Sunday, May 29, 2011

But Ribbon Makes Them Cute : )

Holy Sunday, Batman! : )

We got so much done today--Church, errands, pictures, and finally....Engagement Chicken!

In Bentonville, Ches found a really cool bridge he wanted me to see-he said it was perfect for pictures (he knows me well), so we ran home for the camera, some of us changed clothes, then we drove north.  (We also fit in Build-a-Bear for Mary Claire's $5 birthday certificate and Barnes & Noble for her to use some birthday money!)  We had so much fun.  The bridge he told me about?  Better than he said-he was totally right.  Awesome!
The first two are just for perspective so you can see the gorgeous bridge! : )  Check out that moss growing on the bottom!

And see the cool little "guard shacks" on the outsides?  Very Cool. : )

Sitting on the side, over the running water way down below.

..checking out that water!

against a post on the side of the covered bridge

take 2 : )

take 3! : )

Isn't the stone beautiful?  Clay got this one right before we left : )

And now?  Dinner is cooking!  I finally am making Engagement Chicken.  I stopped and got one more chicken, since I might as well make two at once!  (something about two birds are better than one..or is it **ll two birds with one stone?  Yep, can't do that.  But I'll cook them!)

Aren't they funny sitting in the colander together? : )  Reminds me of two kids in the bathtub together a few years after they should be bathing alone. ; )  Too big for one tub!
They only got funnier. : )

The ingredients (plus chicken, salt, and pepper)

They start on their chests-they just looked like they were on their knees praying, so I had to take a picture.  I guess there's still hope I won't cook them?  (and where two or more are gathered...)

After I stuck the lemons in, their legs went wild.  I had to tie the legs together to keep the lemons in, but I couldn't find kitchen string or jute string (of which I have tons!) so...I had to use ribbon. ; )
( you wanna laugh?  One of the chickens still popped out one of his lemons!  I found it stuck between the oven rack and the door, then it rolled down to the bottom by the burner!)
In the meantime, I peeled seven bananas to make the Secretly Good for You Banana Soft Serve for dessert.  You freeze them, then when ready, break them into chunks, blend or food process them, then sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon-yum!

They are pretty : )
But...I have to tell you the truth.  I wouldn't fall head over heels with the chef.  Really.  Go find yourself another amazing recipe.  This isn't it.  And the banana soft serve?  Pretty good, really healthy, but tasted like smushed banana with cocoa on top.  The cinnamon tasted wayyy better. : )  If you want honesty, I sell it here.  For free.

Stick to the pretty rotisserie chickens premade (same price), and some yummy Breyer's ice cream.  That's Yum.


The Mom said...

Great pictures especially the chicken adorned with ribbons. And yes, it was delicious. We enjoyed dinner, the pool and
the pictures of kiddies are so cute!!

Isn't it a hoot how two simple band-aids and two marshmallows can make a little fellow happy?

Lots of love~~

Jen Snow said...

Have to share where that bridge is! :) So, cool!!

Holly said...

Hey girl! It's off 71B in Bentonville-turn east on McNelly Road, go past the Academy of Something (?), then it's on the corner of Spanker and McNelly-you can't miss it! : ) It's someone's property, but I think it's foreclosed or something, it's totally overgrown and has bars on it. Beautiful though! : )

Heidi / D-Tales said...

The bridge is really neat! Definitely makes for a good spot to shoot some photos!

I'm disappointed the chicken and the banana soft serve turned out just okay. What a bummer!

The praying chickens pic made me laugh! :)

Unknown said...

The Bridge is beautiful. I love the pic where you can see their bare feet. So special.

AND...the birds kinda look cute. Thanks for the honesty. I appreciate it. I WON'T be trying out that recipe.

AND.. Did you change your header? I like it!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Your daughter looks so much like you -- and love your improvisation with the ribbon!

Unknown said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! And your birds are gorgeous....totally cracked up at the bathing and praying pics :)

For the record, I eat frozen bananas all the time -- but I just smear PB on top, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Love them :)

But I still like ice cream better.

Hallie Addington said...

Beautiful, beautiful pics!! Of course, the cuteness of the kids matches the beauty of the bridge just perfectly!