Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spill the Beans

My big boy got a bigger boy haircut today. : )  He told the hair stylist to leave it long in the back, leave it long over his ears, and not to trim too much over his eyes. some off the top? ; )  He wanted long hair.  Period.  I have never let his hair be too long, so it was new for me.  We asked him if he wanted Justin Bieber hair, but he said no!  (The lady said, "Well, you're going to have Justin Bieber's hair!")

We ended up leaving it long over his ears, shaping up the bottom of the back, layering the top, and barely trimming the front (but it's above his eyes!), and she showed me how to swoop the left side (starting behind the ear) all the way across the front and around towards the other side.

Is this my favorite hairstyle for him?  No.  Am I okay with it?  Of course.  I'm thrilled he's taken an interest in his looks period!  I did mention to him last week that if he ever begins to like girls, it'll be important for him to have clean fingernails (hint, hint).  I'm really hoping I can influence the whole dirty boy-ness he's got going on. ; )  Slowly, but surely...slowly, but surely.  We don't win these things overnight, you know.

I'll take a picture in the morning after his shower.  He was all sweaty after playing outside all evening!

We had dinner at our new Qdoba in Rogers.  We have supported our new restaurants, and feel it's our duty to break them in right. : ) We properly clogged up the line (with all the choices and the overabundance of workers trying to "help" us!), made a mess (Ethan slammed the side of his bowl on accident and flipped the beans/chicken/cheese high into the air and all over me, the table, and the floor-and I was super-duper thankful he doesn't like sour cream and guacamole!), and evaluated the sitting area and restrooms.

There were SO many humans there for the opening (I mean, workers!), that it was few too many.  They were definitely friendly to us, trying to help us with napkins, taking our trays (so we'd hurry up and leave?), and telling us not to worry over the spilled beans (and chicken/cheese)...heehee  I think we'll go back, but we'll be more specific next time.  We aren't Qdoba pros, and our kids love Chipotle (their rival, I'm sure), so they were disappointed to not have the make-your-own-tacos tray.  I'll write it all down, and send it ahead of us.  We'll get them figured out.  The food is wonderful, so it's worth it!

I have my first mammogram tomorrow, and I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm really nervous, and I can't figure out how they are going to squish me in there.  They do get um..thinner? after you nurse three kids, but I do not promise not to cry.  I'm just thankful that I read the helpful article in a magazine last month about scheduling it away from your PMS/period (for the pain factor), and taking an aspirin an hour before, and not to wear deodorant (tiny aluminum flakes-which could call for a Do-Over)  Ack!  Can you tell I've done some research?  Please God, let it be helpful.

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Unknown said...

We had hair-cut night around here last night and I just wrote a post on it. Too funny.

Good luck today. Thinking of you.