Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Patriotic Tooth Fairy

We are going to see if this worked...I've had a little play time today.
; )

I uploaded a recipe card for you to use-I saved it as a .jpg file so you can print it as-is with the font.  You'll need to print on a 4x6 index card, or use cardstock and cut it down!  I use tons of 3x5 and 4x6 cards since it's cheap precut cardstock, but you may need yours to be acid-free, and I'm fairly certain it's not! : )  Just use it when the thing can be thrown away eventually.  Anyway, you print, then add a teensy bow, stamp, or sticker to the upper left-hand corner to personalize it.  My friend and I used to add a square of fabric or paper (about 1" square), then cover with a teensy bow.  Come to think of it...I may have some left, I'll go check! : )  Ok, I have some that were unlined:
This one had a square of french writing paper with a black sheer knot.  The scripture is "..and blessed and broke the loaves.. Matthew 14:19

Here is your second thingie: a snack list with carb counts.  It includes both carby and non-carby foods (for those high days!)  I used this more in preschool and the early days, now I have most foods memorized (gold fish: .36g each, cheez-it: .69g each, grape: 1g each, etc.), and for the hard stuff, I use the Complete Book of Food Counts (love it-especially for unlabeled Halloween candy!)

The last thing is a copy of the school note Mary Claire takes with her to school every day.  I make a bunch of copies at a time, then cut in quarters, and clothespin them in the kitchen for her school days.  I write down all her carbs for the day's lunch, total them, and add the bolus amount.  When she checks her blood, she can add or subtract if needed.  There's a place to fill in her blood sugar, and any correction (positive or negative).  This one has her name, but I'd be glad to make a generic if you think it would work for you. : )
(I accidentally shrunk these by 67% one day, and had the copier set to four copies, so I felt like I had to use them, but she *loved* them!  They looked like Barbie poster board..t-i-n-y!

Today was a visit-y day.  I checked Mary Claire out of school to take her to the orthodontist's office (she may get her braces off in July!), and they told me she'd be really sore later, so she should eat a big lunch.  She voted for Chili's!  It was almost her lunch/recess time, so I took her.  We also shared a birthday cookies & cream candy bar they gave her for her birthday! : )
Since we were by Wal-Mart, we ran in and bought some boxes of diapers to take to a friend who is headed to Joplin on Friday.  We want to help!  We stopped over there, and ended up staying over an hour (and when Mary Claire asked to go get Bella (her unicorn) from the car, I couldn't find my keys, and realized my car was still running!)  We had the best time!  Her daughter was home sick (but not very), and the girls just played so well together : )  We vowed to get the kids together to play after school is out!

Mary Claire was most insistent that I take her home instead of back to school (ha!), since she'd lost a tooth last night, and forgot to check under her pillow!  That sealed the deal-I HAD to take her to school, since the tooth fairy had forgotten.  Since she'd noticed all the red/white/blue at Wal-Mart today on the party supplies, cupcakes, and decor, I decided to go patriotic.  I had a new hand sanitizer I'd gotten at Bath & Body Works last week (she collects these things!  I think she has about 11 now?), it was Apple Pie and all red/white/blue.
I had three one dollar bills, so I used one to make a flag (heehee), one for a flagpole, and one for a faux-firework.  It was really bad (folded into fourths length-wise, then flared out at the ends) and it all taped to the sanitzer:

She saw it when she got home, and totally "got" that it was fireworks!  Love that girl. : )  I'm pretty sure she was giving me an out when she "forgot" to look under her pillow, but I like that we know, but don't talk about knowing.  It's more fun that way.

The kids swam then we made dinner for the priests, took it up to the church, and while I was gone, I burned the bottom of our spaghetti sauce.  : (  It really tasted fine, since I didn't scrape into the black, but ick.  I just can't get it all right.  Then Clay's game was rained out tonight, so we played Galaga and Pole Position (and my finger/hand/arm hurts!) ('cause I'm pretty good! haha!) and I remember why I don't play.  They are addictive!

Contest!  Ok, last thing.  We had tons of extra girl scout cookies left (do you want any??), so I bought a few more boxes.  I think we'll have a contest.  Leave a comment with your name, and I'll draw a winner on Friday night, after 10pm.  I'll use to draw.  Winner picks the flavor they want, and I'll mail them.  I have Dulce de Leche, Do-Si-Do, Tagalong, Thin Mint, and I think one box of Samoas left.  They really don't feel comfortable at my house.  Braces scare them, and they like to be enjoyed one at a time, and just don't get the recognition they deserve here.  They want respect!  (at your house!)  And you could give them to neighbors or friends with too little on their waists.  It's our job to keep people healthy.  ; )


Vanessa said...

MMM.. cookies. Pick me Vanessa McCallister ;)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

The uploads work! They're great. Thanks SO much for sharing! I didn't know about that file share site either. That's pretty cool in and of itself.

After nearly 4 years, you'd think I'd know that one goldfish is .36g each. I didn't until I read your post! I've been weighing them. Now maybe I can just count. :)

Love the flag and fireworks! You are such a good tooth fairy AND mom!!! :) And I love that she gave you an out without calling you on your oops.

Madeline is a Girl Scout too. We still have boxes of cookies left in our freezer. :) But I like your contest idea. :)

Unknown said...

Seriously cool sanitizer/flag/fireworks gig there! So glad that you were able to pull it off. Joe lost a couple of teeth this past week. The toothfairy "wasn't in this region" for one of the lost teeth and came on the second night after the extraction...LOL. I hate that I mess up being the toothfairy so frequently. UGH. is another site for sharing files too. Looks pretty similar to the file sharing site. That is cool.

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Please sign me up for the cookies! And, love your post today. Like your downloads. Thanks for sharing. And, nice creativity in the tooth fairy dept.

Holly said...

Vanessa!!! I haven't seen you in SO long! Miss you, girl, and you are signed up! : ) HUGS!!

Heidi-I have lots of numbers for you, want more? : ) I'll make a big long chart...and POST IT! : ) heehee (that's how we do everything-I do have a scale, but I was better with the counting and the math ;o)

Reyna-thanks! Our tooth fairy has to write sorry notes all the time..broken wings, wand in the repair's always something with her. ; ) I used there more?? : )

Roselady-signed up too! Our tooth fairy is handy-it makes the $1 bills look fancier! : ) hahaha!