Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chaotic Orchestra

When I am getting ready to leave, it's chaotic orchestra of last-minute-have-to's!

The kids had VBS (and I did laundry), then we had lunch with Veronica, Isasc and Isabella, then kids' haircuts, doctor appointment to recheck ears (hallelujah! they are clearing up!), then home to P-A-C-K!  It's been busy to say the least.  We also had to fill a prescription for Clay, so we had to call to get a new script, then run it by the pharmacy.

My good intentions were to take my sewing machines to get them serviced while I'm out of town...but I wasn't done with them!  I made a sash for an outfit (I'll just have to take a pix while we are out of's Packed!), then put a big M on it.  And I was trying to monogram towels for Ches' Aunt Rita, but my embroidery machine? Needs more than service. : (  Remember that shirt I messed up last week?  It bent the arm on my machine, and it needs serious help!

So..Rita's getting towelsPlain towels. : (  ..But they are stripey, and cute!  I got a turquoise, orange, hot pink, and green.  And one hand towel for the beach house-I got it monogrammed, but I'm not proud of it...this is how I figured out the arm was still bad! messes up the bottom left of the designs.

Since Ethan left his Leapster Explorer at the dealership (when we were getting the oil changed yesterday!), we have to go by there to get it (since we just loaded four new games on it!), so m-a-y-b-e we can run my machines by the store.

I had my kids wear my unfavorite clothes today, so they'd have their cute clothes clean to choose for packing.  But me?  I wore comfy clothes I love today, and now...I want to take them! Do I wash one more load?  And this is a shirt I lay flat to dry...that'll take all night!

Have you ever met anyone who lays out all their kids clothes, by day, and matches them all up, so they don't clash?  And takes a picture so she'll remember what goes with what?  Then packs them into three suitcases, so all the contents are practically the same? neither.

I must go throw some stuff together for me and Ches!  If it was a beach-only trip, I could just wear swimsuits and cover-ups.  But..alas. We must wear underwear...haha, Hallie! : )  It's only polite, Sweetpea says!

Hope you guys have a great Friday! : )  I'll see you on the road.  We are leaving bright and early...after a trip to Honda...and the sewing center. : )


Jen Snow said...

Be careful and have fun!! :) I do lay out my kids clothes into day by day. Of course, they don't match anymore but I do try to make them not clash. And if they do -- there is always black and white! :)

Unknown said...

Have FUN!!!!