Saturday, May 21, 2011

Horsin' Around

Today was dress rehearsal-the total run-through (make-up and all!), she looked so cute! : )

Jazz Hands!
Then we picked up Mary Claire after practice, helped her change, and headed to Kansas for a birthday party at Horses of Hope in Baxter Springs!  We used our GPS to get there, and it included some "Unverified Areas" (code for dirt roads!!).  We took the scenic route, and saw corn in perfect rows:
You can see they've had rain too, and where it pooled, it washed away the seeds : (

Then I had to have Ches stop and back up so I could take a picture!  Can you read it?  "Caution: Intersection" Hahahahaha : ) We sat there for about five minutes so I could get a picture (we were actually early!).  No one came.

..And we made it!  Don't you love Gymboree for their perfect themed clothes?  We were all horsed out.  And we didn't even plan it! ; )

They found a BEAGLE!  And were so excited! : )

..and Ethan had to climb in something.  Santa's sleigh!

They had to choose a helmet-Safety First!

back with Benny the Beagle.

Andalynn is trying to talk Mary Claire into riding, Mary Claire is still saying no.

Clay was the first one on-ready to go!

While the first group rode horses, we took a tour and saw miniature ponies.. can you see the running purple ponies on her back pockets (well, they are there!) (the shirt was long-sleeved, but I cut off the long white sleeves under the purple short sleeves.  I'm a rebel like that.)

and a cute mini donkey!

and this one posed for a picture, really! ; )

I just loved this barn, all red and covered in ivy!

It's even all barn-y, and has an owl living in it!

Guess who has decided to ride?!

The ladies are telling her how safe it is and how calm Chip (Chip Chocoholic) is!

She liked it!

The pro is riding alone!  Those lessons have really paid off : )  (she is riding Grip, short for Get a Grip)

..and Mary Claire wants both ladies to stay with her!

but she conquered her fear, and rode.
Mary Claire is reading her birthday card to her : )  She asked for money to support her horse this year, so sweet!

..the end of the day, Ethan having some M&M's with Benny at his feet : )
We then went to Joplin to eat dinner with Ches' mom and stepdad (and Mary Claire was 380 after that cake!!!!), then home to swim till too late (and she ended the day at 141, not too bad).  We are so thankful that it turned out to be a sunny day.  (It was supposed to storm!)  Blessings abound.  (and another friend is pregnant-say some prayers for her please!) : )  God is good.

ps-I guess me and my family are heathen or the rapture wasn't today.  (pps-what time zone was the 6pm in again?) (and what does Mr. Camping say now?)


Unknown said...

Looks like a fantastic day Holly. AND love the heathen comment. Made me smile.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

What a fun day!

Mary Claire looked adorable in her costume and in her bday party outfit with the cut-off sleeves! :) Looked like a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

The "caution intersection" sign is funny. Guess that goes to show you how rural it is there.

Once again, I enjoyed looking at all of your photos! :)

Jen Snow said...

Mary Claire looks adorable in her tap outfit!! So grown up looking...don't know if that's good or bad. :)

Holly said...

It is totally rural out there, Heidi! It was a "T" stop, and I don't think two cars are ever there at the same time!! And something had hit the sign.

Thanks, Reyna, we heathen can do that! ; )

Jen, thanks-I was thinking the same thing. : O Scary! : )