Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The anniversary we don't celebrate.

Yesterday was Mary Claire's diaversary (May 23, 2004).  Diabetes just turned seven (yes, we lived every minute of it-it didn't fly by).  We did not celebrate.  We celebrated our little life, but not its big ugly birthday.

After blogging about chocolate yesterday...yum!...I had to dip pretzels!  The kids came home, and we melted chocolate.  (This is not something we normally do.  It's reserved for Christmas gifts, company, and PMS..oh, and sometimes emoting about diabetes ; ) We opened a big bag of pretzels and got started.  I had the best helpers.  They got kinda dirty, but they loved cleaning themselves up (with their tongues!).  I was so chocolatey, I couldn't wield a camera, so you'll have to imagine our mmm-ing and and chocolatey-brown-temporary-freckles.
This is after hand-washing and blood-checking.  She's ready to eat some! :o)

We even try to keep it clean-we use whole pretzels, and use one loop to dip and keep it clean, but try to web the other two holes with pure chocolate!  (We have to have an equal chocolate to salty pretzel ratio!)

If you need some, send me your address!  We can't leave these laying around our house-they are dangerous!! : )  (both for me and Diabetes!)

**I have to say, D behaved herself on Sunday for dance recital, I forgot to brag on her.  Totally controlled, and she even ended the day at 107-we didn't know whether to be worried (for a low!) or thrilled we'd made it.**

So last night (during the very bad storm we had again!), we worked more on Mary Claire's thank you notes.  She told me what to type, then we printed, cut, tabbed, stamped, glittered (with a clear embossing sticky pad!), and stickered!  (Yes, in that order.) heehee
my incredibly messy desk while we're working..

*love* this tool!  It comes in a set with two sizes, but it's a glitter tray from Stampin' Up!.  You just pour till your heart's content, then open the little plug at the bottom, and sweep right back into the vial! : )  Easy-peesy!

I know this isn't very clear.  Sorry!  They are made to go into the invitation paper bag book things!  We also added photo collages to the envelopes! : )  We just make these on Wal-Mart's one-hour photo collage page.

So sweet.  She loved her party and her friends, and it was so much more fun to think about pleasant things rather than diabetes things.  Goodbye, D-Day.  See you next year. (and every minute between now and then.)

Ps.  I may have figured out how to post printable .jpg thingies!  WooHoo!  Wouldn't that be fun?  I'll try to make you something for tomorrow. ; )

PPs.  I didn't forget Engagement Chicken.  I purchased all my herbs ($2.88 each if you don't grow them!), and got my chicken, but baseball was from 5-6 dinner hour, so we reconfigured.  I've postponed until Thursday! : )  I promise to let you know how it goes!  ...Will she or won't she get engaged?  Stay tuned...


Heidi / D-Tales said...

You are SO crafty!!! You sew, you cook, you make invitations, you make thank you cards, you are creative!!!! I so wish I had one ounce of your creativity and know-how! Those thank you notes are so much nicer than anything I've ever purchased!

We make chocolate-covered pretzels here, too. We always use big pretzel rods, though. Haven't made them in a while...but I have all of the ingredients and company (with kids) coming for dinner on Saturday night! :)

Unknown said...

Ah...yeah...I suck at arts and crafts. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I am so impressed by your ability to make things so beautiful. My things usually turn out "ghetto".

Have a great day Holly.