Thursday, May 5, 2011

I lived.  I lived through my first mammogram today.  I totally followed all the rules-no deodorant, took my aspirin early, and then.  Long story short, I took Ethan with me, and the lady was NOT nice about it!  She kinda made fun of me for bringing a child to an xray-she exasperatedly told the ladies at the main desk.  And then she wanted me to leave him in the little dressing room with the door locked.  Umm..he's four?  So the ladies out front watched him for the 4-5 minutes while I got my chest smashed.  I totally couldn't understand why Ethan couldn't stand over by her during the "radiation" like we've done when Mary Claire had arm xrays or when Ethan's had his chest xrayed.  She totally flipped out when she heard that!  ( I had to elaborate just a teensy bit. : )  (but it was totally true!)

And then we had an appointment with Clay's doctor, and Clay was quite bold! (for lack of a better word)  He was so funny and silly and I guess he's finally really comfortable with his doctor!  He joked around, and we've decided when he goes to rub his eyes or scratch his nose (repetitive behaviors) we'll call Red Alert or White Alert, and he'll ball his hands and stick them under his arms to use as a competing behavior.  He thought it was so funny (Red is for his nose, White for eyes)!  But it's very real.  He currently has bloody nostrils from picking at them constantly.  We're working on it-and he wants to work on it.  He said kids at school have asked why he has blood in his nose, so he is finally motivated.  : )

So, doctors seen, body parts checked and discussed.  We will live to see tomorrow.  Thank you, God for great doctors (and the judgmental helpers..)!

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Unknown said...

UGH...annoying that you were given grief on bringing Ethan.

AND..I am so glad that it is all over. Now let's hope for good results girl.