Diabetes Charts

Diabetes Blood Sugar/Meal Chart:
Here is a chart you can download to record your child's blood sugars.  I created this when Mary Claire was first diagnosed, and I recorded all her food intake, her blood sugars, and when she had exercise/illness/site changes.  I hope it helps : )

School Note:
Here's a little note you can send to school with your child.  There are four to a page, front and back (or you can just print the fronts only.)  It has the times for blood sugar checks, room for lunch foods/carbs, and a blank for corrections (up or down).  These are the two charts I leave in the nurse's office so they know what to do without thinking (doing math!): Morning Check and Lunch Check.

So, for fun, let's do some ratio business.  We use a Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 522, Novalog Insulin Pens (use a new pen every site change for strong, accurate insulin), and a NovaMax Link blood glucose meter.

Carb Bolus Ratios: (she's 85 lbs.)
12am      1 unit to 23 grams
5:30am   1 unit to 13 grams
10am      1 unit to 24 grams
5pm        1 unit to 23 grams
*we used to have more ratios, but it's working for us! : )

Correction Ratios (Sensitivity):
12am      165
6am        110
9am        230
9pm        118
*for example, at 12am: Every 16.5 she's over 100 (her target), she gets .1 unit of insulin, so if she's 265, she gets a whole unit of insulin.
So our correction chart from 9am-8:59pm looks like this (Here's our chart you can download and examine-just for fun!):
.1 for 16.5 over (117)
.2 for 33 over (133)
.3 for 49.5 over (150)
.4 for 66 over (166)

Basal Rate: (9.55 total units/day)
12am      .4/hour
5pm       .35/hour
9pm       .45hour
*We used to have about 8 of these, but we have really cut down.  We play with bolus ratio when we see big fluctuations-usually food is a culprit before her weight.  If it's a steady increase/few fluctuations, it's usually basal.  You can isolate basal by fasting and only drinking sugar free drinks on a non-sick day to test its accuracy.  I'd only do a four hour stretch at a time, with no active square wave bolus on board.

*I have trouble committing to this, so I always make changes on a Pattern Basal to try it out.  Then, I have the old one saved if it doesn't work out.
*Here's the entire chart.  I know yours would be different, but you could make your own (or I can help you : )  I add up everything she's eating, and divide by her ratio number.  We use the bolus wizard on her pump for this too.  I just do the math for her lunch so it's on paper for her school nurse. : )  I like to figure it to the tenth of a unit since sometimes it's close enough to round up-especially if she's 130 or higher.
*Here are the typed out Glucagon instructions..when you are panicky, the tiny print on the thin folded paper is a little overwhelming. : )
*Here is a sample list of snacks for school, if you still have a little.  Of course, you'd need to type and adjust your boluses for each snack. : )  Helps with carb counts for teachers!

I just relinked all the above hyperlinks (1/12/18), please email if you need originals, or can't see the documents.  Thanks!