Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gillian's Island

Sometimes life has other plans for us.  Change of plans...we went to the waterpark on the shore today! : )  It's officially called Gillian's Island, but I kept calling it Gilligan's Island, and we even sang the song, and the moms along the beach chairs sang along with us. : ) haha!  The girls didn't know the show, so we explained.  But it came to me..if you are only on a three-hour tour, how can you be so far away from land (home) that you couldn't make it back, and they can't find you...for years?  Something is wrong there.

Anyway, we rode all the rides: the Serpentines, Lazy River (and other tube rides!), and the Shotgun Falls.  And Ethan played the entire day at the big pirate ship area!  Here are some pictures:
Mary Claire and Caroline hugging a palm tree by the pirate ship..does that make them Tree-Huggers?

Cutie having a snack!  (this is right before losing her pump site.)

Another cutie eating my fries : )

Clay is actually running from me (the camera).  Huh.  After years of wanting to be the star.  Will wonders ever cease.

Nothing some cheesesticks can't solve. ; )

Ches playing with the action shot-it works pretty well!

This is us waiting in line for the Shotgun Falls-it totally drops you off about 8 feet above the water-big surprise!

 More action shots!

Waiting for a tube ride...we were SO high!
Then we went back to shower and get ready for dinner with family.  We were having Mexican at Rita's-they'd been cooking since morning-and it smelled delicious! : )  After dinner and sopapillas, we all got ready for family night at the boardwalk.  We were headed to Castaway Cove to ride rides!  The kids could hardly wait.

They started with the Hurricane: spun them clockwise over and over again.  They loved it.

Waiting in line for Scream Machine!

Oh gosh...and they love it!

Eric (right) and Will (left) are so sweet. : )

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My big boy on the Scream Machine wanting Off!!
I'm finally absolutely exhausted!  We have to get some sleep-tomorrow is more beach, and we leave town.  Tomorrow night we'll be in Newark, Delaware! : )



Jen Snow said...

that waterpark looked awesome!! A kids dream come true right there! I bet you are exhausted. You'll have to come home and re-coop from your vacation! LOL

Stephanie said...

How fun!! It looks like y'all are having a GREAT vacation!

Holly said...

Thanks, Jen-it WAS! : ) I was kinda scared going up that high, but I made it (alive!) haha! : )
I am totally tired. I always say I need a vacation from my vacation! : )

Stephanie-we are having fun-I love it when we get to do fun stuff WITH the kids-in the school year, it seems like we are taking them TO things! Hugs you guys!

Amy said...

You are having WAY too much fun. I am going to hop on a plane to join you guys so I can report back to the DOC you are all as fun as your pictures look ;). Thanks for sharing!!!

The DL said...

How fun!! I want to go!!