Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You'll know me-frizzy hair, and tan front.

Beach Day, Take Two! : )  We had more fun-but this time it was HoT.  The sand was at least a thousand degrees-and our feet were burning.  Whew!  The kids found a big wet pit to play in, rode boogie boards, and we got beach pictures and water ice (think..snow cones but finer ice!).  Here are a few pictures:
Well..Ethan calls it Poop, but Sissy makes piles of wet sand.  This is her Cupcake Creation.  (cherry on top)

He calls this game Statue.  He buries his feet, holds the shovel, and freezes.  Then he digs you a hole, and you have to join him (in freezing!) (or not in the thousand-degree-sand!)

Isn't she sweet?  She's "taking him out"

and then..back in!  Sweethearts.

He seems so grown up!  Boogie boarding like a big boy : )  Will is behind him-they've been out most of the day, and they are so good together!

Ok.  Here is the pit.  They built a HUGE wall, and then it would cess pool inside-and it was so warm!  The boys were under the tutelage of some Dad-figures: "No, use DRY sand!"  "Build up the wall!"  And they kinda listened. : ) 

Smoothing the wall.

This is Will, their second (or is it third?) cousin!

More shoveling-and the Tutelage Dads are in yellow and orange.  (We don't know them, BTW)

Ethan prefers wet sand..you don't have to walk so far.

So..I had the camera, and I kept snapping.  You are lucky I am only choosing a few!  Ha!

Mary Claire pre-pictures, with her pump!  (Hallie is gathering pictures of kids with Diabetes, so I needed one-and it's been a super-long time since I got one-since she was...8?)

Waiting on Miss Heather to meet us..

The end of the photo shoot-Heather getting a few more individuals of Mary Claire since her hair was blowing in the wind down by the water!

The boys.  Now I can see why she wanted us to wear CoLoR!!

See the difference?  Heather's smart.  And boy was she patient!  The kids were tired and kinda crazy.

Afterward, we got shaved ice (like snow cones), and water ice-Very Fine ice.  Yum!  They even had a sugar-free for Mary Claire.  They only had cherry and lemonade to choose from, so she was a little disappointed.
I could tell you my kids were perfect today, but not really.  (I don't like to tell stories.  : /  Wait..I love to tell stories, but not lies.  haha!)  The kids were so tired by the time we went for pictures.  Ethan was crazed, I think, or delirious!  He kept chasing sea gulls and didn't listen so well.  Clay ran down into the water and soaked the bottom of his shorts.  Mary Claire ran low.  We had to give her some sugar tabs to finish pictures, then after the sugar, she was only up to 77.

But I have to give it to Heather-she was so sweet, and never got frustrated with them.  She did group pictures, walking, from behind (my fave!), water on our feet, individuals, the pier, the sand dunes..I think we got it all. : )  I can't wait to see them (two weeks...), I'm sure she did a great job.  The only problem was the pesky wind..and I look awful in the wind.  I need good hair to help me out..and I got this new frizz-free stuff today, and it does NOT work.  I dried, flat-ironed, and velcro-rolled.  I had GooD hair (which doesn't happen that often!) when we left, and perfectly waved hair when we got back.  I just have to accept my wild-beach hair.  It will not conform to my will.  Much like my children.

And another thing...someone needs to invent a beach chair that you can watch your kids from AND get a tan on your back side.  I'm tan front/whitish back.  Hmm..can you work on that?  I'm sure a million happy tanners would pay for your secret! : )

ps-if you were wondering, I wore a dark purple ruffle-y shirt and Ches wore a lavendar/blue button down.  We were not matchy-matchy, but it worked.  I can see why she likes the boys to wear different colors-we had to always keep the boys separated since they were in the same color.  It would've been nice to put Ethan in the middle, but he matched Clay and it was off-center/poorly color-weighted.  If that makes sense. ; )


Leigh said...

I love your pictures! Keep on having fun!! :)

Unknown said...

I love how anal you are about the outfits. You would die being around me...and my kids...we aren't very pulled together...AT ALL. LOL.

And, many a day I have thought the same thing about the chair, the tan, and my white ass!

Keep having a blast Holls!!!

Jules said...

seems like a wonderful holiday holly. just love the snow cone photo, such beautiful kids.