Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lessons from Disney

Epcot had never been high on our priority list, so we’ve been every year, but only for a short time.  We’ve never invested time seeing all the countries, but we love to come late for the light/firework show.  This year, we bumped it up a notch.  We spent the entire day.  Yes, even in the outrageous heat.  It caused some emotional problems (I even got pictures of those!), but we stayed.  We ran out of steam about an hour before the light show, we just couldn’t go any longer.
Every year there is a two-week flower and garden festival, and this is only the second time we’ve made it down here in the small window.  It is totally worth it!  There are amazing (colorful, detailed, millions of pots and planted flowers, rainbows of colors and designs, etc.) displays, and topiaries of everything from fairies to princesses to (life-size) Lightning McQueen!
We did get to ride Figment, the Test Track (totally messed up my hair going 68 mph with no windows!), and the new Soarin’ virtual hangliding ride!  (Ethan was tall enough, but got scared after we turned in our fastpasses and got ready to buckle our seatbelts.  Such a bummer.) (Then he cried like a baby to ride it, and totally embarrassed Ches outside as he felt like he was being stared at by people and judged for holding a screaming kid against his will-it definitely changed the tone of our day.) : (
We loved Mexico, and it came at the perfect time.  It was so stinkin’ hot, but Mexico was dark and cold.  Lovely.  It was worth forking over some dough to sit in the cold dark to eat yummy Mexican food until the heat passed.  Clay only put out our romantic oil lamp once.  He’s still learning that it needs oxygen to keep burning. ; )  And that the glass is super-hot right after it goes out.
Worst moment: Ethan’s two tantrums over cars and rides.
Best moment: being wowed at every turn by more beautiful flowers. : )

Just the beginning!

Spaceship Earth, or "Big Golf Ball" (Mary Claire kept calling it)

Waiting for Figment!

I wanna do this.  Just tie up big sticks to use for a trellis! : )

I'll take a butterfly house too. : )

This was inside Bambi's Butterfly House.  cool, huh?

See?  Flower Perfection.  Can you see the Mickey Ears?


Entrance to Pixie Hollow

Did you grow up in the 70's?  Don't you want a flower rainbow in your yard?

Inside the Test Track line-Ches does safety seat research and grants-he loved it!  (except the kids noticed the "kid's" feet were rotated backwards.)  (Creepy.)

"Crash tests show children are safer if they are restrained in a rear seat." (Love that my camera focused on the note and not the fence this time.) : )

She'll take this futuristic car.

He'll have this one right now.

Yep, she'll settle for it too.

Ooops-he wants one too!

No..maybe this one?

No, definitely THIS one.

Tantrum over the cars.

Aforementioned cold, dark, lovely Mexico. (pronounce Me-He-Co)

Happy Kids Color in the Cold.  God invented air conditioning, I'm sure of it.

Happy Parents in Cold, Dark, MeHeCo.

Boy wanting some of what parents got.

Coloring induces lunch time puppet show with Duffy.

Disney is pushing one more character on us.  Duffy the Bear.  They noticed Build-a-Bear profits were up, so they are investing wisely in small furry things and clothing for them.

THIS is why we invest in 14 pairs of white bike shorts when Gymboree gets them in February.  (It's pretty hard to find size 9 bloomers.)

He has amnesia about that 'web blister from yesterday.

In Canada.  Didn't know this was Canadian.

Wish list for my garden.

I'll take a beauty and a beast made from flowers too.

In Italy with Lady and the Tramp.  Clay feels like Lady needs some of his gigantic Turkey Leg.

Notes from Disney: Plant lots of flowers in various pots and group.  Very Eye-Catching.

Girl eating ice cream in Italy.

Group more colorful flowers in bigger pots in a larger mass grouping.  (I'm takin' notes.)

Add "The Romantic Road" sign ; )

Wind around to China and play puppets.  Have mommy untangle one white unicorn, then decide not to buy it.

Then add grass and plants to your roof.  Great insulation.  Reinforce roof to prevent collapse.  Ask Norway for their architectural advice.

Say goodbye as the sun sets.  Glad we're all friends again. : )

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Heidi / D-Tales said...

With all of your amazing photos, I feel as though I'm right there with you! The flowers are gorgeous!