, and ate some. More later than at actual dinner! There was a little bit of Snickers ice cream left, and Ethan and I shared it. Yum!! : ) It was good!

Now we are back home and all the kiddies are asleep. I only had two come-downs tonight. A lost unicorn, and a shaky bed?? They are very creative. I have to give them credit where due!

Tomorrow is no MDO. I'll have to think of some creative thing to do. I feel like this week should be fun, maybe we'll go shoe shopping (yes, for them too!) I mean shoes for them, fun for me? Okay, should get to bed! My words sound like mish-mash. I am just dreaming about new shoes (for me)! Heehee Maybe I'll have them do their early homework since they'll miss a couple days next week. They both are working on fractions, so maybe we can do a fun math lesson! : ) Ok, good night.

Keep praying for Kathy, her John, Debbie, Corinne (her father passed away last week) : (
God is mighty and hears our hearts before our mouths even move! : )

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging Vacation

It's been so very long..let's see, I don't even know how long it's been! Call it a Facebook hiatus! I'll get back on track. I have a timer I'm using now to keep me focused. : )

The Rundown:
Friday: Volunteered at school and helped with writing about their dream pets, went to lunch with Jen, shopped at Interiors Galleria (again!), home, got ready to go, Vanessa came to watch the kids, then Ches and I went out to Red Lobster, to Pottery Barn (my Friday night hangout!) and got the new catalog from Kyle that comes out next week!, then to the movies to see Duplicity (can't give it 5 stars, maybe 3.5, I can tell you why after you see it), and Mary Claire was over 300 most of the night, so I did tons of texting, and fortunately, didn't get thrown out of the theater! : ) Three cheers!

Saturday: Got kids baths, played a little, made Reagan's bday card (poem, stamps, glittery stuff), too much catching up on FB, all went to church together, 4:20 took MC to the skating party (brought back memories of my 8th birthday party I had there! It still stinks like feet there!), 4:40 back to church (picked up boys), 5:00 back to skating rink, they dropped me off, then they picked us up at 5:50, then called a pizza order into Tim's, ran down there, ate, then they dropped me at the mall to meet Melissa (whom I haven't seen in sooo long!) then we partied at the mall, then she brought me home (and I almost had a heart attack in her car when her phone rang, and a woman took over the speakers really loudly-I thought I was dying!!).

Sunday: Up, around, little more FB, laundry, lunch, tiny bit of reading, and cleaning stamps (as Mary Claire used about 45 on a little card!), get ready for trip, then to Missouri to see Ches' mom (actually a very nice visit), then to Fazoli's for more dinner for those ravenous kids! and home. Long weekend.

Ethan is still doing very well. No long term problems, I guess. He was holding his neck when he got in the van today, and I'll stress about his neck/head for a month, I'll bet.

Ok, somehow I just erased a whole section. I write only my crazy, random thoughts, so I have no idea what I just wrote about! heehee Will try to go on.. like Titanic! : )

Spring Break has officially begun! I didn't have to make lunches, make Mary Claire's lunch note, lay out clothes (after consulting our crazy weather), so Woo Hoo!... Let's see how I feel tomorrow!

I just found out that my friend's husband had a heart attack today, and will have bypass surgery tomorrow at 11am. Please pray for the successful surgery, and a speedy recovery. I can't imagine the scare, and what it's like. I guess it's like seeing someone else's life flash before your eyes. Just think about them. : )

My sweet daughter can be so crafty (wonder where she gets it?). She made a cute card today-it's all stamps (All in the Family and Family Accessories from Stampin' Up!) of her, Clay, and Ethan, and they are all holding things (bear, ball, bat, tutu, pets, and wearing party hats), and it's soo cute! I'm thinking about letting the kids have a fun party (for no real reason) this week. They have some friends who aren't leaving town, so they could all plan their own party/games/food, then celebrate! If your kids will be here, let us know! The kids will be (kinda, as I am still OC) in charge! Maybe play tent under the table, or Hullabaloo? They want cake or to decorate cookies. They think the small things are so great! Since I can't completely turn her loose for her bday, maybe now is a good non-party! Then no one has to bring bday gifts. Maybe we could gather dog food for the animal shelter? They have a real soft spot for doggies now. : ) Maybe it'll just be like a fun VBS week? No, that'd take planning on my part! : )

Ches goes back to work tomorrow. His break is over. : ( I'm glad that Arkansas has decided to coordinate all the spring breaks from now on. It's tough not having vacation together. He got lots of work done-mostly getting the back yard prepped for landscaping. He dug tunnels, used drainage pipe underground, laid river rock over them (we'll cover it though) with soil and bark. It may be another week till we get the plant in. It's work! He said tonight on the way back from Missouri that he's ready to open the pool! It's way too cold to swim, but it's just beautiful to look at. We could heat it, but when it's this cool, it takes too long to make it worth it. The only problem: then you have to keep it clean! Skimming, chemicals, aahhh, I don't think I'm ready! And then the kids start asking daily when they can swim! We really pushed it last year by letting them swim in May. It's not even April yet!

I'm still thinking about my breakfast room...I was thinking dark, hot pink (like raspberry), but now I'm thinking lime green, but maybe pale turquoise... Because it's on the north side, it needs to be a brighter color than I have now. It seems dark and small. I've got the new chair seat cushions (remember-lime and choc zebra?), so they would go best with the lime or raspberry. I feel like turquoise. I saw this great scheme at Interiors Galleria with the black/wood table like I have, and turquoise dishes (Vera Bradley! I didn't even know she had a home line!) It was so fresh and clean. I will have to see if I can find fabric to pull the lime, turquoise, and chocolate (and maybe black!) together. I'll have shorter drapes/curtains this time. I've enjoyed them, but I want something simpler now. Maybe even matchstick blinds to match my wood and no curtains? Hmm..will keep thinking about!

Must go to bed. Since it's not a school night, my kids will be up playing before 6:30 or 7am (school morning means I pull them out of bed about 7:10-after 10 minutes of singing, hugging/tickling, and finally nagging!). They are smarter than I give them credit for!

ps-get ready Baby Bookworms for my three kiddos! : )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Gym-through the day-to the Hospital!

I'm so worried about Ethan! He fell off his barstool while eating a late lunch, and hit his head and back! He cried for almost 15 minutes! Then was sooo sleepy! I feel awful for him! I called the pediatric clinic, and they said to wake him up every hour or so to make sure he CAN wake up, then to watch his pupils (if they are unequal sizes, that's bad), then to see if he walks straight. Oh, the stress a parent can feel, in the blink of an eye. Does he have a concussion? Won't know for a while. Poor thing. He fell off the bed when he was about 5 months, and I think I was more upset than he was! It's hard to watch your baby cry and be in pain!!

Another late nap for him today-my fault! We went to gymnastics then to Susan's for him to play with Isabella and to help Hannah plan her wedding! How exciting it is! Do you remember getting married? There is sooo much anticipation, and you want everything perfect-it's great. She's getting married the second of January, 2010, which will be here in the blink of an eye! She will get to use the poinsettias in the church, so she will do well with flowers! I want to help her, she is so very sweet! : )

Having a clean house just makes me want to keep it clean! I find myself picking up shoes, returning keys to the hook, and putting the clothes away! My bed is even made-oh, rejoice! Although, I'd love to go lay in it right now... Ok, maybe it keeps me out of it since I don't want to mess it up!

Clay has a boy scout function at Fast Lane tonight! He agreed to let Mary Claire go, but she's not so excited. Why, I don't know. Maybe she thinks it'll be all boys, maybe it's 'cause she's not so good at bowling! Last time we went with JDRF, she rolled the ball so slowly, it got stuck in the gutter and SToPPeD! Someone had to go down and get it! She was embarrassed! We'll see if she ends up going! At the last minute, they always decide they don't want to get left out! I guess an evening with Mom at home looks less intriguing!

Last night, Mary Claire cleaned her room SO well! I didn't really tell her to, but she wanted to "organize" her kitchen stuff in her fridge/sink cabinets/stove at Bedtime! I told her after her (MeSSy!) room was cleaned she could play with them, or organize them. So she got into gear, and seriously did a great job (no stuffing-under-the-bed!).

Okay, I started my post earlier this afternoon, so here's the update:
*update: 10:30pm: home from dr.-he sent us to hospital for CT Scan. An admittance mgr came out and told me the test was several thousand dollars. (!!!) and long story short, that the test had to be pre-approved by our insurance company (which was closed and doesn't allow back-dated pre-certifications, let me remember to injure myself between 8-5), so therefore I had to sign a form that said I'd be responsible for the entire balance (which would also include the radiologist and possibly an anesthesiologist to put him under if he couldn't be still). Umm, what? Why do I have insurance that costs an arm and a leg each month? Oh, now they REALLY want REAL body parts! Ugh, makes me sick. Anyway, talked to dr. he thought he could wait for the test, and may not have to have it. (Since he was obviously fine: running around the waiting area, and actually ran OUT the automatic doors while was on a land line with the dr!! I had to drop it and run like all the other women around!) Now he's in bed, sleeping well, we'll have to wake him once tonight (to make sure he wakes), and will report back to the dr in the am.

I'll report tomorrow, hopefully with better news. I'll post in between volunteering, then lunch out with Jen, then my date tomorrow night! : ) Exciting day! I'll have to find something cute to wear! : ) (As opposed to my uncool baby-gym clothes that wore themselves to the hospital-you never know in the morning what kinds of things will fill your day! : O ) I guess you should always be prepared (like the girl scouts say!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter Baskets, Cleaning, and Snakes?

Well, I cleaned like crazy today! I'm so happy my house is clean! It feels fresh and new (well, almost..). I cleaned the laundry room (baseboards, counter, and floor!) and got it ready for the new run-it is just scrumptious! : ) Love it! I cleaned everywhere else too (even had to swish/swirl the toilets-I fear the Clorox tabs have run out. Mental note to buy more.)-I feel like my soul is cleansed too, so fresh! Maybe appropriate for the Easter season! : ) Ahhh..maybe that's why we are supposed to do Spring Cleaning!

Also got Easter baskets made (and had a sweet friend give me a great compliment on FB!) so, I'm happy! I posted them in a slide show down below (and it's working!). They are cute. Clay's big box of K'nex wouldn't fit in the basket I had, but I'll just set the basket up on top of them! Mary Claire's looked the fullest, but I think I spent the same on them. You always wonder-they notice things (not prices, but still) like who's is biggest or fullest. And I can't tell them they're equal since I'm not supposed to know! : ) I made me and Ches one this year! I used the book I'd bought, the chickadees, my new stationary, Ches' movie, and lots of eggs full of Reese's pieces eggs-which are VERY good, BTW!

It was very hard to hide them. I put each one in a carrier bag (heehee from Shopaholic), and put them in the top of my closet crowded with suitcases, and travel stuff, and one tub and a travel bag kinda leaning over one basket. The bows were kinda visible, and I DO NOT want them finding the stuff this time! I did end up putting Mary Claire's panties in, but not anyone else's! Hers had room, and Ethan's was jam-packed! Clay's had room due to the oversize K'nex, but he'd blush. Mary Claire will be proud of hers!

You know I could buy bigger baskets, but I think they look better overstuffed than big and underfilled. I'm not buying more, so this is how it is!

Oh, and the Clorox tabs are working in the other bathrooms, but in the hall bath (busy potty!) it must be all out. I had to scrub, which I don't like! Eww! Nor do I like to clean the bathroom floors, but I use only disposable stuff: Clorox wipes or my Clorox mop with the throw-away pads. Ick if it touched my body or hands! Toilet areas are just gross, but somebody's gotta do it, and no one else here is volunteering!

Ches is off to the stone yard again! We are landscaping the east side of the pool (slow but steady...) and he's putting in stone around the beds to slow down drainage (or should I say speed up?). He's redirecting the water, and we've already put in a gutter system and drainage along the wall. It's hard work (for him), but it's looking good! He wants me to pick out plants and landscaping stuff to fill it, but after all my fresh pansies DIED in the cold, I'm not in the mood. It makes me sad to see stuff die. Especially cold-hardy pansies! Wahhhh! I'll get it together. We already got a few azaleas (which should set blooms soon!) so maybe more boxwoods and nandina to blend in with other landscaping, maybe a hydrangea (that I can cut from!), but nothing too tall. I need the sun to hit the water in the morning to start heating it up. It already takes till 10:30 to be in the sun due to all our trees, and our neighbors tall houses (and I guess the shadow of our house too?)! It's been so long, it's hard to remember.

He'd also like to rip out the deck and have a patio laid. We'll see what our taxes look like! We're bracing for a repeat of last year, so maybe! Cross your fingers! : ) I'd love something more level with the ground/pool, and we have a small plan, but nothing in "stone" yet!

Alrighty, kids are home, and I'd just die if they saw the pictures! Clay just came in, and I had a tab called Easter Baskets up! I don't think he noticed...

Okay, tonight is PRE and a meeting for parents of First Communion students. All I know already is that girls have to have their shoulders covered! At least I don't have to worry abou that till next year! : )

note: Clay is currently moving a dead snake around the yard, and wants me to inspect it. I am so creeped out! He has now moved it to the mulchy area under the window. We looked up pictures on the internet, and he thinks it's a copperhead or brown snake. Big difference. I just can't look at the pictures, it makes me ill. He's now on Ches' computer looking up snakes THaT take SEVEN people to hold! ugh.

Can I just say again how clean the laundry room is! heehee yay! : )

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad Mommy

Do you ever wonder if you're doing the best you can for your kids? I saw a book in Target today called the seven habits of highly effective kids (or something like that). It was about teaching them to make their own fun (instead of saying, "I'm bored!" and looking for someone or someTHING to entertain them), to have a the "end" goal in mind when you're planning, etc. It was great! The other book I just HaD to have was Free to Be You and Me-a colletion of stories, poems and songs about kids being good enough just the way they are. One layout was all pictures of adults, athletes, and kids crying. It was about it being okay to cry, and let all the sadness and anger out! Precious. All the stories were not perfect, happily-ever-after stories, but realistic. I've now added to my be-a-good-mommy collection!

I just self-analyze all the time. Did I correct them properly (not so harsh, not in front of others to embarrass, etc.) Do they have manners (and use them when I'm not around), was their I'm-sorry sincere, do they care about others, do they wash their hands when no one is looking? I guess now that I can chill out on the read/write/arithmetic, as they are doing very well, I can focus on to another phase-character development.

Yesterday, Clay was positively wild! He was laughing at Mary Claire as I was trying to get them to jump rope (ha! a story for another time..) and he was not being very nice. I talked to him, and he was still in that "school zone" where they have to be tough, defend themselves (or be eaten alive), and generally be "on". I talked him down, and he got back to Sweet Clay. I know he can't do it all the time, and most of his friends wouldn't understand, but I know him on the inside, and he's just precious. Loving, kind, soft-hearted, cries when he's sad, wouldn't make fun, but that side keeps going into hiding. How to encourage it out?

I'm making Easter baskets for the kids. I know I said they were getting underwear, but I don't know if I can do it. I bought new stuff today. We avoid the candy, so they're getting books, toys, puzzles, play-doh, a doll (a GS Groovy Girl!), K'nex, and Ethan's getting a floating xylophone for the tub! I bought baskets on sale after Easter last year, so they are getting filled tomorrow! I thought I'd have time tonight, but I need to go to bed early! I have lived on very little sleep for three days (due to recent FB addiction), and I'll get sick if it continues. That's a headline: Facebook cause Illness! ; )

Today was a great MDO-I took Isabella (sweet thing!) and picked her up, and she is so precious!!! Tomorrow Susan is taking and picking up Ethan! Yay! Maybe I'll get a little done here (if I stay off the computer!) and of course I'll run back to WM. Today was just a fun trip. Another gift for a birthday party this weekend, new watch battery, pictures developed, bandaids (for the section of ear Ches had ReMoVEd! Precancerous, and it got sent off), 7 new cinnamon roll yogurts (as there was a fight over the ONE I got last week!), new cereal, more sidewalk chalk (mustn't run low, as we are ARtEEsts!) and general goofing off around the store! Tomorrow is down to business-Real Groceries!

Also ran into Interiors Galleria today and LOVed IT! I thought it was a stupid flea market type thing with junk. It was great! Lots of ideas, and I got a few things (in the ten big minutes I allowed to run in there!), I will for SURE be back! I also got my new rugs in today from Lighting Emporium!! I haven't opened them yet, as I feel like I have to clean my laundry room to prepare it for the new rug, and clean the floors to put down the others. I don't know why, more o/c behavior!? Tomorrow should provide the time. It even makes me want to repaint/redecorate in there! ANother day!

Okay, back to FB, then bed. Maybe the new book (as I haven't STARTED it yet!) Sleep well, angels. Kiss your kiddies and love on them! And tell them they can cry! and to be nice to others! : )

ps-oh, and Ethan doesn't know all his colors. or letters. Bad Mommy. Although, he doesn't talk a whole lot period. Bad mommy-I sense Paci is at the root of it. Might be almost time. For the Taking Away. Of The Sucktoy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Facebook with a side of cookies. Chocolate Chip!

So sad. I'm officially addicted. It took under a week? Addicted to Facebook. Now I see why weirdos are attached to their silly phones-it's worthless to reisist. And an old friend told me how to add photos. I was so frustrated last night! : O So, if you have an account, add me as a friend, and we'll chat and not do our laundry! : ) And I'll send you FlaiR! (ps-thanks, Sandra!)
If you don't have an account, you'll have to add one soon so you can see what all the fuss is about! It took me like a year? Silly ol' me. heehee

Ok, so today was loung-y day. Jammies (the kids even went out in their jammies. And played with neighbors. Who could see them.) Ahh, the embarrassment-but I didn't care! I was face-booking! Anyway, I got to play with them, play "sleep" in Sissy's bed with Ethan (who faux snores!), and we made a video! My brother, John's, b-day is today, so we made him a ReaLLy homemade video-the kids singing, blowing up balloons, and they made him a play-doh cake. We used a real candle, and Ethan was going to eat some of it, doggone it! He jsuct screamed for cake! He finally got some in his mouth, and figured out why I kept telling him it wasn't real! : O

Girl scouts was tonight-we practiced a flag ceremony. The girls wanted patches like Mary Claire's from last week. : ( I felt bad for them. Some of them did earn the Girl Scout birthday patch from this past week if they did at least two activities a day! Today, Mary Claire made a nature picture: she did rubbings and then made people and glued grass over them (they were hiding in the bushes she says!).

Ok, I've consumed another Lenny's cookie (confiscated from my children's meals last night! THey have NO idea the kids' meals come with a cookie-or at Schlotsky's!) so I'm feeling sleepier. The chocolate helps for a while, then I just need more!

I played on the silly ol' pc again today. I can't figure out how to search for stuff. I was searching for the invisible Font folder, and I kept typing the "F" in the search box, and the File thingie would come down! Ahhhh!! This must be why I switched! Maybe my computer-engineer can help me tomorrow?? I'll take my computer along, and tell him to check it out, then slip in some questions! : ) heehee He'll spot it a mile away! And think I'm goofy. I'm just a mac user. Sad to say.

Ok, my facebook addiction has sucked up more time than I thought, and I still have to lay out the kids' clothes, make lunches, check Mary Claire, etc. Ches is gone to the movies. I guess that's why I've had so much time to play around! I learned so much! Come and see me out on the 'book! Even you, Mom! Even your great friend, Sherry, is on there! : ) And she's my friend. : )

If it's not your Spring Break (or dare I say-are you not getting one?), then enjoy the warm weather! If it is your spring break, brace yourself, and buy more sidewalk chalk!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're reading the same books? Is that good or bad?

Last night we all went to Fun City for pizza and a little fun. Ches had to start his spring break right! We had to track all the kids, watch the purse! and keep the tokens coming in the ride-on toys! I also tried to keep up and take some pictures. Ethan was so fast-so hard to catch! Clay didn't want any pictures unless they were upside-down, and Mary Claire wanted to take my pictures, or flip over the play equipment! They got lots of crazy time and exercise!

When we got home, I got to read to Clay for a while. We almost finished the third book in My Father's Dragon. It is good-we found out that Boris is the dragon's name and it's the good part of the story. His family (16 dragons) have been found, and trapped in a cave. He's going for help, and Clay wanted to finish the story, even after the 8 or 9 chapters we'd already read. I think he finished it. He went upstairs, and I fell asleep! Ches woke me up around 12, I washed my face, and went back to bed. Ahh, Friday. It seems like we all let-down after a long week.

I got to clean a little this morning, then Ches ran Clay out to pick up the bags (the ones they dropped off in our neighborhood last Saturday) for boy scouts-they had to get the food donations and turn them in (turns out they were going to OUR church food pantry! They were loading them when we went to church this afternoon!). Then I took the kids and ran to WM to get a bday gift. Clay had a great time at the football-themed party! We got home, unloaded the groceries, and headed to church.

Then afterwards, in the midst of indecision, we went to Lenny's Subs. They are always so sweet, got the kids balloons, and took great care of us! Mary Claire surprised me and ordered a philly cheesesteak! (well, minus the cheese, and add lettuce) We went by Sam's to peruse new software...for the pc, of course! We decided against the pc version, and Ches'll get the mac version when the UA gets the license. We're still waiting... I think it's been about two months now!

I got a scrapbooking mag and a book, and Mary Claire didn't want to let me look at it (in the store or on the way home!) I asked to see it for a little bit, and said I'd just flip through it. When I was deep into reading, she said, "Flipping is fast." Of course, I said. "What?" and I didn't get it. She wanted it back! We both have bookmarks in it now. This is the first book we've ever BOtH been interested in.

At home, they played in the garage with the big new ball net thingy, then jammies, lots of snacking, a game of Pretty Princess, Hi-Ho-Cheerio, and lots of singing and tickling! Then I read to Mary Claire: we finished Junie B. Jones' Big Fat Mouth. She was so cute: she wanted to be a janitor when she grew up (and for very good reasons!) and all the kids laughed at her, and didn't show "courtesy". Mary Claire just loves her. She is funny. Barbara Park has a classic!

Then, some time playing on Facebook: just enough time to get frustrated! All things take time to get the hang of, and I haven't got it yet! There's so much to learn, and I don't know if I am willing to commit. I'm still in the 'just playing' status.

Okay, tomorrow, more fun and GS!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lesson: Butter your spatula so you can spread more easily. (Can I have a Life Spatula? Buttered, please.)

I started my day at the school making rice krispy treats with Clay's class-they were so much fun! It made me miss teaching *just a little*. I mean a lot, but not enough to actually go back-I've got my work cut out for me at home! They were so cute, and you could tell the girls were more mature: they were actually reading the recipe directions. The boys just wanted to do everything in a hurry, and would grab a spatula or measuring cup-whatever the girls told them to do. Fun-kinda like life! heehee : ) Anyway, they all got the job done, so yay Mrs. Gawf's class!

Then I ran to get the key to the Town Hall for girl scouts Sunday night, and to Gap (Promenade!) to pick up the stuff I had on hold (Gap Friends and Family sale didn't start till yesterday, and I just hate to pay full price if I don't have to!), then back home, a quick 40 minute nap, then to the school for MC's Famous American presentation.

Can I just say that all the kids were soooo *Cute!* I mean, adorable! They were all dressed so cute, and most remembered their names and what they were famous for, and they were awesome listeners for the kids speaking! I was impressed. What a great way to learn more about other famous people. There was even an Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton stole the show! Just hilarious! I took lots of pictures-I mean, can you get enough of adorable first graders anyway?

Then home. Ches had wanted to take the kids to see the Witch Mountain movie after school, but Clay didn't want to go. So, now our plan is to take everyone to Fun City for playing and pizza after Ethan wakes up (I think he didn't go to sleep till almost 3:30). Ches' spring break has started and he's just antsy to do something-anything! He may go to the movies later tonight. As for me, I have to catch up on that L-word that is threatening to take over my house! There is much to do, and I'll get to it. Fun's-a-waiting!

ps-wanna get another Comment Challenge going? I'll have to find a great prize!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brave Girl Chooses Blood Work

Sandra, you make me laugh! I tried and tried to post a comment back, but it wouldn't give me the little white writing window. : ( You have to get a haircut alone. Seriously. It is my private alone time. No kids allowed. I think it's the one sacred time a month (or so, more later..) that is for ME! I know you need time with Morgan, but schedule a family night, or better yet, a DATE night-even the night of your hair night! : ) Is Nora in a Mother's Day Out? You might need one! Ours is terrific! The ladies are so sweet, and it's church subsidized (I think) cause it's only $85 a month for two days out (9-1 on Tues and Wed)-that's only $2.65 an hour, so I don't feel bad if I skip a lot. You can't find a babysitter to do that for you. And I get a chance to breathe (or clean, or cry..). You should look into it. : )

Well, obviously I made it home. (Thank you God, and thank you for your prayers!) I was praying on the way down there-when I got sheets of ICE on my windshield! I even called and rescheduled her appt. till April 9th, but then the temp. came up to 32, and it seemed to be just rain. (Ches said my thermometer is off a couple degrees, but still!) Anyway, it was not so scary, so I kept on. I called back, got my appointment back, and we made it to Little Rock.

First, we met with Junko and her daughter, Emily, who has Type I Diabetes also! We had so much fun! We met at Chick-Fil-A and the girls got to play together. They'd never been to a CFA (my third home, especially on the road!), so we got to break them in nicely! They brought Mary Claire presents, so she has been so happy all day! She got a notepad (and used half of them writing me, the dr., and her teacher notes (to put on her homework) for tomorrow. She was just beside herself. She couldn't sleep last night she was so excited! She came in last night after nine, and couldn't go to sleep, then she met me in the kitchen this am, already awake! Her blood sugar was 360-adrenaline drives up her bs! It was crazy. I went ahead and changed her pump site, since I needed good blood sugars today. We weren't sure if we were going to make it home tonight. We packed to stay overnight, just in case. She was actually disappointed that we didn't stay somewhere!

Our appointment was just great. We went to the newest Circle of Friends clinic-just beautiful and colorful, and everyone was SOOO friendly (like at all the ACH locations). We got right in, but we were there for 2 and a half hours! It seemed like 45 minutes or so, but whew, did time fly! Mary Claire couldn't make pee to save her life, so we had to stay around till she did (for the microalbumin check)-it took a cup of ice water, an apple juice, and a small "we can't go to Target till you pee!" Then, she found it in her to go!

We were also informed that after you've been diagnosed for five years (this May 23, 2009-yucky anniversary), you have to start having blood work once a year to check for thyroid problems, Celiac disease, and for GFR (I think it was globulin filtration rate-how fast your blood is filtered through your kidneys) if your urine isn't just right. See? This is why we go to Children's! So thorough. We also adjusted her basal rate from 11am to 5pm, and we'll report blood sugars next week to see if it's working. Now, the call-in line is open from 8:30-5! Can you imagine? I get to call and talk to a real, alive human!!! Right then! Well, unless I'm waiting. : ) Still, a great thing.
So the downer is, when I went to schedule her next appt. I requested to make the next one at the new NWA satellite office in Lowell (my whole reason for spending 6 months getting readmitted and going to LR!). Get this. They are full. Yes, I don't "get" it, and reexplain that I live in NWA, and need to make future appts at THAT clinic, again, the "it's full". I search out Dr. Morales (so sweet!) and she explains: no more patients are being accepted. They are at capacity, and aren't taking new patients/appts there! Crud. So, I reschedule there for August 13th (same day as Ethan's next ENT appt, but they are easier to reschedule), but then Ches balks since he doesn't like how going to LR screws up the whole family for a day. : ( I'm sad, and find it hard to choose between good care for MC, and my family's health and happiness. It just sucks all the way around. I got the best charts of her pump activity, and they loved my charts and copied them, and I got to see Junko and Emily (and got my chocolate linen pants at the Park Plaza mall, haha Scottsdale Center!).
So, even if I don't get to go back, it was a good day, good experience. And God was willing, and we did have good weather. I was just thankful for the rise in temp, and dry roads on the way home.

We did look for the Fazoli's we used to go to in LR, and now it's something else. We ended up having Pizza Hut at Target, since I felt like my bs was low! : O Then, (oh, I forgot to tell you about the blood draw! see below) we shopped for her a :surprise: and a big Hershey's candy bar for her Famous American presentation tomorrow (which I should be preparing for..). Then, more gas, and back on the road home. We were home at about nine, so we did pretty well. Another late night for her, but she's pretty darn resilient, if I've learned anything!

Ok, blood draw. I mentioned above that she has to have blood work done once a year now. Dr. Morales said she could do it this time or next. I made up lots of excuses about how I'd have to "mentally prepare" her, bribe her with a surprise, etc. and we'd do it next time. She turned to MC and asked if she'd like to do it today, and she said -Get This- yes. Choke, cough-seriously? They came in, and got to work. She wanted to WaTcH! I was about to loose my lunch, and she could WATCH her self-made blood get drained? Ugh. She's my HerO! The nurse said that adults NeVER watch, but kids ALWayS want to. Weird, huh?

Ok, the hair thing: I used to go every four weeks, but Taylor only lets me go every six. Whatever. Now I make my next appt before I come in, so I get to choose. I NEED to go every four. But I'm compromising (out of some form of respect maybe) and only going every five. Blonde is high-maintenance, and you have to be willing to keep it up. And I AM. Who wants to look all goofy two-toned? (in all the wrong places of course) Bless the fairies who brought us pretty hair colors. Mmm...and smoothing hair products. Oh, and sparkly purses and shoes! I'm in dreamland, I'm so tired. Good night, safe night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had a REAL Mother's Day Out! Fabulous.

Today was a great day!
I dropped off Ethan at MDO, ran to Target to return the shoes *that I had the receipt for!* then to Gap to try on clothes for almost two hours, then to Guido's for a pizza, then to get my hair done (much brighter!) then to Underwoods to get my ring cleaned (and use their not-so-nice bathroom, seriously-needs a makeover) and peruse the things I won't buy (Faberge eggs), then to Mr. Burger for a whirly thing (m&m chocolate thing), then to WM to meet mom for a minute, then home to make dinner, kids to church, home, blog... Ethan bath, and get ready for tomorrow!

I'm a little worried about the weather tomorrow. ACH just called to remind us of our appt (a machine person, of course) so we couldn't chit chat about the upcoming weather. Ches kinda wanted me to go on down tonight and spend the night, but I've got things to do! I had the lofty goal of making Emily a new pump pouch (since we are meeting her and her mom, Junko, for lunch tomorrow!!), but we'll see. Mary Claire also presents her famous american on Friday, so I also had the other lofty goal of making her a costume, but -ha! She just wants to wear a shirt, tie, and (Clay's new jacket) to dress like Milton Hershey, holding a chocolate bar with brown around her mouth. I wanted to make her a big brown felt (with white letters) chocolate bar jumper (think big brown rectangle with shoulder straps). She said no. I should thank her, but I'm sad. She would rather dress man-like than chocolate-like. Shocking.

Ok, I called Gap-Promenade-and asked them to hold all my great finds till Friday (since I forgot I'm taking Mary Claire to Arkansas Children's Hospital tomorrow!), and they said, sure! Well, I called Gap-Scottsdale Center-to hold my other two items over there (since they had my size), and they said no! He said he'd "get in trouble" for holding things over 24 hours. Imagine that-wanting to lose a sale! Jared said he can't hold things over 24 hours! He's got some nerve! If business was super-good, I'd understand, but don't they need SALES!?
I emailed Gap, and would love a response. I just think it's crazy. The whole two hours I was in Gap, not ONE other person came in (which means I got loads of help!).
Cliff's (Holly's) Notes:
Gap Promenade: GREAT (will stay in business)
Gap Scottsdale Center: HORRIBLE (will be gone in less than a year)

Ok, just got the rest of a cute font. I can now (hopefully) do a proper monogram. I like the curly letters/more cursive but not laying down slanted. I'll try them out when I get a chance.... ha!

Alright, hope our coming snow doesn't hamper life in your zip code. I am hoping to get on down to LR so I don't have to reschedule and do this all over again. We'll see what happens. I guess I'd rather reschedule than take my chances on the huge 40 foot high bridges on 540. Ches thinks I should pack a bag for us, just-in-case. I'd rather stay home. I'm not feeling adventure-y today!

ps: happy thought today: don't you just LOVE that time while your color processes and you get to read junky magazines about who wore what and where? And you forget about dishes and laundry and dinner? Self-absorbed, I know, but just for an hour or so. Luxury, in an attainable fashion. Just what I needed. : )

2nd happy thought: how much fun is it to try a shirt on in EVERY color and pick your favorite? And try three pairs of jeans on that are the same (same size, same style, same color) just to see which are the best (shortest legs, loosest legs)? Woo. Hoo. and chocolate in the SAME day! (sorry for those of you abstaining from sweets. Susan).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guilt, Stomping, Midol, Baking, and a Little Crying

What can I say? LOngish day. : )

Susan took Ethan to school, and I jumped in the shower, ran errands, and let's see:
*returned pb crackers to Sam's (took almost 20 minutes in line!)
*I found a drop box for my Macy's return box (UPS)(to exchange some pants I ordered for Clay's first communion). The box wouldn't fit, so I stomped on it to try to flatten it (yes, seriously) while on the phone with Susan, gave up, decided to keep the pants-he can wear them next year.
*returned a flashdance shirt (so cute and comfy on, but really impractical as I don't flashdance) and a kid's wallet to Target while on the phone with Nurse Tracy about Mary Claire's missing sandwich that hadn't been put in her lunch (insert crying guilt here), then I lost the receipt for the shoes that I rebought last week at the new Rogers store! and the cashier wanted to see my debit card to look up the sale (yes, the debit card that's been cancelled since I lost/refound it), then I spilled the change from my wallet all over the counter and the floor, and he told me he hoped my day got better (me too).
*returned a wireless mouse to WM (that my husband kindly bought me to use with my new mini-computer, but I didn't want), again stood in line for too long, then grocery shopped, got MC panties for her Easter basket, since she's already found all the movies/baskets/goodies I bought for them. Now she's getting socks and underwear (but cute Hannah Montana ones!).
*ran to pick up Ethan and Isabella, took Isabella home, loved on her, then the kids played in the big hole in their yard (and I whipped out my camera to catch the cuties!), then I put the crybaby back in the van to head home for a nap.
*I was dragging/headache, so tired from two long days (or was it eighty?), took a Midol (loaded with caffeine, as I didn't have time to drag down the coffee maker to make a good strong coffee) (yes, pms-ing also)
*Made a tag for the bake sale goodies I was about to make and tabs for the notebook I should've made over a month ago!!
*Read to kids: Amelia Bedelia and the Baby
*Baked pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips with Clay for the boy scout bake sale, made them cute with ribbon and tag (teehee)
*Wrote Alexis a note for the care of MC/Ethan, worked on dinner (lasagna)
*Ches took MC to gymnastics
*Clay bath/set table/Wii
*Ches/Clay to boy scouts
*Ethan/MC (Ethan needs a shorter name, how about ET?) baths-fast! as it was time for me to go to Bunco! He spit water at me, so I ended the bath (he lays down, gets his mouth full of water, then spews it at my face, and laughs like a hyena). Then he rebelled against his footed pajamas that he loved last week.
*Mom was here, Alexis was here, ET cried, we left.
*Bunco! Mom won! Woohoo!
and my momma told me to go to bed early, and that was it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I think I heard two hours of Baby Einstein. In the van. Today.

Today we went to Baby Bookworms again-I was almost late, but it started late, so we did okay! Ethan was a little crabby since I got him up in the DARK! The kids all had trouble getting started today! Ethan had fun, but he's been better. Then we grabbed lunch at Chick-Fil-A, and played at Nora's house. They are funny at this age-they still parallel play instead of together! Sometimes they bump into each other and want the same thing, but mostly just play independently. Which can be good too!
Bad thing: Ethan broke their St. Patrick's Day snow globe. I felt horrible! Not only did he break it (sadness), he spilled all the liquid (water?) all over the coffee table, AND it was filled with glitter! and the glass was in tiny shards on the table! And the glitter liquid went on the floor too! Ahhhhh!!! I have to replace it! Where do I find a snow globe, in a timely fashion (BEFORE St. Patrick's Day!!)? Hazards of children on the loose. I don't know if he crashed it, or just turned it over, or was shaking it, then slammed it. Poor leprechaun. Lost his world today. : (

Then, home for his nap! He was tired! I started to work on Mary Claire's wreath, but got sidetracked booking the kids for a workshop at the library the week of spring break-which is not for TWO weeks! I thought it was next week-WROnG! Ches is home, but not the kids. Then vice-versa the next week. Thrilling. I have to check on Ethan's MDO schedule. Anyway, I'd come in here to get paint to makeover the big letters I got to go on her wreath for her bedroom door, but never made it back to paint them. Maybe I have ADD. I don't know if I want to take medicine for it though. I get so much done. Otherwise, I might be working slowly on the letters-and I wouldn't have sent out three emails, made one phone call, blogged, scheduled mom to watch Ethan for MC's Famous American presentation on Friday, etc. So I got a lot done on my side trip! : )

After school I took the kids back to the library-Mary Claire has asked me EVERY day for the past two weeks. So, today seemed as good as any. It actually went really well. Clay got some dino book and two chapter books (one he's really into-I found it-My Father's Dragon. It's a big book, but has some lithograph pix inside-I think it's a an award winner-old.). Mary Claire got tons: videos, a Junie B. Jones (that I found her almost finished with at 9pm!!!), a Milton Hershey biography (that she kept asking for), and some more fiction/kids books. Ethan only wanted to play puzzles with dump trucks and backhoes on them. This Wagon Wheel expansion will scar all of us I guess.

Then we picked up Ches (at UA), went by Sonic, and took him back to work. Then home for jammies, snack, stories, bath, and bed. They are sneaky readers, and I pretend to get mad. I love it that they stay up to read! But if I told them that, they'd probably not be so into it. They think they are getting away with something! Hilarious. Sometimes Clay goes into his closet, so I can't see the light! Kids-precious.

Ches is home early, not feeling good. Ethan's sickness may have migrated. Ick.

Okay, have I mentioned that I've been cleaning out my closet for the past few days? It looks sooo much better! Spring cleaning! : ) I even dusted the shelves off. I think we've never lived in a house this long, so we usually have moved by now. I clean between houses, and then you get a fresh start. So, I'm having to do the 3 1/2 year deep clean/paint. It's so fresh (although you see lots more of the paint-too white for me), and makes my brain feel clean. Now I should work my way back to Ches' section. We'll see how long I can go before I tire out. I cleaned his clothes pretty well back in the fall. It's all those picture tubs and Madeline dolls I got when they stopped selling them. I thought Mary Claire would just LOVE them (like I do), but it never stuck. Now she's lost all Madeline's clothes, and I have all her friends, Genevieve (her dog), Miss Clavel, they are so cute! Anyway, I must clean the closet of stuff. But Madeline's friends can stay-I just have to dust them.

Must go to bed, as I've been sidetracked again. And I think Ches beat me to bed. Second time ever?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day of Rest? (Kinda)

Today was great. I actually had to restrain myself to keep from overdoing. It was hard! I'm working on the positive thing plus spending Sunday being less active. Today I cleaned a little, played Hullabaloo with the kids till we were worn out, then went upstairs and played Brain Quest, then I got a shower, the boys all had a bike ride, and then we sidewalk-chalked, and had company!

Mary Claire and Clay each had a friend over for a while. They were so cute, and really the boys never talked or saw the girls. I didn't know how it'd go, but it was great. And they were all sweet to Ethan! Mostly the girls were with him though. The boys ate lunch in the house, and the girls ate out in the playhouse in the top of the swingset. I should've taken pictures, but I was too busy running in and out. We had pizza (so easy!) and they all had soda-something we don't do too often, but they are getting bigger! They were so sweet-Ethan carried his plate up the ladder (yes, but he was so careful!) and sat with the girls. Then they played separately till they started Hide-and-Seek. They played together for a little while, then settled back down apart.

Later, Clay and Mary Claire went to the neighbor's house for some trampoline time, while I made dinner. We had yummy quesadillas-with the leftover grilled chicken from Thursday night! Mary Claire was shocked at how good they were! I guess it's been a while since we had them last? Ethan gobbled up his refried beans (only mildly shocking), and then baths, more games (Cranium Caraboo, Crocodile Dentist, Backrub Train, Tape Fascials, ..), stories and bed.

Long day. I'm still working on getting this pc loaded and ready to go. My biggest hurdle right now is moving over all my fonts so I can embroider/monogram with them. I'm slowly getting there. It's a rather large exercise in patience!!

I have strange bumps on me. (Don't think their contagious...) They are tiny and so itchy! I can't decide if it's 'cause I've been outside on the concrete a lot (ants?), or if it's a reaction to my lotion, or to the trees I pruned on last week. I just want them to go away! They are driving me nuts!

Hey, I just realized: I didn't go to WM today! (I guess it makes up for the two times yesterday.)

I go to get my hair done on Wednesday, yay! I'm ready. It seems to grow so fast. It feels all out of shape again. I think I'm going to grow it back out. I don't really care either way, but I like being able to pull it up-especially as it gets hotter. I even think it's easier to fix if it's longer! It takes longer to dry, but I don't have to use the big fat round brush to dry each section, then flat iron each section like when it was so short! It was so much more work! I need easy! And having no bangs-whew. Just takes an hour of stress and pimples off my day. Seriously. Which leads me to another thing: Mary Claire has pimples all up in her hairline at the top of her forehead. I guess maybe it's her shampoo (which we alternate based on which bathroom she's in, so who know which shampoo!)? I've tried to wash her hairline with plain baby shampoo, and the rest with the shampoo/conditioner one, but still pimples. This is a new thing, so what do I do? My baby. with pimples. Just when I thought I was done with them. They migrated. Poor kid. (but my skin is so much better after 35! It took me twice as long to grow out of puberty I guess?)

Do you remember the old Ripley's Believe It or Not shows? I used to watch them when I was a kid on Sunday nights at 6 o'clock. I'll never forget Jack Palance's haughting, mysterious voice! Our family would watch the unbelieveable together as we wound down the weekend. Mary Claire got a library book by the same name and was wowing me with details! I told her about the show from when I was younger, and she said, "so Gigi was as old as you then?" and I said yes. Then I thought about it. She was exactly my age! Weird that this would even occur to her! She's always trying to place me and learn more about me. I think it's so sweet that she cares. Clay and Mary Claire love to look at pictures and hear stories about when I was younger and about themselves as babies. Mary Claire took a stroll through the scrapbook albums today. Just a tiny (as I haven't scrapbooked so many things!) walk down Memory Lane!

Ches is gone to see Watch-something at the movies (Watchman?), and the house has finally fallen silent. I shall get some work done and hit the hay, I've been so tired lately! I just can't imagine why! : P (and maybe I'll finish the book I'm reading: Dwelling-all about your house-so good!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Words are like toothpaste

Ok, well, not-so-exciting. I got the computer, but as usual, a pc is a letdown. It has no software, and all of mine is for macs. It has no dvd/cd drive, so Ches went to get an external drive. Only another $75. If I don't get one, I can't load my embroidery software that I already have. To get the newest version of the software you buy online and download is $1700. Waahhh. Also, we need a drive if the kids use it to play games (we already have) and watch videos.

Yes, I know. Why didn't we get a bigger computer with a drive already in it? Because all the new bigger pc's have Windows Vista, and my software will only run on Windows XP. Again, because I'm not upgrading. Trust me, it's the cheapest, easiest way to go. Although, I'm really wishing they'd made the software in a Mac version to begin with!

Ok, on with life. Today some mysterious person unrolled all the tp in my bathroom. It couldn't have been an adult, since it wasn't me and the other wouldn't have dared. It couldn't have been the oldest two, as they know better: they'd be using it for the next week. So, it was the shortest of the bunch. He must've had fun! I mean, haven't you always wanted to do it? It is just tempting! I remember reading Ramona Quimby when I was young-and she squeezed ALL the toothpaste out of the tube into the sink! I just loved that! Her mom made her spoon in into a baggie and use it. Gross. And practical. Even now, every time I brush my teeth, I think of her! I'd love to do it just once! I also remember our counselor at my old school teaching the kids a lesson. She'd hold up a travel toothpaste, and tell a story as she squeezed. She would tell them that words are like toothpaste. Once they are out of the tube, they are hard to put back in. : ) Cute, huh?

Church was very good. Father John talked about what he's missed by devoting his life to the church. He said he used to miss having a wife/celibacy, but now he misses having children and a family. I understand. I used to miss having a family before I had one. It is a big choice. I am thankful he answered the call, I hope he is richly blessed for his choice. Ches tried to be a priest, and later a deacon. They told him to come back when he was older, they just didn't think he was right for it. Can you imagine them turning someone away!? They must have been so prayerful and really listened too! I mean, I'm thankful they were so wise, but wow. Do we listen so carefully about how God is guiding us, or how we are to guide others? Huh. Think I'll listen more.

We went to CFA to eat and let the kids play. Bulletin: We now require two tables. Ches, Me and Ethan at one, and Clay and Mary Claire at another. Our food requires room, plus chair room, etc. Wow. And it went so well. The kids ate so fast, then played. Ethan took longer, but didn't seem to be in a great rush. It was actually a pleasant dinner out! It wasn't crowded either, so I'm sure that helped.

I'll have to post a picture of the kids from the flag ceremony this morning-they were adorable! I think usually older girls do flag ceremonies, but it was impressive to see such young girls be respectful and know what to do! I was so proud of them!

Update (if I haven't already informed you): Triops (in my opinion) aren't real. They must be small ballish pieces of foam. I think they were never really going to grow. We were hunkered down over the lighted, heated, conditioned-shallow-water for no reason. And if they didn't work, you can send another dollar for another set to try again. (Throw more money at it!!)

Oh, and Ches and I have a new bargain. Partially for Lent, as we don't feel like we are foregoing as much as the kids. We are both committing to be more positive. He can fuss about road conditions, upcoming weather, our schedule, and I fuss about messes, things getting done (and on time), and other people's negativity! So, we shall both try to improve. Oh, and you can disregard the above Triops story, as it's probably negatively-biased.

Sleep well, angels, and turn your clocks forward tonight! (How about we think about it as losing an hour of waiting time somewhere instead of an hour of sleep?)

Flowers, Flags, and Fonts, WooHoo!

I've lived another lifetime! ; ) Yesterday was nice-n-full! I went to the school to help Clay's class work on writing. We worked in small groups using showing sentences instead of telling (icycles hung from the rooftop instead of it was cold outside). They did so well! My favorite was "The cookie was good" -we had great ooey-gooey chocolatey chip cookies and chewed slowly- "Mmmm..goood!".

Then I came home to work on more laundry, then to meet Jenifer at her house for some yummy Guido's pizza and some flower arranging. We made one for her dining room table, took it apart, made a smaller one for the entry way, and she's getting more flowers to finish the dining room table one. It was such a large urn-it needed more!!

Then home, got Mary Claire ready to go, and off to Sandra's to help the girls practice for a flag ceremony. (They did the opening ceremony for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk in Fayetteville this morning. They were so cute!) Then we had pizza there-yum! and veggies, then made our way home. Sandra called when I was almost home and we'd left Mary Claire's meter there! Ahhh! When I was leaving, I'd noticed her meter purse was soaking wet, so I'd taken everything out, dried, and put them in a big paper towel to bring home to another purse. Well, I didn't remember everything! So, we used another one till today. Crazy!

Then, we ran by Taco Bell to get the kids some tacos for snack, baths, jammies, snacks, and them off to bed. I was so tired, I fell asleep right away (8pm?), and didn't wake up till Ches came to bed around 12:30! I washed my face, set my alarm, and mentally made a checklist for this morning!

I had to finish sewing patches on Clay's uniform (he was going with so he could count it as watching a flag ceremony for his wolf badge), iron our clothes, get me ready, and the usual. I didn't want to be late! : ) We got there, and Mary Claire's PRE teacher, Adela, was there! She was helping to organize it-she's so sweet! Mary Claire didn't want to go say hi, but eventually she did.

Next we went by WM for the latest needs: namely more Tide and Downy! Then to Collier's for rx's, and finally to Smith Elementary to get bags to put on front doors (our neighbors will love us!) to gather unperishable food items to be collected by Clay next Saturday. It's been a busy scouting season. You almost can't do more than one thing if it's scouting. Clay has an event in Ft. Smith coming up, and Ches is taking him. He can earn patches, and it's easier than sleeping out Ches says! Anyway, then back home for lunch.

Now, I've had a few minutes to catch up, Clay's reading the Hardy Boys/alternating every 15 minutes with playing Wii (I'm using it as a bargaining tool! Very Handy!), Mary Claire is putting on a play for her dolls and stuffed animals, Ches went for a bike ride, Ethan's napping, and there shall be more! When Ches gets back, I'm going to Sam's to get a new little mini-computer. It's pink! : ) I just bought 14 new fonts, so I'm sooo excited!! My computer (pc) that I use with my sewing machine is old and so slowww! I don't know if it could even handle the storage of all the fonts. Well, probably, but it'd just slow it down even more!!

Then, church-we may try it with all of us together since it's been so long! We need to go to Lowe's and maybe Chick-Fil-A for the kids to play IF it's not raining! : )

Okay, Ches is home, so I'm off to Sam's! : ) Woohoo!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real Sick Day

Sometimes I expect to open my blog, and see a new post *magically* appear! Yeah, right. It's a weird feeling, to wait to see what comes up! I look at what I wrote, and it seems like a year ago! I do so much living in a day!

Today, we had another kind of sick day. Ethan woke up from his nap crying, and so sad and pathetic. I felt sorry for him, but I didn't know what was wrong, or how to help him. He finally told me "Tummy hurt", so I figured we might be in for quite an evening, and he didn't let me down! He's now thrown up more times than I have fingers, and everything from clothes to my bed sheets, to my furniture slipcovers, to towels, blankets, washcloths, is washing or waiting its turn. I had to do a gross thing: I knew the throw up was coming, and I didn't want it on my freshly steam-cleaned carpet, so I caught it in my lap, and kinda scooped it toward me. I know, gross. I had Mary Claire (she was so ultra-helpful!!) run get a laundry basket and towels, and we stripped down right there, me and my baby. He seemed to feel better for a little while, so I put him in the tub, jumped in the shower, then jammied, and jammied him. We had a short recovery time (time to put stuff in the washer) before it started again. This time, we were on my bed-bad idea, but I was getting sleepy. So, now my sheets are stripped, and I'm waiting on the washer to finish. I've already called the nurse (ACH nurses field the calls this late), and she thinks it's a virus, even though he has no fever. We are to call back if he's not better by morning. It could be an ear infection, but he has tubes in his ears, so I think that's unlikely (tomorrow insert my wrongness here).

In other news, Ethan's gymnastics could've gone better. I think he doesn't like the waiting in line part. That seems to be his downfall. Poor kid: none of us truly like to wait, but it's part of the game of life. (like having to wait to see what's truly wrong with him!)

I have made a decision about which painter to use. I called my insurance company again, called the painter, and they'll have to rendezvous to get the price right (or at least agree on something) before the work shall begin (which I dread). He said it'd take about a week. Not so bad. May have to eat out some since the kitchen will be in scaffolding and plastic for a few days. Hmm..I should see the upside to this! : )

Do you know anyone locally who likes to iron? (I know, ha ha) I have all these clean clothes that are calling out to an iron that just doesn't answer. I know they need to be taken care of, but when? Between throw-up laundry loads? After the hand-washed dinner dishes (since my dishwasher was running the day's dishes)? After watching the fourth Curious George video with Ethan? Yeah, anyway, I need some ironing done. In a smoke-free home, pets okay, just no fur on the clothes, please. Not picky, no sharp creases needed, just flatish.

We went by Mom's today to pick up a paper, and we stayed a while: lunch, playing outside, pruning her crape myrtles and boxwoods.. : ) Ethan had a ball (well, literally and figuratively!). He ran around the house, played with the cars, sticks, and a big dump truck. He was so cute! He did run down the hill and into another yard (by a barbed wire fence!! Yes, she lives in the country) and I panicked. Mom wants him to be tough, but I was so worried! It looked like he was swatting at the barbed wire, so I ran to him. He was fine, maybe it was just a bee? Anyway, I somehow broke my sunglasses as I was hacking at the branches up above my head. They fell, and darn it, they are so cute and rhinestone-y, but they don't have the resolve to stay in one piece! Then it got worse. I was looking up into the sun, trying to cut off the old flower parts (which you can use in homemade potpourri), and then my crazy hair was in my eyes, face, mouth.. It made it so much harder-the wind was awful! But I have to say the warm sun was awful nice-I was glad to not have a jacket on!

Alrighty, washer is calling me. It wants to go for another round, and can I make it happy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost Plastic

We made it successfully to MDO today, and Ethan was great! He wanted me to get him a puzzle, then he got into his seat. He's growing up!

When it was time to leave the house to take him, he wanted me to go. He told me, "Mommy, bye-bye," and pointed to my seat-front right-since Ches was planning to take him. I ran and got my stuff, since I'd already gotten ready, and we all went out. After we dropped him off, we went to the new Target in Rogers! It was just beautiful, and stocked perfectly. I mean books in the One Spot up front were stacked perfectly-even inside the big bins. It was fun, they had new stuff-like furniture similar to what Ikea has for storage, new designers making functional office supplies/storage (where did I spend most of my time??), and finally a local Target has the shoes I got in Houston back in January. The turquoise ones I got, I finally wanted to wear, and they were too big. So, Rogers had them, and I rebought! Now I have the first pair with the receipt ready to return.

I also bought two new lime-y, recycle-y green tubs to recycle!! No, we don't currently recycle since in Springdale you have to pay extra, and I think it's wrong. They sell the bulk stuff to buyers, so the city makes money off our recycling trash, but they charge us monthly. So they make money both ways (I have heard that the market has dropped the price they get on recycleables, so maybe they aren't making as much currently). The only reason I have decided to recycle (besides it being very good for the environment) is that my kids keep asking why we don't recycle, and telling them we have to pay extra is lame. They just want to help our earth, so I'll start doing better. Now I know what must have happened in my students' homes when we used to teach about recycling at school-Pressure! So, now we'll be doing our tiny part. Besides using WM's black bags for our groceries-no more plastic! and they hold sooo much more! Sam's even has their gigantic version now, but I haven't invested in them thus far. Maybe in another year. Baby steps.

Right before I picked up Ethan, I got gas (at WM-yes, I go every day. I know the door greeter now. Very Sweet.). Well, somehow in the process, I lost my debit card. I didn't realize till it was time to get Ethan.
I had not printed a receipt, so I didn't have a phone number to call them. So I just called the bank, and had it cancelled. It was easier than me having a panic attack. I also enrolled (free for 30 days) in the special credit monitoring service they offer. Just in case. Then, picked up Ethan, circled back to Lowell, and guess who had my debit card? Yep, the gas station. The girl at Bank of America had told me that if I cancelled it, and found it, she would be unable to reinstate it, but at least I'd found it, and it was mine to trash. If I could've just waited 45 minutes to make the full circle. Oh well, it was getting awful old and worn-looking anyway. Maybe the new one will be prettier! : ) I'll know if 5-7 days.

My other big job...the insurance thing. I've been procrastinating about calling to check on my insurance money for the freezer motor/auger, and turned in the receipt/bill maybe a week and a half ago? Well, it's been on my to-do list to call them for about a week. Today, I got a check in the mail for the freezer! They reimbursed, and I didn't have to call. Talk about relief. Small hooray! : )

Tonight is p.r.e. for the kids, and I'm starting to think about dinner...maybe we'll grill chicken. Clay just finished his homework for school that's due on Friday, so he won't have to do it tomorrow-boy scout night. They are having fun playing outside-it's so beautiful! A heavenly 63 degrees. Warm, sunny, not too windy. I just hope Ethan wakes up to get some playtime out there too! The kids came in slamming and banging, and he slept right through it!

Enjoy your sunny day, and hold on to those little plastic thingies!