Monday, May 23, 2011

Today Is Enough

There is so much.  To tell you about, to be thankful for.

Mary Claire had her recital yesterday, and did well, I'll share some pictures in a minute.  The kids swam, and her mascara ran.. creating new dilemmas.

BUT, more importantly, I'm so thankful my sweet Angie in Joplin is okay.  Do you remember us going on Saturday?  All that area is destroyed now (from Baxter Springs to Galena to Joplin).  There was a massive storm last night (hiding under stairs and all, and watching and waiting till it finally dissolved after midnight), but Joplin got it far worse.

Ches has talked to his mom, and they are okay, and his brother and sisters there are alright.  I've talked to Angie and she and her family are okay.  She said she only lost a window and some roof, so fine.  Her aunt and uncle lost their home.  She went out after the storm to help.  Travis is a manager and helps clients live independently who have physical or mental challenges.  The hospital (St. John's) was destroyed (the top two floors are gone), and a couple of the men lived right there beside it.  They went over, dug through rubble for three hours, and found the two alive.  She doesn't even know how they are alive, with so much on them.  Their caretakers are gone, but their cars are there.  She isn't sure if they ran, or the tornado took them.  Can you imagine?

She said it was devastating, and there were people (not alive) everywhere.  I don't know what that looks like, but it's scary.  She has patients that see her for counseling, and she's planning to go to them today.  Travis' office is gone, but hers is okay.  Ches said he heard on the news that 75% of the city is gone, since it went right through town.  Angie's mom was in a neighborhood behind Taco Bell for a church function, and Taco Bell is gone.  I can't imagine what the city looks like.  We were at Pizza By Stout on Saturday, and we aren't sure if it's gone, but it's right there.  Isn't it amazing (and scary) how fast things can be gone?

Two weeks ago, Clay had a doctor's appointment and the young lady who schedules appointments in the office was there, and now she's gone.  She died early Monday morning.  We were there Monday, but when I saw her missing, and had seen a posting on FB about praying for her, I knew.  The next day, the story came out.  She'd been in ICU since Saturday night, but didn't make it.  A drunk driver had been driving the wrong way on the interstate and hit head on.  It all happens so fast.

All this to say, be thankful for today, don't fuss at your kids-be glad you are here, and they are here.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  Storms are coming again tonight.  What an area we live in-from over 2 feet of snow, to 106 degrees, to deadly tornadoes, to flash flooding wiping out neighborhoods.  We just never know what tomorrow will bring.

Today, I'll be happy with what I have: a beautiful girl with friends:
I'm just so glad she conquered her fear : )  (she's third from the left)

She's fifth from the left (and they are mostly in fourth and fifth grade, so she's kinda little)

Fourth from the left, with her hands up : )  Yay, she made it!

Relief and joy wash over her (and she likes her roses too)

Beautiful girls!!  I love Mary Claire's friends! : )

And Nora was gorgeous too! : )

One more picture before she swims off that make up ; )

I love you, friends.  I pray that you are each safe with your families.  I am thankful for you and the gift of Today.  (and we didn't get raptured, so we are here!)  Go do something crazy fun with your loved ones.  (I'm thinking chocolate all over things..pretzels, marshmallows, ice cream, bananas, peanut butter crackers, pecans, popcorn)  (I'm thinking PMS is talking?)

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Matthew 6:34


Stephanie said...

Well, said, Holly! Today is definitely a day to be thankful that we are alive and our kids are happy and healthy. I can't imagine the devastation in Missouri. :(

Mary Claire is just the most beautiful girl - she looks so happy! Her spirit definitely shines through in pictures.

The Mom said...

Great post as always. We do love our friends and family and we are thankful for each day. Yesterday with Clay and Ethan was so much fun!

Did I tell you we ate your candy and Popsicles and drank your soft drinks? lol. Shared with neighbor kids too!

Just waiting on the GS cookies:0)


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Counting my blessings. Feeling thankful. Going to go hug and kiss my kids just because!

Congrats to Mary Claire! She looks so proud and happy in the photo with the roses. Beautiful, beautiful girl with a gorgeous smile! :)

Unknown said...

A great reminder Holly. Thank you. tragic. My heart goes out to so many during this tragedy.

Mary Claire looks so cute in her costume and with that beautiful smile plastered from ear to ear.

Leigh said...

Oh, Holly! I am just right there with you praying for your family and friends in Joplin. So sad. I was thinking about you a lot yesterday with Mary Claire's dx day! Do you guys celebrate it? We are trying to figure out to do for Aiden's in August. She is so cute in her dance costumes. We really missed it this year. We met some friends of yours this weekend (Williams) they were too sweet!! And I love your new picture at the top!! :) Have a great week and stay safe and dry!!