Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorry I Squeezed

I have to say I'm sorry I vented.  I'm better today, and I've made peace with butter and sugar my husband. : )  We agreed that some of the things we had as kids were great, but maybe we shouldn't replicate them (for the next generation).  I used to have chocolate syrup (you might call it chocolate gravy, depending on where you lived), over toast or biscuits.  I haven't made it for my kids, but it was wonderful and I have great memories of it. : )  It'll just stay in the past.  (It was made with 1 cup sugar, 1 T. cocoa, a dash of salt, and enough milk to make it creamy-yes, that's an official recipe!)

We had a good day, and I was glad I didn't overrun my mouth last night.  ..When I used to teach, we had a great school counselor and she had this great analogy...she said words are like toothpaste, once they're out there, you can't put them back in the tube.  I loved it, and I t-r-y to remember that.  I'm sooo not perfect, but I like to not have to try to shove all that toothpaste back in my loud mouth tube.  (Do you remember that scene from Ramona and Her Mother where Ramona squeezes the entire tube into the sink, and her mom makes her scrape it up, put it in a ziploc, and use it?) hahaha!  : )  Yeah, I'd hate that. (and it might have sink germs! Eww!)

Ok, so my life went on..we had a great morning, and I ran into a friend after lunch that I haven't seen in years, and she's here on a break from teaching missionaries' kids in the Philippines.  She has such a sweet heart, and anyone ministering on a mission deserves our support-such a step of faith. (and with her beautiful kids too!)

Ok, want to do an easy craft?
Ok, here are your supplies: dry erase marker (really important), a solid color plate or serving dish (or a glass dish, a solid color tile, etc.), and...a plate stand!

I have a Pampered Chef plate ...I couldn't find it online : ( maybe they quit making it?  Anyway, I have one in my kitchen:
See how you run your ribbon through?  I change it for holidays : )
But you can totally make your own! : )  This is where your supplies come in handy..let's see how easy this can be. :o)

1.  Write on your plate.  (Instructions, scripture, dinner menu for the week, Happy Birthday messages, etc.)
2.  Put it in a plate stand.
3.  That's it! ; )

Here's the one by my oven:
I promise I didn't get these ready for you, so ignore our's summer!  But how cute?  I got this plate at Wal-Mart even! : )
Since I was at WM tonight (finally getting groceries!), and I walked right by plate stands, I took a picture for you. : )  'Cause I like you like that!

(Do not ask me how I got those pictures to get beside each other, just lots of button clicking!)

So, make yourself a pretty plate!  You can fancy it up with colored dry erase markers, hearts, flowers (stickers maybe?), and you could add a bow if you taped it (kinda on the back maybe?).  I have a cool ivory plate that I got at a flea market that has handles, and it was sooo perfect! (but it's in my living room with no words..)

Ok, and I'll leave you with a hint at my next project:
Any ideas?
If I get it done tomorrow, I'll show you! : )  Tin roofing + tin snips= Fun! ;)
ps:  A Lesson.
Did you know...that tin snip handles come in colors (and they have meanings?)  Red cuts straight or to the left, green cuts straight or to the right (for lefties!), and yellow cuts straight and either direction.  Guess which color I got?  Heehee, *Love* tools!


The Mo said...

What night are you having spaghetti? Is it the secret recipe meat sauce? :0). lol

Hmmmmm chocolate gravy. I can taste my Mom's. Precious memories! all things give thanks! Love. xxx

Jen Snow said...

mmmm....always wanted to try chocolate gravy. It's kinda' a southern thing and my parents are from the the north. I didn't get good stuff like that! :) Now, if only Luke wasn't allergic!! LOL Maybe sometime!

Hallie Addington said...

Your mad crafting skilllz amazes me! Love the plate idea- what a cute, easy gift that would make!!

Amy said...

No sorries for you, my dear. If you can't come here and vent to other d-rents who COMPLETELY understand your woes, then what is the point?!

Love the plate idea and can't wait to see what you whipped together with that corregated metal!!!

Unknown said...

VENT TO US ANYTIME...We are here for you PLUS you are VERY entertaining! xo

And...seriously...that is such a cool idea with the plates!

Cherished Children said...

LOVE the plates!